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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 22 : Potions, Denial and Headmaster's Talks
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“OWLs.” Professor Higgs drops the OWL level Potions book he has been clutching down onto Albus’ and my desk. I flinch and Albus blinks suddenly.

“I hope you all had the sense to revise over the holidays, although I highly doubt it,” Higgs says dryly, his voice carrying through the silent room. Albus and I exchange a look- neither of us has touched any of our books.

Maybe it would be a good idea to before next lesson.

Quickly, I peer to my right where Rose is stood next to Scorpius (to everyone’s interest). She looks rather smug and happy while Scorpius looks slightly green (though, it might just be the weird light in the dungeons reflecting off his weirdly pale skin). Rose has obviously done some revision.

Meh, I can copy her.

“Your Ordinary Wizarding Levels are extremely important examinations…” Higgs smirks, staring around the silent classroom. “I do believe that soon, you will have a meeting to discuss your future and career choices. OWLs will determine your NEWT level classes, and will determine whether your original career choice was… right for you. Some of you teachers will not accept you into their classes if you do not achieve certain levels. I am one of those teachers. I will not accept anyone into my NEWT Potions class achieving below Exceeds Expectations. If you believe this to be harsh, think again. I think myself to be most… Generous. I know for a fact, that Professor Chang will not allow anyone into her Transfiguration class below an Outstanding grade.”

Albus gulps.

Professor Higgs smiles humourlessly. “So to get in the spirit of things, I suggest you get out your Potions books and turn to page thirty-three. Impress me. Enjoy.”

Eagerly, Albus and I flick quickly to the designated page.

Albus sucks in his cheeks. “Elixir of Lascivio? That’s NEWT level stuff, never mind OWL level…”

I grin at him. “Well, that’ll be no problem for you then. You can brew OWL stuff in your sleep, NEWT stuff should be fine.”

He laughs quietly, already chopping up his Lacewings. “Says you. You’re just as good at Potions as I am. Better, probably.”

I shrug the compliment off. See, I’m good at Potions- after Herbology, it’s my best subject. After Defence Against the Dark Arts (what a mouthful), Potions is Al’s. I’m good at sticking to the rules see and creating the best potions whereas Al is good at experimenting. Everything he creates seems to work, somehow. He just knows what goes well together and the outcome.

Albus looks up as we drop the now chopped Lacewings into the cauldron simultaneously. “I’m surprised he’s allowed to let us make it if I’m honest.” When he sees my confused face he explains, “You see, it’s the Elixir of Sport, basically. It improves your sporting ability. They don’t usually let you make it- people might use it for Quidditch, see. They have checks for professional Quidditch players to make sure they’re not taking that or any other sport enhancer.”

I raise my eyebrows as I begin to boil the cauldron. “Well, Higgs has never been one for following the rules, has he? He’s always been pretty adventurous.”

Albus shrugs. “I like him. Slughorn was good, back in First Year, it was a shame when he retired but I reckon Higgs is good. Better than Snape, according to Uncle Ron.”

I smile wickedly, “I wouldn’t trust your Uncle Ron’s opinion on Snape, Al. He’s pretty biased.”

Bus chuckles. “Definitely. My dad went to school briefly with Higgs you know.”

“Really?” I ask, surprised.

“Yeah, Dad always said he was pretty decent. A Slytherin. Dad played Quidditch against him. He always said he was a good Quidditch player and never broke the rules. He was one of the only Slytherins who were against You Know Who’s regime. He’s a good guy,” Albus tells me. I nod, slightly startled.

Higgs has always seemed nice enough- proud but fair. He never favoured the Slytherins or bullied the other houses. He could yell but he normally kept himself to himself. Heck, I’ve even seen smile in joy before. He was known to actually help someone.

I know.


And the dungeons aren’t so bad. Slughorn lightened it up a bit- but he was getting a bit old and fat, so tended not to move from his chair at his desk. Higgs however, decorated. Sort of. There’s no longer that suspicious looking substance dripping from the ceiling, or the mould that used to grow a little more every lesson. That’s gone. And he put up more candles so you’re not blind. Much better!

