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The Demon Within by Prongs1981
Chapter 1 : Fake Relationships
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Chapter 1: Fake Relationships


Have you ever hated someone so much that your whole life is trapped in hating them? No matter what you do or say you can’t get away from it? This person being so arrogant, so self-involved, so so so…ugh! The words to describe this person are almost non-existent because they are such gits?


Yeah, I know the feeling of this. Only multiply it by five.


Albus Potter, prick number one and nuisance to my life. No matter where I go, there’s Albus. He’s always there, making me look stupid, infuriating me and making my life a living hell!


I didn’t always hate him. We were best friends back in first year. But then over the summer he changed. Second year came and he was a total arse. And not to everyone, no. Just me. He sought me out, personally, to embarrass me.


What I hate most about Albus are all his girlfriends. He goes through girls faster than the sun can set. I’m not joking. He once hooked up with a girl in a broom cupboard and broke up with her at dinner. And I mean AT dinner. He did it in front of the whole school. Did I mention he was a prick?


Oh, and he’s not very good looking. Girls only want him because he’s Harry Potter’s son. They don’t care that he uses girls and is full of himself. Nope, they want to be associated with celebrities. Bimbos.


He does have the Quidditch thing down. He’s kind of the best seeker since his dad. Gryffindor hasn’t lost a match since he joined the team in second year. Granted, we do have some of the best chasers around. Oh and our keeper, outstanding! But more on that later.


Albus is a git. I hate him.




So this brings us to my sixth year at Hogwarts. My name is Mia Evert. I am in the amazing Gryffindor house. I am a chaser on the Quidditch team, one of the best if I may add. I’m not top of my year in school, but I’m not horrible. I get mostly E’s, a few O’s and A’s. It’s fair. I have long blonde hair and have a slight tan that never fades. It’s one of my favorite features. I’m not tall, but I’m not short. I stand around 5’5”…and a half (that’s important).


My best friend is Rose Weasley. She is a little ninja when it comes to goal keeping. Nothing gets by her. It must be in her genes because her dad was pretty good too. She is probably the smartest person I’ve ever met (more good genes). She takes every class and gets O’s in all of them. She got fifteen O’s in her O.W.L.’s . I didn’t even know that was possible. But there’s Rose, knowing everything. Rose has the most amazing red hair. It’s shoulder length and pin-straight. She’s much taller than me. 5’7” ! I don’t know what she’s been eating but goodness! Oh did I mention she is also Albus’s cousin?! *shivers*.


Riley Smith is my other best friend. She is in the same year as Rose and me. She is one of the other chasers on the Gryffindor team. She’s brilliant fast on a broom. She is stunning that girl! She has long brown curly hair and the right amount of freckles covering her nose and parts of her cheeks. She’s the same height as me and skinnier than anyone I know. The worst part, she eats like none tomorrow and never gains weight. Maybe she knows a spell that keeps you from gaining weight…not saying I’m fat or anything like that, I just wish I knew her secret.


And now the boys of our group.


Fred Weasley is the prankster of the group. He is killer at beater. He is he funniest and most awkward kid you’ll ever meet! He’s got fiery red hair and is 6’0”. He’s kind of weird around girls he likes (were working on it) but treats us like were one of the guys. Except for Rose, she’s just his cousin. He is so protective of her, it’s cute.


Scorpius Malfoy. Sweetest boy ever. He’s so hot! He is one of the best looking boys at Hogwarts. He’s also Rose’s crush! Keep that on the down low, yeah? He’s got platinum blonde hair that is kept short. He’s about 6’1”. He is in the Slytherin house though. He’s a chaser, and a thumping good one at that. It’s really cute in matches when Rose and Scorpius go up against each other. It’s kind of poetic in a way. The only problem with Scorpius is he comes with a little parasite. He’s best mates with my enemy. Albus Potter.


I’ve already said a lot about Potter. Basically he sucks. He never pays attention in class but does better than me. He never does homework but understands it better than me. He shows up late for Quidditch but is still the best Seeker of all the houses. And the worst, he’s changed this summer. I know I said earlier that he wasn’t that good looking. Yeah…Now, going into sixth year…He’s drop dead gorgeous. His black messy hair compliments his flawless face. He is in perfect shape and stands around 6’2”. His green eyes can draw someone in miles away. If Potter wasn’t such a prick, he’d be any girl’s dream…Did I just say that? Gross.






"Potter!" I yelled after crossing through the barrier moments ago. "Give me that fucking back!" 30 seconds, that's a new record.


"Evert, what ever do you mean?" he mimicked.


"You know what I mean! My hat, Dolt!"


"You named your hat Dolt? Well that's a bit strange, even for you," he said giving his famous smile. I hate that smile. He overused it! Girls fell head over heals for it over and over again. And gets out of any bit of trouble with teachers using it. But not me. I saw right through it.


"You're the dolt. Give me my hat before I curse you into oblivion!" I shrieked. Nobody messes with me. I throw a mean Furnunculus curse. 


"What will you give me in return?" he asked, debating whether or not to mess with me.


What was he playing at?


"How about a boil-free face? Now give it back!" He gave me that annoying smirk again and threw me the hat. 


