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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 8 : Lost
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A/N: Hey everyone! Welcome to a massive chapter in this story! I really enjoyed writing this chapter and I hope you all enjoy reading it. This is a massive turn in the story, so ay attention! Thank you to all the people who read this story and thank you to the people who have been reviewing!

Enjoy :)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that to do with Harry Potter beside the story line and OC's, that all belongs to amazing J.K Rowling.



 I woke up on Saturday thinking that it was a plain old Saturday, until I saw Dom standing over me with a yogurt and a spoon.

“Get up you lazy ass!” she yelled.

“Whaaaaaaaaat? Why?” I asked.

“Because you have half an hour to be down at the pitch! I told James that I’d come and get you!” she shrieked, throwing a bra, undies and my Quidditch robes at me.

“Oh my god!” I yelled, throwing myself out of bed and taking all my belongings with me. I had the fastest shower possible, and tapped my hair with my wand to dry it. I changed quickly and then realised I was meant to be down there in five.

“HOLY MOTHER OF FUCKING MERLIN!” I yelled running out to Dom.

“Calm down!” she yelled. She did a light layer of make up while I tied my shoes, then we ran down the stair case at full pelt, me scoffing down a yoghurt and Dom holding my broom. We hopped out the portrait hole and kept running, Dom was slowing me down as she was in heels.

“Hurupyufkgslobith!”I yelled through a mouth full of yoghurt.

“WHAT?!” Dom yelled.

I swallowed my last yoghurt and threw the container on the floor.


“Right sorry!” Dom said, waddling along and giving me my broomstick.

“That’s it!” I shrieked, clapping my hands.

“What?” Dom asked.

“Hop on!” I yelled, as I swang my leg over the broom.

“Ok, but you better be a good flyer!” she said wrapping her arms around my waist. I kicked off, and then Dom and I were speeding through the Castle on a broomstick. I was pretty sure that there was a rule about riding broomsticks in the castle, and it wasn’t in my favour.


* * * * *


After I’d kindly dropped Dom off at the stands (yes I’d flown to the top of the stands and people had looked at me with awe) I raced down to the changing rooms red faced.


“Warming up,” I said casually, pushing past him to join the rest of the team.

He grabbed my arm, tight.

“Get off James,” I said sternly, looking him in the eyes.

“I thought something had happened to you! Do you know how worried I’ve been?” he asked.

“Well, it’s not your job to worry about me,” I said, shaking his hand off me and walking away.

“Hey,” I greeted, Albus, Freddie and Rose.

“Hey,” Rose said, smiling.

“Where were you at breakfast?” Albus asked, raising his eyebrow.

“I was going to come get you, but Dom went to check instead,” Freddie said, wrapping his arms around me, so I could bury my head into his chest.

“Uh, asleep,” I muttered.

“Tired, Mae?” Rose joked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I admitted, “I have been up late every night trying to keep up with my studies,”

“Or up with me,” Freddie grinned.

The whole team sniggered.  

“Come on, it’s time for the game to begin,” James said, marching out towards the entrance to the pitch with the team following.

“We can win this,” he said, as the door rose, “I know we can,”

We mounted our brooms and kicked off the ground, shooting into the sky.

The stands were full of people screaming and waving flags. Three quarters of the school roared as we entered and one quarter hissed. We flew as a team in a circle, before we got off our brooms and joined the Slytherin team in the centre. They all looked like they were going to try and defeat us with their eyes.

“I want a nice, clean game!” Madam Hooch, the old flying coach said.

James and the captain of the Slytherin team- Joe Flint- shook hands, and then we all mounted our brooms.

“One,” Madam Hooch began, unlocking the crate.

I looked around the team, they all had scrunched, serious faces, I scrunched up mine.


I looked around the crowds, I saw the bright red head of Dom, she was jumping up and down with a Gryffindor flag.

