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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 7 : Winning
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 A/N: Hey guys! Next chapter is up! Sorry it took so long! I've been trying so long toget it up! Thanks for all the people who have read Mae's story so far- over 500 reads! Thanks for reviewing- special thanks to Harry and Ginny for reviewing every single chapter! You are amazing!

Enjoy this chapter!

Disclaimer: I do not own anythingtodo with Harry Potter except for the story line and the OC's


Life in Hogwarts had soon wrapped around me and eventually I relaxed into some sort of a routine. My day would begin with eating breakfast at the Gryffindor table with Dom, Freddie, his mates Ian and Oliver, and the occasional Robyn or Carolyn, while at lunch I would hang with Dom, Alessandria, Robyn and Carolyn out in the last sunshine of autumn in front of the Black lake. In class I was concentrating and I studied in my spares to keep up with my overload of subjects, then practically in all free time that was being used by Quidditch training. Freddie and I were still dating strong and amazingly I was actually starting to fully return his feelings for me. Little actions such as surprise single roses to brighten my day and the fact that he had stayed with me back in the castle to finish homework rather than head down to Hogsmeade had really turned on my emotions towards him. 




A part of my routine was avoiding James. 




Since our fight after Quidditch trials, I hadn’t spoken to him nor had he attempted to make contact with me. At trainings I listened to his instructions but otherwise, I carried on as if he wasn’t there. On the odd chance when I met him in a corridor, bravely I stuck my nose in the air and didn’t look in his direction. The best part of the whole situation was that he was avoiding me as well. With myself so angry at him, I could forget about my stupid crush on him - which was replaced by hatred - and I could focus on my relationship with Freddie. It was odd how quickly someones feeling can change with a slight action, with one move from James it had become a game changer and had flipped our playing field from love to loathe. 




One common part of my routine was spending my Thursday period six spare with Alessandria in the library. 




Ever since school had gone back, Alessandria had been lovely, obviously the fact that James and her were back together as the schools golden couple seemed to really raise her emotions.




“Hey,” Alessandria greeted, looking up from her work with a smile as I sat down opposite her at our usual Thursday library table. 




“Hey,” I grinned back, reaching into my bag to pull out my Muggle Studies homework, which was the one class I shared with Alessandria.




“Shall we start?” she asked.




“Yeah,” I nodded, pulling out a quill and proceeding to begin the essay on ‘electricity.’




“Uh, I’m so sick of N.E.W.T classes already,” Alessandria groaned, breaking the silence after a few minutes but not looking up from her essay as she scribbled another word. 




“Same here, I’m so stressed!”




“You don’t show it,”Alessandria giggled through her long black locks.








“You’re doing more than anyone else in the year, but you’re keeping on top of it all!”




“Kind of,” I shrugged, a light blush forming on my cheeks. 




Quickly we dropped the subject and we continued to write in silence, the sound of our quills scratching on the parchment being the only thing to fill the air. 




“How’s Freddie going?” she asked.




“Oh yeah, great, he’s really sweet,” I replied, smiling to myself about how we had spent my prefect duties last night, in an abandoned classroom spending some quality alone time.  




“He is,” she agreed, “You two seem very happy.”




“I really like him,” I admitted. 




“Slept with him yet?”




“No,” I replied dryly, a little shocked that she had actually asked that while I was also a little embarrassed. I knew Alessandria had done ‘it’ and Dom had too. The truth was, Freddie and I hadn’t yet, but we had been getting closer with every passing minute we spent together. Freddie and I were becoming more physical, the little things such as lingering touches and the feeling of us being together was starting to make me believe that we should do it soon.




“When do you think you’ll do it?” she prodded, obviously not fazed by my shock.




“Soon I guess,” I shrugged yet again, trying not to show my embarrassment. 




“Thought so, I mean you’ve been going out for 3 months.”




“Really? It’s been 3 months already?” I asked bewildered. 




“Yep, today’s November 2nd,” 




“Wow, have you - uh - done it before?” I gently prodded.




She looked up at me and grinned, “A few times, once with Tommy Jenkin in fourth year and twice with James last year.” 




“Your first time was with Tommy Jenkin?” I spluttered, wonderstruck. 




“Yeah,” she smiled. 




“But he was a seventh year when we were in fourth!” I whispered, as Madam Prince walked by, “Not to mention that he was so popular!” 




