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Seize the Day by wish right now x
Chapter 2 : Total Innocence
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"May I have your attention please" A loud voice called, so everyone turned to speak to the dark-haired, green-eyed sixth year that was standing at the head of the hall. "Yesterday evening, Lana Cohen, Alex Clarke's girlfriend, snogged me!"

The hall erupted into whispers and gasps of shock, with dirty looks being thrown my way at every opportunity. Even those who I loved and thought were my close friends stared at me as if I was scum now, as if I should be locked up like Bellatrix Lestrange, as if I was honestly that evil. I searched the crowded room, desperate to find Alex and explain to him that Albus had snogged me, not the other way round. Well, that and fall on the floor, spitting out every apology that comes to mind, trying to let him know that I truly and deeply was sorry. I finally found him,and before my mouth could even open, he shot me the dirtiest looks, filled with the utmost hatred I have ever seen.

"Don't bother" He spat at me."I should have known this was what I was going to get when I went out with a pathetic little Hufflepuff like you"

I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes now, as I watched Alex stroll out of the hallway, followed by an army of girls who would have quite happily been faithful to him, and who were all shouting nasty names at me as they passed.





After that, I woke up, sweating and breathing heavily from the nightmare I had been having. That oh so realistic nightmare.

The thing that made it realistic was the fact that everybody knew my little secret, something that would inevitably come out in Hogwarts, because let's face it, nothing could be kept a secret when everyone in Hogwarts knew you and was ready to see your downfall anytime soon. I wondered what would happen then, when my dream became a reality.

There was a chance that the whole school, including Alex, could forgive me, because really, what does a little snog matter. I mean, it's not as if we went all the way and he did initiate it. I really didn't have a choice in the matter. I was totally innocent. I was totally not responsible and snogs do not count! I mean, they really don't.

Or I could just lie and tell him that I was under the imperious curse. I would have no responsibility over the matter, and none of it could be traced back to my fault. No one could blame anyone who was under the unforgivable curses, they'd have to be forgiven. But then again, Albus would have even worse than what I had, because his 'actions' would truly be unforgivable. I would ruin his life, and I could never feel the guilt or responsibility for that. So that option was completely out of the question.

I guess I just had one option, pretend that it never happened. Pray to god that no one ever found out, and if they did, lie and pretend it never happened. It hardly sounded like it was true, I mean, why would anyone cheat on Alex Clarke with Albus Potter? Alex was perfect and respected me, where as Potter didn't. No-one would ever believe it, or be able to prove it. No-one ever needs to know. I am a genius. Only a genius could come up with such a genius plan like that. Only a genius like me.

An hour later, I skipped down to breakfast, ready to put my plan in action. Harper was going on and on about the party last night, and even mentioned that she didn't see Al Potter there until the end of the night, and no one seemed to know where he was before that. It was his party after all. I knew exactly where he was, but decided not to mention it to her.

Harper was lovely and always great fun, however she was known for being a gossip. If I mentioned I knew Al wasn't there, the whole school would know by the time I had taken a mouthful of bacon this morning. Besides, telling her would result in breaking my plan of pretending nothing happened, and I was not about to break it before it had even started.

"So, Valerie Turnpike, was in this really, really slaggy dress, and rumour has it that she got off with Jake Altman!" She told us, as if it was all we cared about and all that should be important to us. Behind her, Ellis and Sienna were mocking her and laughing, though Harper was so engrossed in explaining this to us she didn't even notice them. I smiled fakely, nodding along as if it was as fascinating as she believed it was. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't even listening, my brain was in a completely different place to the gossip she was giving.

"So, where is Izzy?" I asked, noticing that Harper's best friend had decided to stay in bed this morning and skip breakfast, rather than join us.

"She drank a bit too much fire whiskey last night, I guess she's spending this morning recovering and seeing if she can remember anything" She smirked, indicating that there was more to the story than she was letting on.

I sat with the other three at the Hufflepuff table, something that I was not used to at the moment, having sat at the Ravenclaw table for most breakfasts since I had began to date Alex, six months ago.

I picked up the serving spoon and poured porridge onto my plate, not listening to my friends as they chatted around me. I looked over at the Ravenclaw table, where Alex had obviously already eaten and headed down to the Library or Quidditch pitch or somewhere else. Past the Ravenclaw table, I saw an army of people amongst table cloths of green and silver. Slytherin's.

