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Two Different Worlds by AshleyElizabethxXx
Chapter 1 : World 1 and World 2
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Warning: Chapters rotate point of views mainly between the two main characters (I’ll tell you when)


                                                                “World 1”

                Al and Ashley. Ashley and Al. You can’t have one without the other; you couldn’t if you wanted to. Albus Severus Potter a tall, messy black haired, green eyed bloke is never seen without his best friend, Ashley Sophia Patterson. Ashley is an average height girl, with long dark blonde, curly hair, and blue-grey eyes. “We’re a package deal,” they’d say when someone took notice that they are attached at the hip and strangely have almost everything in common. Both, upon being placed into Slytherin in their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry also befriended a blonde boy by the name of Scorpious Malfoy.

                 Although the three of them had grown close in their first year at school, they grew substantially closer when tragedy struck Ashley’s family a week after winter break in their second year. Both of her parents being seriously injured in a horrible fire, soon took their last breaths with their only daughter at their sides in St. Mungo’s Hospital. From that moment on Ashley spent most of her break time going back and forth for the Malfoy Manor and the Potter house, being that her grandparent’s house was much less entertaining and all other family lived out of the country.

                 The occurrence of Ashley’s parent’s deaths had turned what was the happiest, bubbliest girl you’d ever meet into a true Slytherin. “She hasn’t been the same since.” A few distant friends would say when she left the room. And what they said was true, the girl had not been the same. She looked on at the world as a horrible place, only those very close to her would be fortunate enough to see “the old Ashley” come out. Ashley feels as though that if her parents had to suffer everyone else (with a few exceptions) should as well. This is her excuse for being rude to some people and having a short patience and bed temper, which only her best friend can seem to control…


                                                               “World 2”

                 We have another girl who’s got her own group of friends and is in another house. Natalia Luther is your average Gryffindor girl. Her eyes a dark shade of brown and her hair dark brunette. Natalia’s frame is small and her face a bit mousey. Unlike her rowdy group of friends Ms. Luther is rather quiet. While she has a main group of friends she also floats around to other people, “I’m quiet, not shy.” One day she could be with her out going best friend Katherine and another Rose Weasley and her friends or more like cousins.

                 Natalia’s father is a half-blood wizard and her mother, a muggle. Gryffindor is also the house of her younger brother, Tony, whom is in his 3rd year at Hogwarts. Nothing major ever seems to happen around Natalia. Given that, the past 5 years at Hogwarts have been quite uneventful. Now she goes into her 6th year at the wizarding school as a perfect.

                   As far as she’s concerned, Natalia Luther’s love life has been no romantic novel. Unless being claimed as Sean Finnigan’s snogging buddy for a month in the winter of 5th year is what you’d call ‘romance novel worthy’. Because of this unfortunate absents Natalia wastes most of her free time caught up in day dreams of noble princes or nosing around in her friend’s boy drama. Natalia often has flings for boys, but they pass by quickly and a new boy would come into picture. “She’s boy crazy!” Her friends would cry, whenever she revealed that her crush had changed once again…


                    So, as you see we have to very different girls who live in two different worlds. How they’re stories unfold is a mystery. How they relate to one in other is something you’ll just have to wait to find out. For now I’ll give you this the tale, has a twist.  

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