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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 10 : Funny notes.
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"Yes!" exclaimed James punching the air. He had just opened his brand new state of the art broom. "Thanks mum, thanks dad!"

It was christmas morning and everyone was sat in the Potter's living room watching people open their presents. All ended pretty well in Harry's mind, the children were back in time for christmas and everyone from 1995 was safely and properly obliviated.

All the children were more then happy to be back home, not only could they have their presents, but the wedding of Teddy and Victoire was only a week away and everyone was in high spirits. Teddy could not help but think of the parents he met then left but also knew that it would not do well to dwell on the past. After all, in their time they were dead.

Teddy's eyes wandered around the living room and they locked with Harry's. He gave him a knowing smile and then motioned with his head to follow him to the kitchen. Harry got up first, taking empty glasses with him as he went. Teddy rose from his seat next to Victoire, stretched and then followed Harry.

"What;s up Uncle Harry?" asked Teddy, smiling slightly.

"Nothing Ted, I just wanted to see how you are coping? Everyone else has of course settled back into home life with ease, but I can't help but notice that you don't seem okay..."

Teddy sighed and looked out of the window above the sink. There was a light layering of snow over the large garden and his mind wandered breifly to playing Quiddich later with James so he could use his new broom. "I'm not sad," said Teddy, coming back to the conversation. "It's just strange! I spent a week with the parents i've never known and it was one of the best weeks i've ever spent. I'll never forget it..."

"What is it then?" asked Harry quietly.

"I'll never forget it..." repeated Teddy, mumbling. "I'm just trying to decide whether it would be better if I did forget. My parents have no memory of ever meeting me, and I know that's how it should be because they are from the past, and I'm left with all this new greif."

Harry didn't say anything for a few moments. "I can make you forget if that is really what you want Teddy." He began quietly. "But I don't see that helping. You should think about the week you spent in the past and feel happy that you got to spend time with the parents you have always wished to meet. You now have loads of memories of them that are all yours, ones that Ginny or I could never give you with photographs. Remember them for the good times! It was before the war, before the stresses of the Wizarding World took over. They were happy."

Teddy smiled while he mulled over what Harry said. He thought about the time he spent with his parents. The conversations, the laughter...the hugs. "You're right Uncle Harry." He looked up and smiled. "You always know what to say. Thank you."

Harry smiled widely at his Godson and then embraced him. He tried to put all the fatherly feelings and emotions he has into the hug. Teddy hugged him tightly in return.

"Thank you for looking after me Uncle Harry." He whispered after a while into his shoulder. "You and Aunt Ginny have been fantastic, and I could not have asked for two better people for me to happily call my parents at my wedding."

Harry hugged Teddy even tighter. "You're welcome, son."

Meanwhile, though in a different time dimension. It was August 31st and Harry was packing his trunk ready for Hogwarts the next day. His fifth year, hopefully would be eventful. Even though he was a little annoyed he wasn't a prefect he was still excited for his return. Mrs Weasley had kindly gone out to collect his school books for him.

While digging through last years remenants in the bottom of his trunk, he came across a peice of newly folded parchment. Curious, he unfolded it to find five words in familiar writing written on it.


That was all, not name, no date. He shrugged and tucked it back into his trunk thinking nothing of it however the words replayed in his subconcious for a long time after that.

That was exactly what Harry Potter Sr wanted when he wrote it.

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Time-Travel Mishaps!: Funny notes.


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