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Finding the Future by marauder lady
Chapter 17 : Easter
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 It’s pretty much JKRs. Any films etc mentioned here aren’t mine either


Chapter 17


“You didn’t tell me it was a party!” Dan said to Allegra quietly, watching everyone mill around James and Lily’s house on the Saturday night before Easter.


“It’s not!” she replied, surprised.  “It’s just family.  Did you ever see that Muggle film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” he nodded.  “It’s a bit like that.” 


“Remind me who’s who?” he said.  Renee, who had just been walking passed grinned.


“I’m just about getting there!” she told Dan.  “And I’m told I’m an official resident!”


“Well you know my Mum and Dad, and my Auntie Lily and Uncle Jimmy.  That’s my Auntie Tonks and Uncle Remus with them- they’re Teddy’s parents.  Teddy’s grandparents, Auntie Andy and Uncle Ted, are over by the window.  His Nan is Dad’s cousins.  The girl with the pink hair is Tab’s, Teddy’s sister.  Outside are James, Lulu [author note: nickname for Lily Luna, to avoid confusion] and Albus, and my nephew Addie is with them.  My Sister Francesca and Brother-in Law Dean are in the lounge with my godfather Harry and his wife Ginny.”


“Harry’s your Uncle James’ son and his kids are James, Lulu and Albus?”  He asked.  Allegra beamed at him.


“By George I think he’s got it!”  She joked.  Dan and Renee looked at her in confusion.


“Did you never watch My Fair Lady?” they shook their heads. “It’s an old muggle film.  Auntie Andy used to make me and Teddy watch it.” 


“Isn’t Steven coming as well?” Renee asked.


“Apparently. That’s probably why Mum’s been fussing.  She always does when he’s supposed to grace us with his ugly mug.” She grinned.


“Shut up, brat!” said a voice said behind them. Allegra spun round and threw herself at her brother who was standing in the doorway.




“Honestly, you’d never think you two liked each other!” His girlfriend said, appearing behind him.


“Emily!” Allegra hugged her, seeing her as another older sister.  “You remember Renee. And this is Dan…”


“Ahhhh, the boyfriend!” Steven interrupted, smirking.  “You’re a brave man taking on this diva!” he joked, shaking Dan’s hand.  “Where’s Cesca?”


“In the lounge, with Dean, Harry and Ginny.” Steven gave his sister another hug.


“I need to talk to you in a bit” he whispered in her ear, before heading off to find his sister and friends.



“What’s up?” Allegra asked Steven, as they snuck into a quiet part of the garden.


“Promise not to tell.”


“Can I tell Dan and Renee?”


“If they don’t tell anyone.”


“Does anyone else know?”


“Not yet.”


“Are you going to pay me to not tell?”




“Fine.”  Allegra pretended to leave.


“Al!  God you’re annoying!” Steven scowled at her.  She shrugged.


“Look, I’m thinking of proposing to Emily.”  Allegra gasped excitedly and threw her arms around her brother.


“Oh my God! That’s amazing!”


“Do you think she’ll say yes?” he asked with uncharacteristic nervousness.


“I would’ve thought so.  Have you got her a ring?”


“Yeah, I got her one the other day.”


“Let’s see!”   He pulled a box out of his pocket and showed his sister the ring nestled inside, its solitaire diamond glinting in the sunlight.  Allegra gasped.  “It’s gorgeous, Steven.  It really is!  Have you shown Mum and Cesca?” Steven shook his head. 


“No.  I haven’t even decided when I’m going to ask her yet!”



As the meal progressed, the usual party mood prevailed.  There was the usual battle over music with Harry and Steven trying to sneak Oasis on, to the disgust of the younger family members.  Sirius and James kept trying to put on the 70’s Motown music that they had grown up with. Sirius stood guarding the stereo while James dragged Lily up to dance to I’m gonna make you love me I’m gonna make you love me by The Supremes and The Temptations, which he had declared was ‘Their’ song. 


“We’re putting Otis Reading on next, Prongs!” Sirius called out, to collective groans. 


“Behave, you two!” James replied.


“Why am I getting in trouble?” Terese asked.  “I haven’t done anything!”


“For a change!”  James grinned at her.


“Shut up, Jimmy!” She replied, throwing a cushion at him.


“Careful, you two” Remus commented.  “You don’t want to set a bad example for your grandchildren” He grinned at them.


“It’s the same example they set for us!” Francesca pointed out.


“True.  No wonder Allegra’s such a monster!” Steven agreed.  Allegra scowled but otherwise ignored her siblings.  She stood up and, after asking Dan and Renee if they wanted anything, went into the kitchen to get herself a drink.  Harry was in there on his own pouring himself a beer.


“Alright Little bit? Having a good time?”  Allegra grinned at him, still excited by Steven’s revelation. 


“Yeah it’s alright.  Same as usual.”


“Yeah.”  He looked at her suspiciously.


“What?” she said, widening her eyes innocently.


“Do you know something?”


“Do you know something?” She countered.


“I might. What do you know?”


“I can’t tell. What do you know?”


“I can’t tell either.” Harry replied.  “Have you spoken to Steven?”  Allegra’s grin widened.


“I might have.  He told me not to tell.”


“Me too” Harry grinned. “Exciting times!”


They wondered back into the lounge and rejoined the conversation.

“Are you alright sweetheart?” Terese asked her son, who was fidgeting and trying not to look worried, surreptitiously feeling his pockets.


“Yeah I’m fine.” He replied absently. He looked over at Harry pointedly.  He jumped up.


“I just have to…er…” He mumbled, heading out of the room.


“If it’s not one generation causing trouble, it’s another.” Andy commented. 


Harry searched in the kitchen and Allegra snuck out to the garden, trying to avoid her cousins and nephew while they were playing some sort of hiding game around the garden. They both eventually, unsuccessful headed back to the lounge as the others got bored of playing and went in.  Harry and Allegra had just sat down when Adriel pulled a box out of his pocket.


“Is this anyone’s?” he asked.  “I found it in the garden but I couldn’t bring it in cos I was hiding.”  Allegra rolled her eyes as relief flooded Steven’s face. 


“How many times did you drop him, Ces?” Allegra asked her sister.


“Allegra.” Terese said to her daughter warningly.  Steven took a deep breath. 


“It’s mine Ad’s.  Sort of.” He stood up and took the box from his nephew.  He turned and knelt down in front of Emily.  The tension levels in the room suddenly skyrocketed.  Terese gasped and clutched Sirius’ hand.

Steven gulped, looking uncharacteristically nervous.


“Em.  This is probably the wrong time and the wrong place, not to mention well overdue.  But I love you.  Will you marry me?”  There was absolute silence as everyone awaited Emily’s reply.


“Yes!” She said.    


So apparently I now have inspiration for this fic. Yay.

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Finding the Future: Easter


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