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Our Hogwarts Generation by Luna_eclipse4ever
Chapter 3 : Rat Among Friends
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Seriously, the support I’m getting is great! Without further ado, I present to you Chapter 3 of Our Hogwarts Generation.


Disclaimer: You know the drill. I own nothing you recognise.





“It is my pleasure,” she seemed to choke on the last word, “to introduce to you all, Amara Black and Harry Potter.”


The second she had spoken, it was like an explosion had gone off within the group from the future. Abuse was being thrown at her left, right and centre. Not only had this happened, but a large number of students had surrounded themselves around the front of the Gryffindor line.


Exactly where Harry and Amara were standing.


Personally, Amara was touched. She hadn’t realised that her fellow students had cared about them so much, herself especially. And from the look on Harry’s face, or what she could see of Harry’s face anyway, he was in the same boat as her.


Hermione had been stood directly in front of Amara, and Ron in front of Harry. Now, however, they had both moved to the front of the line, as if trying to block their friends from sight.  They needn’t have done that though, considering the amount of students from the D.A who had gone to stand with them.


After roughly five minutes of protests and abuse, Professor Umbridge had finally had enough.


“Enough!” She shouted at the top of her lungs. She took a minute to compose herself, which included straightening out her pink fluffy coat and huffing to herself. “I will have order.” She looked at the Gryffindor House daringly, as if challenging them to cause more fuss.


“I have decided that they will speak and as Headmistress, what I decide is final.”


Harry, sensing defeat, decided that enough was enough. They were going to have to face them at one point, and frankly, no matter how touching his friends’ show of loyalty was, this was just going to make everyone that much more suspicious.


He turned to Amara and gained her attention by poking her in her shoulder. She turned to him with one eyebrow raised and then nodded solemnly. She had clearly come to same conclusion as Harry.


Amara, though similar to Harry in many ways, always liked to make an entrance. And what better way to make an entrance than by whistling loudly and causing silence to fall on the entire hall, including Umbridge who had been grumbling to herself.


The D.A turned to their friend questioningly. She shrugged sadly and made to the front of the group, Harry in tow.


Once they had reached the front, many of the students from the past gasped loudly, especially the girls. The Marauders were noticeably quiet; it wasn’t hard to see who their fathers were.


Amara cleared her throat uncomfortably and looked around the hall. “Er… Hi.” She said awkwardly.


More silence. Great, Amara thought sarcastically.


She turned to Harry and whispered in his ear, “Your turn.”


He looked at her beseechingly before accepting his fate and turning to face the front of the hall. Wow, he thought, there are a lot of people here. This was torture for people like Harry, who had always hated being the centre of attention.


“Well,” he cleared his throat quietly before continuing, “I guess you all know who we are now, considering we were just introduced.” Amara nodded silently beside him. Huh, this is the first time she’s not had anything to say, he thought, I’m not sure whether I like it.


“Um, guys listen. We don’t like being here anymore than you guys probably like us being here. So, can you do us a favour and...” she trailed off in thought. How I am supposed to finish that, she thought, I do not know. “Just be nice.” Smooth, a voice in her head said, real smooth, idiot.


Amara took a look around the hall and all the faces looking up at her. She turned her head to side so that she could see Umbridge and suddenly a new found confidence erupted in her. Wait a minute, she thought, I’m Amara frickin Black. I’ve escaped dementors and fought a giant chess set, not to mention the basilisk incident in my second year. Enough of this.


“Right, listen up,” she said confidently. Harry turned to her in absolute shock. “We were brought here against our will. I don’t like standing in front of you and neither does Harry. We are going to introduce you to some of the people and then we are going to bed because I am shattered. Understood?” The majority of the hall nodded silently. Clearly Amara Black could scare anyone, regardless of whether she knew them or not.


“Good,” she stated and then turned to the houses from her time. “Those of you who have parents here, front and centre. You know who you are.” There was another beat of silence where nobody moved.


“Come on people,” Amara shouted, clapping her hands hurriedly. “Get a move one!”


After two minutes of scattered movement, there were roughly five people standing beside Harry and Amara.


“Okay, introduce yourselves.”


Everyone looked at each other before Draco Malfoy stepped forward. He puffed out his chest proudly and said, “Draco Malfoy. Slytherin. Son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.”


Lucius Malfoy stared at him with his mouth agape. Next to him was a pretty blonde girl. Amara assumed this was Narcissa Malfoy, considering she was practically beaming with joy. She turned to her friend, a brunette, on her right and they squealed together.


Everyone around the hall sat gaping at Malfoy. Okay, he may be from the future, but in Amara’s opinion, no one should willingly look at the bleach blonde ferret for a long period of time.


“Okay, next!” she said hurriedly. Malfoy was enjoying this a little too much.


Neville stepped forward and mumbled quietly, “Neville Longbottom.”


“Speak up Longbottom!” shouted what looked like a sixth year Slytherin who was clearly from their time. Every Slytherin in the room laughed at that. ‘The bastards’ was the general thought spread among the D.A, and was actually spoken by some.


“A little louder, Nev,” Hermione said gently from behind him. He looked back at her and nodded, maybe to himself.