“Albus?” I frown, watching him stir his already bubbling potion clockwise.

“Yeah?” he replies, not looking up from his cauldron.

Peering down at my book to check, I look back up at him. “Um, it says here stir it three times anti-clockwise, Al.”

Albus shrugs and grins wickedly. “Don’t tell anyone, but I like to experiment with Potions.”

I raise my eyebrows. “You haven’t?”

“Room of Requirement, my friend. I’ve made, or attempted, basically every illegal potion there is. Never tried one, of course,” he adds hastily. “I experimented with this Elixir, and I found that if you stir clockwise five times now, you don’t need to stir after you’ve added the Valerian Sprigs and can add the Spines of Lionfish earlier.”

I blink, impressed.

He shrugs. “Just experimenting. It works, trust me.”

I nod, grinning at him and begin to follow his instructions quietly. With Albus’ practiced hands, he finishes his potion at least fifteen minutes before the lesson ends. I’m adding the last ingredients, and most of the class are still only three quarters done making of their potions. It would look suspicious if Al finished that early, so he prepares to hide the fact he finished so early by tidying and stirring his finished potion every so often.

Suddenly, Higgs appears behind him. Both Albus and I jump at his sudden arrival. Quickly, I turn back to my potion, stirring and checking the book every so often.

I’m good at acting casual.

“Finished already, Mr Potter?” Higgs mutters quietly, eyes sparkling.

Albus coughs awkwardly. “Yes sir.”

“How have you finished so early, Mr Potter? Surely you would just be adding the Spines of Lionfish now.” Higgs continues carefully, still very calm. Nobody has noticed him.

“I’m very quick sir,” Al says quietly, not quite looking at him.

Ah fuck it. I’m fairly sure he’s going to get a right bollocking.

“Really? I’m sure I saw you add Valerian Sprigs much earlier than you really should have; after not stirring twelve times clockwise. In fact, I saw you stir five times clockwise when you should have stirred three anticlockwise.” Higgs raises his eyebrows, a smirk playing on his lips.

“I’ve read up on it, sir, see. I’ve seen, um, articles, about it sir. They found ways to make it quicker and I, uh, memorised it,” Albus lies quickly, staring at the floor.

“I can’t say I’ve ever heard of these articles, Mr Potter,” Higgs replies easily. Albus grimaces. “However, I must congratulate you on your brilliant experimenting. It is rather impressive.”

Albus looks up and gapes at him.

“I trust you never tried it? Otherwise I would have to report you.”

“N-no, sir. Of course not,” Albus answers quickly, shaking his head violently.

Professor Higgs smiles, actually smiles. “I didn’t think so. You never seemed to have the side effects during a Quidditch match from what I observed. Brilliant work, Mr Potter, I must admit. I hope you are considering a career in Potioneering? Very impressive. However Mr Potter, I must warn you not to make illegal potions any longer. I may not be able to protect you next time. Perhaps I will offer to tutor you if you enter my NEWT class. That way you can practice legally.”

Albus nods, gawping at Higgs. Then he turns to me. “I must congratulate you, too, Miss Parker. More stunning work from you. Keep it up.”

With that, he saunters off to another pupil whose potion is billowing pink smoke.

I look at Albus, who’s gaping.

“Well. He’s actually nice.”

“I’m fairly surprised, I gotta say.”

We both laugh quietly and we begin pack up and pour a little of our potions into flasks, waiting to be marked as the rest of the class attempt to finish their potions furiously.

Rose sends us furtive looks as stirs her potion and mutters darkly under her breath (“It says it should be Azure blue, this is more Dodger blue…”).  I grin impishly back at her, twiddling my fingers at her.

“I love winding Rose up. It’s great!” I chuckle as Albus and I finish tidying.

Albus laughs back and then frowns. “How long does Rose have until she has to stop playing Quidditch? I mean, we steamrolled Hufflepuff before Christmas, but we have the Ravenclaw match coming up. We need to know if she can play or not.”

I frown too. “I’m not sure. She did tell me, but I have no idea right now. But you’re right- we need to find out or replace her and soon.”

