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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 19 : Leaving home
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ci by TheHouseElf@Tda 


29th march

“Dear do you want some tea or something, I could do hot chocolate?” Mum asked, actually she didn’t ask she will make me drink something even if I don’t want to.

“Oo! Hot chocolate please”

It was coming towards the end of March, I was home and Fred and George visited at least once a day. I’d only been home three days but I’d already fell back into being at home and relaxing.

I had homework that needed to be doing at some point (Thank you very much to you Carrows) but I’m more of a do it last minute kind of person.

I flopped onto the sofa causing pillows to fly everywhere but I don’t care, I’m home and having hot chocolate, I love hot chocolate.

There came a loud groan from the Kitchen where my mum was.

“What’s wrong?”

Mum appeared in the living room looking like she was on the verge of tears

“Oh I’m sorry dear but the kettles broken, again!” She groaned again, wiping her eyes and returning to the kitchen quite quickly.

I followed after he making sure she was alright, when my mums upset the best thing is to go over to her and cuddle her.

“Mum its only hot chocolate” I reassured her going over to hug her, she wasn’t crying but her eyes were glistering with tears almost ready to pour.

Dark circles were seen under her eyes and her wrinkles were more prominent than ever.

“Yes but you deserve something, I can’t even give you a nice hot drink!” She exclaimed. She runs over to the other side of the room and puts the tap on, which from what I can see from mums reaction shoots out a load of hot water right onto mums hands.

“OW!” Mum screeched turning the tap onto cold, when no water pours out she lets out a sigh, trying to calm herself down “This is useless, I’ve been asking Arthur to sort these taps out for a few months now but he’s always at work and when he’s home he has paper work to be doing”

She turns to me and sees my concerned expression written on my face “Its ok Ginny, please just let me calm down for a few minutes” she said calmly but her voice shaking a bit still

I nod and exit the room collapsing back onto the sofa and rub my eyes out of exhaustion. Fred and George should be here soon, they usually come around at about two ish.

I look down at my watch, 1: 47.

I just want to sleep right now but I know I’ve got ages before I actually can sleep at all. The problem is whenever I get into bed I end up not being able to sleep, I think I have serious problems sometimes.

Dad came trotting down the stairs in his normal black suit he wears to work, I’m sure he hasn’t taken it off once since I’ve been back.

He smiled at me “Hey Ginny” He said tiredly rubbing his eyes and taking a seat next to me “How’s school?”

I raise my eyebrows at him for his lack of conversation but reply any way “Its good” I lie. I always say that whenever someone asks me how school was, its just so much more easier than going into a whole detail of things.

“Don’t lie” my dad replied back looking at me with a scolding expression on his face “You may not know it but I do know when your lying Ginny, your mother doesn’t but I do”

I look up at him, his face showed a worried man. The gingerness from his hair had started to die down a bit and was a little dirty, his eyes were sunken and bloodshot from being so tired and his clothes had black spots every so often from not going in the wash.

“Really? But I’m an amazing liar!” I joked sarcastically.

He started laughing and gave me a little squeeze kissed me on the cheek and went out into the kitchen to say goodbye to my mum before he went off to work.

Just as he was about to sprinkle floo powder into the fireplace (a very limited supply of it we have) Fred and George appeared side by side howling at a joke they’d just said. Its surprises me how the war hasn’t effected them one bit, they laugh about it Infact and not taking one bit of it seriously.

“Hey Ginny” They wink at me and walking straight past me and into the kitchen doorway “What’s for lunch mum”

I shake my head quickly seriously not wanting my mother upset again it might just end up in mum having a temper and blaming it all on us, then she’ll break down crying and lets just say it won’t end well.

My brothers notice my sudden weird gesture to them, they opened their eyes wide in horror and realising that what they said would ultimately make mum go on a crying spree and not talk to us for another day or so.

“Pardon, what was that?” mum appears, obviously having gotten calm after her… well I don’t know what it really was?

“um... me and Fred were just asking.. uh, what the weather was like” George cried grabbing Fred and running up the stairs, I snort at how dim-witted they are, seriously I don’t think you can get worse than them!

