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Masks by MissMandarin
Chapter 5 : The Princess and Sir Thomas
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(Thank you so much everyone who reads/comments. Next couple of chapters will be coming faster, I promise!)


The snow had completely melted now and everything was turning green again. Ginny was happy for her brother and Luna and of course for Harry and Hermione as well, but seeing them all together like that was just a blatant reminder of how very lonely she was and how long it had been since the supply room in Hogsmeade. She had barely seen Draco Malfoy at all in fact, Harry had claimed he was acting odd it was really the only time Ginny listened to what he was saying at the table, when he gave them daily updates on Draco. Hermione worried that Harry was becoming a bit paranoid. Ron was all for just jumping the git now. Luna sat calmly and flicked a worried expression to Ginny every now and then. If it wasn’t for Luna, Ginny probably would have lost it by now. She listened patiently as Ginny ranted and raved or sulked and cried. She really was much too good for her brother.

She threw herself into her studying when finals came around that even Ron thought something was wrong with her, and Quidditch, she practiced nearly every day. When it came time to play Slytherin she grew frustrated when Draco didn’t even make an appearance on the field. She passed by his door a few times. It gave her a reply that he wasn’t in, and when she pressed the door for answers it simply repeated itself. Frustrated, she gave up after the fourth try or so and stayed far from the dungeons.

The worst of it all, was that she kept getting a sinking feeling something awful was about to happen. No matter what she did, she couldn’t shake it.


“Detention Miss Weasley!” Snape shrieked at her as she was caught once again talking to her friends.

“I didn’t…” she protested, but was cut off by him slamming the giant book he had been carrying on the desk in front of her.

“Two weeks”, he added snarling at her. She glared up at him.

Draco was watching carefully from the research book. He was sort of aiding for his Godfather Snape, not that he minded. He let him do all the potions research he wanted as long as he didn’t blow anything up.

He watched Ginny blush as he continued to berate her and Draco’s grip on the vial he was holding increased. Another second of yelling and the glass shattered in Draco’s hand causing everyone to turn and look.

“Malfoy”, Snape hissed, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing”, he snapped back, quickly remembering to add “Sir”. Snape’s eyes narrowed. “Well since you seem so interested in what’s going out here, perhaps you can supervise Miss Weasley’s detention. The Gryffindors all looked about ready to protest at once and Ginny looked at Draco wide eyed for a moment.

Draco supposed he should pretend he wanted nothing more, or should he act as if he only wanted to, to torture the girl.

“Of course Sir”, he added his trademark smirk hoping he pulled it off well enough.

“Bad luck” the girl who had gotten Ginny in trouble in the first place, “Want me to get Ron?” she continued.

“No I’ll be alright”, she sighed as if it was the worst thing in the world, which peaked Draco’s anger a bit. He knew she had to act that way, but did she have to act that way so well.


“Where’s Ginny”, Ron looked around the common room for the first time tonight. He had taken to sneaking Luna past the fat lady lately because he couldn’t only stand Harry and Hermione’s googly eyes if he had his own girl to make googly eyes at.

“Snapgrines?” Luna offered up and they all turned towards her.

“They only come out during the day”, Ron said automatically, as if he were reciting from one of Hermione’s history books. Harry’s jaw dropped at his best friend and Hermione stifled a giggle.

“She got detentions for two weeks during potions today” Hermione informed them once she had her laughter under control.

“Bad luck”, Ron frowned. Snape’s detentions were particularly nasty, but it was almost a right of passage as a Gryffindor. “Mum is going to be furious”, he added.

“Not if no one tells her”, Harry threw his friend a look, protecting Ginny like she was his sister as well was second nature to him.

“Besides”, Luna added in, resting her head against his chest. “You have more important matters”. She blushed as she spoke. It was still beyond her how all of this had happened. With just one ball the world they knew it had basically turned upside down. Ginny’s more than anyone, but she knew she couldn’t speak of such things.

