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Finding the Future by marauder lady
Chapter 19 : Early Morning
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 It pretty much belongs to JKR


Chapter 19


The following morning, Allegra woke early and, after 10 minutes of trying to go back to sleep, decided to take her book downstairs, make herself a cup of tea and curl up under a blanket on the sofa by the fire in the kitchen.  When she got downstairs, however, she saw her mother had had the same idea.


“Morning Sweetheart.  You’re up early.”


“Couldn’t get back to sleep.  You’re early too.”  Terese yawned.


“Same.  There’s some tea in the pot if you want some.”


“Thanks.” She took down her favourite giant pink mug and poured herself a cup.  She curled up under the blanket at the other end of the sofa. 


“So you and Teddy are talking again now?” Terese asked her daughter.


“Yeah, as long as Victoire doesn’t kick off.  I’m prepared to play nice.”


“I’m proud of you sweetheart.”  Terese reached over and stroked her baby’s hair.  Allegra shrugged.


“I’ve missed him.  Even though I’ve got Renee and Dan, Teddy’s… Teddy!”


“How is Renee doing?”


“She’s ok.  I think she’s really chuffed to have her own room here now.  It makes her feel more secure.”


“Good. I’m glad.  I’m so pleased you two are friends.”


“It’s nice to have a girlfriend really.  I mean, you always had Auntie Lily and Tonks.  Cesca has Rales and Ginny. It’s nice.”


“I’m glad sweetheart.  I do worry about you, you know.”


“You don’t have to mum.  I’m fine.”


“It’s all part of being a mother.  You’ll see one day.”


“Not for a while!”  Allegra exclaimed.


“I think your Dad would be relieved to hear that.” Terese grinned.


“He did behave himself yesterday didn’t he?  With Dan.”


“He did.  He was under strict instructions from me and Auntie Lily.”




“Of course.  I didn’t want you embarrassed.”


“I don’t think Dan would’ve minded.  He’s pretty laid back.”


“He seems it.  It was him Teddy got to keep an eye on you when he graduated wasn’t it?”


“Yeah.  Like I need babysitting”


“He seems a nice boy anyway.”


“He is.  I like him” Allegra said, a smile playing on her mouth.


“Allegra, sweetheart…” Terese began, somewhat awkwardly. 


“Yes, Mum?”  She replied, knowing where her mother was going.


“I can’t believe I’m having this conversation so early in the morning… Ok, Allegra.  You know, even if you like Dan, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to…”


“Mum!  I know.  I’m not stupid.”


“I know you’re not darling.  I just wanted to say it to you.  I did with Cesca as well.  Lily did with Aurelia…”


“Look Mum.  I know I don’t have to jump into bed with him unless I want to… and I’m not planning to.”


“When did you become so sensible?” Terese teased her daughter.


“My baby that used to smear her dad with my make up when he was asleep!”  Allegra laughed.


“I only did that once!”


“I know sweetheart.”


“Uncle Jimmy told me you used to do stuff like that when you were little!”


“Remind me to have a word with my darling cousin when I see him!” Terese rolled her eyes.  “Git.  He wasn’t exactly sweet and innocent.  Maybe one day he’ll tell you the story of the pink sparkly dressing gown.”


“I’ll ask him later!”


“He probably won’t tell you, cheeky so and so that he is!”


“You love him really mum”


“For my sins.  I do yes.”  She was silent for a minute as she reflected.  “Allegra sweetheart, what happened in Italy, it hasn’t happened again has it?”  Allegra shook her head.


“No.  Not yet.  I guess I haven’t been anywhere where…”  Her voice trailed off.  Terese pulled her daughter to her and hugged her tightly.


“Good.  I never wanted any of you to see anything like that.”


“You’d keep us all wrapped in cotton wool if you could!”


“I would sweetheart. Pity I can’t really” She laughed.


“What are you going to be like when Steven gets married?”


“I’ll be fine.  I don’t know what everyone keeps going on about.”


“Mum! I remember you crying all day at his 17th!”


“I know, I know.  There’s nothing wrong with being a bit emotional.  That reminds me, we should try and make sure they don’t let Auntie Lily try and help.”




“Don’t you remember Francesca’s wedding?”


“I was, what? Three?”


“Well she got carried away and she and I got into a screaming fight.  It was horrible.”


“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you two argue.”


“That’s one of the few time we have.  She did accidentally get drunk when we went for a wine tasting though.  That was funny.”


“How did she get accidentally get drunk?”


“Your dad switched the bottles.  She thought she was drinking grape juice.  We had to ring Uncle Jimmy to pick her up and apparently she was driving him made all night!”  Allegra burst out laughing.


“Thank you, I’ll be here all week!” Sirius said, taking a bow then ambling into the kitchen, giving his wife and youngest daughter a kiss on the top of the head.  “You two are up early.”


“Couldn’t get back to sleep.”  Terese told him.


“Any tea made?”


“I finished it Dad.”


“Trouble!” Sirius grinned at his youngest daughter.  She was so like her mother it was almost uncanny.  They looked like bookends curled up at either end of the sofa.


“Can you put some toast on while you’re making more?”  Allegra asked, giving her father the wide-eyed look that he himself had perfected to get round his wife.  Sirius ruffled his daughter’s hair.  She scowled.




Sirius grinned to himself.  He was proud of his youngest daughter, especially the way she had made up with Teddy.  He hoped, for everybody’s piece of mind, that it lasted.



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