Tommy Jenkin had been the classic popular playboy of Hogwarts in his years through school. His rich chocolate eyes, very buff figure from his time of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team, and light brown hair had drawn girls to him like moths to a flame. I can still remember him wandering around Hogwarts like a King, only associating with people he believed were worthy. If I remembered correctly, he was quite fond of James and had 'taught' him how to act around school.








“He was a little drunk and I was too, but still it was Tommy Jenkin!” she whispered back after the librarian left. 




“That’s so cool! And you did it with James?” I asked, with a bit of agitation in my voice. Even thinking of James made me angry.




“Yeah, before the school year started,” Alessandria smirked but her lips falling into a frown, "I wanted to do it again, but he seems really distant at the moment and keeps pulling away, I don’t know what’s wrong.”




“He’s probably stressed with all his duties and N.E.W.T’s this year,” I smiled politely to her, “I’m sure you’ve done nothing wrong.”




We kept working until the bell for the end of the day went off, and we gathered up our stuff. We walked silently out of the library and out the Entrance Hall where we would have to separate ways to go back to our Common Rooms. 




“Bye Mae,” Alessandria smiled.




“Bye Alessandria,” I said grinning at her. 




As I begun to walk away she spoke something else,




“Mae,” she began as I turned around, “I’m happy for you and Freddie,” 




I smiled back at her and continued to walk. I was really happy too, happier then I ever had been. 






* * * * *






When I got back to the Common Room, the only sixth year there was Dom.




“Hey!” she shrieked, scaring quite a few younger students before running over to me. 




“Hey, why so excited?” I asked, watching Dom as she practically bounced in her shoes. 




“This is for you!!!” Dom exclaimed, stuffing a piece of parchment in my hands. 




Unfolding the parchment, the surface seemed bare but before I could open my mouth to tell Dom, black ink appeared and spread across the parchment to read,




Congratulations! You’ve been invited to the first party of the year this Saturday in the Room of Requirement. Be prepared for the best ~James and Freddie




“Oh!” I shrieked, “I got invited to the party!”




“ Of course you did!” Dom shook her head at my shock, “It’s this weekend! What are we going to wear? Did you bring any dresses?” 




“Yes, I did,” I grinned. This year I had brought a few dresses along in hope that I would be invited to one of these parties, it had been part of my stupid steps to getting James Potter. 




“Thank Merlin! We are going to look amazing!” Dom squealed. 




“Wait, does that mean that the first Quidditch match of the season is in two days?” I asked, eyes going wide. 




“Yes! I’m so excited!” Dom squealed, dancing on the spot.




“Oh crap!” I shrieked, “I’m not ready to play!” 




“You’ll be fine!” Dom giggled, “You’re never this nervous!”




“Well I have to play in front of the entire school in two days! What if I stuff up?”




“Don’t worry! Let’s take your mind off this a go and plan what we’re wearing on Saturday,” Dom said, standing up and pulling me towards the dorm. 




With Dom’s constant chatter in my ear that was good enough for me. 






* * * * *






I threw the ball strongly to Al before I took off, flying to the goalposts, dodging bludgers as I went. It was a lot like the trials, but this time was a warm up. 




Today was the last training session before our big, first game of the season against Slytherin tomorrow. The team was extremely excited, but strangely none of them were really nervous besides Lachie and I as we were the only ‘newbies’ of the team and the only people in the team who weren’t part of the Potter-Weasley clan. The Gryffindor team consisted of, the three chasers: Albus Potter, Rose Weasley, and I, two beaters: Lachie Tolin and Roxanne Weasley, one keeper: Freddie Weasley and one seeker: the very annoying but talented James Potter. 




I could already imagine, Joanne Jordan the commentator saying our names as we flew out in a team, Flick, Potter, Potter, Tolin, Weasley, Weasley, and Weasley! 




The famous first game of the season between Slytherin and Gryffindor had created some tension between the houses over the past week. As it was my first ever game on the team and I was shocked, I had never really taken a large interest before the actual game since my brother had left. The whole team couldn’t go anywhere without the worry of being, tripped, hexed or hit. I had resulted to wearing flats instead of heels due to the fact I so was worried about getting sent a stray tripping jinx. 




