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Albus Potter: The Journey Begins by Phoenix_feather123
Chapter 4 : Charms, Potions, and a few other incidents
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 Dislcaimer: I do not own Harry Potter


Albus Potter suddenly woke up covered in sweat. He looked around, confused. This didn't look like his bed room in 12 Grimauld place. Then he remembered. He was at Hogwarts, in the Gryffindor boy's dorm in the top most section of the tower.

Sudden happiness flowed through him. The thought that he was in Gryffindor with all his cousins and friends made him so glad he felt like he was going to swell up like a balloon and float away. Then he thought why he woke up so suddenly. It was the dream he had last night.


They were in the boats going across the lake. Suddenly and pink, rubbery long thing shot out and pushed him deep into the icy cold water. He felt as though he would never see day light again. Then a big hand shot under the water and grabbed him. It was Hagrid. He pulled Albus up on his lap and said: ' Quite a fall yeh had there lad. Should'ta bin more careful of the Giant Squid. Hear the Slytherin' common room is under the lake. Be careful while your living down there huh Albus? Course I dunno for sure, see, I was in the Mighty Gryffindor...'


Then he was standing in the hall waiting to be sorted. He was the last one left. Professor Patil looked at him and called “Albus Potter?” He was pushed up to the stool and the hat fell over his eyes.


Albus Potter... not like most of your family huh? More like the Malfoys or Blacks. You will do well in SLYTHERIN!”


At the last word Albus woke up. He was very relived that the dream wasn't real. He looked out the window. The sun didn't rise yet, so the grounds looked dark and eerie. He looked over at Mike's watch, still hanging on his wrist, and saw that it was almost six am. Knowing that once he was awake he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, he went to the bathroom and washed up and got dressed. By the time he was done, the sun had risen and the room was flooded in warm light. His room mates were also stirring. When every one was awake he looked at the two boys in his room he didn't recognize. Then he realized that they also must be room mates and because he slept early last night, so he didn't meet him.


“Hi, I am Albus Potter, What's your name?” Albus said to the darker of the two.


“Hello. I am Jake Thomas. I think your dad knows mine.”


“Oh, your dad is Dean, right?”


“Yup, that's him. Now if you excuse me, I am going to wash up...” Jake turned to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.


Albus turned to the other boy. His hair was a dark blond and he had green eyes. He was a little shy but looked really nice. “Hi, I am Albus, What's your name?”


The boy looked at Albus and said “ I am Frank Longbottom.”


“Oh! Your dad is Professor Longbottom isn't it? He always comes over. And I think he mentioned you. You have a sister, right?”


“Yes. She is Alice. She is a lot like my mum. She is in Hufflepuff.”


“That's cool.”


“Yeah, but she wanted to be in Gryffindor like my dad.” He laughed nervously “She was in a right state when she got sorted. But she got over it and made friends. She is in her fourth year.”


“Interesting. Oh, and have you met Mike and Luke?”


“Yes he did before we went to bed.” Mike said. “We, unlike you, decided to meet our room mates before going to sleep. Now come on. I am starving!”


Then all of them went to go to the great hall. If they could find it. Every time they went down a staircase it turned to a different place. They also had to rescue Frank from a fake step. They didn't dare ask the portraits for help, in case they lied. (Albus's dad, Harry, told him that most of them would) And they would of never got to the great hall if Nearly Headless Nick hadn't showed up.


“Oh, why aren't you at the great hall eating breakfast? Did you get lost?” Nick asked

“Oh no, we were just taking a stroll around Hogwarts.” Said Mike in a sarcastic way.


“We are lost. Can you show us the way?” Albus said hastily, glaring at Mike.


“of course young lad follow me!”



By the time they made it to the great hall they only had five minutes before class starts. Professor Patil gave them their class times and told them to eat fast.


“Not a bad morning. We have Herbology and charms. Ugh. Double potion in the after noon though. And WHAT?”Frank said


“Shh. Every body is looking.”


“We have double potion with the Slytherins! Every body knows that potions + Gryffindor + Slytherin = disaster. Who ever made this had something wrong with his brain for sure.”


Albus agreed and said “Well no time to talk. Class starts in Merlin! Two minuets !” He grabbed a piece of toast and went to the doors. “Well come on! We will be late, plus we don't even know where professor Patil's classroom is.”





“Well that went well.”