“What was that about?”

“Don’t ask” I laugh, getting up and getting myself a glass of water (hot water- eugh!)

She looks like she’s about to say something back so make me speak up but decides against it and leaves back for the kitchen again where she now spends most of her time.




The rest of the day flew by, because we are so low on food right now all of us skipped lunch to make mum happy, we knew she was getting frustrated and didn’t want to pile onto that.

We had dinner, dad was meant to come home but our clock still said that he was at work… as always. The only decent conversation I’ve had with him was today and that was nothing really.

Before I knew it the day had ended and I realised with a sudden knot in my stomach that this holiday was limited and I was wasting it too much.

I laid in bed staring at my ceiling. I like doing this sometimes, it helps me keep calm and get to sleep easier. My thoughts pondering on what was happening at the minute and how mum was going to cope when I go back to school, the stress that was piling up on her was getting too much and I feared she’d end up in depression. Neville and Hannah I wonder how they are doing. What’s school like when almost all the students have left? What are they doing now?

A sudden thought of them kissing in a broom closet came into my mind at the thought of that, which makes me cringe with disgust. On second thoughts I won’t be thinking of that again.

I don’t know when but somehow I went to sleep thinking of School (lame right?) and how on earth I was going to do my muggle studies homework because the problem is I don’t actually know what the homework is… I wasn’t listening.




I woke up to scattering, lots of it. I heard objects being thrown around and Fred and George yelling up the stairs. When I finally opened my eyes to see all the commotion I heard a crack and then the screaming stopped just a whole load of rustling.

My blinds were still shut but the early morning sunlight still went through blinding my eyes from seeing anything except spots.

Next thing I know Fred and George are racing through my room grabbing anything and everything from anywhere in my room and stuffing it into a large and stitched up rucksack

George shakes to get my attention “Ginny get up now, this is serious” They both yelled at me at the same time.

I could hear the panic in my voice and new something had happened, something big.

“What’s going on?” I ask rubbing my eyes getting used to the sunlight.

When neither of them answered I got myself up and put my slippers on my feet. My mind was still in bed, not aware of anything going around me or how much panic both the boys were in.

George peered out of the blinds just enough to see what was going on outside. I tried seeing over the top of him but me being so short (mother I blame you!) I couldn’t.

“Ginny go downstairs!” They both yelled together noticing me on tiptoes trying to be nosy.

“What’s going on” I cried at the two of them refusing to go down until they tell me.

“Just go downstairs, me and fred need to put enchantments over the store” Fred and George yelled at me pointing towards the door forcefully.

“I’m not going until you tell me!” I objected, seeing their faces turn red.
“Death eaters ok!” Fred shrieked knowing I wasn’t moving until they said something

My face paled, as did theirs. My feet found its way to the door and the stairs without me realising what I was doing. Only two minutes ago I was asleep, safe in my bed… I can’t even tell you what’s happening right now. My whole mind is whizzing about. I’m so confused with everything.

I realised I had obviously taken my rucksack without thinking about it because it was now swinging on my back. I heard a loud crack from my room meaning Fred and George must have left for the store.

Why are they going to the store?

I met mum half way down the stairs. She was still in her nighty, her hair was all over the place and her face was chalk white. She didn’t even realise I was there and went straight past me obviously to frightened off what was going on.

My mind suddenly caught onto the situation we were in and my feet dragged themselves faster, I forced them to work.

“Molly get that bag” My dad yelled from somewhere in the sitting room.

“Arthur I can’t zip it” My mum wept. I could tell she was crying by the heartbreaking sound of her voice “GINNY! Get down here”

Suddenly a rush of fear filled me and I was instantly moving fast towards mum’s voice.

She was kneeling over a bag as she cried. Her fear was over taking her forcing her to get frustrated. I legged it over there.

“Mum what’s happening?”

Dad appeared from the sitting room, heaving about three bags that looked heavy. He dropped them by the door and peaked through the curtains.

“What’s going on?” I repeated again but still no answer

By now I was getting annoyed at everyone for their secrecy, why was no one telling me anything!?