“Mmm”, Ron smiled down at her. She always had a way of calming his mind and thankfully his temper as if she had cast some magic spell over him. “Shorbog net”, he agreed.

“Amazing”, Hermione starred off at the two, only Harry had noticed she had spoke. “I couldn’t get him to remember one name in our History of Magic class last year, but he’s memorized almost the entirety of Luna’s fantastical creatures”.

“Shhh love”, Harry patted her head, he knew he would pay for his condescending tone later, but it was worth it to watch her head whip around and glare at him. She really was sexy when she was angry.  “Cloak?” he breathed in her ear, before she could start an argument with him. “Room of Requirement?” he added.

Hermione kept her glare, but gave him a short nod of agreement, before they both stood and snuck away whilst Ron and Luna were otherwise engaged starring at each other and saying cute things, or whatever it is they did. Neither of the two wanted to know.

-Meanwhile in Detention-

Draco was almost looking forward to “supervising” detention. He and Ginny, alone, in a classroom, did Christmas come early? Whne he entered; however, his wild ideas of her laying seductively on Snape’s desk waiting for him was crushed. She was seated at the front desk and she wasn’t alone.


Ginny wasn’t sure if she was relieved or put out when Dean Thomas entered the potions classroom.

“Snape got you too?” he gave a sheepish grin that Ginny couldn’t help, but to return. At her smile it turned more into a look that told her he didn’t regret what he had done one bit.

“Unfortunetly, I’m in for two weeks”, she shared in the private Gryffindor moment with him.

“Mind if I sit?” he asked next and pointed at the chair next to her. Ginny looked nervously towards the door for a moment, before wondering why she should care what Draco might think of this, and finally agreed.

“So what are you in for?” she asked soothing her nerves by making conversation.

“Ah”, Dean smiled. He really did have one of those heart wrenching grins, the other girl’s in Ginny’s year were always talking about it. “Me and Seamus decided to make, well we’re not exactly sure what it was we were making, but it blew up”, he laughed a bit at this. It definitely wasn’t the first time the two had done some damage to the school. “Seamus has had detention for the past few weeks, so I thought I’d take the blame this go around”. He seemed so at ease when he spoke, there was no tension she didn’t have to guard her emotions or wonder what his intentions were, it seemed nice. It had been awhile she realized since she just had a normal conversation.

“How very noble of you”, Ginny joked.

“That’s me!” he replied, “Sir Thomas at your service my lady”, in a flash of a movement he picked up Ginny’s hand and kissed her knuckles. It was innocent and brief, but at that moment Ginny heard the door slam behind her. Her heart stopped for a moment and her head whipped around as she spotted Draco glaring at the two of them.

“This isn’t social hour Thomas”, Draco spat through gritted teeth. His head was itching for his wand, his mind was racing with how many different ways he could kill this pathetic excuse of a wizard for putting his disgusting mouth on his… He caught his own thoughts. Ginny wasn’t his, but she also sure as hell wasn’t going to be anyone else’s either.

“Of course I’d expect nothing less from a girl of your breeding”, the shock as the insult registered and then the hurt that followed, had Draco wanting to run to her and take it all back, but it was too late. She fought the tears and her hurt turned to rage.

“Lay off Malfoy”, Dean stood as if to challenge him and for a moment Draco almost wished he would. For a moment Draco hoped he’d hit him, curse him, do anything that would make him feel half as bad as what he had just done to her. “You wouldn’t know class if it bit you in the ass”, the other boy finished.

“Leave it Dean”, Ginny interjected putting her hand on his arm, even that small contact, even now. Draco wanted to rip the two of them apart. “He isn’t worth it”, she pulled him back down into the seat. There was something about the way he said those words however that made Draco’s insides curl up and his dinner threaten to come up.

“You’re to write lines”, was all he said, it was all he could manage to say, he stalked up Snape’s desk and threw his bag on it before continuing to his godfather’s office. He couldn’t look at her right now. He didn’t want to see what he had done and he didn’t want to see hatred for himself in her eyes. It was better if she hated him. He knew it, but he couldn’t stand it.

