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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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AN: Hey everyone! Long time no read, I know and I’m sorry! So no more lame apologies, on to the reason for this note. I am an American girl, Hoosier through and through and I have never been to England sadly…..sigh. Anyway, I only chose the sites for the hunt based on internet research so if they aren’t good, I apologize for that! Also, I wanted to have Madame Tussauds in there and for it to have a connection to the secret world all the girls belong to, so I put Winston Churchill in for that reason, please don’t be offended all my Brit readers, it wasn’t meant as an insult! Anywhoooo on to the story and I hope the hunt is exciting! Clumsy!



Hermione was running late and she just hates being late for anything. She just picked up the package from the wizard photo shop in Diagon Alley and still had to hit Eeylop’s Owl Emporium to pick out the prize for the treasure hunt which was two owls, one for each person in the winning team. Then she had to get to the Burrow to hand out the package to each of the volunteers who would be stationed outside of all the destinations throughout London to hand out the package and the shots.

She wasn’t paying attention to where she was walking because one of the envelopes was beginning to slip so just as she was passing the door of a jewelry store she smacked right into a very solid chest and fell right on her bum!

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!” She said once she got her breath back, ‘How embarrassing’ she thought to herself.

“Don’t worry, love I knew I’d have you falling for me sooner or later!” Draco said as he laughed, holding out a hand to help her up. “Where’s the fire?”

“I’m running so late! I will never get everything done and I only have 2 hours to get it done and be ready for the party.” She said and listed all there was left to do.

“How about you let me get the owls and you get the fire whiskey and head to the Burrow and I will meet you there, I was headed that way anyway to visit Fred and George’s shop, next weekend is my godson’s birthday and I promised him a load of joke items his parents won’t buy him.” Draco offered.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Hermione said then kissed him forgetting they were on the walk of Diagon Alley. “Wait, what? I didn’t know you had a godson! How did I not know that?”

“Actually I have a godson and a goddaughter, they’re twins. The reason you didn’t know is because five years ago, the summer before sixth year Blaise and his girlfriend accidentally ended up pregnant. He married her quietly which is the answer to pregnancies like that in Pureblood society.” Draco told her, “The marriage fizzled and by the time they were 19 they divorced. Blaise is in love with those kids though and has them every weekend and most of the summer.”

Hermione was shocked to say the least. “Wow, I didn’t know. So you’re their Godfather, that’s very sweet Draco.”

“Yes and I love them to pieces! I was going to ask if you would like to go to the party next Sunday and meet them?”

“Yes I would like that very much, thank you.” Hermione said.

“Great, now we better get going with our chores or you will still be late!” He said and gave her a hug and kiss before they split in two different directions to get everything done in time.




“Oi! Ladies, attention!!” Hermione demanded all the girls’ attention.

“Alright I am teamed up with Ginny; everyone else needs to grab a partner.” She waited until everyone was teamed up then continued, “Now each team is going to be given a list of ten tourist sites in Muggle London and your personal apparater for the evening has safe apparition sites close to each. Your job is to go to each site and pick up the envelope and take the shot that our volunteers have with them. After you’re done you will return to the Burrow and put together what is in the envelopes--the first team finished wins. What you bring back becomes a gift from each team for Harry and Ginny’s home. Any questions?”

Once everyone had asked their questions Fleur handed out the first shot of the evening and when they had taken their glasses from Fleur they walked over to Luna to be paired with the guy who was their “transportation” for the evening.

Hermione and Ginny got paired up with Neville which made Hermione a little sad because she was hoping to get Draco who was instead going with Fleur and Katie Bell.

Once the bell rang all the teams rushed away to different places on the grounds of the Burrow to discuss with their Apparator the order in which they should hit the sites on their list.

“I think we should hit Trafalgar Square first, then the London Eye. Once we get to the Eye we have to ride it and that will take a while so we can decide the next places from there. Does that sound right to you?” Ginny asked Hermione and Neville.

“Got it, let’s go, it’s a really good prize!” ‘Mione said laughing as they ran off to the end of the wards so they could begin the treasure hunt.

They landed in the safe point and took off running once they reached Trafalgar Square they went about looking for Mr. Weasley. They saw him through a small crowd and hurried over to him.

“You know, it feels very strange for me to hand two shots of fire whiskey over to my two daughters.” He said in a nostalgic tone of voice as he handed over the shots and an envelope. They turned the envelope over and read the front…..

Do not open until you have all the envelopes.

If you open one a charm is set off and you will be disqualified.

Once you have your last envelope head to the Burrow,

Molly will give each team the charm that opens them.


They drank their drinks and left a bit slower than they arrived due to the second shot and neither girl being real drinkers. They were both already feeling a buzz coming on.

They got to the apparition point and Neville reached for their hands and then twisted them away to the next safe point they decided on. Once they landed and jogged to the Eye Hagrid was waiting for them and handed them three passes for the ride and told them he’d hand them their things once they were finished.

“Okay, let’s figure the rest of the list and order to go in. I want to go to Madame Tussauds first. There is a famous squib housed there, Winston Churchill. He became famous during the Muggle World War 2!” Hermione said excitedly.

Ginny just rolled her eyes and agreed as she giggled. Neville sighed looking like he thought this would be a very long night! Then they continued looking at the list.

“I think the Tower of London will be at the top of everyone’s list so let’s hit that one last and avoid the crush.” Neville stated and the girls agreed.

“Okay, let’s write down our order.”

1. Trafalgar Square

2. London Eye

3. Madame Tussauds

4. Big Ben

5. Westminster Abbey

6. British Museum

7. The Millennium Bridge/aka The Wobbly Bridge

8. 30 St Mary Axe

9. London Zoo

10. Tower of London



By the time they reached Bill Weasley the girls needed help walking from all the shots. Bill gave them their envelope then offered to help Neville get them back since they were the last pair of the night for him. Neville gratefully accepted the offer and handed Ginny over to him and then they left for the Burrow.

When they got there they found four other teams beat them but they were so drunk they didn’t care at all. Mrs. Weasley laughed at them and decided to use the opening charm for the envelopes herself to help the giggly girls. Once it was opened they poured out all the pieces, there were 8, of the puzzle. When it was finished it was a photograph of Harry and Ginny on the bank of a creek not far from the Burrow. They were totally unaware of the picture being taken because Hermione was quite talented at sneaking around when she needed to be and she wanted all these pictures being put together to be candid not posed.

When everyone returned and put their picture puzzles together Harry performed a charm to seal the puzzles and Draco awarded the prize owls to Hannah Abbot and Angelina Johnson. Then the guys left and Ginny opened all the naughty presents that were bought for her and after that they lined up to get the Sobering potion  Hermione had made and Mrs. Weasley was handing out.

The party was over and everyone had gone home but Hermione, Fleur, and Luna who were all spending the night. They were all asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Tomorrow was the rehearsal dinner and the next day Harry and Ginny would become husband and wife.



AN2: Sorry if this chapter seems rushed, it does to me but we’ve caught up on chapters now and I am writing them as they are published and I feel hurried. Promise a better chapter next time. I do like the treasure hunt party but if I had shown each site then we would have been on this chapter way too long so I just put in two. Please review even if you don’t like this chapter!

P.S. Sorry for any spelling errors!




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