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You and I by Draco_Lover271
Chapter 2 : Head Boy and Head Girl
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 Character's and setting belong to the wonderful J.K Rowling! :)

Hermione : : :

    I made my way down to the great hall and took a seat at the end of the Gryffindor table, alone. I would’ve sat with Neville just so I could sit with someone but he chose to sit with Luna at the Ravenclaw table. Apparently they were a thing. Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend, not just any boyfriend though, a nice but sort of mysterious boyfriend. Unlike that git Ronald Weasley! I look down the table to see Harry and Ginny with Ron and Lavender laughing and having a great time. This just made me feel more depressed. I thought back about the conversion between me and Malfoy, had he really meant that I would be a better girlfriend than Lavender or was he just trying to make feel better? Ron surely didn’t think so? Dumbledore then spoke, interrupting my thoughts and welcoming us all back to school. The feast then began and everyone dug in, everyone except me. I only ate a few bites before getting up to leave. I was the first one out of the great hall and I knew everyone was staring at me but I didn’t care. I headed towards the Gryffindor common room, just as I reached the stairs, I heard footsteps. I turned to see Malfoy walking towards me.

Draco : : :

“Why so down, Granger?” I asked innocently, not wanting to upset her. I had gotten up to follow her because she had sat alone all through dinner and left so early. I felt bad.

    “You know very well why I am down, Malfoy,” she replied, “We discussed this on the train. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the common room.”

    She turned to leave but before she could move I grabbed her wrist.

    “Wait...” I said quietly, “I…ummm…”

    “You what?” she asked, clearly confused.

    “I… need to tell you that Dumbledore needs to speak with you and me in his office right away.” I said. I had been about to tell her that I was sorry about her friends but I chickened out. The Dumbledore thing was true though.

    “Do you know why?” she asked me.

    “No but we should be heading there to see.” I turned towards Dumbledore’s office and beckoned her to follow.

Hermione : : :

    I watched Draco walk away and I followed close behind. When we arrived Dumbledore told us to sit and he shut the door.

    “Do you know why I have asked you two to come to my office?” he asked while helping himself to a lemon drop, his favorite candy.

    “No sir.” I said while Draco just nodded.

    “Well, the Hogwarts staff and I have decided to make you, Ms. Granger, head girl and you, Mr. Malfoy, head boy. “

    My spirits immediately lifted. I had been dreaming about being head girl for a long time now. But, Malfoy, being head boy? This will be complicated. Then again, he has claimed to have changed himself since the war so why not give him a chance.

    Dumbledore cleared his throat, bringing me back to reality. “You both will share a common room and plan activities through the year, together,” he looked knowingly at Malfoy as he said ‘together’, Malfoy just stared back.

    Dumbledore sent us to our knew common room reminding us that classes will begin in three days but until then we should get to know each other.
I wasn’t really thrilled to be sharing a common room with Malfoy, but then again, I didn’t really have any friends in the Gryffindor common room. I arrived at the portrait hole outside our common room with Malfoy right behind me. As was about to say the password, it occurred to me, I didn’t know the password. Had Dumbledore told us the password? Was I not paying attention? I turned to Malfoy and he smirked.

    “Were you not listening to Dumbledore, Granger? Were you too zoned out thinking about getting to share a common room with me?” he winked at me, “I know you were probably fantasizing about my devilish good looks, and I don’t blame you. The password is ‘ensemble’ by the way.”

He said the password and walked in, leaving it open for me.

Sorry the chapter is so short! Just sort of a filler chapter!

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