“What’s happening. Two seconds ago I was in bed…

“Leave the bag Molly, Fred and George will have to meet us there” Dad shouted at mum ignoring me completely

“…. And now I’m awake and everyone’s in panic. The twins said something about death eaters but they won’t explain… can someone-

It all happened so fast.

There was a loud crack and both Fred and George arrived with nasty cuts surrounding their faces looking in distress.

“They were at the shop when we arrived, we had to stun them” George said grabbing my hand and mums at the same time.

The last thing I saw before the awful sensation of apperating was a load of black figures bursting their way through the front door yelling something I have no idea what. There was a flash of light and then it felt like I was being pulled through a plug hole. I couldn’t breath and I started to see spots form in my eyes from dizziness.

Before it got to much I landed painfully on my back with my eyes tightly shut.

“Where are-”

I was cut of again by a agonising moan.

“Damn it!” Fred shrieked. I opened my eyes a fraction of a bit to see what all the commotion was about.

Fred was kneeling over with his hand on his mouth cringing at whatever had just happened “I splinched myself”

“Yeah you’ve lost a few teeth” George said examining Fred’s mouth

“Shut up!” Molly snapped at the two of them.

I took the time to look around at where I was. It felt like I’d been here before and features of the place I recognised, but from where I couldn’t tell you.

It was a long street that curved around at the top of the road. All the houses were tall and large towering over us. Every house had an open and wide porch with deckchairs filling up the spaces along with a lawn that looked neat a tidy.
I had no idea what the hell we were doing here. If there was one way to describe this place it would definitely be posh. This was a place for rich and uptight people to be not some lower class family that wear hand knitted cardigans by their mother.

I followed dad who had started walking down the pathway. I made sure to stay close to the twins, I always felt safer when I with them.

“Oh wait” Dad said, stopping instantly causing me to knock into him “We should put a Disillusionment Charm on Ginny, she still has the trace on her” he suggested.

I rolled my eyes at dad getting irritated that everyone was treating me like some two year old that couldn’t take care of myself.
I didn’t fight against it, we didn’t have much time and I wasn’t about to start anything unnecessary that could waste time and in the end could kill us.

My dad wasn’t very good at charms to put it straight so he stood there awkwardly awaiting another person to do it, in the end my mum got to frustrated with him and did the spell herself… not to perfection but enough to make it seem like I wasn’t there.

“Come on lets go”

We quick walked the rest of the way. Mum struggled to keep up but managed it ok.

Finally we stopped in front of what looked like the most oldest house on the block. I remembered it as the house of Aunt Muriel’s, a distant memory of me as a five year old with Percy having a go at me for breaking a pot in the garden with my magic that I couldn’t control came to mind. It seemed like another life time ago.

Dad cast mum a sideward’s glance as though he was doubting going in.

He took a deep breath.

It was quite neatly kept. I doubted very much that Muriel did the work herself and I wouldn’t be surprised if she got some poor neighbour to keep the garden tidy because my great aunt is lazy, very lazy. She’s capable of doing a lot of things but is too bloody lazy and covers it up with her old age as an excuse.

“Come on, we can’t stay out here all day” Dad sighed.

I noticed mum was being unusually quite. She kept looking behind us in fear we were being watched. I was getting a feeling similar to this, as though we were being watched and I occasionally turned around to check but nothing was in site.

Mum knocked on the door three times on the grand knocker in the shape of a lion.

The door slowly opened revealing a old wrinkly women. She had a cane in her hand but I knew she could walk fine without it. Her silver hair was done up in a silver bun with the odd strand of hair poking out making it look messy and giving the impression she was older than she actually was. Her face was covered in makeup, in my opinion she looked like a doll where her owner was playing dress up for a bit to long.

I raised my eyebrows at her and had to bite my lips to hold back laughter.

“Hello Molly” She said stepping aside with a disgusted look on her face “Its early in the morning, you could have at least waited until lunch time”

It was mums turn to raise a eyebrow at her

Dad interrupted her before she burst out with insults at her aunt “We are very glad that you allowed us to stay at your house Muriel” My dad extended a hand to her.

