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Is Blood Always Thicker Than Water? by WildStone122
Chapter 10 : The Small Leather Book
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"So....." Neville said awkwardly at the breakfast table. Harry and Ron were sat on his right whilst Blaise sat on his left who had been joined by Ginny. Hermione and Draco sat opposite the awkward row and as hard as he was trying Draco couldn't help but laugh before turning it into a cough. As much as he disliked Potter, the Weaslette cheating on him was harsh but he was laughing more at the awkwardness of the situation and the look of fear on Blaise's face as Hermione sent him death glares. "What's everybody in next then?" Harry mumbled something as he pushed the cereal around his bowl whilst nobody else spoke. The next few days were not going to be fun.

"How are you feeling about this morning then?" Hermione grinned from the seat next to him before embarrassment overcame her. “I mean about double Genealogy with Miss McGonagall and your training....not...emm this morning as in before breakfast," she rushed and a fierce blush rose to her cheeks. Draco smirked remembering the morning.



A door slammed amongst the chirping of birds which alerted Draco that it was morning. He looking around him with squinted eyes, a fire burned softly in front of him, there were two desks scattered with books one of which was Romeo and Juliet and the room smelled floral as well as fruity. Where was he? He went rigid before coming to his senses, the heads common room. Neville's door was wide open so it must have been him that left the room. Draco yawned and opened his eyes fully and that's when he became aware of the sleeping body next to him. She sat sideways next to him with her legs over his own, practically sat on his lap. Her head rested gently on his shoulder whilst her pale hand gripped his t shirt lightly. His arm was around her waist whilst the other one rested on the back of her neck. How had he slept so well in such an awkward position? Hermione's fragile body was relaxed in his arms; he took the opportunity to trace his fingers over her stomach. Her ribs were not as proclaimed anymore but he could still feel them more than he should be able to. She had been eating the food he gave her without a fight anymore so she was slowly putting on more weight. He slid his hand over her hips and was surprised that her hip bone did not protrude anymore. He ran his hand up over her arms which were still relatively thin and up over her shoulders. His fingers dipped into the space behind her collarbone and she stirred but did not wake. He cautiously traced the scars peeking through the top of her t shirt, she had so many wounds. The pad of his thumb drifted over her cheek as he pushed the hair from her face. He trailed his eyes from her chin over her full lips, past the few freckles dotting her cheek and finally to her eyes which had flown open and were staring at him in shock. She screamed as she saw his face and rolled off the sofa and onto the floor. He smirked as she looked around in confusion.

"Good morning to you too," he chuckled and pulled the blanket from around her as it began to get twisted.

"Ohm...m-morning," she stuttered. She was obviously embarrassed over the situation which Draco surprisingly thought was quite adorable. When she still couldn't string together a full sentence Draco left the room to get ready, smiling to himself.



"Well I'm quite nervous about the training but excited as well," he smiled " And as for before breakfast, it was pleasant," he said oddly, testing out the word in the sentence.

"Pleasant?" she raised an eyebrow.

" uh...sort of....helped," he mumbled, now it was his turn to become embarrassed.

"What do you mean it helped? Staring at me helped you?" she joked.

"No I mean, sleeping with you- next to me that is, it stopped me having nightmares," he sighed.

"It's probably just a coincidence,"

"No, I have nightmares every night without a fail and last night I didn't have any," he said without a doubt.

"Oh, we'll I'm glad I was of help," she smiled timidly.

Harry's attention drifted away from Draco and Hermione and back to Ginny. She looked as beautiful as always today. Her red hair was pulled back in a messy pony tail but it still looked perfect to him. Her eyes caught the sunlight and he noticed the different shades circling her pupil. She didn't notice him staring at her; it seemed she only had eyes from Blaise. The way she smiled nervously but still with excitement. The way her eyes lit up as he looked at her. The way she hung on his every word. The way....the way she used to look at him. Harry watched Blaise’s arm slide around her waist and pull her closer. He couldn't stand being in their company for any longer. Harry rose from his seat suddenly, causing the table to watch him as he walked out of the great hall quickly. Ron began to rise from his seat to follow him but Hermione made him stay put, telling him to give him some time to think. Whilst this happened Ginny sat staring after Harry, what had he done to deserve this from her? What had she done?

