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The 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas. by Half_Empty
Chapter 5 : Moments
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You know those moments? Those moments when you’re so stunned that you can’t even move or speak, let alone breathe?

Yeah… those moments.


I’m in the middle of a big fat one right now.


Albus for his part seems just as shocked by his actions if his motionless lips are any indication. He’s just… sitting there with his lips touching mine awkwardly like we’re two ten year olds who don’t really know what we’re doing.


I think he may have been stupified…


Oh! And did I forget to mention that the whole Great Hall is witnessing this?


My bad.


But in my defence I am a bit preoccupied attempting to restrain myself from stabbing him with the fork that my hand is currently inching towards.


No Kyra. You will not stoop to Rebecca’s level.


Unless it’s a last resort of course.



It’s been about two minutes now and still no movement on the snogging front.


Is he not… I don’t know… getting bored or anything? It’s not exactly fun to be sitting here with our lips pressed together- motionless in public! It’s just embarrassing!


… I think I just described PDA.


Please ignore my previous comment.


We’re breathing around each other’s mouths for Merlin’s sake! I’m sure it looks like some weird primitive mating ritual to the nosey buggers surrounding us, either that or a poor rhinoceros impression from both parties.


… It’s getting increasingly awkward.


But how do I stop it? I mean, do I like… pull away?


No. That would only result in that weird popping noise like I’d just removed an octopus or something from my arm.


‘Cause… you know… they have suckers…



This is what you do to me Albus Potter- make me think about underwater sea life.


…whilst I’m snogging him which I’m sure is pretty insulting to his skills. Not that he… you know has any.


Oh God…. Is he? Are they?


He’s starting to move! Red Alert, Red Alert! Snogging is occurring, I repeat: Snogging is occurring!


His lips are soft and gentle against mine as he raises an arm to snake around my neck. I raise my hands automatically to place against his chest as I attempt to push him away.




The phrase: resistance is futile popped into mind.


I pressed harshly against his toned chest as he did the opposite, therefore pulling me closer towards him. His other hand reached to take its place nestled in my curly hair as he continued his torture… which was starting to fell less tortuous by the second.


…why am I resisting again?


FOCUS KYRA! You’re doing this to save yourself from Rebecca Thomas! Do you want to die?


Unfortunately not.


I shoved and shoved against the unmovable rock that was Albus Potter but he refused to move, instead stupidly deciding to press even more harshly against my already bruised lips.


It felt good. Really good.




This was bad…very bad. It meant that I may in the future have had to admit that Mia was right and that is unacceptable- I couldn’t let it happen.


But he tastes like chocolate…




So for the sake of my sanity I made a split second decision- I did what any other girl in my situation would have done under the pressure.


I pulled a Becky.


Numerous shocked gasps reverberated around the room as I embedded the implement firmly into the flesh of Albus’s hand, his scream of pain making me re-think my decision.




Albus’s POV:


I don’t know why I did it: kissed her. Maybe it was the smirk on Becky’s face, or the grin on James’s like he knew I was being rejected again. I just couldn’t take it anymore!


…so I kissed her.


Which sounds pretty ridiculous when you say it like that…


Merlin, Kyra’s going to kill me.


…Or stab me with cutlery if the direction her hand is taking is any indication.


What do I do? Do I just… continue? Do I pull away? It appears Kyra’s thinking about the same thing if her wide open eyes and heavy breathing are accurate.


She’s definitely looking for an escape route.


Wow… way to make me feel wanted. Ladies’ man: that’s me.


We’re attached at the lips, our eyes peeled back like we’ve stuck our fingers in a Muggle electric socket.


Why I’m sure this definitely looks like we’re in love…




…But I may as well make the most of it.


Mustering up all available confidence I continued what I’d stupidly started like any other hormonal teenage male would have done.


… It was probably the worst decision of my life.


“Ouch!” I exclaimed, pulling back from Kyra’s beet red face. “You stabbed me!”