She looked down at it as though it was poison. I forced myself to keep my mouth shut, mum would literally kill me if we go kicked out of this place.

When he realised she wasn’t going to shake it dad awkwardly moved his hands to his sides with his head bowed. Man I really hate Muriel!

All six of us slowly walked into the sitting room. It was a extremely grand place, everything was set out so neatly and was so clean. There was even a piano in the corner that was playing to its self. There were many paintings displayed which I’m sure we wouldn’t even be able to afford one of them.

“Hi ya Aunti!” Fred and George said, silently laughing under their breaths.

Mum rolled her eyes at them but I’m sure I saw a faint smile appear, even if it was only for a second, she still thought it was funny.

“I’m presuming we have rooms?” Dad asked a little bit unsure of himself.

“You” Muriel was pointing to me “The third room on the second floor to the left. You boys will be together, top floor at the very end, the furthest from me!” She croaked her nostrils flaring “and Molly and Arthur second floor fifth room to the right”

Then she left to the room without another word, rude if you ask me I cannot believe I’m related to that vile women!

As soon as she was out of earshot I rounded on everyone “What’s going on!”

Mum took a deep breath and looked at me straight in the eye, it was kind of unnerving.

“Ron, Harry and Hermione were caught and taken to Malfoy manner” My breathing stopped suddenly, a million of questions came flooding into my mind, were they alright? If so where are they know? I could feel Fred and George’s stares on me, they were the only one’s who knew why this was effecting me so much “Don’t worry they got out but Hermione was badly hurt. They are at Bills and Fleur’s cottage, I’m just glad that-”

“Take me there!” I burst out looking around at everyone with raised eyebrows “Let me see them”

“Ginny-” Dad begun but I cut him of.

“No stop treating me like a two year old, I want to go and I think I should be allowed to go see them. I haven’t seen my brother all year or my best friend so I think its only fair” I don’t dare include Harry’s name I can just imagine mums knowing look if I did.

“No Ginevra you are not allowed out of this house at all, I don’t care what you have to say and I don’t care what is fair because this war is not fair! Now go to your room” My mum shouted at me her face gone red as her hair.

I let out a frustrated moan and stomped up the stairs making sure every step I took made a racket.

It took about ten minutes to locate my room, it turns out I went past it about fifty times. I slammed the door shut giving everyone a shock downstairs.

The room was the smallest room I’d seen so far. It had cream walls that made the room look bigger than it actually was. A tiny balcony was directly in front of me and a queens size bed was placed at the side of the room. It was by far the most luxuries room I’d ever slept in (or who knows, the way were heading is being kicked out of this house before I actually get to sleep in here)

I crawled over to my bed and flopped onto it letting he tears leak freely out. I bit my lip to stop the tears but it didn’t help. I was aware that I was currently making the sheets stained with water but I really didn’t care.

I just wanted to see them, to make sure that its really true that they were really there. At this precise second Harry didn’t seem real to me, he seemed like a fragment of my imagination something that I wanted but wasn’t real.

But he was real and he was here, he was so near…

I was still crying softly an hour later curled up on the bed when a soft knock made my train of thoughts stop and bring me back to reality.

Without waiting for a reply the door opened. I don’t look up but stay faced down silently crying my thoughts away.
Someone sits down beside me but doesn’t say anything and allows me to cry.

I was the first one to speak after minutes of utter silence.

“I need to see him, I wanted to know if he was ok” I cry my whole world spinning out of control.

“I know” It was Fred – or George, but I’m positive it’s Fred. Fred has a little more of a lower voice than George does but you never know I could be wrong.

I finally sit up and was blinded by sunlight having had my eyes tucked under the blankets for so long. Fred looked at me like I was a ghost, he’d never seen my cry (well not since I was a baby)

“Ginny…” He begun but trailed off and then pulled me into a tight hug. I felt safe in my brothers arms and I clung onto him for dear life.

My tears came out in full and I didn’t even try to stop them. It was the worst crying I’d done in years. It was years and years of tears that flowed out of me and onto Fred’s top that I’m not sure he’d going to thank me for.

