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Time of Wolves by Mihali1432
Chapter 3 : February 19th
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                Teddy woke up to the sound of two people arguing outside of the sick cabin. He looked around and saw a child laid in some furs on the other side of the cabin. Teddy tuned his ears into what the two voices were arguing about.

                “Why is that wizard still here? Even if you bit him he’s still a fully-fledged wizard adult! He could run back to the wizarding community and give out our location! He’s a danger to all of us!” A deep, rough voice came from outside. Teddy heard a grunt before the unmistakable voice of Fenrir spoke up.

                “He’s injured, and I’ve kept an almost constant watch on him! If he hasn’t tried to leave by now then he isn’t going to be a danger to us, what? Ten werewolves? Even if we all died there are still a lot of werewolves out there!” Fenrir growled before Teddy heard a bang on the walls. Teddy cringed as he thought about what either of the two arguing people would be capable of.

                “Damn it Fenrir! It’s strange to see you, of all werewolves, to have compassion!” Teddy heard a growl before the door was slammed open and he got a glance at who he thought would be the alpha of the small community. Fenrir’s gaze drifted over to the small child before he looked at Teddy.

                “Done freaking out now?” Fenrir asked with a smirk when Teddy sat up. Teddy chuckled nervously before he coughed into his hand.

                “Yeah,” Teddy thought about yesterday when he finally had the fact that he was a werewolf sink in and that he would live with the condition forever. He had freaked out big time.

                Fenrir was about to walk into the sick cabin to make sure Teddy was still laid down in the furs before he heard a scream cut through the air from inside. He ran into the cabin, to find Teddy staring at his hands and crying lightly.

                “I’m… I’m…” Teddy mumbled to himself before he rubbed at his eyes. “I’m like dad,” he whispered.

                “What?” Fenrir exclaimed with surprise as he looked at Teddy, who turned his head sharply to look at Fenrir. Teddy’s eyes looked frantic and had a strange shade of red mixed in with a bright blue. “What’s with your eyes?”

                Teddy gasped before he quickly shifted his eyes to their normal brown, his hair changing to a shade of blue. “I… I’m a metamorphmagus and uh, well… er sorry,” Teddy whispered as he rubbed at his eyes. Greyback looked at him for a minute before he sat down on the floor in front of Teddy.

                “Who’s your dad?” Fenrir asked as he looked at Teddy, searching his memory for anyone he might know that Teddy could be related to but the only family he could think of was the Lupin’s. Teddy had already said he wasn’t a Lupin so that wasn’t the answer, unless he was lying.

                “Uh, well I’d only heard stories about him. I mean, he’s uh…” Teddy began, stating a half-truth before he thought about the part he’d be lying about. “He’s, well he was a werewolf, and uh, that’s all I remember.” Teddy smiled slightly before he rubbed at his burning eyes again. Fenrir eyed him for a second before he tried to begin a casual conversation.

                “That was er-” Teddy began but then Fenrir cut him off, waving his hand while his face showed that he was annoyed.

                “I got it, everyone panics at some point,” Fenrir said as he sat down in front of Teddy after he deemed that the sleeping child inside the cabin was alright.

                “Have you remembered your name yet?” Fenrir asked as he leaned forward with a smirk as if he already knew Teddy’s name. Teddy’s eyes darted back and forth as he shook his head. Fenrir sighed because he knew Teddy was lying but he wasn’t going to drag it out of him, yet.

                “Do you think you’re in any state to walk today? You need to get some air and stretch your limbs,” Fenrir said as he glanced over at the child again, a worried look in his eyes. Teddy noticed this look and it confused him. All Teddy had heard and read about Greyback said he was this terrible monster, but so far Greyback seemed just like anyone else.

                Teddy nodded. “Yeah, I think I can handle it today. I feel a lot better,” He grinned as Fenrir stood up, putting his hand out for Teddy to grab. Teddy grabbed his hand and was lifted up. Teddy gently took a step and grinned when he didn’t feel weak at all.

                Finally. Teddy thought to himself as he and Fenrir left the cabin. I finally get to explore this place! The first thing Fenrir did was inform Teddy about some rules that he would have to follow.

                “First thing first, we are going to get your wand and bag but you are not to use your wand within the confines of this area. Understood?” Fenrir began and he stressed the last word before Teddy nodded briskly, taking in Fenrir’s tone. Fenrir looked over at the largest cabin before he continued. “After that you are to meet with the Alpha, and I will tell you that he does not approve of you being here. If you piss him off I will not help you there.” Teddy gulped before he nodded again.

                “Alright. Um, what would anger him?” Teddy asked hesitantly as they began to walk towards the storage cabin that was located on the left. The other one was to their right. Teddy noticed that the few werewolves that were in the small area were crowded around a large fire pit. There were about seven of them.