“James hasn’t gotten round to organising anything as of yet,” Albus tells me, sending me look.

“What?” I cry defensively.

“I think his attention is focused elsewhere,” Albus winks at me. Blushing, I slap his arm playfully.

“Eff off, Al!”

“Seriousy, Kat! I’ve been asking him for weeks- nonstop since we got back. I think you’re the only one who can get through to him. Pretty please?” Albus bats his eyelashes at me, and for a second my stomach tenses uncomfortably.

“Um, yeah. I’ll ask!” I reply in an unnaturally high voice.

He blinks at me and eyes me suspiciously. Then he shakes his head and goes to the front of the class for marking. Coughing quietly, I grab my flask and head for sir. I’m confident I’ll get at least an E.

While I queue, I stare at the back of Albus’ head and day-dream.

I’ve mostly been avoiding James since we got back. Not so much he’ll guess- just enough so I can breathe. I’ve been telling him I’ve been spending time with Rose- helping with stuff. He seems to believe it. Hogsmeade next Sunday. I think he’s planning on taking me out- which I’m happy with, just so long we don’t wear matching outfits like last time.

Oh, Rose went to her first meeting. The day before we went back to school. She took Scorpius (to be fair, the lady who runs it suggested you bring the father…). It went well- actually it went brilliantly. She was practically bouncing when she got back. Everyone was lovely apparently, and there were quite a lot of girls her age. She met this really nice girl- Connie- and she was eighteen. She had a daughter at Rose’s age but had dropped out of school after sixth. It got too much. I can understand that- I think I would, if I was in that position.

Rose laughed in her face when Connie asked if she was considering that.

As if Rose would let anything come between her and her education.

Rose has her second meeting thing on Saturday and she’s planning on telling Professor Flitwick before then. As if Rose would ever sneak out!

“Next!” Professor Higgs calls, bringing me out of my daydream. I surge forward and hand him my potion. He pulls out the cork, sniffs it (?) and smiles. Under his breath, he mutters some words and flicks his wand at the Potion. It does not change colour.

Satisfied, he pours the potion away and nods at me. “Outstanding. Well done. Next!” he tells me before looking behind me.

Ecstatic, I bounce away back to Albus.

“What did you get?” he asks, grinning.

“Outstanding! You?”

“Same!” he crows happily, holding up his hand for a high five. I slap it lightly.

At that moment, the bell goes. The class head for the door. I grab my bag and sling it over my shoulder while Albus waits for me. Rose and Scorpius are leading the herd.

Suddenly, an alarm rings loudly and piercingly. I clap my hands over my ears and the class mirror me.

Higgs stands up looking furious and waves his wand twice. The clanging fades away.

“Which of you was foolish enough to try smuggle out some of the Elixir?” he hisses. The class goes deadly silent.

Trembling, Reggie Humble- a Hufflepuff- steps forward. He reaches into his pocket and fishes out a little flask of the stuff.

“The rest of you, get out! I’ll deal with this idiotic boy. Be warned- if any of you try to smuggle any potions again, it will have dire consequences.” Higgs roars.

The class don’t need telling twice; they practically run out of the class.

As we leave the classroom, Albus laughs. “Wow, I’d have thought a Slytherin would have done that. I didn’t know Hufflepuff had it in them!”

“Hey!” I bat his arm. “Hufflepuff are a fine house!”

Albus laughs again, poking my side. “Just because the Sorting Hat considered putting you in Hufflepuff.”

I gape at him, fighting a laugh and thwack him over the head. “You swore you’d never bring that up again!” then I smirk. “I wonder what James would say if I told him you were nearly put in Slytherin…”

Albus chokes and pretends to look offended. “You!” he splutters.

Yes, the Sorting Hat did consider Hufflepuff for me. I don’t know why- I’m way too mean for Hufflepuff. And yes, Albus was considered for Slytherin. He’s a lot sneakier than his dad- more cunning and slightly more power-hungry.

But in the end, the Sorting Hat decided Al was too much like his dad for Slytherin, and his bravery outweighed the whole power-hunger thing.

