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Saving Luna by minniemouse1097
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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'Draco,' my father's cold voice made me jump as he entered my room.

'Yes father?' I answer without turning to look at him, lounging on my bed reading an old book written by some stuck up pure blood about morals. The irony is almost comedic.

'You know of Lovegood's daughter yes?'

I turned around to look at father, question in my eyes, 'Luna? Yes she was in the year below me. Why?'

'Well, she is currently in the cellar. Rudolphus took her from the Hogwarts Express, mainly to punish her father's foolishness however, we believe she may have information about Potter that could prove to be useful. The dark lord has asked for you to be the one to question her.'

'Yes Father.' I said as I walked past him and down the hall and down the grand staircase, through a small door into the dark cellar which seems to have turned into a prison for Voldemort's hostages. 'Lumos,' I say and the tip of my wand shines, filling the small room with light.

Small sobs drew my attention to the corner of the room where she was curled in a small ball on the floor. 'Lovegood.' She looked up at me with her big, innocent, blue eyes. She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. If they were this beautiful brimming with tears and wide with fear then I'd love to see them in happiness. What am I saying? She's Luna Lovegood for merlin's sake! You're a death eater! You can't just go around thinking blood traitors have beautiful eyes.

Her wide eyes filled with curiosity. Probably because I hadn't cursed her yet. I supposed I should really, death eaters do that, right? I aimed my wand to her and she ducked her head, waiting for the pain. She looks so vulnerable. I lowered my wand, I can't hurt her, she's already so weak. I've grown soft.

'I bet you're hungry? Not exactly five star service here is it?' I say as I sit on the floor opposite her. She looks up warily, 'Do you like pumpkin pasties?' she nodded at me weakly so I summoned a plate from the kitchens and held them out in offering. She hesitated, 'look, I know I'm not the kind of person you'd trust, especially when you're a prisoner in my house, but its just food. It won't harm you.' She still looked doubtful so I looked straight into her beautiful eyes and tried to sound sincere, 'I promise you.'

She then took one, took a small bite and once she deemed it safe she gobbled the whole thing down and took another from the refilling plate. Once she had eaten as many as she could, she looked up at me and smiled, 'thankyou, Draco,' she said in her airy voice and it made my heart melt and butterflies appear in my stomach.

I looked down at my hands, twirling my wand in between my fingers, 'Its nothing. Really.'

Five minutes passed and I could still feel her eyes on me so I looked up with question in my eyes, 'what?'

'You're not as cruel as you think you are.' She stated.

'And what makes you think that?' I said in a ruff tone. She smiled.

'Well, you were probably sent down here to torture me. You see, most of them would be happy to. I thought you were at first, but you didn't, you cared for me instead. You're not like the others.' My brows furrowed and I frowned.

'Yeah well, I don't like to torture people when they're already half dead.' I said, knowing that it wasn't true. I hate torturing people. It makes me physically sick.

'If you really think so.' She leaned forward and placed her small, dimpled hand on mine and looked into my eyes, 'but I believe you're different.'

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