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Call Of The Wild by Beautiful Soul
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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 Disclaimer: The idea of the wolves and Harry Potter is all thanks to the amazing Maggie Stievfaver and J.K Rowling. (Not me, just incase you're wondering). The only thing that belongs to me is the plot and Hermione's siblings.

I stood there smiling, I couldn’t believe this, it was amazing, completely and utterly amazing.


 “Granger? Are you just going to stand there grinning like a fool all day or get to work?” Lucius Malfoy woke me up out of my daze.

 “Yes, yes, of course sir, I’ll get to work immediately.”

Walking outside was like walking on the clouds, I was over the moon! My wife, my children, my house, it was all going to be OK, because of the kindness of Narcissa Malfoy.


 Lucius Malfoy sighed and tugged at his long blonde hair in annoyance. Why did he have to give the stupid farmer the job to work his land? Indeed, it meant that he didn’t have to work it, goodness; pigs would fly when he got his hands dirty, but it also meant that the filthy pauper got to live on the land and his children would be wandering about the fields and climbing the trees, swimming in lake and rolling down hills. The place would become infected with the dirtiness of the muggles, all thanks to the unbearable kindness of his wife Narcissa.


 Narcissa Malfoy smiled into the mirror, it looked strange on her haughty face, but she had gotten what she wanted, and that always deserved a smile, did it not? Her wonderful little boy would have friends to play with, never mind that they were muggles, he could befriend them and then be sent away to learn magic for several years, then he would come home, and voila, he wouldn’t remember the muggles, they wouldn’t remember him. It was all so perfect, good fortune was finally rolling her way, all because of her own, selfish, kindness.


Hermione Granger squealed at the coldness of the water. Her brother, Alistor, laughed and dunked her in again, this time; it took her a while to resurface. She gasped out loud when she broke free of the icy cold tug of the water. Scrabbling out, she flailed at him, beating her tiny little fists up against him. He simply chuckled at her efforts to hurt.

 Soon she gave up and looked up at him with one simple question.

 “Why did you do that?”

 “Because I felt like it.” One simple answer.

“Alistor! Leave the poor thing alone!” Angie, the oldest out of the four children which included Mallory, who was only older than Hermione by a year, playfully slapped his arm and picked up Hermione. “Come on, let’s get you warmed up, you can come back when the water is warmer.” She glared at Alistor and glided away, Mallory, who had been watching quietly from the sidelines, trotted anxiously after. Alistor simply rolled his eyes and began to skim stones.


“Oh, Hermione, you poor baby!” Hermione’s mother embraced her tightly.

 “Mummy! I’m six, I am not a baby.” James Granger simply grinned at his daughter.

“Alistor dumped her in the water, it was cold today.” Mallory said excitedly.

“Well we can see that.” Alistor drawled as he walked through the doorway into the tiny kitchen. Angie glared at him.

“Come, Hermione, let’s get you warmed up.” Mrs Granger said warmly, and walked away with Hermione to get some towels.

“Mr Malfoy wants more money for the rent.” James told Alistor suddenly, “I need some of your money.”

“Why? Can’t you use your own?” Alistor sighed. “Who cares what the landlord wants. Just tell him to shove off and leave us be.”

“Do not speak about one of your elders like that!” His father boomed sharply. Alistor said a very bad word.

Angie took in a sharp breath.

“How dare you use that type of language in my house!” James yelled. “Get out and go think about what you have done!”

 “Yes sir.” Alistor slouched off into the woods and suddenly Angie let out a strangled cry. She pointed towards the direction Alistor was going. The wolves were coming.

Hermione came down and noticed this, she screamed. The lead wolf faltered, he pricked his ears in the direction of the scream. His eyes looked so sad, too sad for a wolf. He turned to the other wolves and herded them back into the woods.

Her father stood still for a moment before turning to the children and saying. "No one ever goes into the woods again." And he strode off.

A/N: OK, so this isn't the best I think. But I am really hoping that this story goes far! For any 'The Island' readers, it won't be updated until I'm happy with how this story is going, so sorry for any confusion. I would also like to once again thank Maggie Stievfaver for the idea about the wolves from her trilogy of books: Shiver, Linger and Forever. They are great books, you should really try them, if you like love stories! And last, but not least, J.K Rowling, the brilliant characters in this story are all thanks to you, except for Hermione's made up siblings!

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