I cannot believe she just stabbed me with a fork.


“You kissed me!” Was her angry retort as she withdrew the fork from my hand. “Why the hell did you kiss me?”


Good question.


“Because I love you!”


Bad answer.


Brandishing the fork in one hand, Kyra leapt from the bench, grabbing Bishop’s wrist in the process and dragging her along. She backed away, the fork in my direction at all times like I was going to attack her.




“No you don’t!” She shouted, throwing her friend behind her as if to protect her.


It’s like she thinks I’m Voldemort or something.


I held up both of my hands in front of me like I would if faced with a group of very angry Hippogriffs. Which… isn’t the most flattering comparison but Kyra will never know.






“Calm down Kyra.” I said calmly- even though I was anything but- taking a dubious step towards her. A few nervous giggles erupted from the crowd watching us- James’s booming laugh the loudest of them all. 


Oh, how I hate that laugh.


Back on subject.


“Back off!” She ordered strictly, slashing the fork through the air like it was some sort of sword. “Stay away!”


I’m not that bad a kisser. Sheesh.


I attempted a smile. “I’m not going to kiss you again.” I promised, taking another step towards her, more confident this time. She took another step back.


“Stay.” She insisted like I was a Jack Russell Terrier- not a 17 year old boy.


I guess I should just be thankful she didn’t ask me to ‘sit’ or ‘roll over’ instead- they would be a bit harder to do.


…or to ‘play dead I guess if her mind is as morbid and vengeful as I think it is.


Patting down the pockets of my Gryffindor robes discretely I found my wand and took grip beneath the layers of fabric- better safe than sorry.


Kyra growled- yes growled. James laughed, but I just groaned, taking a tighter grip on the wooden handle of my only defence.


“I promise Kyra. I won’t kiss you again, just come here.” I pleaded desperately, making my eyes round like saucers.


The puppy dog eyes always work and I desperately needed a chance to explain.


Kyra shook her head rapidly. “No.” She replied sharply. “I’m leaving.”


Damn. But I surely couldn’t let her leave without chance to explain, so I took charge of the situation.


“Sorry.” I said guiltily before wrenching the wand from my robes and brandishing it in the air. “Really, really sorry.”


I’m so going to regret this later…


“Stupefy!” I shouted, watching the red light explode from the wooden instrument and hit her in the chest. She fell to the floor, stiff as a board, landing on top of that Bishop girl she’s always hanging around with- the one who grabbed me by the collar a few days ago.


…she’s weird.


But back to the situation at hand.


I ran forwards, grabbed Kyra by the arms and pulled her back to my chest as I mumbled: “Enervate.” beneath my breath, watching her re-animate before my eyes.


“Getoffme.” She slurred, opening her pretty blue eyes to see my arms tightly wrapped around her middle. “I’m warning you-“


Sensing her next move I grabbed the deadly instrument from her loose hand and placed it to her throat. Shocked gasps ran through the hall but luckily, the fork was blunt, meaning it didn’t break the skin like it had done to my hand.


Which reminds me- my hand is bleeding!


I’m started to really regret this…


“Stay back!” I screamed to the crowd that were currently gapping incredulously at my display. “Stay back or she gets it!”


I cannot believe I’m actually kidnapping my Sex-Ed partner.


With the fork still placed tightly to her neck I dragged her from the hall, Professor McGonagall shouting: “Detention!” after me. Apparently kidnapping isn’t permitted on school grounds.


No shit.


But she didn’t try to stop me.


So I figure I’m in the clear.


Kyra’s POV:


It’s one thing to kidnap a person... It’s another to tie them to a chair.


I mean… sure: he can kidnap me. That’s perfectly fine. But then he has to balls to gag me and tie me up like he’s a bloody cowboy? That crosses the line.


I happen to enjoy the use of my limbs.


The cotton gag was pulled from my mouth abruptly with a tare.


“You know why you’re here.”


