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Enchantress by Zyii
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve - Date Night
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 Chapter Twelve – Date Night

November 1978

I’d been waiting patiently for the night out that R had proposed. I’d never been dress shopping before, or any kind of shopping for that matter and I was excited about getting a dress which he would like. It was difficult going shopping; I ended up sticking to the muggle parts of town because I didn’t want to risk running into anybody.

I tried not to look suspicious but I’m sure I couldn’t help myself. I was so nervous and I had no idea what would suit me. I went for colours that looked bright to me; I was so fed up with blacks and grays, that I just wanted some colour in my life. The shop assistant sensed my distress and ended up helping me pick out a dress.

Though I was alone it was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt like royalty trying on all those clothes. Some made me look horrendous, others made me laugh myself silly. I finally found a dress though I wasn’t sure at first but the sales assistant kept jumping up and down declaring that it was the perfect dress for me so I bought it.

The dress is beautiful and as I looked at myself in the mirror I saw someone completely different.  When you are younger and you read those princess stories and cannot fathom the transformation the heroines go through. Looking in the mirror at my appearance was like that, a magnificent transformation.

I had the most wonderful night with R. It’s funny how much things can change in a year. This time last year I’d been doubting my own existence, I was so alone and afraid. Then, just like the knight who saved the princess in the story, R came charging to my rescue.  

My life has changed drastically and I’ve grown much closer to R. If someone were to pop my happiness bubble now I don’t think it would matter because I have R by my side. He told me tonight, when he took me out to dinner. I was content with being close to him, with being his friend and confident. Now I am much more and it warms my heart greatly.

I cannot imagine my life without my R. He asked for me that evening at dinner. He’s finished school now and though he’s living at home he feels that he’s got some of his own control back. He says that his parents aren’t pressuring his as much but I am worried. We both know what path his parents want him to go down but I’m afraid that their silence on the matter bodes ill.

R once mentioned that he wanted to marry me, he wanted to be with me for the rest of our days. He was once a friend, a savior, a boyfriend. As of tonight he is my fiancé. I was anxious about saying yes, not because my love for him had wavered but because I am worried for what the future will bring.

My dress was perfect, the night was perfect and the conversation was … well even more perfect!  R is the shining light in the dark cavern I have spent half my life in. Now I am a better person because of R and he is a better person because of me, or so he says. He wants a quiet wedding he says, with only us and a witness. He doesn’t want his parents finding out in time to stop us.

I love him with all my heart; I cannot imagine life without him. Since the night he asked me to marry him things have only got better and better. It’s like we are two halves of the same coin. Is it possible to have found your soulmate so early in life?

Recently he’s been shifty, unpredictable, and nervous. I’m worried about him; I don’t understand what this behavior means. I hope it is just a passing phase. He still makes it out every Friday for date night. I hold on to those moments, I relish them, I know that whatever is bothering him he will talk to me when he’s ready. I just hope he comes back to himself soon. I don’t wish to lose what I’ve just found.

He says I must not worry because he loves me and will always love me. I just have a horrid feeling that he is going to leave me.

Hermione looked up from reading the latest entry; it was very different from the previous ones. It seemed something was happening between her Mother and the mysterious R. Perhaps not all was as it seemed between the two of them. She could feel her Mother’s pain through the words that she’d written, it was clear that her Mother was troubled about her true love.

Hermione dearly hoped that everything would work out for her Mother and her lover. She was starting to get a small amount of doubt in her mind; perhaps this was a fruitless adventure, perhaps this mysterious man was just a mysterious man and not the Father that Hermione wished he was. It was all too confusing really, just as things seemed to be going well for her Mother, they’d started to go downhill again. She just wanted her Mother to be happy, and she knew for all her smiles and laughter when she was alive, she wasn’t as happy with Hermione as she was with her lover R.

Hermione had hoped to read the entry and gain confidence for her date with Draco. She didn’t need the confidence really but she wanted the joy of basking in a situation similar to her Mother’s. Hermione sighed.  Her circumstances were completely different and she knew it.

Enough talk of the past, Draco was taking her out tonight and she had no idea where they were going. She didn’t know how was he going to top a night at the ballet. He’d bought her a dress though, it was stunning. It was a halter-neck, coming in close at the waist then flaring out and down to her ankles. It was in a colour of the richest purple. Draco seemed to have decided that he liked Hermione in purple and it got her away from the reds she was prone to wear. Once he’d sufficiently moved her away from her red obsession she assumed he’d get her into other colours as well.

Hermione thought she looked sufficiently pretty by the time Draco came to collect her. Dates with Draco were like a night off from all the rules, a time for fun and recklessness. She knew Lucius and Severus knew where they were going for they’d been smiling secretly at her all week and kept dropping cryptic hints at their Friday night dinner. Sirius had made himself scarce for the evening after complimenting Hermione on how beautiful she looked. Sirius had rather a peculiar feeling in the bottom of his gut like his little Princess was growing up and leaving him behind. It was silly really but he felt like that all the same.

“Hermione!” gasped Draco as she opened the door.

He’d been unsure of the dress he’d sent her but looking at her now, it was clear that he’d definitely chosen the right dress for his girl. He took Hermione by the hand and apparated her away – though this time at least he remembered to warn her.

