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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 9 : Farewells and Obliviation.
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Sirius, Remus and Tonks stepped forward. "We should probably go next," said Remus quietly.

Older Harry stopped for a moment and looked between the three of them. And then without warning he hugged them in turn. First Tonks, knowing why she was being hugged, she gave him a tight squeeze back.

"Moony." said Harry sadly. Giving his old professor and friend a hug.

"Thank you for everything Harry, Teddy is the son i always hoped for and i have you and Ginny to thank for that." Both Ginny's smiled from where they were sat.

Sirius was watching this exchange with wide eyes, he had not been told about Tonks and Remus not being there in the future.

"Padfoot." smiled Harry. It had been so many years since he had seen his Godfathers face. "I have missed you so much." He told him while hugging him.

Startled, Sirius hugged him back and then as if only just hearing his words let out a breath of realisation. "So i'm gone to am I?" he asked sadly.

Harry pulled away and gave him a sad smile. "It's very difficult for me to obliviate any of you three, not just for my sake. I feel for Teddy right now. He has just met his parents for the first time and he has to leave them again, if there was someway that i could make you stay with him then i would. I'm sorry Teddy." he said looking towards his Godson.

Teddy was stood, arms wrapped around Victoire. He smiled at his Godfather and nodded.

"Hermione and Ginny, could you do these two please?" Instantly the two woman stood up and gestured for the three people to lead the way to their beds so they could be put into their slumber.

Tonks blew one last kiss to her stranger son and Remus gave him a squeeze on the shoulder as he passed.

By this time, Ron had returned from obliviating his parents. "They were easy," he grinned.

"Hermione and Ron, could you please go on up with...Ron please," smiled Harry. "Fred and George you should probably go to." As they all got up to leave they all sai their goodbyes to their future children who they had grown to know. As he passed, older Harry gave Fred Weasley an inconspicuous squeeze on the shoulder. He turned around and smiled.

"Okay, so that just leaves you two," said Harry gesturing to his younger self and Ginny. "Ginny wont be a moment and then we can do it."

"It's been really nice meeting you," said Ginny politely. "Even though i've known you forever...this is so strange."

Harry chuckeled. "It is indeed. I forgot just how small and skinny i was." he winked at the teenager.

Young Harry scowled at himself. He wasn't that small or skinny.

"Okay they are all done," said Ginny sadly coming back from upstairs. "So difficult."

She walked over to her place next to her husband and he placed a reassuring arm around her. At the same time she nestled her head into his neck and he dropped a soft kiss onto her head. Teenage Harry and GInny watched the exchange in confusion.

"Lead the way," said Harry gesturing up the stairs once more.

So all four of them trudged up the stairs quietly. They passed Ron and Hermione on their way down. Ginny went with herself into her room and Harry with himself.

"Try get comfy Harry, it will only take a second."

Young Harry abeyed and laid himself onto the bed next to Rons-who was already snoring.

"I'll do it on the count of three," he whispered."Goodbye Harry it was nice to see myself again." he smiled. "One, two, three."

His vunerable teenage self smiled up at him and waited expectantly. Sighing Harry pointed his wand in the direction of his scar and used the obliviate spell non-verbally. He watched as his eye lids drooped until they were completely closed. Looking down, he stood and remembered all the things that had happened this coming year to him and all the things he had yet to experience. Reluctantly he left Harry and Ron's room and waited in the hallway for Ginny.

"Lie down then Ginny," smiled older Ginny.

Ginny slipped off her shoes and slipped into her bed and waited for the spell to overtake her.

"I'm really looking forward to the future now," whispered Ginny. "Is it really as good as you guys made it out to be?"

Older Ginny laughed quietly and raised her wand. "Oh, it's so much better!" and then she silently cast the obliviate spell and watched herself fall into the deep sleep.

Ginny met her husband in the hallway and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "We did it!" she whispered taking his hand and leading the way back downstairs.

"We did indeed," smiled Harry giving her hand an affectionate aqueeze.

Back in the kitchen the children were sat around waiting for Harry and Ginny's return. Ron and Hermione had got them all ready to leave instantly. The time turning portkey, an old boot, was waiting on the floor for them.

"Okay guys we all ready?" asked Ginny coming into the kitchen and joining her waiting family.

"Yes!" they all cheered back.

"Now this particular portkey takes a little while longer to activate, so when you put your finger on it, it is more of a ten second wait for takeoff." informed Hermione.

"Everyone place your fingers on." instructed Harry. "One, two, three!" The whole group did so.

The boot glowed yellow and they waited for the tugging feeling to come.

"So am I still in trouble then?" James asked his parents with a grin.

Harry and Ginny both laughed and looked at eachother. "Yes!" they answered together. He frowned at them.

No retort could be made due to the tugging feeling from behind their navels. Suddenly, their feet were being lifted off of the ground and the feeling of being sucked through a wormhole was felt by them all.


A/N- The next chapter will be the last, but I hope you've enjoyed reading so far. Please remember to review for me, as receiving lovely, constructive reviews is always wonderful!!

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