Oh fan-fucking-tastic. Now he’s decided to go all Godfather mafia style on me.


I swallowed- opening and closing my mouth a few times until I regained feeling. “Oh yeah.” I replied sarcastically. “I totally know why you randomly kidnapped me from the Great Hall” Albus opened his mouth to interrupt, but I shot him a glare, halting his response. I continued louder. “-after your declaration of love. Which by the way kind of contradicts the whole kidnapping thing!”


I don’t seem to remember that scene in Cinderella… curious that.


I heard a rustling sound.


Did I mention he covered my eyes with a scarf?


Yeah… go figure. He mixed a bit of winter in there.


Albus coughed uncomfortably. “Oh yeah.” He admitted, and from the soft rustling sound I knew he was ruffling his hair.


I hate that damn habit.


“Stop that.” I ordered, even though I wasn’t exactly in the best position to be making demands.


Albus groaned. “Blindfolded, tied to a chair and still she finds time to make a fuss.”




My mouth dropped open. “I make a fuss?”


“Uhm....” he floundered for a response.


“Because I think it’s you that’s making a bloody fuss.”




“Because it was your sorry arse that kidnapped me forcefully with a kitchen utensil, and it was you that-”


“Calm down!” Albus interrupted loudly, removing the scarf from my eyes slowly and letting my eyes adjust to the light. “I get it. I’m sorry.”


“Then I guess you have some semblance of manners.” I huffed, attempting to cross my arms over my chest before realising with a jolt that my hands were tied behind my back.


“Untie me.” I ordered briskly, glaring full force at the fuzzy figure I assumed to be Albus Potter. “Now.”


He seemed to consider this for a moment before shaking his head dubiously. “No.” He said. “You’ll just attack me again.”




I growled. “Who was the one-“


“Okay!” He exclaimed in exasperation. “I get it. I’ll bloody untie you just hold on for a sec.”


I rolled my eyes, irritably. “Good.” I replied snootily- my nose up turned and everything- before remembering something important.


Crap… this is going to be an awkward conversation.


“Um… Albus?” I looked down at him guiltily through hooded eyes, as he untied the last knot.


He was deep in thought as he answered. “Mhmm?” He hummed in response as he loosened the rope with a practised hand.


How often does he kidnap people?


I stuttered through a response. “You don’t really… you know…” I chocked on the unfamiliarity of my own words.


“What?” Albus replied slowly, carefully, as he stood from the floor in one fast motion.




I couldn’t get the dreaded word out. How, embarrassing.


Albus raised a bemused eyebrow as he turned to face me. “Spit it out Kyra. We haven’t got all day.”


It reminded me so much of what he said before that I immediately spluttered:


“You’re not really in love with me right?” As he opened his mouth to respond I hastened on. “Because not that’ you’re not… you know... lovely- putting aside this whole kidnapping thing of course- I just don’t really-“


Albus cut me off with a harsh laugh. “No Kyra.” He said bitterly. “No I’m not in love with you.”


Oh thank Merlin.


I sighed in relief. “Well that’s good, because-“


“I’m in love with Rebecca.”




My face must have conveyed my disbelief perfectly.


He chuckled darkly. “I know. The golden boy in love with his brother’s girlfriend. What is wrong with the world, right?”


I sat there, stunned into silence. “Uhm…”


“You can’t tell anyone.” He rushed to insist, with an expression of terror. “Not a word.”


I gaped. “Er…”


“You have to promise me.” He told me, a wild glint in his eye. “You can never breathe a word of this-“


I interrupted, annoyed. “Don’t make me get the fork.” I warned.


This seemed to shut him up.




I smiled awkwardly- attempting to hide my disgust. “Don’t worry Albus. I won’t tell anyone.” I assured him sincerely. “It’s not the end of the world.”


Even though it creeps me out immensely.


He sighed, relieved.


Then I had an epiphany.



I’m going to kill this boy.


