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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 12 : The Book and the Train
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Chapter 12

Kristen stuck her hand out the window and waved at her parents. When the train pulled away from the platform, she walked down the aisle, trying to find the compartment where her friends were. By one of the compartments, she saw several kids purchasing candy from the Trolley Lady. That was when it hit Kristen that this was the last time she’d be riding the Hogwarts Express to start a new year at Hogwarts.

She was interrupted from her thoughts when she stumbled upon the compartment where her friends were sitting.

“Kristen!” Samantha, Kailey, and Kim said simultaneously as Kristen walked into the compartment.

“Hi!” Kristen replied back, taking an open seat.

“Did you know that Olivia Skeeter wrote a book about you and James Potter?” Samantha asked after a while.

“Yeah, I read it.”

“What did you think of it?” Kailey asked.

“It was interesting, that’s for sure,” Kristen replied, “It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It pretty much just talked about how much we hated each other, which everyone already knows.”

“What did you think about that comment about yours and James’s sexual tension?” Kim asked.

“Totally uncalled for and untrue,” Kristen replied, “If I find out who wrote that anonymous quote, I’m going to punch them in the face.”

“I don’t think that you and James have sexual tension,” Kim stated, “However, I’m sure that there are several people who do.”

Kristen put her head in her hands. She was going to kill whoever had made up such a lie. Really, her and James Potter, the arrogant boy she had hated for years? If they were going to make up a lie, they could at least have made it slightly more realistic and believable. No one would ever believe that Kristen Wood and James Potter had sexual tension. Would they?


“So did any of you read the book about James and Kristen?” Fred asked.

“Don’t remind me,” Andrew groaned, “Why did that woman have to immortalize my twin sister and best friend’s hatred in a piece of literature?”

“Actually, I believe she immortalized their sexual tension,” Louis added.

Andrew groaned. Of course someone would bring that up.

“That was the worst part of the book. I’ve been having nightmares about the things that would happen if you two really did have sexual tension,” Andrew said.

“Would it really be that bad?” Fred asked.

“Yes, it would be. I’d probably catch some glimpses of the two of them snogging, which is definitely not something I want to see or even think of. Also, what happens if it were to end badly, which it most likely would considering how much the two of them currently hate each other? What if I’m forced to choose between one of my best friends and my sister? Merlin that would be just awful.”

Andrew shuddered at the awful thought.

“Besides, there’s the small fact that we absolutely hate each other,” James pointed out, “How exactly do you get ‘sexual tension’ from that?”

“Maybe it’s like muggle soap operas,” Jessica stated, walking into the compartment, “The two of you hate each other and then you one day realize that you’re madly in love with each other.”

“You’d be the couple that everyone loves,” Taylor added, joining the group.

“Or hated, considering that their houses hate each other,” Louis corrected.

“What if the two of you did get together and ended the huge rivalry between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw?” Fred asked, “I really would like not to be glared at by Ravenclaws.”

“I can’t believe you even think it’s a good idea for them to get together,” Andrew stated.

“Everyone listen up,” James said, “Kristen Wood and I will never get together, you can count on that.”

“Ten galleons says that he fancies her by the end of the year but she doesn’t fancy him back,” Fred whispered in Jessica’s ear, causing her to giggle.

“Ten galleons says that they get together by the end of the year,” she whispered back.


The two of them looked up to see Andrew and James glaring at them. It was definitely going to be an interesting year.




***Thanks so much for reading. I hope you're enjoying the story so far. As always, reviews are appreciated***

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