We stayed like this for goodness knows how long. He stroked my hair softly and I felt calmer than I had ever been all year. When finally I stopped crying we pulled away. I wiped my eyes as soon as I was free from the hug ashamed that I’d broken down once again.

He didn’t say anything else but got up and left the room, under my breath I whispered a small thanks but I don’t think he heard it or if he did he didn’t acknowledge it.

I sat on my bed, humming a small tune to myself trying to stop memories flooding into my mind again of Harry, Ron and Hermione because I know it’ll only break down.

I curled back up in a ball again, eyes wide open just softly humming to myself praying that they were alright and that Bill and Fleur will help them in some way or another.

My eyes drooped a little and the sudden feeling of tiredness swept over me.




1st April


It was now the first of April. The days at Muriel’s house was not pleasant and being stuck in this house was driving me mental. It had been raining a lot lately and I couldn’t even go outside for fresh air.

Also it was Fred and George's birthday- not that I had anything for them, i'd left it at the burrow which is lilkly to have be burnt down now according to mum. But anyway its Fred and George's birthday and I feel like a awful sister, I should have something for them right? They say they understand but I don't belive them.

Fred and George had just arrived back from another broadcast of Potterwatch and radio station that I’d only just found out about.

I was setting the plates out for dinner time. I was tired out, I’ve had to wash the plates, tidy the sitting room, cut the weeds in the garden in pouring rain, water all the plants in the house, polish practically everything and now set the table all on Muriel’s orders. She seems to think that because were staying as guests in her house we should do our fair share of work. I notice how she’s doing nothing.

Mum was in charge of cooking so at least we have decent meals because despite everything my mum can definitely cook.

There was a loud knock on the front door that caught me off guard causing me to break a plate… oops. It was the posh china ones as well.

I’m just hoping Muriel didn’t hear the loud crash that it made.

I flicked my wand at it knowing there was too many wizards in the house to know who actually did the spell so it doesn’t matter really.

“Bill!” Muriel said from the other room.

I instantly lifted my head forgot about the broken china and ran to the sitting room where Bill was standing completely wet from head to toe due to the rain.

Muriel was kissing him on the cheek, I imagine a very scratchy and a kiss that gives you an electric shock.

She always did have a soft spot for Bill, when I was younger I used to be jealous because she always had a present for Bill but for no one else and now I’m grateful that I’m not her favourite Weasley it’s a lot to live up to.

I’m pretty surprised Percy isn’t her favourite actually.

I leg it over to him and almost push Muriel out of the way for which she wasn’t too impressed about. I give him the biggest hug imaginable; he’s probably in need of air right now.

When I let go everyone in the room went silent, even Muriel and her big mouth actually shut up for once in her life.

Mum looked seriously up at Bill worried about what he was going to say. Dad had his head bowed, Fred and George where whispering in the corner and Muriel was smiling at Bill and a glint in her eye told me she was about to bombard on him with questions.

“So Bill, how is that lovely wife of yours?” She said.

“Fleur’s good. Happy birthday Fred, George" Bill nodded at them "I was wondering if I could talk to mum and dad alone"

I knew what that meant instantly, he wanted me, Fred and George out of the room so they can talk about the golden trio in privet. Its always the same.

“But mum-”

“Go upstairs, you as well Fred and George… go now!” Mum said to us pointing towards the door and rising from the chair she had been sitting in “Muriel if you don’t mind I’d like it if we could have a private conversation?” My mum asked in the most politest voice she could muster.

“No they’re will be no secrets from me in my own house I’m staying”

I sighed in defeat and dragged myself upstairs hearing the loud bang of the sitting room door being closed.

“You better have brought extendable ears with you” I say to the twins who both look up at me and grin.

“You didn’t expect us to not have brought them! Were in the same house as Muriel for god sakes there’s bound to be a load of gossip from her” George piped up letting Fred race up the stairs to go find them “Well done sis you thought like a real eavesdropper”

I just roll my eyes. Let’s just hope they haven’t put a silencing charm on the door.

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Here without you: Leaving home


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