Harry kicked the empty bucket in the corridor in frustration before he leant his forehead against the cold stone wall and banged his fists against it. He didn't know how long he had stood there, releasing his frustration with a mixture of wall hitting and held back tears. As his breathing began to steady he became aware of somebody’s presence next to him.

"It hurts doesn't it?" she whispered and gazed out of the nearby window and up into the sky. He simply nodded.

"His name was Michael. He was a French wizard on an exchange with a British family for three years. He moved in to the pure blood family’s home on the estate next to mine. They were a lovely family and often invited us round. Anyway it was the evening of the families Summer Ball when I met Michael for the first time. He was perfect, everything I could have wished for. Before the evening was over he had asked me to dance several times and asked me to dinner the following week. That's how it started, wonderful trips and romantic dinners. We had so much in common; I even went as far to think that he was my soul mate. We had been together for a year when I started noticing changes. He didn't ask me to dinner as often, he didn't compliment me as much and he rarely kissed me and if he did it seemed forced as if he didn't want to. Long story short, I followed him one day and found myself outside the restaurant that we had our first date in. Opposite him sat a beautiful blonde girl she must have been part Veela. I stood watching them for the majority of the evening and then at the end they kissed and got into a car together," she sighed.

"How did you feel?" Harry asked, turning his face to look at her as she watched the first years practising to fly a broomstick.

"Broken, numb, distraught. A whole year of my life and it ended with him cheating on me. It felt as if my heart had been ripped out of my body and all that was left was a cold and empty hole,"

"How did you get over it?"

"I don't think I ever did, I don't love him or anything but I'll never forget how he made me feel. The next day I went round to the house and it was him that greeted me with a smile as if he was the happiest man on earth to be with me. And do you know what I did?" she asked with a smirk, Harry shook his head with curiosity. "I punched him square in the face and I have never felt so good in my life," she grinned as Harry began to shake with silently laughter.

"You actually p-punched him?" he breathed out as the laughter left his body. She nodded.

“Well good on you, but I don't think I could punch Ginny," he smiled sadly.

"I know, I just wanted you to know that I've been through what you're going through and I know how it feels," Pansy smiled comfortingly before walking away.

Hermione sat hunched over the desk that had been placed in the headmistress office. Draco sat opposite in the same position, his head down, scanning the book that lay in front of him.  He watched Hermione lick her thumb and turn the page of the book in front of her. She was scanning through Malfoy family trees whilst Draco read the Malfoy inheritance book, he had taken to calling it the book of doubt purely because he had never witnessed elemental powers and it began to sound like a fantasy story as he traced the coloured pictures with his fingertips. It wasn't that he didn't want to read it, it truly was fascinating but he was forever getting distracted every time Hermione would sigh and change her position. He watched her chew the end of her feather before she began to jot down things on the large parchment that had been provided for the Malfoy Family tree. Since the class had begun she had already added several new ancestors. Draco watched her tuck a stray curl behind her ear but no matter how hard she tried it would just keep falling back into her face. He smiled to himself and her look of concentration before turning back to read the book.

Temperature Changes

One of the beginning stages of controlling your Fire Elemental Power is the ability to increase the temperature in the room or area you are in. First you must sit still and face one palm down, preferably your dominant writing hand. Face the palm of your other hand upwards beside the first hand. Close your eyes and imagine the presence of the air around you. Now picture flames and imagine that the heat of the flames is engulfing you. With the hand with the palm facing upwards slowly raise it whilst imagining the heat. You will not notice any difference as a Fire Element but others around you will.


