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Starting Over, Again by xBlack Paradisex
Chapter 8 : Josh Evans
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Hello everyone!!! Firstly, I am so glad to be back :) ; secondly, I am beyond sorry that this took SO long. Last November, when I went to upload the next chapter, my computer crashed... erasing everything!!! So I tried getting it repaired, & was without my laptop for 2 months. And then, I was diagnosed with a severe medical condition... and went through a depression. Just a few months ago, I started feeling better, but I have been super busy with dr.s and hospitals... but here is the next chapter, and I hope you enjoy this. It was fully written out, and I was just uploading chapters as it went on, but not only did I lose this story, but three others I had completed, and two that were in the works. But, after I get my surgery in October and I heal up some, I will get back to writing them out. I'm hoping to have this one uploaded completely before surgery...
Again... enjoy :)

A man in his early twenties, standing at six foot three, with brown hair and aqua eyes was rushing into his bedroom and began packing a bag with a change of clothes, some medical books, and a few tools that he was going to need. He had heard Draco upset and stressed before, but he had never heard his friend like that. Not even back in school. Just as he was zipping his bag, a woman that was the same age, and eight months pregnant came in. She stood at five foot eight, and dark brown almost black hair, and emerald eyes.
“Josh, what is going on?” She asked and he turned to her and smiled.
“Hey sweetie. I'm so sorry. I know that I work a lot and I am hardly here, but there is an emergency.”

“What, what happened?” She asked and he looked away from her. Since she was about four months pregnant, any mention of children in sad situations made her very upset.

“Draco called.”
“What?” She asked worriedly. “Is he okay? What happened? Where is he?” She asked and he walked to here, putting his hands on her face.

“Pansy, calm down, you don't want to over-stress right now, okay.” He said and she did some meditating breathing.

“I'm sorry.” She said in a much more calm manner. “What happened with Draco?”

“Draco is fine. He called me from St. Mungo's. He said that he was there with a girl that was badly magically poisoned. He wants my help.” He said and she smiled a teary smile at him.

“My handsome husband, the hero.” She said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Don't call me a hero. I don't know what is wrong with her, or if I can even save her.” He said and she smiled at him.

“You will, because you are you, and you are amazing.” She said before giving him a kiss. “Now go and save that little girls life, and keep me updated. Please?"

“Of course love, I always do. Now, got and get off your feet, you are going to pop soon and I don't want you to over-do anything while I am gone. Okay?”

'I am only four months pregnant, but yes daddy. Now go, and say hello to Draco for me.” She said and he smiled at her before apparating away.


“Where is he?” Ginny asked in an aggravated whisper.

“Don't worry, he said that he would be back.” Harry answered back in a whisper. Hermione was only a few feet from them, still sleeping.

“He said that he would be back in an hour or so. Harry, that was three hours ago. “ She said and they heard a noise and looked over to see Hermione moving around, and then opening her eyes. After a moment, she remembered where she was and why. She sat up straight and looked around, here eyes landing on Harry and Ginny.

“Anything?” Hermione asked.

“No, nothing yet.” Harry answered her, and watched her shoulders drop just an inch. She nodded and looked around, then met Harry's eyes.

“Where is Draco?” Harry and Ginny both opened their mouths to answer when there was a voice.

“I'm right here.” They heard and looked up to see that Draco had arrived. Hermione got up and walked quickly to him, and he pulled her to him tightly.

“Where did you go?” Hermione asked him.

“I went and changed, grabbed a few things for you and Aly.” He said, pulling out her change of clothes and handed them to her, then he pulled out Aly's bear and blanket, and her picture before handing Hermione the empty bag. “Why don't you go change, freshen up a bit?” He offered and she moved to tell him no, when Ginny hopped out of her seat and walked to Hermione.

“Come on Mione, you should go wash your face and change. Come on, lets go.” She said and Hermione looked at her, and nodded. Draco kissed her on the cheek before Ginny walked Hermione over to the ladies room. Draco turned to Harry and sighed.

“Where were you at mate? You were gone for hours.”

“I know, I'm sorry. I got side tracked for a bit. But, I did come back, that is what's important, right?” Draco said and Harry nodded. “I am going to go and put these with Aly. Let Hermione know, will you?” He asked and Harry nodded. Draco grabbed Aly's things and walked to the place that he had pointed out to Harry earlier. He got to the door to Aly's room, and Luna let him pass with a small smile. He smiled back to, and then walked fully into Aly's room. Seeing her on the hospital bed nearly broke his heart.

'Try not to be too long, okay?” He heard and turned his head to see Luna. “Hermione will want you out there.” She said and he nodded. She walked back out, and her turned his attention back to the little girl on the bed. He walked over to her her sighed. He straightened out her blanket and laid it over her, and then tucked the bear under her left arm, and then took a seat on the right side of the bed.

“Hey Aly, you don't know me... I am a friend of your mommy's... well, sort of. It's kind of a long story, that I hope to tell you when you are all better. Your mommy loves you Aly, she is so worried. But, she is very strong, just like I know you are.” He smiled and grabbed her hand, and gently held it. “I was mean to your mommy when we were kids, and then Vol- - a mean man tried to hurt everyone that we all cared about, and I was sent to hurt your mommy, but I looked at her, and I knew... I couldn't. Then she and her friends helped me. I fell in love with her...” He stopped talking and brushed some of her hair out of her face. “You like her so much...” He said his thought out loud, and smiled. He was very glad that Aly looked just like his mother. “Aly... please get better for your mommy... she needs you baby.” He said, and kissed her hand. He sat there for another moment before standing out of the chair, kissing her on the forehead, and walked out of her room.

