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Like Never Before by magnolia_magic
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. The title of this story is inpired by "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac.


This is a tale of three brothers.

They were the sons of one of the most revered wizards in the world, a man known for his strength, courage, and prowess in a duel. He was one of the four heads of a prestigious magical school, one that hosted students from miles around and trained them in the ways of magic. This man was respected far and wide, and because of his renown, his three sons were watched with fascinated eyes.

The first brother was a leader unparalleled. He had inherited all the best of his father; bravery, kindness, and a willingness to protect those he loved at any cost. His talents were widely spread, but his particular skills lay in dueling and swordsmanship, just as his father’s did. It was a rare thing to see him at odds with anyone, but if he ever disagreed with a classmate or even a professor, he was diplomacy itself. There was something reassuring about this brother’s very presence; it only took one look into his handsome face to know that he was trustworthy and capable. He was well loved by his fellow students and his elders thought highly of him. Everyone saw a great destiny ahead for this golden son.

The second brother possessed courage as well, and with it great intelligence. He preferred academic pursuits over those of a warrior, and did his fighting with words rather than swords or even wands. Although his arguments were well-reasoned, his wrath was quick, and he had a wit that could rip a man to shreds if he chose to use it so. Usually his fighting spirit was used in a crusade for justice; he sought to rid the world of its wrongs, and would never hear a false word against an innocent victim. He was respected in a different way than his elder brother; what this second son lacked in humility, he made up for in sheer boldness. No one could deny the talent this brother possessed, and none doubted that he would go far.

And the third brother. The third brother could hardly be compared with his renowned father, or with either of his older brothers; he was a breed apart. He did not display his skills to the world like the second brother, nor did he possess the charm and charisma of the first. This youngest son was soft-spoken and unassuming, but those who knew him best saw his capable mind and generous spirit, and valued him highly for it. Others did not see him so clearly, however. They had certain expectations for the men of this family; they expected a man who commanded attention, and whose talents were obvious to all. The third brother was not this kind of man, so the people did not quite know what to make of him.

But his personality was not the only thing that caused distrust. There was one defining quality about him, one that set him apart from every other person at the school of magic. It was this quality that turned many away from him, and sparked cruel laughter and whispers in the halls. Because of this, the young brother thought he would always be alone.

This is a tale of three brothers. But it is also a tale of a young girl, one who came to the school with a simple goal: to be the best and brightest witch of her class. Even at such a tender age she was driven and focused, and nothing seemed more important to her than excelling above all the rest. But the girl could not have predicted how her time at the school would change her. How a friendship with a lonely boy would show her possibilities she had never imagined before. He would show her that there was not just one path, but many, and she was not bound to travel a single road. In time, she would learn to forge a new way ahead.

She would learn of love. The kind of love that settles over the heart as silently as morning fog, and cradles it like a tender hand. Once such a love takes hold, there is no forgetting it. Few are lucky enough to come across such a gift, but then fortune has always smiled upon this girl. Opportunities are heaped at her feet; the difficulty lies in knowing which ones are worth taking.

Will she recognize them before they disappear? 

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