“THREE!” The Quaffle was released and we kicked off. Albus had grabbed the Quaffle and was zooming off towards the goals, with Rose following him, I quickly followed too. Before we knew it though, a bludger had been sent spinning towards Albus and the Quaffle was popped from under his arm to the waiting hands of a Slytherin Chaser, Belinda Cross. I sped after her as she went for goal, but then as she reached up to have a shot, Rose had plucked the ball out of her hand. I raced off just in front of Rose, but to the left. I could her a bludger whizzing our way as we got closer to goals, but Rose had heard it too and she passed it too Al. Al sped along and was so close to goal when another Slytherin chaser, Michael Roberts, bumped into him and the ball fell out of his grasp.

As the ball fell, time slowed and I saw Joe Flint speeding after it towards the ground. I quickly raced after him, his hand was almost around the Quaffle…

When a bludger hit the Quaffle and sailed into my arms. I gripped it tightly and sped towards goals. I threw my arm back and the Quaffle shot forwards… right into a goal.

Albus and Rose quickly flew past, giving me a high five each and we sped off to try and win the Quaffle back from the Slytherin’s.


* * * * *


The game was 90-80 and there still was no sight on the snitch by the frustrated look on James’ face. Albus had just received the Quaffle from me as I sped along the pitch right next to him. Belinda Cross quickly cut him off, but he had already thrown the Quaffle to Rose, who had scored a goal.

“GRYFFINDOR SCORES!” the commentator, Joanne Jordan yelled.

Belinda had received the Quaffle and was doing a fancy throwing thing with Joe. But Roxanne had sent a bludger their way, nipping Joe’s fingers. He shrieked in agony and he dropped the Quaffle. I chased after it and as I grabbed it, I saw a streak of red and gold fly by.

James had seen the snitch and was racing round the pitch with the Slytherin Seeker, Scorpius Malfoy, in tow.

I threw the Quaffle to Albus as I watched James fly. He was an amazing flyer.

Albus and Rose were exchanging passes when I caught up. I raced in front as they passed me the Quaffle and I threw it in.

Everyone screamed. We turned around to see James rolling along the ground. I gasped.

And everyone went silent.

We watched him stand up, looking slightly dazed before he grinned and held up a tiny, gold ball in his hands.


The whole of Gryffindor stood up and started screaming. I could see Dom screaming on a chair. Albus, Rose and I shared a hug in mid-air. I felt Freddie, Roxanne and Lachie join in, then finally James joined, clutching the struggling snitch.

We flew to the ground, arms around each-other’s shoulders in a team-ly way. Then Freddie kissed me. His lips grazed mine lightly before becoming more demanding. He nipped my lip and I groaned very quietly and his tongue darted in. My hand ran through his hair and his around my waist. We broke apart and grinned. Dom then came squealing.

“Oh my Merlin guys!” she hugged us, “You guys were both amazing! I can’t believe you didn’t try out earlier Mae!”

“Thanks,” we chanted back.

“Let’s go up to the castle then! Time to get ready to partaaaaaaay!” Dom yelled.

“OK,” I said, “I’ll see you there,” I winked a Freddie.

“Ok, bye,” he said running up to James.

As Dom and I ran up to the castle (then decided to fly) I made up my mind. I had decided on something that I had been figuring out since my conversation with Alessandria on Thursday, I was ready to do it with Freddie, tonight.


* * * *


I spent the rest of the day locked in the dorm with Dom, getting ready for the party. Dom actually forgot about lunch as she was so caught up in making herself and me flawless, that lunch was full on over and we had to go to the kitchens to get some food as there was nothing left in the Great Hall.

But as soon as we were back, Dom was focused again. Watching Miss Dominique Weasley get ready for a party was scary. She completely zoned herself out of everything, focusing on her looks. When Dom stuffed up something or couldn’t find something, she started screaming loud enough for the Slytherin’s in the dungeons to hear.

After showers full of lots of shampoos, conditioners, cleaners, exfoliates and potions, and hours of looking at myself in the mirror, Dom and I were up to the final stage, clothes.


“Oh my god Dom! Calm down!” I yelled at her, as I sorted through my wardrobe.

“I CAN’T AS I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” Dom yelled at me.