“You used me.” I accused him, too quietly for him to hear.


“Sorry?” He asked.


I scowled darkly. “You should be.” I snarled. “Using me like that- like this.”  My eyes scanned the room. “Where’s the fork?"


“I beg your pardon?”


My eyes narrowed even further. “Where. Is. The. Bloody. FORK?” I found my target and lunged, grabbing the utensil in my left hand firmly.


I’ve been quite violent lately, haven’t I?


“HOW DARE YOU?!” I screeched, standing up from my crumpled position on the floor, to back away from him- the fork my only defence. “And for bloody Rebecca Thomas too.”


“Now hang on just a minute.” He intervened, stalking towards me in aim of taking the fork lodged in my hand. “What are you talking about?”


Pure disgust filled my tone as I replied. “I’m talking about the reason you’ve been so nice to me lately.”


He stopped still, stunned, his hand suspended in mid-air as he attempted to interrupt but one threatening wave from my weapon silenced him.


“I should have known really. You’ve never spoken to me before a week ago.”


This time he did interrupt. “Kyra-“He stuttered.


“Don’t interrupt me!” I screeched and he backed away slightly.


Wow, and it’s not even my time of month. Imagine how scary I can be in a few days’ time.


“I cannot believe I actually though you enjoyed my company.” I uttered, bewildered and slightly shell-shocked. “I really am naïve.”




What did I say about interrupting me?”


He held his hands up in surrender as he shrank back into the corner of the room- which was coincidentally a broom cupboard.




“That’s why you told me you loved me. That’s why you asked me to be your partner. That’s why you’ve been so hell bent on practising our script every second of every bloody day- it was all to make Rebecca Thomas jealous!”


He didn’t deny it.


“When I think about it, it makes perfect sense.” My voice was quiet, but deadly. ”It was always a little strange that you took to me so quickly. You were always so touchy feely in public too- Like you had something to prove!”


…At least I can truthfully say to Mia there isn’t a wedding on our horizon.


Albus blushed, attempting to stammer through a response.


I’d had enough. I held up a hand to silence him.


“I can’t believe you.” I muttered, yanking the door open and leaving the room. The wood slammed closed behind me as I cowardly fled.


It was typical really who was stood outside the door.


James Sirius Potter laughed as Albus followed me out of the broom cupboard, shouting my name like he expected me to be a mile away- which I really wish I had been.


“So cute.” James cooed- Rebecca’s hand tightly clasped in his. Rebecca laughed, but it was high and fake.


“Yeah.” She echoed, with a sneer. “So cute.”


Albus blushed, reaching to grab my hand in his to mirror their position.


I didn’t have the energy to object.


“Hi James.” He said, cockily- putting on an act to hide his embarrassment. “Rebecca.” He nodded but she didn’t respond- she was too busy glaring at out linked hands.


Maybe Albus isn’t the only one with un-resolved feelings.


The brothers hi-fived.


“Nice.” Hissed James.


I felt like a piece of meat.


“I really didn’t think you were going to get her after the whole fork thing.” Explained James unnecessarily, his eyes drifting to my left hand. “Oh… still got it, have you?”


I nodded numbly, unable to speak.


Albus attempted to hide his wounded hand from view awkwardly but James with his keen eye for mischief noticed.


His eyes twinkled with a promise of trouble. “Let’s see your battle scar then Little Bro.”


Again with the Bro…


I shook my head to clear my thoughts, releasing Albus’s hand in the process, but he reached for it again persistently, giving me a meaningful look.


I don’t remember agreeing to this...


He lifted his other hand for his brother’s inspection, showcasing the crusted over blood covering his knuckles and palm.




I hissed in a sharp, pained breath. “Ouch.”


Albus sent me a sarcastic glance as James’s booming laugh echoed off the walls. “Yeah.” James chuckled. “Ouch.”


For some reason joy filled me at the realisation I’d left a mark.