On the other hand, Freddie and Dom had made it their personal task to keep me safe from oncoming attackers. Dom had been screaming out and shouting threats to people that even looked at me in the corridors while Freddie had begun to keep his wand up his sleeve in case someone tried to hex me. I did point out to him numerous times that he was part of the team and he was better than me which most likely would mean he was a bigger target for attack, but of course he didn’t listen.




A lot of nasty comments were going round as well. One of the most terrible ones about me was shouted out at Dom, Freddie and I as we were walking into Great Hall and let’s just say we all had to hold Freddie down before he killed the Slytherin bloke who had yelled it. 




It took five of us to do that.  




But there was another piece of gossip travelling round the castle faster, grabbing more people’s attention than the chaos of the pre-game, James had broken up with Alessandria.




On Thursday night at dinner, Alessandria had entered the Great Hall by herself with her glossy hair swinging behind her as she walked straight towards the Gryffindor table to where James was sitting with Freddie and Albus chatting about Quidditch. When I had entered the hall with Dom, Carolyn and Robyn seeing James sitting with Freddie, we had walked straight to the end of the table which was far, far away from James.




So, Alessandria had walked up to James and thrown her arms around him like the usual dinner show, the crowds of Hogwarts gossipers watching in like it was the latest episode of their favourite reality television series. But to put a twist in the plot tonight, as she tried to tilt his head up to kiss him, he refused. Shaking it off, she tried again and again and again, only with the same results, before crying loud enough for the whole school to hear,




“James? What’s wrong?”




Rolling his eyes, James swallowed a mouthful of his stew and turned around to face her,




“Alessandria, I don’t think we should see each other anymore,” James explained, his hands shoved into the deeps of his pant pockets. 




“What? Why?” Alessandria screamed, her eyes popping wide along with every single student in the entire school. 




“I just don’t think it’s working between us,” he replied simply. 




“Well, I happen to think that we are perfect for each other!” she yelled back. 




“Well I don’t,” James snapped.




“Why are you breaking up with me?” Alessandria wailed.




“I don’t like you in that way anymore,” he said, fiddling with his tie. 




“Since when? Do you like someone else?” she shot at him. 




“Since this week, and no I don’t,” he replied. 




“I bet you do!” she shrieked. 




“Just leave it Alessandria, we’re over,” James snapped.




“Please James,” she said grabbing his hand, “I think we should give it another go.” 




No one had ever seen Alessandria like this, the perfect Queen of Hogwarts had tears running down her face with her mascara was running.




“We’ve given it two goes already, we’re over Alessandria and when I say over, I mean it. There is no more chances any more, we’re done. We tried and it just didn’t work so let it go,” James yanked his hand from her grasp and sat back down.




Yes, he actually sat back down and even starting eating his stew again, as if nothing had changed. 




Alessandria had still stood there when he sat back down, tears silently running from her eyes, with the whole school watching. Then she had looked and saw all the wide eyes glued to her messy figure, before turning on her heels and running from the hall. Robyn and Carolyn ran after her while Dom and I waited behind, not wanting to overwhelm her. 




Back to training- we had passed the warm up and now we were onto a game. I was flying straight towards goals when I heard a small whizzing to my ear I quickly passed the Quaffle to Rose who passed it to Albus, who passed it to me, and I quickly passed it back to him, and he quickly shot goal. The Quaffle flew into the ring, Freddie narrowly missed. James was flying round the pitch shouting orders, while trying to look for the snitch. He had been putting twice as much effort into the team since he had broken up with Alessandria. He had also been a lot calmer. 




After training, the team was so excited and pumped for the next day’s game, that I didn’t even think about think about James, stuffing up or the party the next day.



A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I know it was a bit short and it was a filler! I'm so sorry! Don't hate me! The next chapter is so much better! I LOVED WRITING IT! It is called Lost and contains the Quidditch game and James' party. 

Just to let everyone know, I am thinking of doing some new fanfics, a Lily/ Scorpius and a Sirius/OC and a maybe even one set in the founders time, a bt of an old fashioned falling in love with the wrong person thing. Tell me what you think and ideas as well!

This is being sent for validation on September First (best date!) 2012 at 9:30pm! Next chapter up as soon as validated. 

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1st November 2015: EDITED 

I visualised Tommy Jenkin to look like Liam Payne in 2015.

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