“Fucking hell Dom,” I strode over to her mess or clothes, “Wear this with this and these shoes,” I said handing her a gold sequined mini skirt, black long sleeve shirt that was see through and the gold heels she had worn on the first day of school.

“WHY?” she yelled.

I slapped her. “BECAUSE IT LOOKS GOOD! GET ON WITH IT DOM!” I roared.

She was suddenly focused.

“Oh, that’s great! Thanks Mae,” she replied, grabbing the clothes and slipping them on. Thank the lord, I was getting annoyed at her stressed out.

“What are you wearing?” she asked as she slipped her tiny hips in the skirt.

 “Not sure,” I muttered scanning my dresses.

Dom walked over, her heels clicking on the floor. She studied my dresses before pulling out one,

“This!” she said, shoving it in my arms.

I stared at the dress in my arms.  It was an electric blue strapless dress. It was made out of a shiny, clingy material. It had diamond shaped cuts in the side, so parts of my stomach were showing. It was one of my more slutty dresses.

“Really?” I asked her.

“Yes! You need something extra slutty to get Freddie in the mood with you,” Dom replied. I had told her about what I wanted to do with Freddie as soon as we had got up to the Castle and out of other peoples hearing range.

“He’s always in the mood,” I protested.

“If you want it to be amazing, get him in a better mood,” she said, matter-of-factly. 

I slipped on the dress, worried I looked too slutty, but pushed the thought from my mind when I realised the party started in twenty minutes. Dom did my hair and I did hers, Dom’s was out and in wave’s floating down her back, with a fairy braid and mine in a high bun. We added some extra make-up, retrieved shoes and looked at ourselves in the mirror.

Dom looked dead sexy in her see through shirt- I could already see boys throwing themselves at her. The sparkling gold in her skirt and shoes made her glow and her hair made her look like a princess.

My dress was showing off my tanned, flat stomach and my curves. There was enough cleavage showing from this dress too feed a small teenage boy army. My hair and make-up made me look elegant and my shoes were high and jet black.  

Dom smiled at me and grabbed my hand,

“Let’s go,”


* * * * *


As we walked along the seventh floor corridor towards the entrance of the Room of Requirement, excitement and nervousness pulsed through my veins.

“Hey, Dom? Didn’t it start at 7:30?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she muttered, trekking along the corridor.

“It’s 7:45,” I muttered.

“We are fashionably late,” Dom explained.


We kept walking for another minute till we were faced with a wall, Dom stopped and I almost crashed into her.

“Why?” I asked her, but she had already whispered something in my ear,

“Think about why you want to get in the party,” 

I wondered about what I should think about, Dom already had her eyes screwed up in concentration. I closed my eyes and thought the truth,

‘I need to get into the Room of Requirement so I can go to a party, sleep with my boyfriend and prove to myself that I’m not in love with James Potter.’

I felt myself sneer at the sound of James’ name and I was beginning to think at how much I hated him when then a rumbling interrupted my thoughts.

“Oh my god,” I whispered to Dom.

The wall had produced a small door that looked like it would lead to somewhere secret. Dom pranced forward with me at her side and she put her hand on the door knob.

“I look fine?” she asked.

“Yes, and how do I look?” I replied nervously.

“Amazing babe,” she smiled.

I grabbed my best friends hand and took a deep breathe just as she turned the door knob, opening the door.


* * * * *


Inside was a wide room that was in darkness, except for the dance lights and the lights at the bar. There was a dance floor with massive speakers off to the side and at the moment a song by, Harry and the Potter’s (great band but after the Wizarding War, bands came up with ridiculous names) which I think was called Resurrection. There were comfy looking couches along the sides and lots of free space. The bar on the side was servicing tons of drinks to teens looking forward to losing themselves in alcohol. Dom walked passed and grabbed a glass of Firewhiskey, but I decided not to, I wanted my first time to be with no form of alcohol in my body. There were doors that were along the side with a gold number on the front, just like at a Muggle motel.

 “This is amazing,” I said, studying everything.

“James has really done it this time,” Dom said in awe.

“I know I have,” a voice said behind us.

Behind Dom and I, was a massive bunch of girls and James. He had his arms around most of the giggling girls and was smiling.