“You alright?” Dean covered Ginny’s hand with his own.

“Fine”, she lied, and must not have been very convincing because Dean gave her a skeptical look.

“Come now Princess, Sir Thomas will rescue you from the foul beast”, he tried for humor, and it worked as Ginny burst into giggles.


Ginny was one week into her two week sentence. As horrible as it was Dean seemed to brighten her day and since Draco refused to ever sit in the same room with them, they two could talk as they pleased. Ginny spent most of the time laughing, and then the other blushing because he had taken to calling her Princess.

Draco stalked into the room nearly every day, but Ginny knew there was something wrong, she could sense it on him. He barely spared a moment to glare at Dean. He was distracted, his eyes were dark and edged from not sleeping. He was practically twitching. What on earth had he gotten himself into? Dean didn’t really seem to notice he only referred to him as their jailer, the foul beast, or the ferret.

“Have you finished yours yet?” Dean looked over her shoulder at her paper, the lines they were too write magically appeared on the chalked board and changed occasionally.

“No”, Ginny admitted, she had been overly distracted it seemed.

“Me either”, Dean smiled and she returned it out of habit. “So when are you going to let me take you out Princess?” was the next words out of his mouth, a little rushed and nervous, compared to his usual calm demeaner. Ginny did a double take because she was certain she didn’t hear him right.

“I umm… “ She floundered for a moment.

“Saturday? Hogsmeade?” he pushed.

“I… “ she began again her eyes went to the closed door of Snape’s office, she knew Draco was on the other side of it. “Ok”, she said slowly and then turned to see Dean beaming at her.

“Really?” he wasn’t sure if she would agree for a moment the air seemed to rush back into him and his calm returned. “Great”, he added, “Meet you in the great hall around noonish?”

“Sounds good”, Ginny smiled, blushing, but the calm was short lived when they both jumped at the sound of a giant crash coming from Snape’s office.

“What on…” Dean began, but it was Ginny who jumped up, and nearly ran across the room and threw the door open.

“Draco are you?” her first thought was that he had broken something, blew something up, or fallen. “Ok”, she finished when he stood in front of her mere inches away, she noticed his hand was swollen. He had hit something again. She could only guess why.

“Thanks for your concern Weaselette” he breathed, in this proximity he was having trouble keeping his usual superior tone, when all he wanted to do was lean down and capture her lips. Aware of their audience though he took a few steps back for good measure, “You can go back to your lines”, he turned heel and closed the door as he did.

Ginny returned to her seat with a frown. Dean eyed her.

“That was…” he was looking for a word for it.

“Weird.” Ginny offered with a sigh and he nodded. He took her silence as an opportunity and laced the fingers of his freehand with her own. Ginny was still partially shocked that she almost didn’t even respond at first, but she gradually turned and gave him a small smile.


“Miss Weasley!” Snape’s voice rang down the hall.

“Yes professor?” Ginny attempted to keep her tone as pleasant as possible as the greasy haired man approached her and Dean.

“Apparently you have been slacking”, he glared once at Dean before settling his gaze back on the redhead. “In your detention duties, Mist Malfoy tells me you use it as yet another social hour”.

“I, Sir”, Ginny began, “Draco doesn’t even…” she sighed knowing it was useless, she knew where this was going and she knew why. Draco had done this.

“Perhaps taking your Hogsmeade Saturday away might make you take your punishment a bit more serious”, Snape finished. Dean’s face fell, and Ginny’s pulse quickened. She was going to kill Draco.

“Yes Sir”, she relented knowing it was a lost cause and she looked at Dean apologetically.

“Catch you later”, he sighed and she nodded as Snape turned heel and stalked away. Perhaps that’s where Draco had learned it from. Ginny took this as her cue to follow and headed once again towards the potions room in the dungeon. As expected Snape let her in the door, but it was Draco seated in the room.

