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We Stay Together, Through Thick and Thin. by TheStarCrossedLoverV14
Chapter 15 : Epilouge
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-two years later-

I looked over at Albus who was two rows away from me and we shared a smile.

It was graduation day at Hogwarts and the last day for most of my friends and I.

I remembered back to all those years ago when my small battle took place in the dungeon's of Hogwarts. Bella was expelled and Juno was eventually caught. No one could identify the mysterious Maximus, other than the fact of his name.

Albus and I had continued our relationship and the days with him have been the happiest I've ever had...

Students, friends, and family members filled the Great Hall as graduating students eagerly sat in the front, waiting for Professor McGonagall to finish her speech.

"So, my graduating seventh years" McGonagall spoke. "I wish you a joyous and wonderful life as you exit these doors. And even though you are no longer in this school, magic will always be with you" She finished, tears in her eyes.

A grin that was from ear to ear appeared on my face as she spoke.

Suddenly, Augusta rose from her seat and started yelling with excitement. She grabbed the hat from her head that resembled the sorting hat and flung it in the air. Student after student followed her, throwing their hat's up to the ceiling and screaming with joy.

Confetti began appearing from above and covering everyone. My head turned to see Scorpius and Rose sharing a kiss. Ron was standing in the sidelines, smiling at his daughter. It took him awhile to adjust to Scorpius, but he learned to accept him for his daughter's sake.

Lysander came running from the sidelines over to Lucy and picked her up, spinning her around. He laughed and set her down, kissing her. Lysander had graduated last year.

Augusta had taken her robes off to reveal her ripped jeans and purple striped shirt. She ran down the isle and out the door. Louis was following her, trying to get her back inside.

"Sweetheart, wait up!" He yelled as he left with her.

I found myself laughing. Hogwarts had been the best thing to ever happen to me. In the process of attending this outstanding school, lot's of things happened. Heart break's, adventure's, and romance. But never in my life have I had a more fulfilling moment.

When the summer ended, I would begin attending school to become an auror. Albus was joining me.

Speaking of Albus, as I was enjoying myself in the confetti and hugging my friends, he had waltzed over to where I was.

"We finally did it. Seven long and tough years, but we did it" He laughed, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me.

"And we've managed to stay together for three years" I grinned, kissing him back.

"I'd say that's my second greatest achievement" He smirked.

"Second?" I said, raising an eyebrow. "What is that supposed to mean, Mr.Potter ?" I asked him giggling, playfully poking his chest.

Albus smirked and let go of me. All of a sudden, he got one one knee and pulled something from his robe pocket.

A ring.

A beautiful, and huge diamond ring.

"Marrying you will be the greatest achievement of my life" He said, smiling.

My mouth hung wide open as suddenly everyone turned towards us.

I was speechless. Not a single word could escape my mouth. I saw Harry, Ginny, and Lily walk over.

Lily grinned from ear to ear towards me. "I would love to have you as a sister-in-law" She giggled.

Harry smiled. "And I would be honored to have you as my daughter-in-law..." He said, nodding his head towards me.

James was holding hands with his wife, Alice. They had just gotten married last year.

I looked back at Albus and grinned. "Of course I'll marry you!" I yelled.

Albus slipped the ring onto my finger and stood up, picking me up and spinning me around. His lips melt into mine as we spun.

This was the best day of my life.

The words Albus told me two years ago rang in my head, the necklace still dangled from my neck every minute of every day.

He was right.

We stay together, through thick and thin...

The End

Or is it?

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We Stay Together, Through Thick and Thin.: Epilouge


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