“Like?” he asked.

“YES!” Dom shrieked, finishing her glass of Firewhiskey.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“Here Dom,” he handed Dom another glass of Firewhiskey, “I think it’s the best one yet,”

“I AGREE!” Dom yelled, greedily drinking the glass James gave her.

“Well, girls,” James said to his surrounding girls, “Who wants to go and dance?”

They all happily agreed and wandered towards the dance floor.

“Well James is back to himself,” I said to Dom.


“Stop yelling Dom! I’m right next to you!” I said.

“AM I YELLING?” she yelled at me, “OOPS!”

“YES!” I yelled back.


“Do you know where Freddie might be?” I asked, looking round for him.


“Ok, you going to come?”


“Yeah I know Dom, but are you coming?”


And then she was gone.


She had left me alone. Great best friend she is.

I decided to go off her advice anyway and look for Freddie in the spare rooms, they were evenly spaced along the sides. There were ten rooms and I didn’t know which one to check first, I might walk into a couple in a very compromising position. That would be so embarrassing.  So I decided to go of my lucky number, ‘4’.

I walked through the crowd who was now dancing to an old song by the Weird Sisters. There was a massive group in the middle of the dance floor, which I presumed was James and his group of giggling girls. As I approached the door of number four I quickly flattened my hair and smoothed out my dress. I was ready. I pressed my hand to the door knob and twisted it, walking inside.

I quickly studied the room, it was pretty plain, white walls, black carpet, one massive bed. This bed was inhabited by two people, naked and pressed together. When they heard my entrance they broke apart. I gasped.

The girl had dark hair and pale skin. She was skinny with her curves in the right places and she had blush spreading across her cheeks. I could have identified this girl from across the Entrance Hall. It was Alessandria.

Who I wasn’t expecting was the boy in the bed. I would have thought it would have been Nicolas a cute sixth year Ravenclaw, who we caught her flirting with on the first day of school. This boy wasn’t Nicolas. He was tall and was in seventh year. He had skin that wasn’t tanned but wasn’t pale and he had freckles. He was fit, with his stomach showing off a nice six pack. He had red hair.

Freddie Weasley.

I stopped breathing, and I just stood there stunned. I couldn’t believe it. Freddie was cheating on me with Alessandria. My boyfriend with one of my best friends. They both looked at me stunned, Alessandria covering her chest with the sheets, and Freddie slowly inching himself away from Alessandria.

I couldn’t move.

“Mae-” Freddie began, starting to stand up.

“No, I’m sorry I interrupted your love feast, I’ll just leave, enjoy your night,” I said, calmly at them. Then I turned on my heel and walked through the door, closing it behind me.

I could hear people stumbling through the closed door but I couldn’t think about anything. I wouldn’t let them ruin my night, even if that meant not losing my virginity. I would get drunk and throw myself at guys, preferably Nicolas. Hell, I’ll go find him now after I’ve found a drink.

Before leaving though, I got my wand out of my bag and conjured a sign. The sign read, ‘BUSY. DO NOT DISTURB,’ just like the ones on the Muggle motel doors. I placed it on the door and left, ready to lose myself.


* * * * *


What seems like hours later, I felt amazing.

After the fiasco in room four, which I had pushed from my mind, I had been having the best night ever.

My hair had somehow escaped my bun and was flying round my face, I had lost my shoes and I was carrying an almost emptied Firewhiskey bottle.

I had joined Dom who was with Ryan, Nicolas (hell to the yes) and Michael in the corner after finding Freddie. When I got there it had turned out Dom had gotten with Ryan as she was on his lap. She didn’t question when I came and sat down with them, my knees brushing flirtatiously against Nicolas’s and I was downing drink after drink. When I went to get another drink for the hundredth time, I just decided to grab two bottles from behind. Sure, the Firewhiskey burned my throat, but it made my memory disappear.

For the rest of the night, I think I hooked up with three guys, one of them Nicolas, and danced. I danced all night, just listening to the beat of the music and swaying. I threw my arms over my head and swayed my hips, also downing bottles of Firewhiskey which was my new best friend. 