“How is she?” Harry asked Draco when he saw him come out of Aly's room. Draco ran a hand through his hair and sighed as he sat down.

'Shes the same. Monitors are acknowledging that she is alive and breathing... but the way she is laying there. It looks like she is lifeless.” He said and Harry nodded. This was hard on all of them, and they needed a solution soon.


Hermione looked into the mirror and laughed a pitiful laugh. She did look horrible. She turned on the faucet and let the cool water fill into her hands before splashing her face with it. She did this a few times before drying her face off. She looked over at Ginny who was watching her quietly.

“What?” Hermione asked.

“Nothing, I just don't know what to do or say to make this better, or easier.” Ginny confessed and Hermione smiled at her friend.

“You don't need to say anything, you being right here with me is just what I need to help me get through this.” She said and Ginny smiled. “Now get your butt over here, and please so something with my hair.” Hermione said and the both laughed. Ginny took out her wand, and did a little magic to make Hermione look more refreshed. Hermione smiled at her friend. “This looks much better. Thanks.” She said grabbing the bag Draco bought her, and walked into a stall to change.


Draco sat there, with a lot on his mind, that he decided to keep to himself. He knew that Harry was watching him, but he didn't say anything. He knew why Harry was looking at him. Harry then stood and Draco turned to him.

'Coffee?” Harry offered and Draco nodded. “I am tired of the coffee here. Going to a cafe, do you want anything in particular?” Draco smiled.

“Can you get a large peppermint mocha coffee, a large autumn spice coffee, and two cranberry muffins?” He asked, standing and pulling money out of his pocket.

“No mate, I got it. I think that I might actually grab food, if there is a place open. What time is is anyway?”

“Almost 2 a.m.” Draco said and Harry groaned.

“Okay, well I will be back... with whatever I can get. Tell Ginny?” He asked and Draco nodded. Harry apparated away and a moment later, Hermione and Ginny returned. Draco looked up at Hermione and bit his bottom lip. He just grabbed clothes, didn’t really look at them, and he was glad. She was now wearing dark blue jeans with a lighter shade of bark blue wash on then, a white tank top with lace on the bottom hem, and an emerald long sleeve short on top if it. Its a simple out fit, but to him, she looked gorgeous. Her hair looked great to. It was straight, but styled to have most of it up out of her face in a nice little bun up-do. He smiled at her and stood up and she came to him and hugged him.

“Where's Harry?” Ginny asked.

“He went to get more coffee.” Draco answered, still holding Hermione.

“I am sick of the coffee here.” Ginny said, causing Draco to smile.

'So was he, so he went to hunt down an open cafe to get us some better coffee. I told him to get you peppermint mocha, I hope that s okay Mione.” He said and he felt he nod. Ginny smiled at them as she took a seat. A few minutes later, the hug stopped and the sat down, still holding hands. They sat in a comfortable silence until there was a pop in front of them. They saw Harry standing there with four large coffees, and two paper bags.

'A little help?” He asked, but it was muffled since there was bag in his mouth. Ginny laughed and got up, taking the bag out of his mouth, and her coffee from him, since it had her name on it. Draco took his and Hermione's coffee, and then took Harry's and sat it down. They all sat there as the decided what to eat. Hermione drank her coffee and munched on a cranberry muffin. She didn’t have much of an appetite. Draco was the same. Too much going on to even think about food.


“Excuse me, but I am looking for Draco Malfoy?” Josh said to the receptionist at the front desk after apparating into the hospital. The girl behind the desk looked through the papers and looked up at him.

“There is no one by that name.”

“No, he isn't a patient. He came in with a girl, she was poisoned. He's been here for a few hours with her now.” He said and she nodded.

“Right, the Granger girl.”

'Granger?” He asked, a little shocked. He knew that Draco loved Hermione, but she moved, and as far as he knew, she didn't have kids.

“Yes, Alezx Granger is the patient, Hermione Granger is the mother. I guess he is here with them. They are down the hall, take a left, then a right, and another left, and just walk straight. Go passed the doors and you should see him there.” She said with a smiled and he returned it.

“Thanks.” He said and went the way that she told him. Hermione Granger had a daughter. How did he, or Pansy, miss that? He soon came to the doors and opened them to see Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Draco standing. Hermione was talking to a doctor, and everyone else was a few feet behind her. The door shut behind him and Draco looked over.

“Josh? I thought you said you were coming in the morning.” Before Josh could answer, the doctor that was talking to Hermione, and Luna were in-front of him.

'Who are you?” Luna said and Josh smiled at her. He wasn't used to aggressive Luna... but, well, the loony Luna.

“Josh Evans, I was called here to help.” He said, pulling out his medical ID to show Luna. The doctor saw what Josh's ID card said, and smiled a big smile.

“Good, we need your help.”

“Josh?” Draco called and Josh walked to him. “Again, I thought that you weren't coming till morning.” He said seriously and Josh laughed at him.

“Dude, it is morning.”

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Starting Over, Again: Josh Evans


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