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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 6 : She's So Lovely
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 Lily was in a bad mood all the following week, nobody really knew why and she wasn’t telling anyone. Not even me and I’m normally the one who Lily comes to confide in about stuff but she wasn’t coming forward to anyone with whatever was wrong with her, not even Rose who could normally get anything out of her. I’ve known Lily for six years and I’ve known her in bad moods and when you aren’t having to dodge the candles or various other potentially harmful object it’s better to just leave her alone and not interfere

On the Wednesday, I seemed to be the one bearing the full brunt of Lily’s rage for some reason unbeknownst to myself. First period was Defence against the Dark Arts which we had with the Hufflepuffs, in that class I sat next to a girl called Abigail Clayton. She may be a bit shy and nerdy but she’s a cool girl and I like her a lot, she’s also pretty but no one ever notices her because she’s overshadowed by more confident girls. I quite look forward to our lessons sat next to each other, she’s a good partner to have, we always get the work done but we manage to have a laugh as well

“I don’t think you’re someone’s favourite person this morning Ollie” said Abi as we practiced shield charms on each other. I blocked her expeliarmus, like a boss I might add, and looked over to Lily who had a look of anger that was clearly directed at me, I rolled my eyes and muttered “whatever” before switching places with Abi who blocked my curse easily, and she too must be a boss

“You know how it is” I explained as we sat back town together at our desk “No offence, but girls are like aliens to me. They can be fine with you one minute and totally off with you the next. I’ve spent the last few hours trying to figure out what I could have possibly done wrong”

That’s actually true and the closest thing I could think of was that I’d stolen a piece of her toast at breakfast yesterday

“You and Lily are really close aren’t you?” said Abi “It’s a shame that you’ve fallen out”

“I’m not even sure we did fallout” I said in general confusion “We were fine last night, then this morning she acts like I don’t exist and completely blanks me”

“Well I don’t know what to tell you” said Abi “But I can’t imagine you did much wrong, you’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met”


She can’t have met a lot of people. Noting my sceptical look Abi continued “You are Ollie; you’re the only boy in the whole year who never picked on me in first year. You’re the only person who didn’t make fun of me when I fell off that hippogriff and showed everyone my underwear in Care of Magical Creatures and you’re one of my only friends”

“You have friends” I said trying to encourage her “You get on with the girls in your dorm don’t you? You and Hailey seem really close”

“We are” said Abi “But I don’t have any guy friends except you. I really look forward to talking to you Ollie, you’re so interesting”

My ego is inflating SO MUCH right now

“Well that’s very nice of you to say” I replied with a smile “And to be honest I look forward to talking to you; it’s the only time I actually get any sane conversation time”. She laughed and played with her hair, it’s a shame she doesn’t realise how pretty she is

“Hey” she said suddenly “I know you’re bummed about Lily and you most likely have plans with your friends but I don’t have anyone to go to Hogsmeade with I was wondering if you-“

“I’d love to” I said stopping her as soon as I could, she’d said all that in one breath

“Hang on, hang on” said Hugo half-laughing that lunchtime as we all sat on the fields outside school, it was very sunny for early October “You agreed to go on a date with Abigail Clayton”

“Yes” I said for the fourth time since lunch began “She asked me and I agreed to go with her, she’s a nice girl and I like her”

“But she’s weird” added Ryan “And she stares at you. Like a lot”

“That’s because she fancies him” said Melissa “And she has done since first years, she fancies you like mad Ollie everyone knows”

“Why are you guys do down on this” I snapped “I agreed to go with her as a friend for one thing, she’s good company and I like spending time with her”

“We’re only teasing you mate” said Ben with a grin “I like Abi, she’s a nice girl. I think you’ll have a great time with her in Hogsmeade”

“Thank you” I said feeling a sense of warmth towards Ben

Aaaaah Ben, I love Ben

The group fell silent as a moody looking Scorpious Malfoy walked by with his two cronies; he looked depressed almost not a surprise considering what happened. No one is any the wiser as to who the girl he’s been seeing is but it is well known know that they’ve had a big row and most likely broken up, yet the girl still remained anonymous. It was getting on my nerves now to be honest I just wish whoever it was would come forward and identify themselves as Scorpious’s girlfriend. Lily looked up at Scorpious quickly and then looked back down having gone very red in the process

That was strange

She can’t be, she wouldn’t be. No way would my Lily with an utter moron like Scorpious Malfoy, she has standards, she has taste and she has a brain for merlins sake. She hates Malfoy and has done since he landed me in the hospital wing in third year when he hexed me for no apparent reason; she’s hated him ever since he bullied me all throughout fourth year after discovering some very private information about my father. Malfoy has made my life hell for years and she still chooses to go him of all people

I need confirmation on this, but judging by the way Lily had been with everyone lately it made perfect sense. She was Malfoy’s secret girl

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Escaping the Friend Zone: She's So Lovely


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