The four of them had just finished charms and sadly, Albus's partner was Jeff Conner, (Hufflepuff) A muggle born boy who can barely hold his wand right. So naturally, when Albus and Jeff where supposed to make their feathers float and say Wengardium Leviosa . Jeff some how managed to put the feather and Albus on fire. Professor Fliton put the fire out in a second, but it still made Albus smell like smoke for hours.


“Speak for your self. Not every one can make a feather float on the first try. Besides, I didn't see any of you get on fire.” Grumbled Albus, still wincing every few seconds from the small burns.


“Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital wing? Some of those burns look nasty.” Rose said in a concerned way.


“Yeah, I think I will. You guys go on to lunch without me.”


After that Albus left, wondering where the heck was the hospital wing. Nearly every body was at lunch, so the corridors were deserted. Finally he saw a door with the sign 'Hospital Wing' and walked toward it, still wincing. Suddenly he stopped dead, listening. He was sure he heard someone talking. Why weren't they at lunch? He heard them again. It was a woman’s voice:


“I don't care if your busy, I want this done and want it done fast.”

This time a guy spoke


“Jade, school already started. With this much people around here, your lucky that I am taking this risk for you.”


“He wouldn't want to be kept waiting. And I am giving him a full report. I would not leave out how slow you are.”


“I am working on it k Jade? Be patient.”


Jade? Who was Jade? Al bus risked a peek and gasped. It was Professor Yoki!! He wanted to see who the boy was, but both of them turned to the sound of his gasp. He tried to back up so they couldn't see him, but too late.


“You! Gryffindor isn't it?”


Albus thought for a second. He would've made a run for it, but since they saw what house he was in, there was no choice but to walk out, wincing slightly.


Professor Yoki looked like she would explode with fury- her face was deep red and her eyes were popping. “What did you hea- I mean- what are you doing here?”


Albus expected that she was going to say 'what did you hear' but, as that would seem suspicious, Professor Yoki didn't say it

“I was going to the Hospital Wing” gesturing to the burns on his forearms and then to the door.


Professor Yoki looked at him. “Potter, isn't it? Yes, it is. I am letting you go this time.” Then she turned and left, and the man was no where to be seen either.


Albus stood there completely stunned. What does she mean 'let me go this time' ? I didn't do anything! Albus thought. Then he remembered that he was there to go see Madam Promfey and walked inside the Hospital Wing. His first thought was 'Clean' and 'white' before Madam Promfey came bustling over to him. “Another Potter eh? Expected it, knowing your dad and granddad. Now what is the problem?”


“Erm... Oh yeah. My charms partner set me on fire and I got these burns, if y-”


“Burns? Say no more.”


She walked backed to her office and came out carrying a tray with a few bottles.

“Here, drink this.” She handed him a foul tasting potion. “ And sit down.” Albus sat down on the nearest bed While Madam Promfey rubbed this cool lotion on his burns, then waved her wand and muttered something. All of a sudden he felt better. “Thanks Madam Promfey. I think I should be going to lunch now.” Madam Promfey nodded and he turned to leave.




“Hey Albus was took you so long?” Rose asked as he sat down next to her.


“I tell you guys later.” Albus said, because a few people, (Including James) was staring at him.


“Okay, what is up?” Mike asked as they made their way down to the dungeons for double potions. After Albus told him everything he made a low whistle. “Wow. So what do you reckon?”


Albus was about to reply when somebody else spoke.


“Potter! I heard you wittle partner set you on fire. And that you had to go to the Hospital Wing!” Scorpious Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherins had arrived. “Did your wittle burns hurt Potty? Did you need to call you mommy?” Then he and the rest of the Slytherins laughed.


“Cut it out Malfoy. I heard you didn't do much better did much better in Transfiguration did you? At least Albus did the spell right in the end. It is not like he set himself on fire. What did you do? Oh yeah, you turned you needle into Pink Panties!! Bet you where happy that class was only Slytherins.” Rose shot back, with Mike and Luke cracking up at the last part. “Pink panties?” Mike said, trying to not to burst with laughter. “I bet they suit you really well Malfoy!”


Malfoy's usually pale face was tinged red with anger. “You will pay for that, Weasley.”


“For what? I least I didn't tell them you turned your second needle into a purple bra! Oops, just did.” Rose smirked. Albus was stunned again. He never saw Rose embarrass people like that. But he remembered that Malfoy's dad always bullied Aunt Hermoine. And if anyone could hold grudges, it was Rose. Mike and Luke was still cracking up. “A bra? Gee Malfoy I didn't think you needed those... Guess I was proven wrong. Or did you give it to your girl friend? Oh right, no girl in their right mind would go out with you!”