As I pulled myself away from the dance floor and another guy, to the bar to help myself to another bottle of Firewhiskey, but I couldn’t find any. Angrily, I stomped round to the other side of the bar and didn’t notice that someone had spilt their drink on the ground. As I took a step I felt myself slip and glide onto the ground. My hip ached in pain as I pulled myself upwards, grabbing a bottle as I went. As I stood up, someone was waiting for me.

“Hey- hic- James!” I smiled.

“Hey Mae,” he smiled, “enjoying the party?”

“Oh yeah!” I smiled, taking the top off the bottle and tipping some more into my mouth.

“Mae, how much have you had to drink?” James asked worriedly.

“Only like- hic- two or- hic- three bottles,” I answered, big lie.

“That’s too much,” he said trying to take the bottle out of my hands.

“No!” I protested, I tried to keep the bottle in my hands, but in my drunken state I was extra clumsy. I somehow knocked us over and we slipped over in the Firewhiskey I had already fallen over in seconds before hand.

“OUCH!” James said as we fell in a heap.

“Sorry!” I said, massaging my sore hip as he stood up.

“Here,” he said, helping me up. I grasped his hands and rose off the ground. My head spun and my hip shot sparks of pain as put more and more pressure on it.

“Ow,” I muttered, putting my pressure onto my other leg.

“Let me,” James said, pointing his wand at my hip, “Episkey,”

“Thanks- hic- James!” I said, grinning at him, my head was still spinning.

“You’ve had way too much to drink Mae,” he said.

“No I – hic­- haven’t!” I replied. I decided to leave him then, the bastard he was, I should just be trying to avoid him again so I stuck my nose in the air and walked away. But instead, my ankle buckled underneath me and hit the floor again. I wasn’t falling over a lot tonight, especially in the past couple of minutes. Maybe I should just stay on the floor.

Suddenly, strong arms were lifting up off the floor and away from the loudness of the thumping music and the bright lights. I peeked out of my eyes to see James carrying me in his arms. Stupid James. It’s true that I had imagined this, James carrying me in his arms, but not like this, drunk and lost.

“What’s going on?” I managed to say.

“I’m taking you somewhere quiet and away from everything,” James explained simply.

“No,” I tried to break away from him, but I struggled against his grip, it was too quiet here. It left me along in my thoughts, not good.

“Yes,” he said, settling me down on a couch, far away from everything.

“But I want to go back to the party!” I muttered, getting up.

“No! Mae, you’re staying with me,” he shouted, pulling me back down.

I grumbled.

“Why don’t you want to stay?” he asked.

I stayed silent and thought about his question. I didn’t want to be in silence, I need to forget what had happened in room four.  James was studying my expression, looking extremely worried. Suddenly, massive, loud sobs erupted from inside my body, taking control. I felt tears leak from my eyes and I hunched over. I felt James’s arms take encircle me and I tucked my legs underneath me, resting my head on his chest.

“Mae, what’s wrong?” he asked, holding me tighter.

“I-I cau-caught Freddie – hic- cheating on m-me,” I cried.

Why did it happen to me? I had really, really liked Freddie. I mean for Merlin’s sake, I had been ready to sleep with him.

“With who?” he whispered.

“Ale-Alessandria!” I cried.

James stiffened around me and pulled me in closer.

“It’s ok Mae, is that why you were getting yourself drunk?” he asked.

I nodded.

“It’s ok, next time just come and talk to me,” he said.

“I thought – hic- we weren’t – hic- friends,” I wailed.

“Of course we are,” James said.

I cried more, with James’s arms holding me and not letting me go. I felt protected, like I’d never be hurt. I knew I was safe with James. I snuggled in closer, not wanting to let go. James smelt good too, like peppermint and the fresh winter’s wind, perfection.

After a while my crying slowly came to just a sniffle and a hiccup.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Like crap,” I replied.

“Don’t worry, do you want to leave?” he asked.

“No, it’s ok, I’m all good for the party,” I said. I broke away from James and swiped my bottle from its resting position from the ground. Ah, my best friend.