"I love to see you beg, Evert, but I really must be off. Save me a seat on the train, would ya?" he said with a wink.


"No way in Hell!" I yelled back.


"Swearing at my lovely cousin already?" said a familiar voice. I spun around (getting a bit dizzy if I may add) to look straight at my red haired best friend.


"Rose!" I yelled, throwing myself into her arms. "Trust me, Potter deserved it."


"There's no doubt in my mind that he didn't," she said rolling her eyes.


"Let's find Riley and find some seats."




"-and the next thing I knew, he was kissing me!" 


"After one day?" Rose asked, a little bit horrified.


"Grow up, Rose. Sometimes if the chemistry is there, you just go for it. You and Scorp need to go for it already," I said.


"Me and Rose need to do what now?" asked the tall, blonde walking into our compartment. Shoot! Its okay! He did not hear the whole conversation. Think fast, Mia. Think think think think thiiiiinnnnnkkkk. Shoot! Shoot?! That's perfect.


"Need to go for a full on shoot out. You know? See who the better player is," I said.


"Well it’s obviously Rose. She's brilliant!" Scorpius said. Rose blushed. Cute!!


"I heard something about kissing," Fred interjected.


"Yeah. Riles, here, had a little fling with an Italian boy this summer. Then we moved onto Quidditch rather quickly." Yep, I'm great at saving things! Totally did not give away Rose's crush! Champ right here!


"Oh," Fred said flatly, looking down at his shoes. "Is he your boyfriend then?"


Why is he being so awkward? Riley and Fred are good mates. Is he…could it be? He’s jealous! Note to self: keep an eye out on that.


"No, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. We owl occasionally, nothing too serious," she said, flipping through her magazine.


"You're owling!? You didn't tell us that!" Rose freaked.


"Well you didn't ask," she shrugged.


"As your best friends, it is MANDATORY for you to tell us everything," I said.


"Well sorry. I'll keep that in mind next time."


"Who else are you planning on hooking up with?" Fred asked quickly. Riley looked up confused. 


"Um...I dunno." Riley is blushing. Riley never blushes! Oh my gosh! This is too perfect! Freddie and Riley! Riley and Freddie!!!! Nope, be calm. They are looking at you weirdly. Relax! Only your two best mates are going to date and get married! Okay now they’re looking at you weird. (Yeah, I tend to talk to myself…it’s no big deal really..)


"Why does Evert look like she is about to faint?" asked a voice that sounded like nails on a chalk board.


"Who invited you, Potter?" I shot back.


"Mia, I did ask you to save me a spot, did I not?" Potter replied smugly.


"You did what?" Rose questioned. She eyed me curiously, but I ignored her and continued staring at the pest himself.


"Nothing Posie, just thought Mia would be a doll and save me a seat. And you did, thanks, Mia!"


"Don't call me Posie, Al. And I don't think she saved you a seat. You always sit with us," Rosie said to her git of a cousin.


"Don't harsh the mood, Rose. So what are we talking about," he said slumping down next to me. He flung his arm over my shoulder. Ew. I tried to wiggle free. Damn his muscular arm being too heavy to move. Rose chuckled to herself as I struggled. Loser! I shot her a death glare. I will get my revenge on her soon.


I gave up. There was no winning against his arm. I gave a huff and breathed in a little too deep. I may hate Potter with all of my being, but oh my goodness! He smells good. I could smell him all day. Not in a creepy weird way, just in a way like, "hey, I totally hate you. But since your arms here, I'm going to sniff you." That's definitely in tune to a song by the way! Ten points if you can guess it. They're feel good points. You can't do much with them...okay back to reality.


And then I hiccupped. Why I hiccupped, I don't know. But I scared Potter. He jumped a little bit. I sought this opportunity to get free of him. No such luck. Great.


"You okay, Evert?" he asked. I looked at him like he had just been committed to the loony bin. What the Moaning Myrtle is wrong with him?


"Are you okay, Potter?" I questioned back.


"Never better."


"Well that's just dandy! Now, if you please don't mind, get your arm off me!" I demanded. I did say please. He looked me straight in the eye with his emerald green ones for what felt like very long, awkward minutes and shook his head. 


"No, I don't think I will, thanks," he finally said. Prick.





The train ride was long. It felt like ages. I dozed off a bit. I finally woke up a little bit later and noticed the sun was down. I guess a long time later. I snuggled into my comfy pillow. It was so warm and inviting. 




I didn't bring a pillow on the train.


What am I..


Before I could even ask the question in my head the compartment door flew open revealing a shrill fifth year girl. Her barging in woke up Potter who had his arm wrapped around me still and his chin resting on my head. I was snuggled into his chest. Well this is awkward. She might get the wrong idea.


"Alby! We were wondering if you...oh! You're busy!" Or she might definitely get the wrong idea.


 "Oh No! It's not what-" but I was cut off by Potter.


"Shhh!" he mumbled so low only I could hear.


"It's not what?" the girl demanded.


I looked around for support from my friends. Where the fuck are my friends?




"We're dating, Brit," he said.


"We're wh-" I started. Potter's arm got tighter. He was telling me to shut up. How on earth did I know that?


