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Invisibly Me by TheOnlyLota
Chapter 4 : Mischief Managed
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Disclamer: I unfortunately am not blessed to have the first name of Joanne and otherwise i would be writing an official Maurader prequel ;) Kay peeps, you might want to re-read chapter 4, as it's had an extra bit added to it
Lots of love, y'all's Indian pot

Spells had been devised, potions had been brewed, magnets prepared, and finally, Liam and Alex's prank- made possible by Zahra, Lily, and Alexa- was ready.

The plan was simple, all the students, including the fifth year Ravenclaws, were to experience the starter effects of the potion to test whether it worked.

After while the potion was still working, Lily would perform the charm silently and wandlessly, to the diminish suspicion around her, as McGonagal was always suspicious to Lily after GitL days (Gone is the Lily, aka days that Lily's a Gryffindor. ).

The charm would mean that only the Mauraders and Talitha would have the charm on for the month. Alex was looking forward to the prank, as he had been unfortunate to drink the milk one morning on the Slytherin table( where his little sister was), and ended up with his head where his butt was, ending up with a Maurader nickname of 'Buttface' where ever he went.

James Harold Potter woke up one morning to the gentle snores of Remus Lupin, the fart-sounding snorts of Peter Pettigrew, and a girly choice of a slap from his best mate Sirius Black!

"Oi! What do you think your doing! That was a girl's slap mate!"

Sirius glared at James, and retaliated with a punch at James' stomach, with James rolled over to avoid, subsequently rolling out of bed. This caused Sirius to bark out his laugh, "come on mate, Talitha and Marlene wake up early."

This was the fact that made James smirk. "Marlene aye? Is Padfoot the great manwhore finally finding the mother of your cubs?"

"Go stuff it Prongs"

"Many people think you two have up each others arses"

Two pillows, and a couple of textbooks found themselves being thrown at a half asleep Remus Lupin

A little while later three bright eyed mauraders( and one slightly battered one) all made their way down the dormitry stairs to breakfast in record time before the messy-haired Maurader stopped at the bottom to stare into at the red haired beauty sitting on a couch, chatting to a brown haired boy and an Indian-looking girl, both from Ravenclaw.

James smiled, as he saw Talitha sitting there, blissfully talking to to of her friends. "she always talks with people in other houses, and finds the best in people" James thought out loud," 'cept me of course"

He then walked fully into the common room, towards the red-head, under the watchful eyes of the Mauraders, and the two Ravenclaws, before he bent down and gently kissed the girl of the cheek. The girl froze, and stopped talking about some sort of magnetic potion, and slowly turned to face James' smiling and slightly lovesick face.

"Morning Love!"

The sound of a slap could be resonated throughout the common room.

"WHAT IN MERLIN'S BALLS WAS THAT! YOU JUST FU-" the girl shouted, only breaking her shout to say" sorry, excuse my language" and then continuing in her rampage" YOU JUST FLIPPING KISSED MY CHEEK LIKE YOU KNOW ME! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!"

James, Sirius and Peter all winced at her screech , while the Ravenclaw girl smirked, and the brown haired boy just said" Merlin's Balls... remind me to use that sometime Red. "

Remus though, did not wince and instead was actually listening throughout the shouting" What do you mean 'like you know me, You're Talitha Elfinbere, you're a sixth year Gryffindor , cause you're along with Alice Stuart, Mary McDonald and Emmeline Vance, and you hate Prongsie here. "

"Remus, she's not Talitha, she's... someone else" the brown haired boy turned to Remus, and Remus put a name to the face. Liam Bond, Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain and beater, and also 5th year prefect.

"Hey Liam, how come you're in our common room?" remus now forgot about the girl but know asked a difficult question. Liam and the two girls shared a glance at each other before answering " I have a girlfriend in Gryffindor? " The red head glared at Liam, while Liam smiled and continued" yeah, and Zahra here is my girlfriend's friend, you know, the other Ravenclaw prefect"

Remus nodded while the other boys looked bored, and once again forgot about the red head, though Remus didn't.

" Hey guys, I'm gonna talk to Liam and Zahra while they wait for his girlfriend, you can go down, i'll meet for Transfiguration"

They all nodded and head down for breakfast while Remus sat next to Zahra, on the edge of the couch

The trio suppressed a groan; Remus need to be down there, along with themselves for the prank.