A pleased smirk pulled at my lips. “Sorry about that…” I trailed off, unable to give him an actual apology. I wouldn’t mean it anyway.


Albus squeezed my hand comfortingly. “It’s okay.” He assured me. “I’ve done worse.” We locked eyes and his gaze was weighted.


I think this was his way of apologising to me.


… Unfortunately I wasn’t quite ready to forgive him.


I glared at our linked hands. “No kidding.”


James’ chuckles reverberated around the hallway as he picked up Rebecca’s clasped hand and gave it a sweet kiss.


Albus turned green- but with disgust or envy I wasn’t sure anymore.


Rebecca rolled her eyes.


“Come one love.” James whispered huskily by the bitch’s ear. “Let’s leave these two to themselves.”


Rebecca’s eyes noticeably softened as she looked up, into his mischievous ones. “Okay.” She murmured softly, capturing his lips in a gentle kiss. “Bye Albus.” She didn’t even bother to acknowledge me and they continued out of sight.


I scowled as they turned their backs, yanking my hand from Albus’s when I was certain they’d turned the corner and with an irritable huff I stalked away from him.


“Kyra!” Albus shouted after me. “Kyra, wait!”


I continued walking, picking up the front of my overly large robes as I went. A piece of hair fell into my face as I picked up speed- determined to get away from him as fast as possible. With a shaking hand I tucked the curly lock behind my ear as I stumbled over my own feet.


Unfortunately this manoeuvre predictably resulted in me loosing concentration and tripping over my own robes as I increased my speed to a desperate run.


I heard footsteps behind me.


“Kyra? Kyra are you alright?” Albus’s deep voice breached my ears.


I didn’t need this right now.


I sniffed. “No.” I replied, my voice cracking. “No, I’m not.”


Albus bent down to my level, wrapping a supposedly comforting arm around my shoulders which I shrugged of indifferently.


“No.” I said scathingly. “You don’t get to touch me.”


Albus scoffed bitterly, running a hand through his damn hair.


I glared. He noticed.


“Grow up, Kyra.” He spoke slowly, putting emphasise of each word. “I didn’t use you- you’re over reacting.”


Rage filled me as my cheeks tainted red.


“I’m overreacting?” Disbelief clouded my venomous tone.


He didn’t shrink away like he did previously, if anything he drew closer.


“Yes.” He snapped. “You are.”


Disgust was written all over my face. “Go to Hell.” I growled, putting both of my hands on his chest to push him away.


He grabbed them- one in each hand, using them to pull me to my feet. “Come on.” He muttered by my ear as he dragged me into the nearest empty classroom. “Let me explain.”


I struggled in his grip. “You heard McGonagall. Kidnapping’s against school rules.”


He grinned. “Didn’t stop me before now did it?”


Cheeky prat.


I groaned. “Screw you.”


He span me around to face him.


“I didn’t use you Kyra.” He assured me, running a hand through his bloody annoying –and definitely not sexy- hair.


I growled, raising an eyebrow. “What counts as ‘using’ nowadays then, Mr L-Bomb?” I asked sarcastically. His eyes narrowed. “Because I think, that telling someone you love them, and practically molesting them in public for a whole week to make some bitch jealous counts as using them!”


His ears turning pink at the tips. “Becky isn’t a bitch.” He denied half-heartedly. “-and I didn’t molest you per say.”


I scowled at him, my eyes narrowed angrily for a long silent moment.  It was like third year all over again.


My words cut through the tense atmosphere like a knife. “I suggest you ask Trelawney for a new partner.” I spat.


Albus frowned. “Kyra-“ He began but I didn’t stay long enough to hear him finish before I turned and stalked down the hallway, holding up my middle finger flippantly over my shoulder.


I didn’t need him but he needed Rebecca Thomas, and that alone was reason to hate him.



A/N: This is a sad chapter. Enough said. :(


Review maybe? It makes me smile :D And we all need to smile after this mean chapter :P …


Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Unfortunately.




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