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Beggining by Cyra23
Chapter 2 : 5th year!!!
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Hello Lovely Readers so sorry for the delay been planning my wedding and put in some other chapters in the other story. Hope you enjoy this next chapter and is nice and long for you!!!


5th year Snape POV

Well it's 5th year and exams are about to begin. I wonder where Buffy and Lily have gotten to. *sigh* I used to think I was in love with Lily, I mean I've known her my whole childhood. But now my feelings have changed to more brotherly feelings. But even though they changed I still had some spark of hope she might want me as a boyfriend until that conversation a week ago. Flashback...."Hey Lily wait up!" I yelled. Lily stopped and turned around. "Hey you." she said and smiled that cute smile of hers. "Hey just wanted to know if you wanted to meet up later to study by the lake." I asked a with a bit of a blush knowing it would seem like a study date. "Well Sev" (name only used by Lily and Buffy) "I dont know if that is such a good idea for just the two of us alone." Lily stated with a sad note in her voice. "To be honest I do not want to give you the wrong impression that I like you in any way more than a bestfriend and brother. I hope you understand."

"Oh no its ok Lily I understand I mean to be honest I thought I liked you but lately its been more of a sisterly way but I have to admit I did have a small feeling of liking you as more. But I do respect you and I understand how you feel, so instead of just the two of us lets invite Buffy along so it is not just the two of us." I suggested with just a bit of sadness. Lily then hugged me tightly and said "Thank you for understanding and yes Buffy and I will join you once I find her to tell her." End of Flashback

*Sigh. Oh well maybe I am not meant for someone to love me.* "Hey Sev wait up!!!"

I turned around and saw Buffy running towards me. As I see her running I notice how all the boys stare at her.  She really had gotten more beautiful the older she got. Her long black hair fell in silky waves down her back, her beautiful emarald eyes shown like stars and her face soft and unblemished, and her full pink lips. *Snap out of it Sev!!* But then again she was beautiful but she is my best friend next to Lily. Someone who knew about my life and didnt run away screaming or cared I was in Slytherin. As she caught up to me and stopped for a breath leaning on me I wondered what it would be like to be more than friends. But only as a passing thought.

"Hey you!" I said. "Hey Sev I'm glad I caught up to you. I wanted to ask you something." Buffy said with a smile. "Sure what is it?" "Well I was wondering you know how there is the Summer Ball coming up after our final exam today?" I nodded. "Well its tomorrow night and I was wondering if you would go with me? As my date?" she asked with a small blush. I was thunderstuck. Buffy the most beautiful wanted girl in school was asking me? The schools most best victim for pranks and a loner. Well not so much a loner since I do hang out with Lily Buffy and Reg (Sirius brother). "Um I would love to Buffy would Lily like to go with us too so it will be all of us as friends. " I said. I mean yea she asked but maybe it was a fluke and she meant as friends.

"No silly I mean as a date me and you." she said with a laugh. Her laugh was mesmerizing. I mean I knew I thought of Lily before as more than friends but ever since that day I have been really thinking about my feelings and maybe it was not Lily I truly wanted. "Oh um I would love to. But why me? Is there not more guys out there that would have asked you? I mean I heard Black really wanted to go with you?" "Black really Sev? You know me better than that those Mauraders are ok but I could never take any of thm seriously, especially Black. Plus none of them are who I want to truly go with."she smiled and tiptoed to kiss m in the lips. It was a small peck on the lips but enough to send my nerves tingling. "See you tomorrow at 7pm Sev dont be late." she smiled and walked away. "Oh and so you know my dress will be green." she said as she walked away. I stood there stunned with the boys in the hall giving me angry glares. As she turned the corner I smiled a huge smile and walked to the dormitory to my room I share with Reg to tell him the news.