“Line’s won’t be necessary”, Snape rolled his eyes at her hesitation to go in, “Just assist Mister Malfoy with whatever potion hes researching”, he gave her a nasty smile before leaving her alone, half in the hallway starring at Draco.


“Are you going to stand out there all day?” Draco asked her as if bored, while he measured out some strange looking ingrediants.

“You evil little rat!” Ginny shrieked slamming the door close and storming into the room. Draco stood at her anger, “How dare you!” she hissed.

“How dare I?” Draco met her fury, “How dare you!” he shot back, “sit here night after night and prance around flirting with him!” he couldn’t even bring himself to say his name. “As if I didn’t matter, as if I couldn’t hear or I didn’t know.”

“You don’t get to control who I see!”

“Like hell I don’t”, he countered and within minutes he captured her lips, Ginny didn’t make an attempt to push him away, just matched his brutalliy with her own as she pushed him back into the desk he had been working at. The potions ingredients toppled from it. She was his, it wasn’t logical or rational, but he couldn’t stand the thought of her being with anyone else.

“You don’t get to do this”, Ginny spoke, when they finally broke apart her rage had subsided some. “You don’t get to control my life.”

“I…” Draco was speechless for the first time. Surely that’s not what he did. That wasn’t his intent, he just, wanted her. “I apologize”, he finally gave in. The words felt strange coming from his mouth, but Ginny had already driven him to the point of madness. “I can’t stand it though.” He took a step back and ran a hand through his blonde hair. Ginny could still see the signs of stress on his face.

“It’s not like your stepping up to tell them to back off”, Ginny put her hands on her hips.

“I can’t”, he admitted, “I can’t give them anything to hold against me, I can’t let them know.” He pulled her to him and into his chest as he leaned his chin on her head. “You have no idea how badly I wish I could”.

“What wrong Draco?” He had always been sweet to her, but this was different it was almost as if he was saying goodbye.

“There are some things I can’t tell you”, she knew it was meant as a warning, not to pry any further, but she couldn’t help it.

“Is this about last Hogsmeade, when you met with the others?” She asked. Draco didn’t like the way she categorized him with them, but he couldn’t fault her.

“Drop it Ginny”, his voice had an edge to it.

“What did they want from you?” she pressed again.

“I said drop it”, he distanced himself from her and Ginny felt the loss of his touch. He was facing away from her, his shoulders were hunched over and she could see them shake slightly as he braced his hands on the desk in front of him. She knew he was fighting tears. She supposed Malfoy’s weren’t supposed to cry either. She moved to him and traced a line over his spine with her hand, and then down again, moving it in a circle over his shoulder blades, just like her mom used to do to sooth her when she was younger, but the way his breath hitched however it was having a different effect on him. He turned back to her, his eyes red, he had managed to keep control for the most part.

“Whatever happens, promise me” Draco picked up her hands, “Promise me you’ll stay safe.”

“You know I can’t” she whispered back and he claimed her mouth again. If she refused to protect herself, he’d just have to do it for her.

“I have to go”, he spoke as if it were the most difficult thing in the world, “Snape won’t be back today, you can leave”, he sighed, “Go back to Hogsmead, if you want”. She knew he was waiting for her reply to see if she would seek out Dean.

“I think I’ll just take advantage of the empty common room”, Ginny shrugged. He simply nodded, but Ginny could see the slight tug at the corner’s of his mouth.

“Good”, he added, with a smirk. He flicked his wand and the things they had knocked over righted themselves and the others jumped into Draco’s bag. He tipped Ginny’s head upwards and took one last kiss. “Take care of yourself Red”. As per usual he left Ginny spinning and dizzy as she watched him head down the rows of desks and out the door. She sighed as she grabbed her own things and followed suit, turning in the other direction to head back to the Gryffindor common room, perhaps a nice hot shower would help her shake off her thoughts. As if she didn’t have a bad feeling already the way Draco was acting made it seem like the Apocalypse was coming. Something was definitely wrong.

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