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You and I by Draco_Lover271
Chapter 3 : Attracted to Granger
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All characters and setting belong to the amazing J.K Rowling!

Sorry the chapters are pretty short! But the shorter they are the more there will be! :)

Hermione : : :

I woke up early to the birds chirping outside my window. I figured no one would be up this early but I decided to take a shower and think. What was Malfoy saying last night? About his devilish good looks! My goodness! When I was finished I wrapped a towel around me and walked out to the common room. Malfoy and I had to share a bathroom, and in my rush to get to the warm water, I had forgotten to bring my clothes into the washroom. I tiptoed halfway across the room, not wanting to wake Malfoy.

"So, Granger,” Malfoy said, making me jump. I didn’t know he would be up this early! Had he been there when I walked to the shower? “Forget to bring your clothes to the washroom on purpose? So you prance by trying to get my attention? Well it worked, Granger.”

I had totally forgotten that I was only in a towel. And it wasn’t a particularly big towel either. And what did he mean by ‘it worked’? Why on earth would Draco Malfoy say that? “Well, for your information, Malfoy, I just wanted to take peaceful shower this morning and why are you up this early anyways? We don’t even have classes today!” I sat down in a huff, finishing my rant and glaring at the floor. My cheeks felt red hot so I’m sure that I was blushing.

“Umm…Granger…” Malfoy started, “Not that I mind, in fact you could wear it around me more often, but you are still wearing only a towel.”

My cheeks blazed even hotter, I can’t believe I’m still wearing this. I stalked more embarrassed then mad, I would I apologize to Malfoy for yelling later.

Draco : : :

I watched her walk away angry at me. I felt bad for embarrassing her like that but I would apologize later. I just laid back on the couch, still in my pjs, and thought for a while. She did look quite attractive with wet hair and in only a towel. I couldn’t help but fantasize about her until I figured I should get dressed. When I came back down to the common room Hermione still hadn’t returned from her dorm. When over to her door and knocked lightly. “Granger…?” I paused, waiting for an answer, when she didn’t answer I continued, “I’m sorry about before, I just…I was just having fun. It was wrong and I’m sorry.”

Hermione : : :

Did he just say what I think he said? Did he apologize to me? Wow, Draco Malfoy. Apologize. And had he actually meant I look good half-naked?! He was probably just playing with me but I wanted to believe he had actually meant it. I realized he was still at the door, waiting. I opened it and he was standing there, looking quite handsome. “It’s okay, Draco. I forgive you.”

“Do you want to go get some breakfast?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m starving.” As I said that my stomach growled. I laughed and he laughed too. We walked out of the common room and made our way to the great hall. As we walked inside the doors, quite a few people looked up at us. He turned to me.

“Want to eat breakfast at my table today, Granger? Unless you’d rather sit with Pot head and Weasel, oh and Lavender is there too.” He smirked at me, knowing I didn’t want to sit with them but I didn’t want to sit alone either

I looked over at the Gryffindor table to see my old friends and Lavender glaring at me with slightly stunned looks on their faces. But I didn’t look long. I turned back to Malfoy and said “Sure, Draco.” then followed him to his table. We sat at the very end, across from each other, then when people stopped staring at us we grabbed our food and began to chat. We talked about his home and my home. Then we had a conversation about what classes we would be starting in a few days.

Draco : : :

I listened attentively to her talk while occasionally checking her out. I looked at her again but this time she caught me. I don’t think she knew what I was doing though, she looked confused.

“What? Do I have something on my face? Do I look Okay?” she asked me, totally freaking out now.

“You’re perfect.” I blurted out without thinking. Shoot! I don’t want her to know I’m attracted to her! What if she doesn’t even like me? I looked at her and she blushed and looked down. Then I heard the screeching of the owls delivering our mail. Thank god. They dropped a letter in front of her but not me.

I really want to tell her how I feel about her but I just can’t yet. So I figure I can at least tell her she looks nice today. “Hermione, I just want to say that you…”
I didn’t get to finish telling her. Dumbledore had stood and our breakfast disappeared, he began to speak.

“Hogwarts students, I would like to tell you of a new rule we will be setting here at Hogwarts,” confused murmurs broke out all through the hall but Dumbledore silenced them. “We will no longer be allowing you to wander about the halls past 7:00pm. From now on you must stay in your common rooms from 7:00pm onward and you are not permitted to go up to your dorm until 8:00. We are enforcing this rule to help get you to mingle with your fellow classmates. The portrait door to your dorms will only allow the password at 8:00 or later.” He continued, “Any student caught out of your common rooms past 7:00 will be granted a detention. That is all.”


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You and I: Attracted to Granger


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