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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 10 : Loopy Licorice
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'Berry...' Hermione thought as Fred reveal the name of the beautiful girl. a long almost movie dramatic pause sat in the air after the girls sweet voice had only confirmed who Fred thought she was. Hermione looked between the two and slowly decided to stand up gently allowing Fred to as well. Hermione stepped up next to Fred smiling with their chained hands behind their backs. she quickly cast a spell to make the chain invisible.

"Hello I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger." she said holding her hand out to the girl. The girl looked over at Hermione with big blue eyes.

'she really is pretty' Hermione thought. the blue hair did make her stand out but Hermione figured even without the hair she would still catch a few more then need glances. she was slender and tall almost like a model. Instead of taking her hand like Hermione thought she would she simply tuned back to Fred and said

"Pleasure." Hermione noticed her voice seemed a little cold towards her but thats not what irritated her.

"They say a first impression is everything because it reflects the persons background and how they were raised, its very rude not to look a person in the eyes when you speak to them think about how that relfects on you." Hermione said with full honesty. this knocked Fred back into reality. Berry stared at Hermione in shock and a little anger. Fred stared at Hermione in astonishment but after a minute he broke out in laughter.

"ah thats my little Hermione brutally honest well i guess I should have expected this coming from the girl who punched Draco Malfoy in the nose.!" He said between gasps as he cast his arm over her shoulder ruffling her already messed hair.

"h..Hey! Fred dont do that!" she smiled swatting at his hand. Berry examined the little exchange wondering just what their relationship was.

"Hey guys I've got it! I honestly think i finished it..." George said excitement dying down as he approached the little group.

"B..Berry?" he said exactly like Fred.

"George." she said simply almost as cold as she did to Hermione but not as much.  Hermione remembered the story about Berry Fred and George and got a bit of an understanding.

"so George the experiment?" Hermione said trying to rid them of the awkward atmosphere. working instantly George turned back to Hermione and Fred and smiled brightly.

"i think Ive got it but i need one of you as a test subject." he said smiling

"lets head to the back to discuss the product." Fred said gesturing them away forgetting about Berry completely for a second.

"excuse us for a moment Berry" Fred said before they all headed for the back. Berry nodded her head and noticed how close Fred and Hermione were walking but said nothing

"ah...will it hurt or rather what are the side effects?" Hermione said after arriving to the work area and glancing at Fred.

"well really the loopy licorice is just suppose to make the one consuming it loopy." Hermione nodded.

"you know dizzy and all but it shouldnt imapir your judgement  if anything itll make you more imulsive but not like jumping off a building or anything kinda like speaking your mind though you probably shouldnt drive"

"it doesnt sound very useful other then being a prank." Hermione commented.

"I dont think so Hermione." the twins said smiling.

"I dont think your giving out product enough credit." Fred said.

"yea your smart couldnt you think outside the box a little?" George said.

"oh now your questioning my intellegience!? alright tell me what else could it be used for?" she said sternly.

"well..." Fred and George thought for a moment.

"the ministry could use it on their prisoners and such make it hard for escape" Fred said

" and we've made it so it can come in different forms drinks and powder so you could use it in different situations." George finished. Hermione thought for a second. after sitting down on a stool she sighed and looked up at the two sly-smiled twins.

"alright I guess I'll be the test rat." Hermione sighed.

"dont think of it as being a test rat." George said

"yea Your more of a guinea pig I'd say." Fred said Hermione glared.

"just give it here." Hermione said holding out her hand. George complied by handing her a piece of yellow licorice. Hermione ate it and waited for a second.

"well?" George asked. after a moment Hermione shook her head. nothing

"ah well I'll try again." George said walking away. but just as Hermione was begining to stand up she suddenly collasped on the floor.

"Hermione!" the twins said in concern kneeling to her side.

"Hermione are you ok?" they said Fred holding her back up. she looked unconcious from their point.

"George what did you do!?" Fred asked almost angry sounding.

"i swear I..." George began suddenly Hermione's arms shot up.

"WAHHHHH!" Fred and George looked down at Hermione. her cheeks were completely flushed and she looked a little funny. 

"H...Hermione?" Fred said unsure what else to really say.

"hahaha you....have pretty eyes." she said suddenly pulling herself up so her face and Freds were closer then she would have wanted.

"George what did you do to her she's completely wonkers!!!" Fred exclaimed

"do you have some sort of death wish!!!? Hermione is going to kill you once she snaps out of this! i hope you have an antidote"

"i... I dont know what happened she shouldnt have become like this unless.." George said.

"unless? unless what!?"

"this could be a side effect from eating the whole thing!" George said coming to his conclusion.

"George!" Hermione suddenly said sitting up straight making both boys jump.

"uh..yes Hermione?" she turned to him slowly. suddenly and quite unexpectedly she flung her arms out and around his neck and even more unbelieveable kissed him. George sat wide eyed and blushing as did Fred.  Hermione lasted about a minute then pulled away. and in an accidently seductive way said.

"you have pretty lips."

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Pranksters world: Loopy Licorice


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