"Is that true, Alby?"


"Yep," he replied nonchalantly pulling me in tighter. The girl stood there, eying me and the oh so annoying arm on me. She gave a distasteful breathe and walked out the door. 


What just happened?!


"Get your arm off me!"


"Looks like they're up," said Scorpius walking in giving a little chuckle. Git.


"Where we're you?!" I shouted.


"Relax. We were getting snacks. And don’t worry, we got you some Bertie Botts and Chocolate Frogs. We didn't want to wake you," Scorpius said while handing me my candy.


"Well thanks to you guys not being here, we are apparently dating now."


There was a slight silence. And then..




"It's about time!"




"I always thought you two would end up together."




More silence.


"But you just said-" Riley babbled.


"You're not dating?"


"This is awkward..."


"But what about the children?!" piped in Fred. We all stared at him. "I can dream, can't I?"


"We are not having children, Freddie. I hate him. He hates me. That's gross! And we are not dating nor will we ever!" I said. Potter gave me a weird look.


"You wouldn't want to date me?" he asked. Where was this coming from?


"No, Potter. I never in a million years would want to date you," I said harshly. Potter withdrew his arm from around my shoulders. I felt kind of bad. I really hurt his feelings.


Woah! What!? No! I hurt his feelings because I didn't want to date him? That's absurd! His ego can handle one girl finding him repulsive for once. Besides we hate each other. Hurting each others feelings is our thing. He shouldn’t even think dating each other is a good thing.


And we don't have a thing. It's just this "not a thing" thing we do. Almost kill each other, basically.


"I'm going to go," Potter said.


"I'll come with you, mate," Scorpius said. They both got up and left.


"There are not going to be any children now," Fred said while shaking his head sadly.


"There was never going to be any children," I said looking at my beyond mental friend.


"Not with that attitude!"






"Get out!"


Fred quickly followed in the footsteps of his friends.


"So what was all that about?" Riley asked.


"I don't even know."


"Let's put the facts together, shall we?" Rose said in her best scientific voice possible.


"I love you Rose, but you're a nerd," Riley said.


"Whatever! Okay so what did we miss?" I explained the "Brit incident" and how Potter had told me to be quiet and tried to pass me off as his girlfriend. 


"I don't understand, why would he say that?" Riley asked after a pause of silence.


"Rose, has he mentioned this Brit girl before? Maybe he was trying to ditch her or something. If she's insane it would be a pretty good idea, wouldn't it? Use his enemy as a shield," I said.


"No. Well I dunno. There are so many of them, I just loose track. First it was Stacy, then Grace, then both the Stevens sisters, and Carly, oh and Stephanie, Jessica, Rachel, Claire, and the list goes on and on. Honestly, I dunno how he keeps them all straight. He doesn't like any of them really."


"How do you know?" Riley asked. Rose and Potter weren't extremely close but they're friends. They usually don't discuss love lives or feelings. Just the normal things like Quidditch, Hogsmeade, school, and their crazy family.


"I asked him," she said, looking down at the notes she took on this entire situation. I know what you're thinking: are you serious? Notes? Well, back off! She's my best friend!


"And what did he say may we ask?"


"He said he only liked one girl truly, but he doesn't think they will ever happen."


"Who was it?" Riley said, her voice rising. 


"He didn't say. He said he probably wrecked his chances with her anyway so it doesn't matter."


"Well that's too bad. He's really a sweet person," Riley said, taking a bite of her licorice wand. Has she gone insane!?


"Albus Potter is not a 'sweet person' in the least bit!" I interjected.


"Well whatever. I told him he should be himself with this girl and show her that he is alright," Rose said.


Pft! Good luck with that, Potter. He's going to be more than that to get this girl, whoever she is, to like him. I know that sounds harsh but I truly hate him! It's been a long feud.


“I am going to go get some air,” I said after a long quiet think over. They nodded, not really caring. My best mates everyone! The hallway of the train was rather empty. Since the sun was down, I expected we would be arriving soon. I glanced into compartments as I walked by. Everyone was wearing their robes. I had yet to change, but I had plenty of time. It was 6:30 and we weren’t getting there until 7:00. So yeah. Half an hour.


I kept walking, not really paying attention to where I was going.


I somehow made it into the snogging section of the train. This part of the Hogwarts Express is where students attacked each other’s faces with their own face and do the tongue dance. To be perfectly honest. I have never been in this section before because it’s beyond nasty. And I don’t have a boyfriend anyway…




Moving on.


I kept walking, not really paying attention when I accidently looked into one of the compartment.


There, getting frisky, was a boy with untamable black hair and a short girl.


Albus Potter and the Brit girl were snogging the life out of each other.


I stood there, jaw dropped at what I was seeing. WHAT!? He just lied to this girl and now his tongue is down her throat. Did he move on from our fake relationship that fast? Irrelevant, because that’s weird, but still. An hour ago he says we’re together and now he’s with some bimbo. They stopped for a second and Potter’s eyes caught mine. I shook my head and walked away.


I don’t know what goes on in that boy’s head but he is delusional. This explains why I hate him so much.



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