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A Night Out by always waiting
Chapter 3 : Sweet and Tender
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He found me. I feel like I should be angry, but I'm more relieved and excited. I barely even glance where I'm going, taking more of my time to look at James and to feel his hand in mine. I'm so elated, so happy. I feel so free. I take him around a bend close to our hall and kiss him again. I can't get enough. James is a fantastic kisser. His arms circle around my waist and lift me into the air as my hands tangle themselves in his soft raven hair.


But not here, in the middle of the corridor. Back to the Head's Room where we can be more private.


Oh wow. I can't believe I just thought that...


My entire body tingles as his tongue finds his way into my mouth. They begin to dance more sensually than we were on the floor. I let out a moan of pleasure as his hands stroke my back. He slightly pulls away and backs us into our hallway to our portrait.


He tries to mumble the password against my lips.


"James," I giggle as I pull away. He begins to kiss down my neck, I surpress a moan and murmur out the password. The portrait swings open and we stumble through to the couch in our Common Room, linked by the lips again. I can feel the plush couch at my knees and I sink into it, dragging James on top of me.

All without breaking the kiss, now that's impressive.

I can feel my heart beating hard, or is that his? We're so close by now that I can't even tell.

So, yes, I had lied. I was falling hard in love with James Potter. What was I suppose to say when they asked me? We were just friends at the time, he had stopped asking me out, I figured he was over me. I couldn't admit to it, I couldn't take that kind of rejection. I had lied to myself.

"James," I whispered breathlessly. He began attacking the underside of my jaw, making a circuit from my pulse point to the soft spot under my ear. My eyes fluttered closed as I allowed myself to get lost in him. I always thought too much, I just wanted to feel for once.


My whole body relaxed as his fingers dance their way up and down my arm.


His lips mouthed love words against my skin, trailing down my neck, sucking and biting, making me breathe hard and wish for something more.

"I love you, Lily."

These words danced across my skin, settling in my bones. Just a whisper so faint, I couldn't be sure at first.

"I love you, Lily."

Stronger now as he repeated it straight into my ear, stopping briefly to nibble and tickle.

"I love you, James."

I made him stop and look me in the eye when I finally said those words. I knew it wasn't just a lustful night's adventure, it was what it was meant to be. He was meant to find me, and I was meant to fall in love with him.

He broke into a huge smile as he brushed the hair from my face. And then he kissed me. Sweet and tender.

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A Night Out: Sweet and Tender


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