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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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A/N Ok so this story came to me one day when I was out with my family. It's kinda different to the other pregnancy stories I've wrote/am writing, so I hope you like it.

"Fliss, wake up honey. There's someone here to see you." I heard my dad say as I felt him shaking me gently.

"Go away," I mumbled into my pillow before rolling onto my otherside.

"Felicity," he addressed me sternly, "It's important."

"Okay, okay, I'm getting up," I huffed as I sat up in bed, rubbing at my eyes and then reaching for my glasses which brought  my multi-coloured room into focus.

Strictly speaking it's not just my room; you see I share it with my son and daughter. I live with my family live in a three story house Georgian house in London. My room is on the top floor next to my sister Ria's room and opposite the store cupboard. It's at the back and runs the full length of the house, from my window I have views of the London skyline; in the very distance I can make out Big Ben. It's one of my favourite parts, the best nights are in the summer when the sky has that hazy pink and orange glow.

At the very end of my room, is where Bentley and Aubri sleep and they each have their own side. Bentley's side is painted pale blue and Aubri's side is pale pink, as for the rest of the room it's bright raspberry pink. I love my room, especially the view which is  the reason behind my daughter's middle name; Skye.

"Five minutes," Dad called as he shut the door behind him.

I blinked a few times and looked at my alarm clock and saw it said eleven, thirty-one. Are you kidding, have I really been asleep that long? Why hadn't I heard my babies crying? I thought. Looking towards their cots I saw they were empty. Guess that answers my question, I hadn't heard them because they weren't in here and I was asleep.

I threw back my quilt and got up, crossing my room towards my chest of drawers. I pulled out a bra, put it on and looked in my mirror that rests on top.

"A hair out of place means you are in for an eventful day," chimed my mirror as I let out a small groan.

I didn't have just one hair out of place, practically all of my blonde hair was sticking up in every direction possible.

"That's it dear," my mirror sang as I  ran my brush through it and scraped it back into a pony tail.

I sighed, knowing that I better go and see who my visitor was. I headed for my door and grabbed a grey cardigan that was hanging from it before making my way down the two flights of stairs.

Not wanting to walk right into the living room, I headed for the kitchen which I love. It's bright yellow and when the sun is on the back of the house it gives the place a warm glow. Sat at the breakfast bar was my eldest sister Rhianon (who prefers being called Ria) holding a tearful baby girl, my baby in fact. I took Aubri from Ria and held her close, rocking her in my arms.

"Morning, sleepy head," Ria said as she poured me a glass of orange juice.

"Thanks," I said as she placed the glass on the breakfast bar. "You could have woken me up earlier."

Ria shrugged. "Thought you could have done with the sleep what with Aubri teething."

She was right, I've been knackered this past week. Aubri's teething and all she wants is to be held or to bite things, not to mention she hasn't been sleeping. And then when she wakes up at night it means Bentley wakes up minutes later because of the crying. In a way I'm glad I was able to sleep in, I don't think I've slept in since December when they were born, and it's now the start of July.

"So who's my visitor?" I asked lowering my voice and pointing to the door that leads to the living room as I drank my juice.

Ria smiled. "Think magical," she told me before leaving the kitchen.

Think magical, what on earth was she on about? I thought as I followed her after drinking the rest of my juice and putting the glass in the sink. I hovered outside the living room door before entering. Dad was sat on the sofa smiling and a sleeping Bentley was next to him. I went to sit down but dad stopped me.

"Here let me take Aubri," Dad offered as he stood up.

I went to hand him his granddaughter but Aubri whimpered so I batted his hand. "Leave her, she'll only cry otherwise," I told him in a low voice, as I sat in his empty seat.

He nodded and said, "I'll leave you too it then." Before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

My mouth dropped open as I looked towards the chair where my visitor was sat. There sat in my house was my ex-headmistress: Minerva McGonagall (nicknamed Minnie by me and my friends). She was dressed down in long black skirt with a hint of tartan, a white shirt and black jacket, her hair was in a tight bun as always. If anything she didn't look like the head I once knew. Then again she might have dressed down because of some of the muggles who live around here.

"Good Morning, Miss Saunders, I'm sorry to have woken you," she added as she eyed my pyjamas. "But I am here because I have a proposition for you," she said with a smile.

What is it with people smiling at me this morning, first Ria then dad and now my ex-head teacher. I felt like something was up and that they were not telling me things. I moved Aubri from my arm and sat her on my lap.

"As you know, the school term ended twenty-four hours ago," Minnie told me.

