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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 13 : Christmas has its ups and downs.
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It only felt like I had drifted off into sleep when I felt James jumping on the bed. 








"Go away!" I buried my head into the pillow. 




"You know you snore right." He added cockily.






"Fine, I'm up, I'm up." I held my hands up in surrender. "And I do not."




James was already walking out of the room when I heard him mumble "you do too."




"Fuck off James!"




"Swearing so early in the morning Miss. Andrews. What kind of effect has my son had on you eh?" Crap.




"Sorry Mrs. Potter." I looked up at Ginny's kind face




"Call me Ginny, now come here." She pulled me into a bone crushing hug. When she pulled me away she put me out at arms length, put her hands firmly on my shoulders and looked me up and down. "Harry dear! You were right, she is looking rather thin. Lets get you fed up, come on. Chop chop!"




She ushered me downstairs where I saw almost everyone sat down waiting, everyone except Dom, Lily and Roxy. Even the Lovegood-Scamanders were here. 




I heard James say that she's getting more like Nana Molly every year.




"Hi Lorcan." Hi waved and he waved back.




I sat down and started eating my breakfast. My favourite, Pancakes. There was a lot of small talk and hugging and wishing everyone Happy Holidays when all of a sudden there was a cough and we turned around to see Lily and Roxanne at the door. 




"Ladies and Gentlemen. In our girls only den, we decided it was time for a change for one of its occupants. Please welcome Dominique." Lily said and Dom walked out.




Well, Dom had taken her brown eye contacts out and her natural icy blue ones were there and they had stripped her hair back to it's gorgeous blonde. She looked amazing.




"Dominique! You look abzuloutlee' beautiful!" Fleur hugged her whilst wiping tears from her eyes




"Yeah, yeah. Merry Christmas Mum." She awkwardly patted her back. "Now get off me, there's bacon ." 




Soon the whole family was here, even Nana Molly and we vacated into the family room where there was a glorious Christmas tree with all the presents under it.




I got a lot of books. Mainly about Quidditch players and good moves and stuff. Dom and her family got me a Puddlemere jersey. I know I mentioned that I'd like to play for the Tornados, but that's only because my Mum likes them and it'd make her proud. I don't really think they're that good of a team. 




Dad got me a voucher. For a meal. He told me that "me and the Potter boy might enjoy it." 




I got a lot of Chocolate. Actually, I got a hell of a lot of Chocolate. Everyone was here. Then Nana Molly and Arthur came.




"Hello Dears" She greeted with a smile




"Hey Mum." Ginny was pulling off her apron and embraced her mother. "Daddy!" She then hugged her Father.


After all the hugs and stuff. We got the presents from them. James got a yellow jumper  this year. He doesn't suit yellow, we all agree, makes his eyes look weird.




But, I got mine. A MAROON ONE! Yay




"Mum, why would you get her a maroon one!?" Ron asked




"Because Ronald, it's the only colour I had left to make one with. Anyway, maroon makes her look bigger, you're looking awfully thin dear." She turned to look at me




"Everyone's been saying that lately, too much Quidditch I think, and thanks Molly, I really love it. It's my favourite." I hugged her. 




"Oo, it's okay, anything for my family."




Her last words struck me. The most respected member of the "Wotters" called me Family. I felt a feeling in my stomach I've never felt before. it was something I liked. I didn't notice I was crying.




"Oh, Kate dear, what's wrong?" Ginny put her hands on my shoulders, I couldn't say anything. She steered me into the kitchen. "Now dear, tell me, why are you crying?"


I wanted to tell her, but the words wouldn't come out. After opening my mouth and probably resembling a goldfish for a few minutes, Ginny offered me a hot chocolate and it soothed me.




"It's just, I haven't been a part of a family for so long, seven years. It's weird that this time seven years ago, we wasn't having a Christmas. It was the first one without my Mum. I remember hearing my Dad telling Mike that we weren't a family anymore. It was the last time I ever felt a part of a family. I mean, I always thought as you guys as my family, but to hear someone say it really brought it home." I wiped my eyes and looked into Ginny's eyes. James' eyes. 




"Your eyes go the most fantastic colour when you cry love." She wiped my fringe away from my eyes. "But they're even more beautiful when you don't."




"My Mum used to say that to me. Those exact words." I felt tears coming up again. 


Ginny lifted up my chin so my eyes were looking to hers. "You were always my family Katy. I remember our first Christmas, your second year. You cried just like this because you missed your Mum remember?" I nodded. "But I told you, if you ever needed anything, you could come to me until she came back?" I was still nodding. "I meant every word"




I felt myself turn back into 12 year old me. I was wearing my first Weasley jumper, a light blue. I cried then too. Six years later, I'm sat in the same kitchen with the same woman, doing the same thing. I did what I did all those years ago. I wrapped my arms around her and whispered,




"Thank you. For everything."