Draco glanced over at Hermione whose nose was nearly at the table as she scrawled frantically on the parchment. He stood the book up so that she could not see his hands and closed his eyes. With his right palm facing down and his left palm facing upwards he focused on the fireplace in his bedroom at the Manor. He focused on the warmth it spread around his room whilst the rest of the Manor was cold. Slowly and evenly he began to raise his left hand until it reached the top of the book that he was hiding behind. He didn’t feel any different and he couldn’t see anything different until he peered over the book. Hermione was removing her cloak and rolling up the sleeves of her shirt. She swept the hair out of her face and he noticed her cheeks were flushed. Grinning to himself he repeated the process a little more. Hermione had begun fanning herself with a book whilst she wrote with her other hand, the warmth evident on her face.  She let out a loud sigh and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt and removed her tie. She scraped her hair back into a messy pony tail and tried to return to her work. Draco could see the pale flesh around her collar bone and the top of her chest. He noticed more and more scars the further down her chest his eyes went. Everybody had scars from the war but the amount Hermione had made him wander what she had been through during it all. Raising the temperature seemed to be playing to his advantage as Hermione unbuttoned another button. He smirked, this could come in handy. He was about to raise his hand again when Miss McGonagall walked into the room and was hit by the heat.

“MR MALFOY! I told you not to start until I was with you! Now bring the temperature back down at once!” Hermione glared at him, realising it was him that had changed the temperature and began to button up her shirt and put on her cloak again as he read the book and returned the room to its original temperature. “Miss Granger, I am taking Mr Malfoy to meet somebody you may stay here and work on your own family tree or continue the Slytherin work,” she smiled and hurried Draco along and out of the room.

Hermione laughed to herself at the face Draco made as the headmistress dragged him out of the room. She returned to the countless books in front of her and flipped through the pages until she found something interesting to read. The pages were yellowing with age and the leather was battered on the book she held in her hand. It had been in one of the old boxes in the storage of the library. Hermione didn’t know how long the books had been down there but the old and musty smell actually pulled Hermione in. The book had no title and no author and wasn’t at all a large book in fact it looked nearly small enough to fit in a robe pocket. The first quarter of the book was empty but then she reached a page with one single word.




She cautiously turned the page, worried about what she might read but instead there were four blood stains each labelled, pureblood, half-blood, muggleborn and muggle. All stains looked identical but underneath were what appeared to be scientific recordings; blood type, viscosity, magical ability. Somebody had clearly been interested in muggleborns and how they came around. She turned the page and was this time face with sketches of muggles with several points marked for where a needle had injected magical blood into their bloodstream.  It seemed as if this person had been trying to create a witch or wizard, but surely that wasn’t possible. Hermione read through the rest of the pages, there was not many but each page contained different experiments, methods, theories and results until she came to the last page. The conclusion.


I have finalised my method, and therefore my plan. I have created a scientific method of transferring my own blood and magic through a muggle so that their child will have my magical abilities and my blood so in terms of blood I will be their grandfather. The child will never know this. I plan to adopt a muggle child and use the method on them they will not develop any magical abilities but when they have a child of their own, that child will be thought of as a muggleborn. But on the contrary, they will be related to me by blood. Nobody will know who I am, nobody will know the muggle child and nobody will know the magical grandchild.

Draco walked beside Miss McGonagall in silence until they came to an old and unused classroom. With a flick of her wand the headmistress eliminated the dust, lightened the room and cleaned every spot and transfigured the furniture to suit a living room. Sat on the back of the new sofa was a tall pale, blond woman in a light blue dress. Her hair fell just above her belly button in soft ringlets and her blue eyes pierced Draco’s.

“Mr Malfoy, this is Genevieve Laurel, she is the transfiguration professor at Beauxbatons,”

“A pleasure,” Draco bowed and went to kiss her hand like so many French did, but noticed the thin diamond band on her ring finger and stood up instead. “And what do I owe this visit to?” he asked.