“Neville Longbottom,” he said loudly, and the Slytherin’s stopped laughing. “I’m in Gryffindor and a fifth year. My mum and dad wer-are Alice and Frank Longbottom.”


A blonde, round faced girl at the Hufflepuff table gasped loudly, as did a tall, brown haired boy from Gryffindor.


After a few more introductions, the hall was partly satisfied with what they had learned. The one thing they wanted to know, however, was who Amara Black’s mother was. One Ravenclaw girl even had the guts to ask this. That once again grabbed the attention of everyone in the hall, just as they were beginning to recover from the shock.


Amara looked between her friends, silently begging them for some help. She pulled a face at the little received and ran her hand through her brown-nearly black hair.


“That’s the thing,” she began quietly, “I don’t actually know.” The silence was definitely becoming annoying now.


“What do you mean?” asked Peter Pettigrew. Wait, Peter Pettigrew. Once Amara noticed who it was who had spoken, she quickly caught Harry’s shoulder and grabbed him from behind. Hermione caught on, being the clever girl that she was, and grabbed his arm. Ron was completely clueless to what was going on, as per usual.


The second Harry noticed he lunged forward. Everyone gasped loudly and whispers began erupting from both those in the past and those in the future. Had James Potter’s son just tried to attack one of his father’s best friends?


Despite seeing that Harry was clearly restricted by his friends, the Marauders still moved to stand in front of theirs.


“What the hell do you think you are doing?” shouted Sirius Black.


The only person who could match Sirius’ temper was his daughter.


“What he has every right to do!” she shouted back, forgetting that her father knew nothing of his so called ‘friend’s’ betrayal.  His face distorted into one of anger and was about to respond, before Remus beat him to it.


“’What he has every right to do’?! Are you bloody insane? Your friend almost attacked ours! No one has any right to do that!” It was clearly near the full moon, Hermione thought, time to interject.


“What she meant,” Hermione began, “was that Peter here hasn’t been all that… pleasant, shall we say, especially to Harry.”


“Yeah,” Ron interjected, “he’s a foul little git and both of them have been the ones in the firing line.”


“It still doesn’t give them a reason to try to attack him!” James Potter shouted back, “I don’t care who they are! They have absolutely no right to attack one of my best mates!”


Harry sucked in a deep, upsetting breath and shook off his friends. He then stormed out of the Great Hall, going who knows where.


“Mr Potter!” shouted Madame Umbridge, “Mr Potter, get back here right now! Mr Potter! Mr Potter!”


Amara shook her head and turned to Umbridge. “You cold, loathsome, evil bitch!” she started quietly but ended up screaming. That shocked everyone. No one spoke to Umbridge that way. Sure, they spoke about her like that, but never to her.


“What did you say?” Umbridge asked angrily. She made to move towards Amara but Amara was too fast and already had her wand pointed at Umbridge’s throat.


“You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?” she said threateningly, “DIDN’T YOU?!”


“I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about deary,” Umbridge denied. She moved to pretend to offer the girl comfort but Amara just raised her wand even higher.


“If anyone needs me I’ll be out on the Quidditch Pitch.” She then turned and stormed out in the same manner Harry had done.


Seemingly remembering that she had an audience, Umbridge plastered the sickly sweet smile on her face once more and clapped her hands together once.


“I am so sorry Headmaster,” she said after turning to face Dumbledore, “While I try to be patient with each of my students, Potter and Black is always finding new ways to test my limits.”


Dumbledore clearly wasn’t fooled, however, and merely nodded in reply.


“I think that even the best of us have our limits, Professor Umbridge.” Dumbledore looked at her with his knowing blue eyes and raised an eyebrow at her.


“Why yes, of course Professor,” Umbridge stammered. This Dumbledore was obviously not someone to be messed with. “I believe that it is rather late here. Best have an early night.”


“But professor,” Hermione began, “It’s the morning back in our time. Surely no one will be able to sleep.”


“As much as I hate to admit it, Madame Umbridge,” Snape drawled. Many people turned to face him in shock. This was the first he had spoken since he had arrived here. “Miss Granger does have a point.”


“Thank you professor,” Hermione said. However, she was cut off by Snape once more.


“Though perhaps it would be good for them to get in a routine,” he continued. “I must say that today has been rather tiring.”


Umbridge nodded. “That is what I had thought too. Granger, Weasley, you two will find Miss Black and Mr Potter and take them to the visitor wing in the North of the Castle. The entrance is near the portrait of Wondon the Wise. Understood?” The two students nodded and walked out of the hall, with every pair of eyes in the room following them out.


“The rest of you,” Umbridge said, turning back to the remaining students, “Shall follow myself and Professor Snape out. Come along.” And with that, every member of the future group had left the hall.


“I must also agree with Madame Umbridge. It has indeed been a tiring day. I believe an early night would be best for all of us. More information on the students will be given out tomorrow. For now, sleep and enter the land of dreams, a place where you are safest.”


Every student and teacher leaving the hall seemed to mentally agree that this had by far been the most bizarre day of the entire year.


They had no idea that it was going to get worse.





So I’m not exactly happy with this chapter, so I’m sorry if you’re not either.


On another note, if anyone knows of or wants to be my beta, please message me and let me know. I am in desperate need of one.


Until next time my ducklings!

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