"Anytime love." She kissed my forehead.




It was then I realized that I had a family for life.





"What was up earlier?" James asked as we were getting drinks.




"Just some stuff, I'm fine." I grinned at him. I wasn't lying. I was happy.




"I love your smile." He got closer and leaned in and kissed me. It was just as good as any other kiss but that didn't mean it wasn't amazing. It wasn't until I heard a cough at the doorway that we pulled apart.




I was mortified. Mr Harry Potter. Was stood in the doorway. He just watched me eat his sons face off in a nice game of tonsil tennis. Oh. Merlin. Help. Me.




He looked so serious. His eyes locked dead on James' hand, which was still on my arse.








Then he did the most unexpected thing, he laughed. 




"Ha, Ron! Get in here!" Ron came running in "I just caught these two in the act, oh my. At it like two house elves." Still laughing, Ron came in and started laughing. 




And Instead of looking like we just saw Voldemort in the nude. Which for about the last minute we had done. We started laughing too. 





James was leading me up the stairs. It was now pushing 5pm. My dress was flowing behind me as we ran up the spiral staircase.




"James, where are we going?" 




"To our apparation point." He turned back and grinned. What? They have an apparation point. These guys have everything. 




We got there, finally. And he held my hand and I got that familiar feeling in my stomach. But then within a second we were here.




"James, why are we in a dusty alleyway?" I looked up at him.




"Oh dear Katy, this is where I took us as we're in a muggle area. Duh?"




"Oh." I looked at him he just smiled his winning grin. Merlin he's hot.




We walked out of the alley way and onto the street. We were somewhere near London but not too near, I knew that much.




We walked for around 5 minutes. We walked past a superstore and a few houses.




Then we got near a quieter part of town. James was getting excited, he had his grin plastered on his face.  We soon ended up outside a small house.




"Merry Christmas Katy?" It sounded more of a question than a statement.




"What is it James? And don't say a house as I know that much." 




"Its, well, ours?" He looked at me. "If you want it. Kate, I want to spend forever with you and that's something I'm sure of. This house, it could be our house. No wait, it could be our home?"




James bought me a house. For Christmas?!




"Well, this makes my gift look shit doesn't it?" I laughed at him and grabbed his hand and squeezed it.




"Is that a yes?" He looked at me hopefully.




"Yes, I will move in with you James!"




Then as the winter air blew around us, he wrapped me up in his arms and spun me around. It was amazing.




"We should get going." He told me




"Yeah, we should." I grabbed his hand and looking like love sick puppies we walked back to the alley way we arrived from.




But I never expected what would happen when we returned home.





We walked into the family room and everyone was huddled round the radio. 




"What's happened?" James asked




"There's been an accident, apparently it's a wizards car. There's already one confirmed death."




"Oh no, that poor family. On Christmas, it's so sad." I had my hand over my mouth.




We sat down and listened to the radio.




"They say that the car swerved off the road and fell into the ditch where the vehicle soon started to burn. Muggle police and Healers were soon at the scene. They pulled out two people and a body. Healers at st. Mungos say that the oldest boy is in a critical condition whereas the younger boy luckily escaped with a broken arm and some scrapes. The one death was a young woman, her family have just confirmed the body. Sir, is the body your daughter?"




It was then that I heard the voice of someone I never expected.




"Yes, the body recovered was my Daughter Sophie Andrews. And yes, the other two boys in the car were my other sons." My father told the reporter.




"No!" I screamed. I felt every ones eyes on me. My sister, my sister was dead. And one of my brothers was in a critical condition. I felt some ones arms round me. Then some more. I looked around to see that it was James and Freddy and Lily and Rose. Albus and Scorpius were sat there in shock and Dom and Vic were crying. 




I knew I should've cried, but nothing would fall. 




"We should get you to St.Mungos Katy." Harry said.




I grabbed his hand and we apparated into st.Mungos.





Have you ever felt like nothing will ever be good again. You'll never smile again, or laugh. That's how I feel. I still hadn't cried. Not a tear. I felt, empty. The world might as well have been in black and white.


The waiting  room was basically empty. It was Christmas after all. My eyes locked with Elle's. She'd been crying. Then Jack's, he was obviously in the crash, he had a small cut on his cheek. Then Tony. Wait, Tony's here. They said two of my brothers? They're both here. I looked at my Dad.




"Katy, it was Michael. He came back."




A/N *prepares for abuse.* I am so sorry I had to do that. But it doesn't fit with my plot I have in my head. I want these stories (yes, there will be a sequel!) to target issues with teens and without this, it wouldn't have gone right.     Sorry it took so long to update, my internet hasn't been working recently, but it's back on now and working well!


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