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Finding the Future by marauder lady
Chapter 18 : Celebrations
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 It’s pretty much all JKR’s


Chapter 18


Steven jumped up and pulled Emily into arms, lifting her off the floor.  The room erupted into celebratory cheers and James opened a couple of bottles of champagne for the adults and some butterbeers for the kids.  Meanwhile everyone began to cluster around Steven and Emily to congratulate them.  Sirius shot a sly glance at his wife, grinning to see his wife swimming with tears. 


“Congratulations sweetheart!” Terese said, hugging her son.  “And to you, Emily!” Steven eyed her warily as her voice started wavering.


“You’re not going to start crying are you mum?” 


“I’m fine, sweetheart!” she said, cuffing him gently round the head. 


“You know what she’s like, Mate” Sirius said after shaking hands with his son and hugging his future daughter in law.


“At least she didn’t throw a tantrum like you did when Me and Dean got engaged!” Francesca said.  Terese laughed.


“That was…” Sirius began.


“Different!” Terese, James, Lily, Remus, Tonks, Francesca and Steven all chorused. 


“I think we should have a toast!” James called out, handing round glasses. He waited a beat.  “Alright, I’ll do it.  Steven, well done.  Em, you’re officially marrying into The Black Family.  Good Luck!” everyone laughed except Sirius.


“Two down one, to go anyway, Tess!” Sirius joked.


“Dad!” Allegra exclaimed, blushing and glancing sideways at Dan, who was staring at the floor.


“We’ll make sure you catch the bouquet, Al!” Steven teased his sister.


“Hey, I’m not the one getting married.  It’ll be more grandchildren next!” she responded, shooting a sly look at her mother who had immediately teared up again.


“Well played!” Steven mumbled, while rolling his eyes.


The celebrations continued.  While Renee was chatting to Francesca, Allegra and Dan crept outside to the garden.


“I’m sorry about my Dad and Steven!” she said, resting her head on his shoulder.


“It’s alright.  I get the feeling it wouldn’t go down too well if we did get engaged.” He said, playing with her hair.


“Really wouldn’t.  I think Dad would have a heart attack!”


“What happened when Francesca got engaged?”


“I don’t remember it that clearly.  It was Christmas Day and Francesca announced that they were get in married and Dad stormed off in a strop until Mum and Uncle Jimmy talked him round.”  Dan grinned.  “I did warn you that my family are insane”


“If your brother’s to be believed, you’re just as bad.” He teased her. She shrugged. 


“Yeah well, at least you were pre-warned.”  She lifted her face to his and they kissed, only pulling away when they heard a cough coming from the doorway.  Allegra looked up.




“Class act, Al!” Teddy sneered, glaring at them.


“Don’t be an arsehole Teddy.  You were the one who set Dan to spy on me anyway.”


“I did not…”


“Yes you did.  He told me”


“Cheers mate!”

“If your relationship with Victoire is none of my business, how is this any of yours?”


“Come on, Al…”


“What? You’re a year older than me Teddy. Stop acting as if you’re an adult and I’m a child.”


“Stop acting like one then!” Teddy snapped.


“You’re out of order, Lupin!”  Dan said angrily.


“No one asked you, Reeves”


“Would you two stop it?  I don’t need either of you going all macho on me.” Allegra intervened angrily. 


“Everything alright, Al?” Steven appeared at the door, looking between Teddy and Dan.


“Fine.  Teddy was just going to apologise for being a git!”


“Give it a rest, Al!”


“Did you come out here just to pick a fight?” Allegra asked him, exasperated.  Teddy shrugged.  “Come on Dan.  Before Auntie Lily starts showing Ren all the old photo albums.”  She stomped to the door, stopping when she reached Teddy.


“You can tell your girlfriend that tonight is about the fact my brother just got engaged, so if she wants to pick a fight she can fuck off.”  She marched in, followed by Dan.  Teddy looked at Steven.


“Congratulations.” He said awkwardly.


“Cheers.  Now why do you keep upsetting my sister?”


“If she hadn’t thrown a strop in the first place…”


“Look, I know what Al’s like.  She spent the first seven years of her life tormenting me and Dad.  But you know she cares about you Teddy…”


“I know.  And I care about her.”  Teddy sighed.  “I’ll talk to Victoire.  Try and get her to ease up on her”


“Cheers, Mate. You know it’ll make all of our lives easier.  I know Harry’s been concerned about it, seeing as Ginny’s Victoire’s aunt.”


“I’ll make up with Al and sort it.”

“So, is this Dan bloke good enough for my baby sister?”



“Al, can I have a word?” Teddy asked Allegra later, as she was talking and laughing with Renee and Dan.


“You want to shout at me again, Ted?”


“Nope. Promise!”


“Ok.” She pecked Dan on the cheek and stood up.  She followed Teddy into the kitchen.


“You ok, sweetheart?” Terese called after her, aware that her daughter and Teddy had had an altercation earlier.


“Fine, Mum” Allegra called back.  In the kitchen, Teddy was leaning back in a chair at the table.


“What?” Allegra asked.


“Look, Al.  This is stupid. This fighting.”


“I know.”


“So can we… stop?”


“I don’t know.  Ask your girlfriend.”


“Why don’t you like her, Allegra?”  Allegra shrugged.


“I don’t know.  Why doesn’t she like me? We just rub each other up the wrong way I suppose.”


“If I have a word with her, get her to agree to a truce, can we be friends again.”


“What if we can’t have a truce?”


“I… don’t know Al.  I’m just sick of this fighting.”


“Will you be nice to Dan?  You must’ve been mates last year” 


“Alright! So… we mates again?”  Allegra sighed.


“Yeah. I suppose so!” She grinned, throwing her arms around Teddy, then messing up his hair.


“OI!” He said laughing.


“Yeah I know. Don’t mess the hair.”  Allegra laughed, delighted that they were friends again.  She was prepared to tolerate Victoire, as long as she would do her the same courtesy.



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