Hermione wasn’t a fan of fancy places and fancy things, but Draco had a habit of changing Hermione’s mind. He made her close here eyes. Where was it that Draco had apparated them to for their date? Why the top of the Eiffel Tower! The sun was just setting and the tower had clearly been closed for everyone else. She was already impressed, but knowing Draco there was more to it. She knew from personal experience that Draco liked to spoil those important to him.. However she’d never been on the receiving end like this before.

Hermione and Draco weren’t just going to have dinner at the top of Eiffel Tower; they were going to cook the food themselves. There is nothing like a cooking session to bring two people together. Hermione thankfully knew how to cook; Draco could just about make pasta without burning it. It was sure to be an interesting endeavor once Draco had let Hermione teach him the ropes. In order not to spoil the lovely dress, Draco had even organized a chef’s apron for her and a chef’s hat for him.

Such laughter, such teasing, such fun and romance, Hermione didn’t think she’d had this much fun in a long time. She’d thought the ballet was something incredible but this topped that. She wondered what Draco would do next. In all honesty Hermione would be happy on any date with Draco. She acknowledged to herself that she liked Draco more than she’d liked any previous love attraction in her life.

Luckily Draco only managed to cut his palm while cutting up mushrooms, but apart from that the stir-fry they made together went really well. There was a lot of laughing and fun conversation between the two of them. It was like they’d been together for an age and had never been parted. There wasn’t a moment of silent contemplation, not a moment of awkward silence, not a moment of embarrassed blushing. If making your own dinner on the top of the Eiffel Tower wasn’t fun enough, one thing led to another and Hermione was trapped in the strong arms of Draco as he twirled her around the imaginary stage, two minds dancing as one.

It was perfectly idyllic and Hermione didn’t want to stop dancing with Draco in that moment.

“Hermione” Draco whispered as the dance came to an end.

“Yes” she replied breathlessly.

“Is this too soon?” he whispered.

“Is what too soon?” she asked.

“I think. No, I know. I love you Hermione” he said solemnly.

Hermione smiled warmly, she knew love didn’t work in the way it was supposed to. Love was difficult and didn’t always follow the path it was supposed to. It didn’t matter to her that she’d been previously engaged or that the breakup of her engagement was a mere couple of months ago. Love didn’t work on a time scale, it tended to come in and disrupt life regardless of rules and structure. Hermione was sure that her relationship with Draco would cause the press to go crazy and make gossip history with the more unsavory characters but she was fed up with trying to please others. Her relationship with Ronald had been based on a pretence with her constantly trying to keep him happy and not thinking of herself.

No, in a very uncharacteristic move, Hermione decided to disregard her need to please others in favor of her own heart and happiness. She decided that it shouldn’t matter what others thought of her if she was happy and at the end of the day, the people who stood by her would be the only people worth having in her life anyway.

“I love you too Draco” replied Hermione, “I think perhaps I always have” she whispered.

Draco smiled at her his heart melting. Compared to the confident bossy attitude that Hermione often embodied, it was good to see a more vunerable side of her and, Draco thought, she looked very cute this way.

“So does this mean” began Draco but he stopped at Hermione’s groan, looking at her with an amused expression and a raised eyebrow.

“Go on” said Hermione with what she hoped was an innocent expression.

Draco glared at her with fake hurt, he had become softer and more romantic with Hermione by his side but after her groan he wasn’t sure how to put things. Should he ask her to be his girlfriend or was that a bit too school like? Should he just ask her to be his, or was that too possessive? Women he thought were difficult creatures, you had to be careful or you could end up trying to ask them something and offend them instead.

“You’re thinking awfully hard there aren’t you Draco” teased Hermione.

He looked at her awfully confused that he’d completely phased out in front of her, sending a light blush to stain his cheeks.

“Shall I make it easier for you?” she asked.

“Sorry?” came Draco’s response, his deep thinking apparently confusing him more than expected.

“Will you be mine Draco?” she asked with the most soppily sweet expression plastered on her face.

Draco couldn’t help but fall for that expression – as would most men – and found himself nodding before his mind fully processed the words she had spoken. He’d have to work on that at some point or she could use that look to her advantage and he’d be none the wiser.

“Draco” she whispered.

Draco’s dazed state finally ended and he forced his eyes to travel from her body to her eyes, the enjoyment and happiness he saw in them was enough to make any grown man turn into a pile of mushy smiling goo. Hermione seemed to have a way of projecting her emotions on to others, when she was happy others became happy, when she was sad others wanted to comfort her. Of course this only applied to people with a good emotional range – that, of course, excluded both Ronald and Harry from the list.

“Yes?” he replied breathlessly, their faces just inches apart, he could clearly see the freckles that lay scattered across her nose.

“Kiss me” she asked.

How could he refuse an offer like that from the woman he loved. Atop the Eiffel Tower surrounded by the stars and the moon, the two people stood in a lovers’ embrace, sharing a kiss that expressed the love they felt for one another.

If ever there was an advert for the best date imaginable, this was it. Hermione knew without a doubt that even if it didn’t work out, nothing would ever come as close as this to perfection.  Draco would always be in her mind.

Finally some romance for you all :) ~Zyii

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