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All in the Hips by PlatonistAmaya
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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In Transfiguration, everyone stared. Some were students who were a year younger and didn’t know Hermione and Draco as well, and couldn’t help themselves. While awkward, these looks were better than the looks of sympathy given to them by the students who knew them. Ginny, who also had this class, tried to hold off the pitying looks with the glare she was so known for, but even she could only do so much.

The pair wanted nothing more than for the day to be over so of course it instead dragged by. The Professors kept giving them looks of misfortune, which only proved to irritate Hermione and disgust Draco.

As soon as they walked into the green house Professor Sprout sent them out saying that their issues today would upset the sensitive plants the class would be working with today. Hermione attempted to argue but had a door closed in her face.

“Ugh! This is…”

“Annoying? Frustrated?” Draco filled in.

“Yes! Both,” Hermione agreed. The pair began walking towards the castle in silence. Hermione knew exactly what she wanted to do to manage this stress, but the question was, did Draco?

“I think I’m going to swing by our dorm to grab my dance stuff and then head to the studio to see if a studio is available…” He paused as if heavily considering, “Would you like to come along?”

“Glad to see I’m not the only one who dances to deal with stress,” She smiled easily.

They arrived at the dance studio shortly after to find that the Professors had a second year class in the main studio.

“Oh, sorry to interrupt, we’ll just go-“ Hermione began as she tried to make a speedy escape.

“No, stay. You two will never be a nuisance. What can we do for you?” Professor Isabel asked.

“We’ve had a bit of a stressful day you see, and we don’t want to be a burden or anything, but it really is important-“ Hermione was beginning to ramble and Draco knew she would continue until someone stopped her.

“Would it be possible for us to use the small side studio?” He bluntly requested.

“Of course,” Professor Carlos agreed, “But could we request a quick favor? You see we are just beginning to teach this group how to do ballet, and they are complaining already. If you wouldn’t mind terribly, could you show them a few things? We like for them to understand that what they are learning now is not that difficult, and that it will be beautiful in the end.”

Hermione and Draco agreed, but decided that a pas de deux would not adequately show what the professor were talking about, so while Hermione went and changed into a leotard and tights, as well as carefully strapping on her pointe shoes, Draco went out to the group. It took him less time to prepare so he was naturally the first choice.

“Professors, I need just a moment to stretch,” He informed without waiting for consent. He moved to the bar and stretched each leg. He then used it for balance as pulled his leg straight above his head. Finally he was warm. “Is there anything specific you would like them to see?”

“A Grande Jete for sure,” Professor Isabel input.

“A pas de chat and a pirouette would also be nice, but beyond that, it’s up to you,” Professor Carlos allowed.

Draco flicked his wand at the music player in the corner and then placed his wand on the ground out of the way. The music was quick, and lively. He couldn’t recognize it immediately, but he did know that it was not meant to be sad in anyway, and reminded him instead of some kind of a celebration of life.

With a snap Draco felt the music and began to move, first in a deep plie. Once he began to rise from this plie Draco began to lift his left leg out to be parallel to the floor. He then bent his knee to create a neat attitude. Draco lowered his leg and with a quick sauté switched feet and did a strong pirouette in tendu position. He chose to continue this pirouette, this time in coupe position. Draco pulled momentum from this turn to quick chasse away from his original spot to a far corner. He took advantage of this new space by beginning to run. At the floors center he launched into an astonishingly high grand jete in full split. He landed and allowed no time to catch his breath as he completed a good, though not perfect, pas de chat.

He picked up his wand and turned off the music just as Hermione came out.

“Show off,” she chuckled under her breath.

“Please,” He rolled his eyes, “As if you’re not about to go astound them by staying on pointe endlessly.” She shrugged as if to dare him to wait and find out.

Hermione did not request guidance as it seemed to her that the Professors mainly wanted their students to be impressed. Hermione completed a complicated set of steps without really trying. Technically it was impressive, which is what the professors needed, but she had no heart for it at the moment.

Once released the pair headed next door. Wordless they knew that they were on the same page. Hermione removed her pointe shoes, and Draco his. They turned some music on without really hearing what it was and began to dance. It was a way for them to cope really, nothing more, nothing less.

The majority of the dancing was twists and contortion, but as they both grew tired they spent more and more time touching. Finally they were just holding each other, Hermione silently crying on his chest.

“Sshh… Let’s go back to the dorm,” Draco led her quietly through the corridors to their room where they crawled into bed to try and sleep off the pain, or at least pretend for a little while, that it hadn’t happened.

Upon arriving back at the dorm Hermione began to feel the sensation of drowning. Like she was being overwhelmed by the foreign nature of everything that had been happening. Everything was happening too quickly with Draco. It felt like they were both ticking time bombs ready to explode at any time. She needed space again. Draco had said he wasn’t fit for being around humans, but Hermione was beginning to realize that she was no better. She and Draco had been tolerating each other better, but they hadn’t been speaking much either, and when they did, they both knew what not to say. There were good days and bad, and Hermione didn’t know which today was, but she had to escape his presence. It was simply too much.

“Malfoy, I will see you later. I want to go to my own space,” She murmured tiredly.

His eyes widened, from what Hermione did not know, and at that moment did not care, “So…you are going to leave me alone?”

“You are a grown man, I’m sure you can manage.”

“I do not need or patronizing,” Draco’s temper was beginning to flare.

Not that Hermione had extra patience lying around either, “Then don’t act like a little boy who is scared of the dark!”

“You are mocking my fears? How about other than the last couple of days you’ve flinched every time someone gets near you?”

“Oh, and the fact that you had a wand at my throat when I tried to prevent you from oversleeping is nowhere near as bad,” Hermione countered sarcastically. The pair was already in a heightened emotional state from the argument and the flashback, but then an unfortunate event occurred.

A serene little house elf with little concern for what her appears would do popped in to tidy their dorm. The crack of her apparating was enough though, to send both Hermione and Draco back to a room of flying curses and people dying everywhere, and this time, there was no professor to interrupt, so they were left alone thinking the other was about to kill them.

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All in the Hips: Chapter 8


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