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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 2 : St. Mungos
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She had made the appointment as soon as she'd found out, and she'd been pleased to hear that they'd had one for the following day since she would still be off work. (Ron had been less pleased since he was at work, and Hermione refused to let him take the day off because she didn't want George asking any questions). However, walking into St Mungo's now, she wished she'd waited. The receptionist had done a double take at her name before telling her she would be seen shortly and she was feeling judged by some of the people in the waiting room. Surely she wasn't that young? Granted, a lot of the people in the waiting area were middle aged couples, but it wasn't that bad.

“Miss Hermione Granger,” A call broke through her thoughts and she stood up with a small sigh of relief before following the Healer down the corridor. Walking into room 26, Hermione had to blink to get her eyes to focus. There were so many posters on the walls, and in contrast to the white walls everywhere else in the hospital, they were a bit of a shock.

“Hello Miss Granger, I'm Healer Greyweed and I'm going to be your midwife,” she greeted her once they were both sat down

“Please, call me Hermione,” she managed to get out, surprised that her nerves were letting her talk at all.

“Okay, so this is just your first appointment which means that I'll be running some preliminary spells and giving you some information, as well as asking you some questions,” she explained, picking up a piece of parchment from her desk. “This is your first pregnancy, yes?” Hermione nodded, feeling herself becoming more comfortable. Questions about herself she could answer. “Okay, so is there any medical history or diseases that run in your family that I should be aware of? If you're not sure, just say everything you can think of, I'll only keep a note of the ones that are relevant,” she reassured her and Hermione nodded again.

“I don't have any diseases that run in the family, not that I know of anyway, and nothing in my medical history either,” she told the Healer who nodded and made some notes. This continued for the next half an hour, with the Healer asking everything from drug allergies (none known) to habits that could affects a pregnancy (she would obviously stop drinking).

“Okay, so, that looks to be all in order, but I have to ask, since you're on your own here, is it possible to get some information about the father?” The Healer asked and Hermione nodded.

“Oh, yeah, of course, he was working today, but he said he wants to come to the next appointment if that's okay?” Hermione replied and the Healer smiled, placing the quill and parchment down on the desk.

“Yes, that's fine. Okay, so, now if you just want to hop up onto the bed and I’ll take a look.” Hermione stood up and made her way over to the bed, Healer Greyweed followed her.

“So, I'm just going to run a couple of routine tests, nothing to worry about.” Hermione nodded and watched as the Healer started using her wand to perform spells on her, she was running her wand along Hermione's stomach. After a few minutes she was finished and smiled kindly at her.

“I’ll just go find out what these say I’ll be back in a minute, ok?” Hermione nodded as she watched the healer walk out of the door. She didn't know what to expect, this whole thing was completely new to her and she wished she knew more. Maybe a trip to the library was in order. The door opened and Healer Greyweed walked back in.

“Well, you'll be glad to know that everything seems fine, but you're only about seven weeks gone so, more detailed test will need to be run. You'll be sent an owl for your next appointment when you're about twelve weeks gone. Now, do you have any questions for me?” Hermione shook her head before thanking the Healer. She figured she would read up on it, then see if she had any questions about it. She closed the door behind her before walking out of the department, out of St. Mungo’s and into a deserted alley way before disaparating home.


Hermione had just fallen asleep on the settee when a knock at the door woke her. Looking at the clock she frowned, it was only eight o' clock. Reluctantly, she moved off the sofa and went to open the door. She had a feeling who it was and it turned out she was right; it was Ron.

“Hey,” he greeted her as she walked back into the living room and lay back down on the settee.

“Hey there,” she lifted up her feet and he sat down, her feet now on top of his legs.

“So what happened today, at the hospital?” He asked Hermione as she closed her eyes and started falling back to sleep.

“Nothing much, em, my Healers called Healer Greyweed and she asked a bunch of questions about medical background, and you'll need to answer some when you go as well. Also, I'm seven weeks gone and they'll send an owl with the date of my next appointment which will be when I'm about twelve weeks.” She informed him.

