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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater by Cariel
Chapter 8 : Protector of Spells
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Finally Ron was freed from his little sister. He wondered what was up with Harry, but he uh… Well, to be honest, Harry wasn’t at the forefront of his thoughts…especially after what Hermione had said about snogging…and spending a lot of time with a bloke…and snogging…and just being friends…and dating…and snogging…”

“Blimey…” The thought of it sent shivers up and down his spine. Maybe she had heard him when he confessed his feelings. But she couldn’t have, could she? If she had, why wouldn’t she say something? Maybe because she didn’t feel the same way, she was asking Lavender what she should do to let him down easy. But Lavender had told her not to do anything! He sighed.

And Harrry? Well, sod Harry! He was happy at least…having a girlfriend and whatnot. And what did Ron get? He got Ginny bothering him with questions about Harry just rubbing it in all the more. How Harry was getting chummy with some Slytherin first year and how Ron wasn’t getting shite besides shivers. But a first year student? Wouldn’t she be like eleven years old then? And Harry was sixteen. Well that was a bit odd wasn’t it?

Ron resolved to figure out a little more about this Slytherin girl. What was her name again? Oh yeah, Marwood. Well, he could just look up her lineage in the library. That’d be a start. Library… Hermione… snogging… He shook his head briskly to get the thought, as nice as it was, out of his head, at least until he found out more about Harry’s love interest.

Draco Malfoy was very cross. Why hadn’t he been able to enter Hermione’s mind the other night? He’d heard about the little incident with Hermione ending up staying the night and the whole day in Ronald Weasel’s bedroom. And there had been nothing he could do to stop it. For some reason, he hadn’t been able to get into her head that night and he was as infuriated as all hell.

“Bloody mudblood slag!” he cursed to himself. Finally he rose magnificently from the couch in the Slytherin common room; his robes flowing backward as he strode towards the exit.

He passed a group of fourth year Slytherin girls who threw themselves at him. They’d do anything for him just for the pleasure of spending time in his presence. It became boring quickly. It’s not that he minded their undivided attention; he just knew there was nothing to it; to them. They were like his servants, his mistresses, his whores. He could use them up and throw them away without a second thought. But the conquest…the challenge…all those things were lost.

He moved elegantly through the densely packed hallway past the infamous Scarhead. But something was different about him. He was actually smiling. That was a rare site. Ahh…and his arms around the little Slytherin Princess… Nice… Too bad Rita Skeeter wasn’t around anymore or else it’d make a great headliner. He chuckled to himself. They’d get to Potter and his friends somehow.

He made his way to Potions where Professor Snape had finished teaching his last class for the day. When he left for his office, Draco slid knowledgably to the cabinet containing vials and assortments of infusions, shuffling through the few ingredients he needed.

A/N: I really love that evil grin of Draco’s! yum…

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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater: Protector of Spells


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