“What was all that sniffing and spell stuff about? I thought he’d test it out like he usually does,” I ask Al as we head towards Charms.

“The Elixir of Lascivio has a certain smell- sort of like outside. Like broomsticks and grass and rain. And the spell- well, if it’s created properly, it won’t change colour and if it isn’t, it’ll go all mouldy and green.” Al explains.

It smells like Albus.

I wrinkle my nose. “Ew.”

Albus shrugs. “I know. But it’s effective.”

“Hey! Excuse me!” a voice calls from down the corridor. We turn to see a seventh year girl running towards us. I recognise her- a Ravenclaw I think. She pegs it down the corridor, the blonde hair flicking into her face.

“Us?” I ask, confused.

“Yes you!” she pants, exasperated. “Katrina Parker and Albus Potter?”

We both nod at her. She nods at us. “The Headmaster wants to see you.”

I round of Al, hand on hip. “What did you do?”

Albus’ jaw drops. “Seriously? Why do you always think it was me?”

I raise my eyebrows at him. “You really need to ask? What did you do this time?”

Albus shrugs, excepting my explanation before frowning. “I didn’t do anything. What did you do?”

I laugh and raise my hands in an “I dunno” sort of position. “I didn’t.”


“Yeah! I’m a straight E student, my friend. I don’t get sent to the Headmaster’s office. You on the other hand…”

“Hey! Just because I’m adventurous-”

“And stupid.”

“And I like the odd prank-”

“And can’t clean up after said prank.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m the bad kid with multiple piercings who plays American football in the films!”



“You watch American teen chick-flicks?”


The Ravenclaw girl coughs awkwardly then smirks at us. “As much as I’m enjoying watching you kids flirt, the Professor Flitwick is asking for you. Save the awkward flirting for when you’re alone.” She turns on her heels and begins walking back down the corridor, motioning for us to follow. Albus and I stand there gaping and flushing for a little while.

She turns around again and blows a loose hair out of her face in exasperation. “Are you coming or what?”

Albus jogs up to her and I follow suit. “We’re, uh, not dating.” Albus hastens to explain.

“I don’t really care,” the girl tells him, looking straight ahead. Silence seems to suffocate us. We walk in silence for a good few minutes.

“I mean, we’re really not going out. I mean, we’re both seeing other people. Seriously.” Albus begins again, speaking at about 60mph. I nod furiously, still blushing.

The girl just raises her eyebrows.

“Like we’d ever date! Kat and I are just like best friends. Nothing else. She sees me as her brother and I see her as my sister.”

Well, shit.

I cough awkwardly in response.

“Really?” she asks, obviously disbelieving.  “Wow. All that sexual tension… I just put one and one together…” she trails off and looks me up and down. She notices how awkward I look and smiles to herself. “Well, we’re here!” she gestures towards the statues which lead to Flitwick’s office.

“Cherry syrup,” she mutters at the statues. I frown and nearly laugh at the odd password.

The girl shrugs. “It’s his favourite drink.”

Slowly, the status revolve round, showing the way to his office. Al and I surge forward. She grins at us and begins to walk off.

“Oh! Have fun in denial! I’ll see you guys on the cover of Witch Weekly, kissing!” she calls over her shoulder. She chuckles to herself and whistles loudly that Muggle song- what’s it called? Oh yeah- “Puppy Love”.

I blush even more and Albus flushes bright red.

After the Second Wizarding War, the gargoyle that protected the Headmaster’s Office was virtually destroyed, as was the way to it. So, they did a little refurnishing. Once you step past the gargoyle, you step onto this tiny flight of steps which magically move, spiralling upwards to outside the Office.

Only problem is, it’s quite a small little alcove.

So, Albus and I are sort of, you know, pushed up against each other.

Which isn’t really helping the awkwardness of the whole situation. But you know. I suppose I could take a little step backwards so we wouldn’t be so crushed, but why should I?

No point lying about it: I can’t say I’m not enjoying the closeness. Apart from the whole awkward silence thing.

Who am I kidding? I can live with it.

