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Memories by thelostone
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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Hermione shuffled awkwardly inside Ron's room.
Ron was at his bed, reading this month's Quibbler.
"What? He said, not looking at her.
"Ron." Hermione said, more firmly.
He didn't respond.
Hermione sighed.
"Ronald Bilius Weasley, look here now. This instant. I have something to tell you about."
"Fine." He sighed, the sign of defeat, and closed The Quibbler. "Now what?"
Hermione took a deep breath.
"How is George um.. doing.. with his uh.. loss of Fred?"
Ron's face stiffened. "Better than before, I guess. He's actually responding well, really well. His gaze was not just staring at the wall. So yeah, he's better."
Hermione let out a sigh of relief. "Well, that's good to her.
There was an awkward silence between them.
"How's your parents?"
Hermione bursted out laughing. "Fine. Yes, they're fine."
Ron frowned. "What are you laughing at? Is there something wrong on my face?"
"No, you silly head," She controlled her laughter. "There's nothing wrong with your flawless face. Anyway, I have just been thinking about the troll we encountered at Year 1."
"You still remembered that?" Ron smiled sheepishly.
"Of course. That was the day you saved my life."
"With Harry's help, of course."
Hermione bursted out laughing again. "I remember when Harry's wand was stuck on the troll's nose."
Ron laughed. "The wand was full of booger!"
They both started laughing hysterically.
When they finally calmed down, Hermione was the one who first talked.
"You know Ron," She started. "I made a very important decison."
"What decision?"
She sighed. "I think I'm going to continue my studies." Hermione said boldly. "You know, Year 7. At Hogwarts."
"What?!" Ron exclaimed. "Hermione, we don't need that. Bloody hell, even Harry's not doing it." Ron said, shaking his head.
"But I want to." Hermione said, frowning.
"Okay then, curl up at the library, I'm not going there. Heck, while the memories are still there, I'm not going. Especially the memories at the war."
"Ron.." Hermione's face softened. She sat beside him, leaned on him, and planted a deep kiss on his lips.

Harry was outside the burrows. He was walking around numbly.
Look at all the faces that is gone.. The lives of people that's lost.... He thought, furiously. How could I do that? They were risking their lives FOR ME! How could I let them die, alone, at the war?! HOW?! Then there's Fred the one I thought as like my own elder brother. The Weasleys were devastated. George practically went depressed. It was my fault! MY OWN FAULT! He clenched his fists, so deep they were white, and a stream of blood came through.
He screamed. It was good letting the emotions out. It felt so good releasing it.
"Harry! A voice shouted. "What on earth is going on?! Are you hurt?!"
Harry turned slowly to the voice. It was Ginny.
"Oh.. It's.. nothing. Really. Nothing." Harry answered. He mananged a weak smile.
"Oh. Well, I thought something attacked you-"
"Bloody hell, harry, for hand!" Ron shouted when he saw the blood coming out from Harry's hands. He and Hermione was just going to see him.
Ginny shrieked. "Oh my god, Harry- what happened?!"
Harry was silent. "I just hurt myself, that's all."
"Well, you better not be lying." Ginny sighed. "Come on, let's go inside. I'll treat your wounds."

Dinner was silent. All it had was the sound of forks and knives rubbing the plates, and a little chit-chat between Mr Weasley and Mrs Weasley. Everybody went up to their own room, except Ginny and Harry. They sat on the porch.
"Now, Harry, it's safe telling me here now." Ginny said calmly.
Harry said nothing.
Ginny continued. "I know you're lying. What is it? What is it that caused this?"
Harry remains emotionless. 
Ginny sighed. "Whatever you say."
She backed up a little bit and sat on the other side of the porch. She was thinking, like what Harry is doing.
For some long moment, an awkward silence stood between them.
Harry finally made up his mind and walked to Ginny. He sat with her.
He looked at his palms.
"It's- It's because how I though about many lives that are gone in the war. It's my fault, Ginny, it's my fault. I was the who convinced, aren't I?! I was supposed to PROTECT them, Ginny ! Now it's my fault, Ginny, MINE! Don't you see it?! Don't you see how this is my fault?! Then all the thought make my head dizzy and then I clenched my fists and that happened and I scream-"
Ginny lips touched his tauntingly, ever so slightly. "Shh." she said. "It's not your fault."
Harry smiled naughtily. "You are so flawless," He said, and pulled Ginny closer. "I can't help but to say that you're mine now. Only mine. Me."
"I know that, she smiled, and kissed Harry harder as her life depended on it.


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Memories: The Beginning


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