“Which I'll be there for.” Hermione just rolled her eyes, he was still convinced he should have gone today but she didn't want an argument so she kept her mouth shut. “Oh, I haven't told you have I, I'm going to start Auror training in the summer.” Ron told her, a smile on his face.

“That's great, but I thought you weren't starting until next year?” Hermione asked, he had told her that he was going to do it when he was twenty/ twenty-one because that way he should have enough money for when he did the two-year training.

“I don't see the point in waiting, you don't mind do you?” He asked her, the smile slowly fading from his face.

“Course I don't, I think it's great.” She smiled at him, “what does George think of you going to do training?”

“I haven't told him yet, you're the first person I've told but he'll be fine.” He shrugged and gently moved her legs off him so he could stand up. “Drink, you want one?” He answered the question before she could even ask and she shook her head before closing her eyes again. She must have fallen asleep because when she woke up she was lying in her bed with Ron beside her, the clock read one o'clock. Getting out of bed, she changed out of her clothes into a pair of short pj bottoms and a vest top before getting herself a drink and climbing back into bed. It was mid- July and Hermione was boiling, she couldn't get comfy. Turning over the pillow, she closed her eyes and it was about half an hour later before she felt herself drifting back off to sleep.


Morning came and Hermione woke just as Ron finished getting dressed.

“Morning babe, you sleep ok?” Ron asked her as he saw her open her eyes. She nodded before sitting up, running her fingers through her hair. The heat did nothing to help the volume of her hair, she hated it normally. “Well I'm off, I'll be a bit late tonight because I'm going to go to the ministry to put my name down for the Auror training and I'll probably stay to talk a bit with Harry.”

“Well here, take these in case I'm asleep. Oh, and would you not tell anyone about me being pregnant, not yet anyway?” She stood up and walked over to a little pot she had on the mirror stand that held a spare pair of house keys. She was giving him a key because only she could disaparate inside her home, a security measure she had added when she moved in. She walked over to him and dropped them in his hand. “Don't lose them, please.” He laughed before putting them into his pocket.

“I won’t tell anyone, but have a bit of faith in me, I'm not completely useless.” She would have thought he was being serious if he hadn't laughed beforehand. Kissing him goodbye she watched him disaparate before getting ready herself and disaparating to the Ministry where she was at work until six

After work she headed to a book store, she was going to go to the library, but she didn't know how long she would need the book for. Searching the shelves, she found the section on pregnancy and babies and was overwhelmed with the amount of books there were. After staring at the books for about five minutes, she just picked one up at random. She started to read the blurb, checking that it at least covered all the basics. Deciding that it did, she took it to the till to pay for it. Walking into an alleyway, she disaparated home where she walked straight into the kitchen, poured herself a glass of water before curling up on the settee and starting to read.


Ron stood outside Hermione's flat searching his pocket for the key. He couldn't believe he had lost it; he had had it for less than twenty-four hours. Finally, he felt something in his pocket and was both relieved and surprised when he pulled out the key. Smiling to himself he opened the door and slipped inside before locking it. A simple spell would have got him inside, but Hermione had put up spells to stop anyone gaining entry that way. He tried to tiptoe along the hall and stuck his head around the bedroom door expecting to see Hermione, it was just gone twelve; he had stayed with Harry for a bit longer then he had originally planned to. The bed was empty. Closing the door, he wandered into the living room and shook his head at the sight that lay before him. Hermione was asleep on the settee, she was sat up with her head dropped forward and her knees curled underneath her. Her hands were resting on an open book that was falling forward onto the floor. Smiling to himself, he moved the book from her lap and placed it on the settee next to her. This reminded him of more than one occasion where he had walked into the Gryffindor common room late at night and found Hermione asleep with a book, however, then it had been a spell book or something for homework, not a pregnancy book.

“Sshh, it's ok go back to sleep.” He whispered as he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. She stirred, but didn't wake as he pulled back the covers and placed her into the bed. Ron got changed into a pair of shorts before climbing into the other side and falling straight asleep.

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