I cough awkwardly as we travel slightly upwards. You know, for a magical lift, it’s awfully  slow. Albus blows out his cheeks and taps his foot lightly. I suck in my cheeks and chew on the inside of one nervously. I know it’s only lasting a few seconds, but right now it feels like hours.

“Well. This is sufficiently uncomfortable,” I say, grinning to myself. Albus snorts and suddenly the silence is broken.

“’Have fun in denial!’” Albus mimics as I giggle, waving his hand about madly. “’All that sexual tension…’ There’s no sexual tension!”

“Nope! Nada!” I laugh as he chuckles and waves his arms about.

“For a Ravenclaw, she’s pretty dumb,” Albus smirks at me and I wink at him.

“I don’t know, Albus. It’s quite obvious you’ve been having a hard time keeping your hands off me!”

Sarcasm is probably the best thing known to man.

Albus chuckles, looking weirdly uncomfortable. “You got that right!” he winks at me right back before jabbing me lightly in the ribs. We start to laugh uncontrollably until a sudden light appears. The laughter dies on our tongues as we stare at the doors leading to the Headmaster’s Office.

We step out together, completely in sync. I can hear muffled talking coming from the room.

“If he accuses us anything, I’m blaming you and running for it,” I inform Albus seriously, looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

“I’ll distract him, you run. I’ve got friends in the kitchens. We’ll take some food and run for it. We’ll go live in… Comoros.” Albus mutters.

I nod then look at him incredulously. “Comoros? Where the fuck did Comoros come from? Why not somewhere hot like California?”

“No-one will look for us there. Besides, it’s somewhere near Madagascar.” Albus explains quickly.

I accept his logic. “I’ll go with it.”

Plastering smiles onto our faces, we push open the doors.

Rose’s POV (what? I like writing from other people’s POVS!)

“Ah! Mr Potter and Miss Parker! Miss Tactus finally found you? Well, you’re just in time, take a seat, please!” Professor Flitwick squeaks from behind his desk. Quickly, he waves his wand once and two plush chairs are conjured out of no-where and placed next to James’. James and Dom is sat next to us. I’m not sure why everyone is here, but I suppose he has a good reason. Flitwick’s rather ingenious- he’s lined his chair with cushions and placed a sticking spell on them (so they don’t topple, I suppose) so he can see over the top of the desk.

I look up in surprise; I did not realise Bus and Katrina were coming. To be quite honest, by the looks on their faces, nor did they.

When I look at them, I get that familiar feeling I get whenever I look at them together. It’s almost like I’m intruding. It’s odd isn’t it? Even though it’s always been Katrina and I and Scorpius and Al, when they’re together, it’s very much like they’re one. For instance, they’ll have moments when they just share a look, and they just understand each other-

Like then! They just did it! They just looked at us all, then looked back at each other and caught each other’s eye. Even though they only made eye contact for two seconds, it looked like they’d had a silent conversation and come to a decision.

James smiles and waves them over. They both surge forward and sit down, weirdly almost moving as one. Katrina sits in the middle, looking very awkward.

It’s crazy- they’re both so different and their opinions often clash, but suddenly they can act like they’re two halves of a whole.

I always figured they were in love- I mean, come one. It’s rather obvious. Then they both got other dates. With whom they’re incredibly happy with.

That is not what I expected.

I expected them both to see other people, of course. They’re both oblivious to each other’s feelings. But I sort of expected them both to yell at each other and attempt to kill said other people.

They sort of reacted like that at first. And then they just got calm. And accepted it. And hang out. And love their partners. And act like they’re not completely head over heels.

Maybe I was wrong…

No! No. Rose Weasley is never wrong. I’m right, they just can’t see it.

Just look at how their arms are angled- so close they’re nearly holding hands. How awkward: James has just reached for Katrina’s hand. She’s holding hands with James and looks as if she’s about to take Albus’ as well.

You have no idea how many occasions there have been when Al and Kat been close together, just looking at each other and I’ve wanted to lean forward and push their heads together, shouting, “NOW KISS!”

I never do, of course. And they never kiss.