“You are zee elemental yes?” she asked in a soft and delicate French accent.

“I am,” he nodded.

“Mrs Laurel is one of the few recorded elementals in Europe and has offered to help you with your learning,” Miss McGonagall smiled.

“We are both fire, I can teach you a great deal, Mr Malfoy,” she smiled.

“You will begin your teaching tomorrow, but I wanted to introduce you before then. Now we need to get back and help Miss Granger clear away the books,” Draco nodded politely and left the room. As they walked down the corridors Draco noticed Ron and Luna sitting together.


“I can’t believe you’re related to the very first Chudley Cannons Keeper!” Ron exclaimed.

“It’s quite extraordinary, isn’t it?” Luna smiled at him. “I do love watching the Chudley Cannons”

“Really?! You like going to Quidditch games?”

“Oh yes, my father and I quite regularly go to their matches, although he can’t make tomorrow evenings one sadly,”

“You can’t turn that down!” Ron grabbed her arm

“Would you like to accompany me Ronald?” she smiled sweetly.

“YES!” he shouted “I mean...uh...that would be nice I guess,” he rubbed his neck as his cheeks turned deep red. He stared at her blond hair shining in the sunlight and her dreamy eyes bore into his. He smiled and stood up suddenly.


Hermione sat with her feet up on the chair, staring at the book. Somebody had created a muggleborn witch or wizard that could be anyone. For all she knew her unknown grandfather could be a wizard that knew this method. She scanned the leather binding for some lettering, anything that would suggest who wrote it and when, but she had no such luck. Professor Dumbledore’s portrait was empty and there was no way in hell she would dare speak to Professor Snape. She picked the book up again as Draco and Professor McGonagall returned.  They both stared at her bank expression before Draco asked what was wrong. She simply handed the headmistress the book who read over it as Draco peered over her shoulder. Professor McGonagall sat down by her desk and folded her hands in front of her.

“Miss Granger, this is not information anybody should know. If certain people knew that you had read this informat-

“I’m sorry Minerva but this is a sad and urgent matter,” said the booming voice of Minister Shacklebolt as he stormed into the office with and three Aurors and a man that Hermione did not recognise. “This is the Australian Minister of Magic,”

“What’s happened?!” Hermione became worried.

“Miss Granger, please take a seat and allow me to explain,” The Australian Minister told her. She sat down slowly next to Draco who looked just as worried. “For the past two weeks our Aurors have reported that somebody has been watching your parents. A young man, rather scruffy looking and always dressed in black robes. He constantly stood outside your parents’ house and often followed them when they went out. It is our belief that whoever this was, was trying to affect you Miss Granger. They were worried that you would find out something and that this may be some form of threat,”

“Tell me what has happened!” Hermione said through gritted teeth.

“Hermione, I’m terribly sorry. At two thirty this morning the shields around your parents’ house were broken and inside your parents were killed. There was no sign of struggle but also no injury’s confirming our thoughts that they were killed by this wizard,” Kingsley said softly, placing his hand on her shoulder. Hermione didn’t say anything, she didn’t do anything, she just sat there. She had cried often before and she had felt alone but now she literally had no one, no family, nobody to go home to one day and now for once she had no tears.

“I know this must be difficult Miss Granger but is there anything you may have discovered that could cause a problem to anybody?” the Australian Minister asked. Hermione’s eyes slowly strayed from the Minister’s to the small book lying on the table in front of her. This could be only the beginning




First of all a big thank you to FallenAmaranth @ TDA for creating my banner for this story :) I do apologise that chapters aren't going up as quickly but I am in my most difficult year at school at the moment and have a lot of work! I am trying my hardest to update reguarly ! Also I thought I would share with you all my excitement! I purchased my ticket for LeakyCon London 2013 on September 1st! I'm so excited for the event! I hope you all enjoyed this chapter.


Thank you for reading



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