                “There are lots of things just don’t speak out of tone and answer all his questions as truthfully as you can,” Fenrir mumbled as he opened the door to the storage cabin, using a bit of wandless magic to unlock the door.

                “You can do wandless magic? That’s really advanced, even I can’t do wandless magic yet!” Teddy exclaimed as he stared at Fenrir with his jaw hanging open.  Fenrir looked back at Teddy as if being able to perform wandless magic was the simplest thing in the world.

                “If you teach yourself you can achieve more than if you had a teacher,” Fenrir said as if he were bored before he walked inside. Teddy followed and looked around inside the first of the storage cabins. There were some wands inside a cabinet on the left side and on the right there were a couple small weapons such as knives and other assorted things. There was a table a few steps in front of Teddy and on it sat his bag and wand.

                Fenrir grabbed Teddy’s things and tossed them towards him. Teddy caught them and smiled slightly as he started to go through his things to see if everything was there.

                “There’s no reason to check, we wouldn’t steal your things,” Fenrir grumbled as he grabbed a wand out of the cabinet to Teddy’s left. He hid it in his pants’ pocket before he walked towards Teddy. “Look, later on I’ll take you out and we’ll practice a bit to see what you’ve retained,” Fenrir whispered into Teddy’s ear who grinned.

                “That’d be awesome,” Teddy looked behind Greyback and saw someone walking up towards the two.  Greyback noted the change in Teddy’s facial expression and turned around. Walking up to them was one of the members of the pack.

                “Fenrir, the child is awake,” one of the pack members, an older man, muttered carefully as he pointed towards the sick cabin, where the child had been laid down at. Fenrir saw a small little head poking out of the cabin, looking around at everything and everyone. When he noticed everyone was looking at him he quickly shut the door and hid inside of the cabin.

                “Alright, go inform the alpha,” Fenrir said with practiced, seemingly worn out words. The man looked uncomfortable before Fenrir sighed. “What is it?”

                “He’s already in there,” the man mumbled before Fenrir waved his hand. The man walked away to join the rest of the pack that was lingering around a fire pit.

                Once the man was away Teddy began to speak. “He seems like he’d be old enough to do things by himself, or the entire… pack could?” Teddy questioned as he looked over at Fenrir, confusion evident on his face. Fenrir glared at Teddy but his gaze softened a bit when he realized that Teddy was new. 

                “It’s just how things are around here, it pisses me off but it’s the rules. After we check up on him how about we go and spar a bit?” Fenrir grinned over at Teddy who nodded briskly.

                “Sounds like a plan,” Teddy said as the two made their way to the sick cabin. When the two made it to the cabin they heard someone dive and run around.

                “Ah! Stop! No! Go away!” A young voice was heard coming from inside the cabin. It sounded like he was crying and inside you could hear an adult laughing with bad humor. “Noo!” the voice called out again and Teddy opened the door quickly, looking inside once he did. He saw the child running away from someone who was chasing him playfully.

                “What are you doing?” Fenrir asked incredulously as he walked inside. The adult looked up and chuckled.

                “Being friendly, can’t you tell?” The guy grinned and his teeth made him look as if he were evil and not friendly in the slightest. The child ran over to Teddy, seeing him as the friendliest of the bunch.  The child tugged on Teddy’s pants and looked up at him.

                “You look like daddy,” The child said before he clung onto his pants, looking at the two werewolves who were arguing in front of him. Teddy was stunned for a moment before he took a good look at the child. Teddy looked over at Fenrir who was beginning to argue with the man who was chasing the child around.

                “I am the alpha, Fenrir; I can do whatever I want here! I am the leader!” The Alpha roared with a mix of anger and amusement. Teddy sat down as he listened to the argument going on between the two werewolves. The child looked up at Teddy and continued to cling to him as if his life depended on it.

                “Even if you are the alpha you can’t just do that! You scared the child shitless!” Fenrir growled out and the child flinched. The two continued to argue but Teddy decided to try to comfort the child.

                “He scared me,” the child mumbled as he pressed his face into Teddy’s back. Teddy thought back to what he thought of Fenrir when he had researched him before he traveled back. He was scared of him and only just a picture, even if meeting him in the flesh is a lot less scary this child was only a, well, child.

                “He scared me when I first saw him,” Teddy was thinking more of Fenrir than he was the Alpha of the pack but both carried a sense of fear around them; they instilled fear in everyone they passed. “What’s your name?”

                “I’m Remus! Remus Lupin!” Teddy should have known he was his dad. He should have known when he heard that he looked like the kid’s dad but it still hit him. And it hit him hard.

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Time of Wolves: February 19th


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