It is odd though. Defying all the rules of love. I think that they both love each other, but love their other partners too.

James told me Katrina loves him back. He was over the moon.

And ever since, Katrina’s been acting oddly around him. James hasn’t noticed of course, but a trained eye with a bright mind (me) can see it. She’s subtle, I’ll give her that. But I can see right through her. She doesn’t think she loves him back.

I don’t buy it.

Sometimes, the way she’ll look at him; that little smile when he talks; that light blush whenever he looks at her; and the twinkle in her eye when he laughs. I don’t know, but it feels like she loves him. I just don’t think the love is deep enough for her to actually feel it. I think she’s too rooted in her love for Albus to realise that for James.

Is it possible to love two people at once?  Especially when the two people are so different, but so similar at the same time?

Of course, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is who she loves more. Who’s the one she’ll choose? To be perfectly honest, I haven’t a clue.

I’m settled of course. Scorpius.

I turn my head and look at my boyfriend, who is sat right next to me- as close as you could get the seats together. He smiles at me and reaches out, lacing his fingers with mine. I return the smile and when I look up, I see my father wince almost theatrically and Draco glare at our hands. The sight makes me smile.

Of course, I know our relationship isn’t perfect: far from it! If it was, we wouldn’t be sat here now, having to explain to the Headmaster that I’m pregnant at fifteen (almost sixteen). In a perfect world, we would have waited until we’d at least finished school and both gotten careers and settled down.

This isn’t exactly a perfect world though, is it?

I don’t know, right now I feel okay. Slightly terrified, but I feel like I can get through it. I accept the fact that we’re only fifteen, Scorpius and I might not work out, we might break up- we’re only young. But right now, it feels real. I just feel like it’s going to last.

It has to last.

Not in a cheesy way; Rose Weasley doesn’t do cheesy- but in a: we’re-the-only-people-on-this-planet-who-will-put-up-with-each-other sort of way.

But more romantic. I think.

Scorpius squeezes my hand and I jolt awake. I look up and focus to find everyone looking at me expectantly.

“I asked, Miss Weasley, what is your game plan, so to speak? What do you plan on doing now?” Professor Flitwick smiles at me encouragingly. My mind goes absolutely blank, and suddenly I can’t remember what on earth I’m planning on doing. I can’t remember any of the plans I made with Mum before I came back, or discussed with Astoria and Scorpius.

How am I supposed to do anything when I’m fifteen and pregnant?

Panicking, I look at Katrina. Without missing a beat, she speaks up.

“I believe, sir, that her plan was to finish school, no matter what,” Katrina says clearly, looking at Flitwick. He smiles at her and then at me.

“Good, I’m glad. It would be a shame to lose such a brilliant pupil.”

I blush. But I know it’s true. There’s no point lying; I am one of the brightest pupils they have here.

“However, I must ask how you plan on caring for the child when you return to school in sixth year,” Flitwick continues.

This time, it’s my mother who answers for me. “Ronald and I have been looking into small apartments or houses in Hogsmeade, Filius,” my mother begins and we all stare at her. That was the problem that somewhat stumped us all, but mum was speaking as if we’d planned this all along. “I’m going to take a year off work-”

I open my mouth to protest but James protests for me.

“Aunt Hermione, you can’t,” he speaks up calmly. Mum smiles at James, rather sadly- she’s always loved her job- before continuing. “I can, James. And I will. There’s no other way.”

James takes a deep breath and looks at Dominique, who nods, before continuing. “Aunt Hermione, you don’t have to. I, uh, overheard you talking about it and I decided you couldn’t. I’ve been accepted to play for Puddlemere as Chaser,” James puffs his chest out in pride at this. “I was looking at places nearby so I could stay near Kat and all my friends,” Kat blushes bright red and Albus shifts uncomfortably.

“We decided we’d live together for a bit while James got settled at Puddlemere and me at the Daily Prophet.” Dom pipes up now. “I’m good with kids, and because my internship basically means staying at home writing all day, we could look after the baby while Rose is studying. They could live with us while Rose studies- it’d be easy. Go to school and then come home every evening.”