"So, Liam you patrol with the other Gryffindor prefect right" he nodded" well who is she, cause I know for a fact that she's not any of the four fifth year Gryffindors.

Liam and the redhead shared a meaningful glance before the latter nodded.

"This is Lily Evans, she's officially a Gryffindor, but she's also an honorary Ravenclaw, as their was a weird call out for her; it said Gryffinclaw instead of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. She's the other prefect, and is the person who you sometimes mistake for Talitha"

Remus deadpanned before out right laughing before asking whether Liam had thought of writing for the daily prophet and then going downstairs.

It was clear to see that both Liam and Lily were pissed to say the least, and even the good natured Zahra was annoyed. Wands at the ready ,they rushed to the great hall, so that they wouldn't miss the potion start time

The trio were faced with a very annoyed Alex and Alexa as they got down for Breakfast that morning.

"What the HELL!"
"It's not our fault, Potter..."

"Alexa, there's no time now, we have to put the cushioning charms on the walls and the floor, and turn those magnets in the wall on. Now!"

All four of the group's eyes widened and nodded, while Zahra smirked and then started to place bounce charms to put people back to their normal places, while Liam turned the Magnets on and the Alexs placed cushioning charms everywhere else.

Lily did nothing but test the juice and food, making sure that the potion was present.

The time turned to 8:37 and suddenly everyone in the hall (par the teachers) was thrown against the walls of the hall and stayed there for a couple of minutes.

Lily smiled knowing this was her cue, looked doe the Mauraders and Talitha. Upon finding them she smiled and in her head muttered "manera mensis" while subtly pointing her hand at each one of them in turn.

Soon the potion wore off and each o the students bounced of the floor and into the seats again. The hall was silent before all the students burst into laughter. Most of the teacher were chuckling and even McGonalgal was amused at the sight of the Marauders hanging in mid-air, as if attracted by a magnet.

Lily took this opportunity to nod at Alex and Alexa, who grinned and took out mint magnets from their pockets and flipped them in a mockingly menacing way. The same magnets those 5 people would grow to hate.

It was 2 days after the initial start of the prank, and after nothing had happened, the school had deduced that the pranksters were, to be blunt, crap. But as Remus and James made their way to Muggle Studies they, along with Sirius, Peter and Talitha, who were climbing the Divination tower that very second, were about to experience their first bout of magnetism.

James took Muggle studies to try and learn enough about the world 'the green-eyed girl' came from. He no longer believed that Talitha was 'the green eyed girl' but still checked just incase. He chased Marissa basically because she was hard to get at first, and then managed to convince himself that he was in love with her( the bloody idiot).

Remus took the subject to make sure that James didn't do anything to stupid to Talitha. He, unlike the others, knew that James wasn't really in love with Talitha so wasn't exactly destroying his chances, just, jeopardising them a bit.

James was prattling on about how good Talitha would look with green eyes and how he wondered whether she had transfigured them brown, to try and hide from him when suddenly he was dragged forward and crashed into the Zahra girl he had met 2 days ago.

He looked up at her to apologise, when Remus crashed into him. They both was dragged away again towards a red head, probably the same that was in the common room with Zahra, Remus noted, if she actually wasn't Talitha

She smirked, before sending a small silver disc towards a wall, far away from her and Zahra. This should had sent the two of them sprawling towards the wall, but the stopped in the middle of the corridor in mid air, as if summoned from both endsof the corridor.

The magnets soon gave way, and James went spiralling towards one end of the corridor, and Remus and the other. It was clear by now, that Zahra was controlling both of the magnets while the red head was just leaning against a wall.

The rest of the Muggle Studies class, was enjoying it immensely, especially the Slytherins, and all did not care that they were about 5 minutes late ( It was an annoying reminder in the redhead's brain though, she was a bookworm at heart).

The fun was apparently stopped when, Remus and James managed to grab the magnets and summon all of the wands in the corridor, making the magnets cease to work.

If Lily wasn't there course. She conjured 8 more magnets and allowed the two boys be drawn to the magnets which were in the middle. She kept one working, keeping them attached at the stomach, while she put the others into place: one joining their hands together, one each ,making their hands hold each other at the waist. Remus and James cringed, knowing what was about to happen, while Zahra looked at her friend amusedly.

