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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 5 : Rumours
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 Chapter Five

Dear Mum,

I cannot believe you think so little of me! Like I would take a girl to the shrieking shack and fornicate… I am shocked at the very thought. Everyone knows that broom cupboards are all the rage these days. No but seriously I’m single at the moment and quite enjoying the freedom and I can assure you I am buckling down with my studies. I have to – I think Professor Longbottom would have my arse – sorry bum – on a platter if I failed.

Jack seems to be fitting in fine and has even made some friends now. He made them laugh the other day as well, I felt so proud. He comes and sits with us in the common room occasionally but he’s mainly off with his own mates these days and accused me of embarrassing him earlier today – guess this is how you must feel.

Lily’s fine… she’s just Lily really. Never changes, except she’s got a bit stronger so it hurts more when she decides to hit me and don’t worry I’m not planning on mucking up our friendship anytime soon. Rest of the gang are fine and Ryan, once again, asks for your fair hand in marriage. Speaking of you and relationships are you still seeing that Derek bloke? He was rich, keep him he had a pool

Send my love to dad when you see him.

All my love warm affection,


P.S. The damn owl ate the cookies again. Have you noticed how fat she’s getting? You would have thought flying between East London and Scotland on a weekly basis would thin her out a bit but hey we’re clearly no owl experts.

P.P.S I know you don’t hold my birth against me. It’s not my fault you decided to get knocked up at 16. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on getting pregnant this year and if I did get pregnant well there would be cause for concern

Mum and I have this jokey kind of relationship where we express affection by calling each other sluts and whores. It’s nice. Jack doesn’t get it, not that he would. Virgin. Well I am too but he doesn’t need to know that

Now onto someone who is actually a whore: Scorpious Malfoy. The now seemingly never ending search for his mystery girl continued well into the next fortnight and the idea being put forward were just plain silly now.

Jane Cox. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in ever and she has a beard. Girls shouldn’t have beards; sorry if that’s sexist of me but that is just what I think.

Some people were even suggesting that it wasn’t a girl – it could have just as well have been a boy that Scorpious was seeing. I would eat my hat if that was true, not that I have a hat. Hats are for losers, bald people and, if you’re really unlucky, bald losers. I don’t like Scorpious one bit but he was definitely not gay, most of Slytherin, Ravenclaw and some very, very insecure Hufflepuff girls could vouch for that.

Most people were bored by the news by now but there was still the odd few *COUGH Rebecca and Melissa COUGH* that found it the most interesting thing since sliced bread, which I don’t think is all that interesting. It’s Sliced, so what?

Even Astoria had given up on the drama of it all, she was over him apparently and had begun dating a 25-year old bloke called Scar, a man with a scar, who gave people scars and somehow looked a bit like scar himself. High standards that Astoria, remind me never to ask about her relationship with her dad I have a feeling I’d be there for hours

I’m in the library right now with Ryan and Hugo studying for a very important Transfiguration test tomorrow afternoon. I’m not really sure how it can be that important considering it’s the fourth important test in just five weeks and I’m pretty sure we’re not even being graded on it Professor Clarke just likes to keep us on our toes.

“I really wish you would just drop it” Lily said in an angry whisper as she, Melissa and Rebecca came to sit down next to us on the table “It’s really not a big deal at all”

“Oh come on Lily how can you say that” Rebecca replied “Scorpious Malfoy has another girl on the go, are you telling me you’re not in the slightest bit interested.” I looked up at Hugo who rolled his eyes at me and I turned back to my studies

“No I’m not” Lily argued “Malfoy’s had dozens of girls on the go since he discovered his private area in the fourth year. I couldn’t give less of a toss about his latest whore if I tried and I just don’t get why half the school is so obsessed”

“Because this girl is different” said Melissa in a low voice. I picked my head up and leaned in so I could hear what she was going to say next, this shit just got interesting. Hugo and Ryan seemed to be following in my lead; Ryan was practically sitting in Lily’s lap so he could get closer. Seriously dude, get off her. It’s hard to be in love with Lily when my best friend who isn’t related to her is kinda sat on her

“What’s so different about her” asked Hugo looking like an excited kid on Christmas Eve. Bless Huw; he’s a gossip at heart

“Scorpious was overheard telling Michael Jones that this girl was different” Melissa explained “Lorcan and Albus heard him the other day; he was saying how this girl is more than just a random shag. He said he was in love with her, he wants a relationship with her but she’s too scared because of all the gossip”

“Ironic isn’t it” said Rebecca “That the one thing we all want to know could be revealed to us if we all just stopped talking about it”. She had a point, the poor girl whoever she is must be scared out of her wits with everyone talking about her like she was some kind of common slut. It’s not impossible that she’s a clever girl with standards who genuinely likes Scorpious for who he is, though she must be a bit dense if she does

Lily had gone bright red, a sure sign that she was either angry or embarrassed. I could see why she would be feeling like that, angry that no one will stop talking about Scorpious and his mystery girl and she’s most likely feeling embarrassed because she fancied Scorpious once upon a time, a long time ago, I’m the only one who knows that by the way so keep schtum

The topic eventually drifted onto tomorrow’s Transfiguration test and with one look Lily and I both burst out laughing, out of the group we had studied the least and most likely were going to fail. Not that I as too worried, I only picked Transfiguration because I got an E grade in it as OWL and thought I had nothing else to loose. I have no passion for the subject, my true passion lies with DADA, Charms and Potions so it doesn’t really matter to me if I pass or fail

As for Lily, she just doesn’t seem to care about most things. I admire that about her; later that night I was making my way down to the lake for Lily/Ollie time when I bumped into Malfoy just casually hanging out by the front of the woods

“Keep walking Benson” he snarled as I walked past him. Git. I’ve never liked him and I hope this mystery bird of him dumps him and fast


Thanks for the reads so far guys! But I'm lacking about on the review front because without reviews I don't know if my writings improving or not. Feel free to criticise as long as it's constructive

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Rumours


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