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Dangerous Existence by WildCat
Chapter 2 : Fighting
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                                                         Chapter Two:

  The next morning, I woke up early as usual. Making sure I didn’t disturb the others  - who were late sleepers, whereas I woke up early every morning - I quickly got dressed and hurried downstairs for breakfast.

  The Great Hall was virtually empty, since it was only 7:30. But I was used to this. I sat down at the Gryffindor table, nodding to a few 5th years as I did. I looked around. There were five 4th years at the HufflePuff Table, two 6th years at the Ravenclaw Table, and to my disgust, Lestrange, Black and another boy who I knew to be called Jasper Avery, at the Slytherin Table.

   Black turned around at that precise moment, and caught me looking at him and his friends. I glared at him, and he sneered back. I turned away, just as I heard him whisper to Lestrange;

  “Fore looks like she got out of bed the wrong way, then fell into a thorn bush, doesn’t she.”

   I whipped around and jumped up, pulling out my wand. “I heard that, Black.”

  “Oh, did you. Well then you will know it’s true” Black called. Everybody in the hall had turned to watch our argument.  

  “How dare you!” I cried. Black stood up, as I raised my wand. But before I could cast a spell, there was a shout.

  “Fore, lower your wand. You too Black” McGonagall said, as Black tried to cast a spell while I wasn’t looking. “Please follow me” McGonagall said icily. I reluctantly followed McGonagall, glancing behind me to see Black right behind me. I sneered at him.
McGonagall stopped in the Entrance Hall.

  “I am very disappointed in you two” She began “Fighting on your first day, I would have thought better of you. Well” she said “maybe not you Fore. But you Black, you should know better. You are a prefect after all. If this happens again, I shall take your prefect badge a way.” I grinned at Black’s face, hoping his badge was taken away. “Same go’s to you Fore” McGonagall said, catching my smile “If I see you fighting again, no more Quidditch.”

  “B..b..but” I spluttered “Professor, you wouldn’t do that.” I was the best chaser there was, besides James Potter of course.

  “Yes I would” said Professor McGonagall and she walked away.

  “This is all your fault” I said whipping around to face Black.

  “Actually, it is more your fault” Black smirked “You after all, were the one who drew your wand. All I did was comment to my friend.” I stepped forward so that we were nose to nose, and slapped him hard.

  “I hate you” I hissed and walked back into the dining room.

  When I stalked into the Great Hall, I saw Soph and Jackie sitting at the Gryffindor Table, yawning.

  “What’s wrong with you?” asked Sophie.

  “Everything” I said, slumping on the seat next to Jackie “I had a fight with Regulus Black again. I was about to jinx him when Professor McGonagall appeared and took me and Black out into the Entrance Hall, and told him if she found him fighting again she take away his prefect badge.” I explained, and Jackie grinned at this thought “But then she said, if she saw me fighting again, she’d take away my spot on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.”

  “Merlin, that’s bad” Sophie said.

  “I know, so now Black is going to try and get a rise out of me. Especially when I slapped him and told him I hated him after McGonagall left.” Jackie started clapping, which made us all laugh.

  That morning, we had Double Potions, which was one of my favourite subjects. Then, after lunch we had Defence Against the Dark Arts. That was also one of my favourite subjects, so I by the time we got to Transfiguration - another of my favourite subjects - I was in a very good mood.

  We were in the middle of Transfiguration, when there was a knock on the door, and a timid looking, little first year came in.

  “Excuse me Professor” she said “But, I have a message for Miss...” She looked down at the envelope she was holding. “For Miss Alexandra Fore.” I looked up in surprise. Who could it be from?

   “Thank you” said Professor McGonagall “I shall give it to Miss Fore after class.”

  So as soon as class was over, I hurriedly took the envelope from Professor McGonagall and Sophie, Jackie and I began to read as we walked up to the Gryffindor Common Room. It Read:

                       Do You Really Know How Much I hate You?


  I snorted. “Isn’t Regulus Black theatrical?” I said.

  “Yeah” said Jackie “Do you really know how much I hate you?” she said deep voice, imitating Black. We all laughed and headed up to the Common Room.


  Later that night, I was sitting in the common room, finishing my homework when Sirius Black climbed through the portrait hall. He saw me, grinned and walked over to me.

 “You had a detention on the first day of school?” I asked.

 “Yup” he said grinning.

 “Well, it doesn’t surprise me” I said, rolling my eyes “what was it this time?”

 “James and me skipped two of our classes, and then in Transfiguration, we set McGonagall’s desk on fire.”

 “Impressive” I said “why did you do it?”

 “Cause we were bored” Sirius said.

 “Of course” I said laughing “why did I even ask?”

 “I thought you knew me by now?” Sirius said in a fake hurt voice. And we both started laughing.

 “Speaking of Impressive” Sirius said, his smile gone “I heard that you and my brother had another fight."

  “Oh yeah, that.”

  “No matter how happy I am that you did that, I have to warn you that Regulus will go to whatever measures to make your life miserable.”

  “And? What do I care?” I asked.

  “Just letting you know. And I like your attitude.” Sirius said yawning “Well I’m off to bed. I’ve had a busy day.”

  “Yeah like setting teachers desks on fire?” I snorted.

  “Exactly, like that” Sirius said grinning “Well, night.”

  “Night” I said, still grinning.


   The next day I woke up and headed down to breakfast, praying that Black wouldn’t be there. I entered the Great Hall, looked around, and gave a huge sigh of relief.

  “Thank god” I whispered. I spotted Sirius sitting at the Gryffindor table, bleary eyed, and headed over to him.

  “Morning” I said cheerfully.

  “I know, I know, you don’t have to rub it in” Sirius grumbled.

  “Don’t have to rub what in?” I asked confused.

  “That’s I’m up so early.” Sirius said with a yawn.

  “Well, why are you up so early?”

  “Cause, I have another Detention with McGonagall. She made it in the morning on purpose.”

  “Oh” I said “But then, why is James not here?”

  “His is tomorrow morning. McGonagall is having us do them on different days.” He stood up and stretched, then said “Well I’d better go. See you later.”

  “Yeah, bye.”

  “Oh and remember, make my brother lose his prefect badge.”

  “I’ll try” I said laughing.

  A little while later, Jackie and Soph walked into the Great Hall. I waved at them to come and join me.

 “Hey” I said.

 “Hey” Sophie said, dropping into the seat next to me. Jackie sat down on my other side and said “Any sign of the show off?”

 “Nope” I said cheerfully and then added “Thank God!”

 “Well, we just saw his prankster older brother” Soph said “and we were both wondering why he was up so early?”

  “Apparently his second detention is this morning” I said “He should know better than to play pranks on McGonagall.”

  “Besides being up so early, he was also looking very cheerful. Which was strange.” Jackie said, slyly.

  “What do mean?” I asked.

  “Well it seems as though something or someone made him happy this morning.”

  “Oh god” I groaned “Not this again.”

  Ever since four year, Sophie and Jackie have been sure that Sirius liked me. I thought it was ridiculous. But they kept up the teasing and the refusal to believe that Sirius and me were just friends. It seems they still believe that.

 “How many times have I told you, Sirius and me are just friends.”

 “Because it’s not true. You’re just trying to deny it.” Sophie said

 “I give up” I said in exasperation “I just give up.” Soph and Jackie sniggered.



Hey Everybody,
I hope you liked the stuff about Sirius, because there’s going to be more. Please Read & Review.


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