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Normality by caomoyl
Chapter 1 : Normality
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What have I done? How could I do this to her? Iím her older sister. Iím supposed to be here for her, but I go and do this. Sheís going to hate me forever now. I didnít mean anything I said. I was angry; I didnít know what I was doing. How could I have been so stupid?

I let her down. Iím supposed to support her through everything, help her become who she is. But instead Iíve pushed her away. I let my jealously overrule and I hate myself for it. So many things we did together as young kids, all of them now meaningless and worthless-because of me. All the good times gone because of me and one small moment where I didnít think.

It wasnít just one moment though. Iíve been like this for weeks. Ever since she found out. Ever since she got the letter. Sheís going to be off, being the favourite child, the special one, the one who is better because of that letter. Mum and Dad always preferred her anyway. Nice, sweet, cute Lily who never did anything wrong. Who could love selfish me over her?

This is all because of him. She was normal until he showed up, telling her things; making her believe she was special. He did this to her. Heís the reason she became aÖ aÖ witch. Witches arenít real. Theyíre stupid things in childrenís stories. How can people think sheís special when every witch in all those stories was bad? They were always the evil ones that the good people fought. But oh no, Lilyís special. Lilyís amazing. Lily is going to be the best witch ever. Lily this. Lily that.


They all forgot about me. I donít matter anymore. Iím just a normal, boring human being. Iíll grow up normal, have a normal job and live a normal life. Just like normal people. No one cares about normal people. There are too many of us, leading such normally set out lives. Go to school, get a job, retire, die. Thatís the cycle we live by. All of us.

What will Lily do? Use her magic to fight crime? Become a stupid superhero? Is that all heroes are? Witches and wizards who pretend they are fairly normal? Or are they just us, but with hidden power, plotting to take over the entire world? Is Lily going to have to be a secret now, hidden away forever because sheís different? Will everyone think sheís gone? Not that it will make a difference to me. Iíll still be ignored because they will care for her too much and wonder where sheís gone.

Even though we havenít told many people about Lily, sheís still special to everyone. Those who donít know the truth, think that sheís gone to a posh private school because sheís so clever. She always was though. She was the brightest out of the two of us. Iím just mediocre, like all normal people. One of the normal people no one cares about.

Why do I feel this way? Why do I hate her so much? I donít want to hate her. This is how it has always been. She was always the favourite, but I was the eldest, so it didnít matter. I could still boss her around. But now I canít. Now sheís gone. Iím not going to see her until Christmas. I have no chance to say that Iím sorry before then.

Am I even sorry?

A big thank you to starryskies55 (Jenny) for betaing this and coming up with the title! Everyone should shower her with love! This was originally going to be a nice fluffy one shot that made you all fall in love with Petunia. As you can see, that... didn't happen! But I hope you liked it anyway!!

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