And in the centre of them all was the one that I hated most of them all. Albus Potter. I munched on my porridge as if it was him, as if while I was chewing, I was destroying his smug little head. He looked over at me, his green eyes catching my light brown ones. His signature smirk graced his lips, he winked at me. He winked at me. Because that was subtle.

I suddenly felt sick, ready to vomit up what I was attempting to eat.

"Excuse me a minute, I have to go do some homework" I used the excuse as I strutted out of the hallway, nausea really overcoming me. It wasn't till I had exited the hall that I realised the big fault in my lie. It was Saturday. Why would I need to do homework on a Saturday? Oh well. I guess another lie would have to add to this one to make it more realistic. No one needed to know and nothing suspicious should go on. Ever.

I had nearly made it back to the Hufflepuff common room, ready to hide out the morning in my dorm room with Izzy, when someone's hand encircled my wrist and pulled me into a broom closet. I turned around and realised it was Albus, the only idiot in the world that would try to drag me into a broom closet and snog me at ten O'clock in the morning. Idiot. The second I saw him, I pushed on his chest, trying to get the creep away from me.

"Wow, you're lips don't seem as eager to me as they were last night" He smirked, running a hand through his dark, messy hair. It never seemed to stand up strait, and as much as I hated to admit I'd looked at him to notice it enough for the last six years, it really annoyed me.

"Please, not even you're horny this early in the morning" I replied, folding my arms across my chest. This turned out to be a big mistake, as Al's pervy eyes followed them there and seemed to be looking at my chest, which was only covered by the vest top I was wearing. Remind me to start dressing more like a nun for breakfast.

"My eyes are up here, dick head" I told him. He broke his gaze away from my chest and returned his eyes to mine, laughing my statement off.

"So what's your relationship like with Alex?" He asked.

"It's good, perfect if you please" I answered, shocked that he would so abruptly ask such a personal question.

"You know what I mean" He replied. "Physically. You've been going out for what, six months now? Surely you would have taken it to the next level by now. Have you yet?"

I looked down at the ground in response to his question. Who cares if we hadn't, I didn't see why he should know? This was a guy who I barely spoke to before he snogged me in a broom closet yesterday. Even the thought of it made shivers run down my spine.

"Why? Is it because he doesn't find you very good to snog and thus to take on to the next level of a relationship? Or is it because you don't feel the passion with him, considering from my experience the first one is definitely out of the question." He responded to his own question, walking closer and closer to me with every point he made. "I'd want to if I'd been dating you for as long as you guy's have been"

"I don't care what you say, I'm not going to sleep with you" I said, turning my head away from him. He laughed once again at what I was saying, causing me to roll my eyes. Somehow the idiot seemed to find everything that I was saying hilarious.

"Lana, I was merely suggesting a relationship where I could snog you whenever I liked and you could do the same with me, you know, no strings attached" He proposed and it was my turn to burst into fits of giggles. "You don't have to sleep with me if you don't want to"

"Well, that sounds like a good plan" I told him, placing my hand on his toned chest in a flirtatious manner. "So, is that anytime? Anytime at all?"

"Yeah, anytime either of us wants it" He smirked back, raising his left eyebrow in the same manner I was acting in. "So, you up for it then?"

"Well I guess there is just one problem" I added, my face dangerously close to his. Our lips were barely centimetres apart, meaning he could probably feel my warm breath on his lips.

"Whats that?" He asked, though I thought the issue was obvious.

"My boyfriend of six months" I replied, rolling my eyes and pulling away from him. "Unlike you I have an actual relationship with the whole snog anytime I want, so I don't actually need to be in your pretend relationship"

"Fair enough" He shrugged simply, before pulling me into his strong arms and placing his lips on mine. They were soft as usual, but he was more rough than he had been last night, more desperate than before. He pulled away from me, after minutes, leaving me breathless once again and almost desperate for more from him.

"Now does Alex ever make you feel like that?" He whispered into my ear, before pulling the door open and strutting through the hall way. I grabbed his shoulder and tried to pull him back in, not in an attempt to get him to snog me in his amazing way again but more in an attempt to be the one who left the broom closet first. Being the strong, Quidditch player he was, he managed to get out of my grasp, laughing at my stupidity and desperation to be the one in control, when I quite clearly wasn't.

I wish I was in control. 

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Seize the Day: Total Innocence


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