Oh I knew all right, my middle aged tutor Mrs Samuels had left two days ago as she was satisfied that my school work and grades were back to up to standard. I also knew it had ended because I've been dreading today for one reason; I was bound to be bombarded by owls with letters off my friends. Bentley snuffled in his sleep and I lost my thought so I nodded because Minnie was staring at me.

She continued, "Your grades are back up which means, if you want to. You would be able to attend Hogwarts again in September. You don't need to give me an answer right away but I will need one by the end of the week."

I nodded; Minnie was actually saying I could go back. My hard work had payed off and I could go back to school. "Um thanks for the offer, Professor, but I need to think about it," I told her, still feeling a bit shell shocked.

"No problem, I shall await your reply," Minnie said as she stood up. "I have to be on my way now."

I stood up, shifting Aubri again as she opened the living room door that leads to the hallway.

"I'll see myself out; you stay with your little ones. Goodbye, Miss Saunders."

I was left staring at the living room door and it wasn't until I heard the door click did I sit back down. She actually wants me to go back to school, I'm actually allowed back. I thought once I dropped out I might not have been able to.

"So what did she want?" Came Ria's voice as she came and sat on the other side of Bentley.

"ShesaidIcouldgobacktoHogwarts," I blurted out.

"Sorry, Flick, I didn't catch that."

"I said, she said I could go back to Hogwarts," I repeated.

I watched as Ria's mouth dropped open. "No way. Are you going then?" she asked.

God you'd think she was trying to get rid of me.

"I-I-I dunno," I stammered looking down at Bentley sleeping next to me and Aubri in my arms who was trying to eat my cardigan.

I took my cardigan out from her mouth. Great now I have a wet patch on me, I thought, but then smiled, it was al part of being a mum of course. Since I had taken her 'chew toy' Aubri tried putting her fist in her mouth. I'll be bloody glad when she's stopped teething, I thought as I let my mind wander.

"Come to Auntie Ria," Ria cooed at Aubri as she took her from me leaving a trail of dribble between us and bringing me back to reality. "Mummy looks like she needs some coffee."

I left her with my babies and headed for the kitchen. Ria was right, I did need coffee. I set about boiling the milk as I like it milky.

Before you get the idea I was expelled, excluded or kicked out of school, you would be one hundred per cent  wrong. Yes I left school, but it was because it was my choice.

You see, a year ago I was fifteen weeks pregnant. A year ago I broke up with my boyfriend of three years and seven months who I loved very much (still do a bit). A year ago I said my final goodbyes to my friends and a year ago I left Hogwarts because I wanted to. It was the right thing to do for me, and at the time my unborn babies.

When I left last year I knew I wouldn't be going back, I spent my summer owling my friends but never seeing them due to my ever expanding baby bump, something they knew nothing about. Although I was taught a spell to conceal it by Madame Pomfrey I hated it, it felt wrong to me. Iy was purely my decision to stop seeing them. Then when September first rolled around, I didn't get on the Hogwarts Express like everyone else.

I was here at home meeting my tutor: Mrs Samuels. She was lovely but strict to a certain extent, almost making Minnie look like pussy-cat, pun intended. It was hard at first after being in classroom with the others, who I could ask if I lost track, that and our house provided a lot of distraction. But the biggest distraction of all was the thought that I was going to have a baby at sixteen, at that point I didn't know it was twins, that came as another massive shock.

Of course when my friends had realised I hadn't shown up, they owled me. I sent them each matching letters explaining that I wasn't going back for my sixth year, because I dropped out of school due to my grades and that if they didn't improve I wouldn't be allowed back.

This much is true, I'm not exactly the best student when it comes to school work, I have a low attention span, so I get distracted easily. Especially when it involved writing essays, which was pretty much all my classes. I mean I was prefect in fifth year so it's not like I'm like I was one of the worst students, my grades were semi decent up until when I found out I was pregnant and spent my OWLS being a nervous, scared wreck.

Now with the help of Mrs Samuels I have improved all my OWL grades, except Care Of Magical Creatures which I dropped mainly because I didn't have access to any of the 'magical creatures' such as Hippogriffs, Nifflers or Kneazles. I would hardly call the three cats and two owls in our house that magical.

After September first and every day since my friends have owled me and apart from the first time I haven't replied. Every time a new letter comes, I just chuck it with the rest which live in a cardboard box at the bottom of my wardrobe. All the letters in there are untouched and unopened. I did open a few in the first week I was home and most of them said 'We miss you', 'Come back' and 'Where are you?'.