By that time Malfoy had all ready taken out his wand and was about to hex Rose, but luckily, Professor Slughorn had arrived. Professor Slughorn was very old, and it was a wonder why he didn't retire yet. Some of the older kids suspect he didn't want to leave because life was so good for him here : He told the prefects to 'Help' him do the work such as pickling slugs while he sat back and ate crystallized pineapple. “What to we have here boys? Fighting on the first day? That wont do. But as you guys didn't cast any spells yet, I just let you go with a warning.” Then he noticed who he was talking to. “Potter, isn't it?” Then he looked and saw Rose and Frank “And a Weasley and Longbottom! Dear my, what a class we have here today! You must be Albus.” He looked at Albus. “Professor Mc Gonnagal mentioned you. And you must Rose and Frank! Well, lets not get too excited. Come in and lets start class!”


“Okay, settle down now,” Professor Slughorn said, looking around the class room. “We are going to start the class by reading chapter 1 and 2, for twenty minuets, then we are going to start with making a nice and simple potion to cure boils. Who ever makes the best wins Honey dukes finest chocolate! Now get started, I will judge at the end of class.” And with that, he sat down at his desk and took out a box labeled ' Finest Crystallized Pineapple since 320 B.C.' and started eating its contents.


After Albus finished reading the chapters, he started to make his potion. At the end of the class, instead of the light red smooth potion Rose had made, his was turning into a funny purple. But his wasn't as bad a Rock's, who's potion had gone acid green and started smoking. After a few minuets, a big mushroom cloud erupted and the potion melted his cauldron, spilling it's contents every where. Albus, who didn't want to go to the Hospital wing again, quickly jumped on his chair before the potion touched him. Frank and Luke, who were next to each other, and next to Rock, wasn't so lucky. Both of them got full blast of the potion and was now growing large red boils. Professor Slughorn was trying to sort everything out. After he vanished the potion, he called everyone up who got hit, and gave them a antidote.


In fact, the only people who done a decent potion was, of course Rose, and, to every ones surprise, Luke. When Mike demanded to know how he had gotten that good in one lesson he just shrugged and said “When I was a kid I liked mixing stuff together. This wasn't much different.” And refused to tell more.


At dinner, Mike turned to Albus again and asked “So, about Professor Yoki, what do you think?” It was only then did Albus remembered what happened at lunch. “I dunno. We have DADA on Wednesday maybe we can see what her class is like first.”




The rest of the week went by quickly. Word of Malfoy's transfiguration indecent traveled so fast, one minuet the whole Gryffindor House knew about it, the next the whole school knew. This resulted into Malfoy cursing Rose when he saw her, or, if a teacher was there, he would just be sulky.


Professor Yoki's class was no better. Instead of teaching them how to defend them self against the dark arts, she was telling them how powerful and great it is, and that they should embrace it, and when they are old enough, use it against people who deserve it.


Albus, Rose and Frank had also been invited to the Slug Club by Professor Slughorn. Knowing that going there would be horrid (according to is dad) they made an excuse saying that they had detention. Then they ran before Slughorn asked who they had it with, so he could cancel it.


Before Albus knew it, it was Friday morning. When the morning post arrived, Albus was surprised when a barn owl landed in front of him. He, unlike James, had brought all his stuff from home, so his parents wouldn't have sent him anything this week. (execpt for a letter asking which house he was in on Tuesday.) and wasn't expecting any letters from any one else. He took the letter from the owl, who stared at him, and looked to see who it was from. In a very untidy hand writing was his name. He open the letter and read.


Dear Albus,


Since today was Friday, and you have the afternoon off, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to tea ? Reply with the owl. If yes, meet me at my cabin near the edge of the forest. You can bring your friends along too.

~ Hagrid

Albus quickly scribbled yes, attached the letter to the owl (who was still staring at him, like he was a freak or something.) And watched the owl fly away.


That's Chapter Four! Sorry for the long wait, I had to finish this one one-shot before I forget what it is about. Please read and review! It really gives me confidence to keep writing if you tell me what you think, good or bad. :)

By the way, I was thinking, since I only have time on Thursdays, I will post chapters every thursay or every other thursday. Depending on how many chapters I finished writing.


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