I took a swig and decided to stand up, I wanted to go loose myself in the music.

“Thank you James,” I said, helping him up.

“It’s really fine,” he said. I took another swig of my drink, making him wince.

“Is the Firewhiskey really needed?” he asked.

“Yep,” I replied, taking another deliberate swig in front of him.

“Fine, but where are your shoes?” he asked, gazing at my bare feet.

“I have no idea, but I’ll eventually find the again,” I said, sipping my drink, ah I love Firewhiskey.

“I’ll keep an eye out for them, what are they like?”

“High, and jet black,” I replied as we reached the dance floor.

“Ok,” he replied. I poured more Firewhiskey down my burning throat, but what I didn’t realise, was that my world was already spinning. I walked towards Dom’s figure and I began to dance again. I was in the rhythm, dance, sing, drink. Nothing could take me away from this.

Except for one thing, the approaching Freddie Weasley.

I shrieked and stumbled backwards through the crowd. I couldn’t talk to him. Memories shot through my mind, Freddie and Alessandria naked and kissing in bed. I drowned it with more Firewhiskey. I could hear my name being called behind me as I pushed myself through the crowd, with my stumbling legs, threatening to collapse. I pushed myself on, and I spurted out of the dancing crowd. I could still hear Freddie’s voice calling me, so I ran onwards. My legs were acting like they had been hit with a bad jelly-legs jinx, which I could only hope they hadn’t. I quickly ran faster as I could hear him getting louder. I reached the bar and I gulped down more Firewhiskey to cure my thirst. I decided quickly to hide behind the bar and hope to Merlin that he would run past and not notice my scared figure. As I rounded the corner, I felt myself slip, I had slipped in that fucking split drink for the third time tonight. Though this time, I knew I was falling to quick. I hit the ground hard and hit my head. After I crack of pain in my skull, I blacked out.


* * * * *


It was dark, to dark, in fact it was black. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear.

“What happened?” a voice asked, Dom.

“She slipped in split drink,” another voice said and Merlin save me, it was Freddie.

“Again?” the next voice said, James.

“What?” Dom asked.

“She slipped over in the same spot twice before,” he replied.

“When?” Freddie asked, I felt someone brush my hair and I was one hundred per cent sure it was Freddie. Ew, he touched Alessandria’s naked body with that. I tried to lift my arm up and slap it away, but my arm felt too heavy.

“About half an hour before this, but why did she slip now?” James asked.

“I don’t know, it was Freddie who found her,” Dom explained.

“She was getting away from, erm, me,” Freddie muttered.

“Why in Merlin’s pants would she be trying to get away from you?” Dom asked.

“Because I needed to talk to her about something,” Freddie said.

“Why would you do that when’s she is this drunk?” James asked.

“You know?” he asked.

“She told me,” James replied.

“Oh,” Freddie mumbled.

“What have I missed out on here?” Dom asked.

“Mae found me tonight, in a, um,” Freddie began.

“She walked in on him cheating on her with Alessandria,” James finished.

“WHAT?!” Dom yelled.

“Yeah,” Freddie whispered.

I heard the sound of a hand slap someone’s bare skin.

“Ouch! What the fuck Dom?” Freddie shrieked. I love Dom, I really do. I felt myself try to smile.

“How could you?” Dom yelled to him.

“It was a spur of the moment!” Freddie protested.

“Bullshit!” Dom yelled. I heard a slap again, I’m really going to have to thank Dom.

“Fine! I have been seeing Allie for the past month!” Freddie screamed at her.  That was something new.

“Allie? Allie?! You absolute dick! She really liked you Freddie!” Dom yelled.

“The relationship was going nowhere!” Freddie yelled.

“She must have thought it was as she was telling me that she wanted to have sex with you tonight!” Dom yelled.

Everyone went silent. Thanks Dom.

“Wha- really?” he asked.

“Yes, really,” Dom spat.

“Oh, shit,” Freddie said.

“It’s a bit bigger than ‘shit’ Fred, she’s out unconscious because of you,” James said.