We all gape at the two as they look at us. Katrina looks shocked- she evidently wasn’t let in on the planning. I’m actually rather impressed- they’ve obviously been thinking about this for a while.

James rushes on in our silence. “We’ve found this really great little apartment- it’s over that robe repair shop in Hogsmeade. It’s got this room with a little kitchen and living area and then these three little bedrooms- it’s perfect.”

“Small but perfect,” Dom finishes, looking earnest.

Astoria smiles at them both. “That sounds amazing. And lovely of you, it really is.”

My mother splutters, gaping at them. “I-well! I can’t let you do that! That wouldn’t be fair.”

James shrugs. “We put a bid in for it. And we can’t let you give everything up, Aunt Hermione. We know how much your job means to you.”

“It would give Rose a lot more independence. It would mean she wasn’t depending on you, Hermione to raise the baby for her,” Astoria adds thoughtfully.

Slightly peeved by that slightly offensive comment, I cough angrily.

Astoria, noticing the look on my face, hastily adds, “Of course, Rose is a sensible girl. She wouldn’t take advantage, but it’d give Rose an opportunity to know what it will be like when she leaves school and gets a job. Much more useful, I believe!”

My father smiles. “Sounds like a bloody good idea, you two. I’m all for it. We’ll put money towards it obviously, Rose isn’t old enough yet to pay rent.”

Mum nods slowly. “I… I think it’s a wonderful idea, and very sweet of you two. However, it’s a lot of responsibility. So only if you’re absolutely sure.”

James and Dom nod eagerly, smiling at my parents. “Of course, Aunt Hermione. We’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

“Well. Rose, what do you think?” mum turns to me, smiling at me.

Grinning happily, I tell them, “It sounds brilliant! I think it’d be amazing. I’d love it.”

Flitwick beams happily and claps his hands together in delight. “That’s wonderful then! Problem solved!” he cries cheerfully. “Now that’s come together, we must discuss Miss Weasley and Mr Malfoy’s OWLS-”

“What about them?” I interrupt quickly, frowning at him in confusion.

“Well, Miss Weasley, I just supposed you’d want to postpone your Ordinary Wizarding Levels until after the baby is born. You’re due sometime in June, yes? And the examinations will take place early June, so you would be heavily pregnant. I believe it would be rather stressful for you and Mr Malfoy. I’m rather friendly with the head of the Ordinary Wizarding Level board, so I’m sure under these special circumstances, he would be more than happy to postpone them for you two.” Flitwick explains slowly.

Scorpius visibly relaxes and begins to smile. “Sir, that would be bril-”

“Horrible!” I cry, cutting off Scorpius. “Sir, I just can’t do that! I couldn’t postpone my exams by a minute!”

Scorpius turns his head to gape at me. I’m absolutely distraught- Flitwick surely can’t expect me to put my exams back? I have been following a strict revising schedule ever since we returned to school after Christmas; to put the examinations back would just make me go past my best! Too much revising just kills me- I like it to be fresh. No, no, I have timed this to perfection- I can’t change it now.

“Sir, I must insist we keep it the same! I just can’t accept such special treatment! I would much prefer to have them on time. I’m sure Scorpius and I will be absolutely fine,” I burst out, my words coming out in a rush.

Flitwick nods and smiles at me. “Of course, Miss Weasley. If you believe you and Mr Malfoy will have no problem, I’m fine with that.”

Scorpius turns to look at me again, lips curled and eyes popping- the face of complete disbelief.

Ah, of course. He would have wanted to delay the exams. I should have noticed… I believe I may get, as Kat would put it, a bollocking from Scorpius later.


A/N Hey there! I do apologize for the EXTREMELY LONG delay towards this chapter. As I have said before, life does has the tendency to get in the way quite often. However, I hope you’ll forgive me if I present you with this rather long (OVER 5,000 WORDS PEOPLE. IMPRESSIVE FOR MY LAZY BEING) and sort of informative chappie! I’m not going to lie, I loved writing it! I’ll try update soon.
And I can tell you now, that either next chappie or the one after that will be rather dramatic…

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