"Well Lily what do you think?" Buffy asked twirling around in her dress. It was a green emarald dress that reached just above her knees and was cocktail style with the top heart shaped around her breast nd strapless. Her hair was flowing down her back brushed to a shine, her makeup a soft natural color with red lipstick and green eyeshadow. Her heels were black and wrapped around her ankle and sh looked breathtaking. Lily was standing by her laughing. She wore a red cocktail dress and would have matched Buffys dress the only difference was the color and her eyeshadow was rred while her lipstick was a soft pink. "Well Buffy if you twirl like that in front of Sev you just might give him a heart attack." said Lily laughing. "Well missy I bet you will give Potter a heartattack just by showing up. He could not believe you said yes." said Buffy.

"Well to be honest I knew now would be the perfect time to say yes. Seeing as how he is changing for the better."said Lily softly. Buffy glanced at her as she was putting on her perfume. "You saw it didn't you Lily. You saw you and Sev would be friends and you and Potter would be together." said Buffy knowing how Lilys Sight was unpredictable about when it shows her things. "Well Buffy to be honest I saw something the first night we sat together in the Great Hall. When you sat down I saw a wedding with two couples one being me the other yourself. But I couldnt see at first who the groomsmen were. That was until later on in the year. We were sitting around the lake by our tree with Sev when Potter comes over by himself to talk to me and you about not associating with a Slytherin. And when you waved your hand and threw him in the water telling him off I Saw another vision. The same one only I could see who was the man you wwere marrying. It was Sev. And then in 3rd year when I was alone walking back to the dorms and Potter walked by he smiled at me but did not say anything. I Saw the same vision but this time I saw you and Sev and myself with James. Thats when I knew you and Sev were meant to be and I with James. But I knew I could not act on anything with him until you and Sev realized your love for one another." said Lily quietly wondering how Buffy will take it.

Buffy was quiet for a moment. "Well since your being honest I should be to. I have had a crush on Sev since 1st year but I didnt say anything since I knew you two were childhood friends and I did not want to get inbetween that if you wanted to be with him."laughed Buffy. "Isn't it funny how you could not tell me how I was meant to be with him and I couldnt tell you how I felt since I thought you two would be together." Lily joined in the laughter "yea it is hilarious!!"

They laughed until the door opened from the girls bathroom and another girl came in to tell them it was time to go downstairs. As both Lily and Buffy walked into the common room still with big smiles on their faces they started going to their other friends and commenting how cute and beautiful each girl looked. No boys were in the dorms as all were waiting by the Great Hall doors for the girls. Also all the girls in Griffindor Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff have gotten over how beautiful Buffy was compared to themselves but that did not stop the Slytherin girls jealousy from trying to trash talk her. But after seeing how strong magically she was they kept their distance. They only talked behind her back now.

And so all the girls being ready headed down to the Great Hall for the dance. Buffy and Lily in front as always. As they got to the stairs where the boys could finally see them all of them grew silent and watched them come downstairs. Lily walked to James who took her hand and kissed it gently and walked inside. Sirius stared at Buffy as she walked towards Severus or Snivellus as he liked to call him. He could not stand him and seethed with jealousy even as a cute Ravenclaw came up next to him who was his date. Sev looked at Lily first who smiled at him as she walked inside with James. He knew about her date with him as she had told him earlier in the day. And as he looked he didnt feel jealous as he thought he was. He only felt a brotherly potection where he would kick Pottes butt if he did anything to hurt Lily. And when he finally looked at Buffy he felt blown away. Se was simply gorgeous and wanted him. He smiled down at her and made a red rose appear and handed it to her bowing. "Oh Sev you didnt have to." smiled Buffy. She gave him a slight kiss on the cheek and took his arm as he led her into the Great Hall. She smiled up at him and he smiled at her and to them no one else mattered and the whole world disappeared as they looked into each others eyes.

Yet as they enjoyed their world another couple enjoyed theirs. James and Lily were looking at one another just like Sev and Buffy but what neither couple notices was how the teachers looked upon each with a knowing smile and Dumbledores eyes twinkled madly. And one lone person standing next to a cute bunnette Ravenclaw yet completely ignoring her to stare with anger and jealousy at Snivellus and Buffy. Who knows what plot he was cooking up seeing as how his eyes looked calculated as he thought of how to ruin Snivellus night and make him look bad in front of Buffy. And with that thought they all entered the Hall with a long night ahead.

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