“Well, I thought she liked you James!” he yelled.

Is he serious? I hate James Potter. Well did until he helped me tonight.

“Are you serious? James and her haven’t talked in months!” Dom yelled. !

“Oh my god, I have really screwed this up,” Freddie muttered.

Yeah you have Fred, I mean, it will be a wonder if I ever talk to you again. I shifted my position.

“Look, she just moved!” Dom squealed.

“Good, I might take her back to her room so she can rest and calm down,” Freddie said.

Is he serious?!

“Freddie, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” James muttered.


“I mean, if she sees you that close to her, she might freak and run again,” James explained. Like hell I will, I’d run like the Death Eaters after Harry Potter defeated Voldemort.

“Oh, right,” he mumbled.

“Dom and you can’t carry her,” James said.

“Why?” Dom asked.

“She’s a bit heavy for you to carry,” he explained.

Was he calling me fat?

“Are you calling her fat?” she asked, shocked.

“No! I’m calling you weak,” he said simply.

“Oh, well, yeah,” Dom said.

“I’ll take her, you two stay here and I’ll be back soon,” James explained.

I felt myself get lifted up, and I knew I was in James’s arms again. Safe and sound. I tried to open my eyes but I they were too heavy, so I snuggled in closer to his arms as I waited for the blackness around me to lift.  


* * * * *


When I heard James’s mutter ‘Bezor,’ I knew we must have reached the portrait of the Fat Lady. My eyes weren’t heavy anymore and I could open them. When I opened them, I could see James looking down at me.

“Hey, hey Little Miss Clumsy,” he greeted.

“Hi,” I muttered.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m…” How the hell was I feeling? I had James talking to me for the first time in months, Freddie was cheating on me and Dom probably going psycho in the party.

“I’m ok,” I finished.

“You’ll probably feel worse in the morning,” James admitted.

“I know,” I muttered into his arm.

We reached my dorm room and I was happily ready to fall asleep in my bed, when James set me down. This room felt wrong, different from mine. That’s when I figured out I was in the boys room.

“James, this is your dorm room, not mine!” I said, from the bed.

“It is,” James said.

“Why are we here?” I asked.

“Because I can’t get up the girls stair case,” James explained.

“I can!” I cried, “I may be drunk, but I can still walk!”

“No you can’t”

“Yes I can!”



I try to sit up but my head exploded and I winced.

“Oh my god, ow!” I whispered.

“It’s ok, just lie down,” James purrs.

I lay down and shifted into a conformable position on my side, staring at him.

“Fine, I’ll stay here till Dom comes to get me,”

“She will come get you in the morning,” James smiled.

“Thank you James,” I said, yawning.

“It’s really ok Mae, I’d help you anytime,” James sighed, “Just go to sleep,”

I closed my eyes and started to drift into a sleep, before I fell asleep I thought I heard James say something, but I was already unconscious. 



A/N: *hides behind computer* PLEASE DONT HATE ME! Please! I'm so so so sorry that I had to do that to Freddie and Mae! It was the best idea that came to me and I am so sorry it had to be that way. Mae never thought that it would happen to her and will be in shock - next chapter! 

Anyways, I'm currently writing the start to a Sirius/ OC as well as this (don't worry I wont forget about this!) but I cant post it yet as I don't have a title! HELP! It's about hate, love (falling for the wrong person) and it will have Lily/ James, Remus/OC. 

Here is the start of the introduction as a special treat,
Sun shone through the dorm, spreading over my half naked figure. I could feel a strong arm around my waist and my back was pressed into his chest. We fit together lie pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

Now that we had decided to come out as a couple, I knew the female population of Hogwarts would simply hate me for being with him. It’s not my fault he had fallen for me or that I had fallen for him. As my friends said, ‘we were just meant to be.’

I snuggled in closer to his strong hold and felt him stir, I didn’t mean to wake him up. I felt his hard chest press against my back, and his chin fit into the crook of my neck.

What do you guys think of the tiny snipet? Please tell me or I might not pursue it!! 

The next chapter is called Nowhere and will be up soon. 

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