They fizzled out after awhile, the odd letter still coming around Christmas and my birthday, and a few in the months at the start of the year. I couldn't bring myself to open any of them, the guilt hung over me and knowing I was keeping such a big secret from those who I trusted the most, hurt.

I poured the milk in my cup and stirred it in with the coffee and added sugar, before going to sit at the breakfast bar. Thinking about Hogwarts makes me think back to the day I told Minnie I was pregnant, boy that was a fun conversation.

Sixteen and pregnant what an example I am to my younger sister, I thought as I rushed through the quiet castle to the head's office. I gave the password 'Chocolate frogs' and the gargoyle sprang to life. Once at the top of the stairs, I knocked.

"Come in," Came the voice of Professor McGonagall.

I entered the round room, not the first time I'd been here either. I dropped my bag down and sat in the chair in front of the desk.

"I believe that you asked Professor Longbottom that you needed to see me, Miss Saunders, is that correct?" Minnie asked.

I nodded nervously. "Yes, professor. I needed," I paused as I gathered my thoughts. "I-I needed  to tell you that I'm pregnant."

Silence, complete silence, even the portraits were silent. Remind me why I just told her? Because you want it kept quiet and you want to leave school, my brain answered myself. Why am I arguing in my head?

"Miss Saunders, are you still there?" Came Minnie's voice interrupting my thoughts.

I jumped at the sound of her vouce, shaking my head at my thoughts. "Huh?"

"Miss Saunders, you've just told me that you're pregnant. How far are you? And have you seen Madame Pomfrey?" Minnie asked me as she gave me a scolding look.

Well duh, I'm not that dull. Then again I'm sixteen and pregnant

"I'm ten weeks, I've known for two weeks and yes I've been to see Madame Pomfrey," I answered.

She nodded and I thought she looked older for her years. "I see. Has the father been informed?"

Jeez what is this, twenty questions

"I know who he is but I'd rather that stay private and no he doesn't. Well not yet anyway," I told her. I had the feeling she knew perfectly well who the father was giving that she and half the wizarding world knew who I was dating.

"Miss Saunders, you do realise I will have to inform the other teachers of your condition and you will also have to be excused from Charms, Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts practicals.  There are consequences because of your actions, and as you get further on in your pregnancy you may find you cannot manage all the stairs, the castle is hardly made for pregnant ladies. Have you thought about your options?" she questioned as she glanced at me, looking disappointed.

I nodded. "I understand the consequences and I'm going through with this. I'd like to leave Hogwarts if that's okay, Professor, after I've sat my OWLs of course."

Minnie nodded as she scribbled something down on the parchment in front of her. "I can arrange a tutor for you if you wish? So you can continue your sixth year without being here."

"Yes please, Professor, is there any spell that could help me hide my bump? I don't want anyone to know," I asked hesitantly.

"I understand, there is a spell that will conceal it for up to ten hours per day. I shall ask Madame Pomfrey to teach you it. Miss Saunders, you're not the first and you probably will not be the last."

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, no doubt she was thinking of my mother. Oh how history was repeating itself. Instead I smiled and stood up, grabbing my bag. "Thanks Professor," I called as I left the office.

"Flick, Flick, anyone home?" came a voice and a hand waving in front of my face.

I looked away from the window to see my younger sister Tessa, looking at me. You okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine. Just daydreaming that's all," I replied as I got up from the breakfast bar.

I really needed to take a long walk and think about this. Putting my mug in the sink I went back to the living room. I smiled at Aubri who was sat in the corner of the sofa, dribbling all down herself and Bentley who was now awake and sat on Ria's lap.

Just from seeing them sat there, I knew what to do. If I don't do it for myself, I want to do it for them. I want them to be proud of me and know that I didn't give up. I picked up a bit of parchment from the side and went back in the kitchen, grabbing a self-inking quill on my way.

I went over to the back door where the owl perch is and leant on the work top to write my reply. Once done I attached it to Swoop's leg (she's dad's owl) and stroked her as I told her where to go. I watched her fly out the back door before going to get the twins and myself dressed. I definitely need a long walk to mull things over and think about what I'm going to say when I go back.

- Potterfan310

A/N Thank you to my_voice_rising for sparking the ideas for the little things such as Flick's mirror as well as the advice and for giving this a chance! :D

I started writing this back in 2012 (finishing it in Oct 2014), and it has been edited a fair bit since then because of my writing style, but this story will always be my baby since it was my first proper novel length story I finished. Enjoy :)

Edited - 16.02.2018

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