The last 4 magnets went on each of the pair's feet, and then the tango commenced, with a Slytherin conjurining a rose which was put in James' mouth( Zahra removed the thorns before she put it in though, the Slytherin tried not to). The two spun, and dipped, and twirled, but we're finally stopped before James could lean in and kiss Remus, when Professor Pimpleback began clapping, causing Lily to lose focus and lose control of the magnets, causing James to fall on top of Remus, catching himself before he could, and then scrambling to collect the magnets, to analyse them later.

They all stared at the teacher in confusion before she spoke

"10 points to gryriffindor for showing the class a muggle tango perfectly, which is what we are covering today. It also sorts out the problem off partners, as I was going to conjure animated dolls for the two boys who wouldn't have a partner, but you two can dance together!"

Lily stifled a laugh, while the two boys scowled at the fact that for the remaining three quarters of an hour, they had to dance together. In a very compromising position.

The next few weeks that followed, the Marauders and Talitha were constantly frightened by the sight of magnets, which Alexa and Liam had conveniently passed around the Ravenclaws, Huffelpuffs, and all the Gryffindors but the fifth years.

Those magnets would only work if the group chose to do so, and that lead to people suddenly finding themselves Marauders attracted to them literally.

It was the final day of the prank, and after several days of climbing walls, tango-ing, and being stretched by magnets, the Marauders were tired, but looking forward to payback. Sadly for them everyone now had magnets, so they had no idea who was behind the prank.

Talitha had found herself sleepwalking, walking around on her hands, and finding it impossible for her food to find its way anywhere else but McGonagal's face( much to the marauders' and Dumbledore's amusement) so she was extremely irritated by this.

Zahra and ,( after much debate) Lily and Alexa finally decided to allow the Marauders some fun with the magnets. So, over the floor of the great hall they set up magnets in pairs for the boys hands and feet. Talitha would get what was coming for her( Lily and Alexa's words- not mine) later that evening, not that Zahra knew this though.

As soon as the four boys entered the hall, they found themselves dragged to the gap between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw table, and simultaneously groaned. Lily, Zahra, and Alexa were all in charge of a different pair of Magnets, and then all could chose a cool dismount at the end

The Marauders were in al line, with Sirius at the front, and Alexa doing his dismount. He suddenly started doing front flips and then ended with a 360 twist landing on his feet.

The whole hall was looking for entertainment, and they got it, and the Marauders started doing flips, somersaults, and Lily even conjured up a pool for James to dive into at the end of his run of leaps, in which he managed to get increasingly higher with the help of the magnets ( which James actually chose to do. )

The Marauders were enjoying themselves and actually trying to butter up the people controlling the magnets to make theirs more impressive.

When Talitha came in, Peter was in the middle of doing hopscotch down the tables, and everyone turned to look at her, knowing that she was also targeted during the month; she was last seen running around of the ceiling of the Transfiguration corridor, courtesy of Alex. Even Peter turned, ending his run with a ballerina pirouette and a curtsey, causing the Marauders and Zahra, who was controlling him, to burst out in laughter, pulling everyone's attention back to him. James and Sirius even transfigured his clothes into a leotard and tutu, begging Zahra unknowingly, to make him repeat his run. For once she complied, but let Alexa control the magnets, as she had taken ballet when she was 5.

Peter now twirled and pranced around the great hall blushing and leaving Alexa smirking when she no longer had to control him.

Talitha was completely confused as to what was happening, but she had seen Lily smirk as she came in, and knew that she had something to do with it. Suddenly, after Peter had finished his dance with a standing ovation,- the dance was very well choreographed- Talitha found herself being dragged to the floor. She found herself doing the caterpillar. On the floor of the great hall. In front of everyone. Including Dumbledore. And James Potter, the fittest boy in the school who she had a crush on a for some reason he wanted to marry her. Not that she would refuse anytime soon though, he was rich.

The whole school was laughing and to finish the month off, Liam and Alex put the original magnets in containers which they had just conjured and sent them to the Marauders, who had just helped Talitha up, and sat down next to her on the table, much to her own delight.

The Marauders were good spirited, and cheered as they got them, saying thanks to the people who organised the month for them. As they started saying their other thank you's for other random things the five Ravenclaws shared a grin- Mission Accomplished.

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