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Harry Potter and his Sodalis Vitae. by FawkesThePhoenix
Chapter 4 : A Weasley Family Reunion.
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The next morning Harry woke up to find that he was still in his clothes and was hugging Hermione. He had only just opened his eyes when he realised that his dream was the best dream he could ever remember having. Harry looked at his watch and saw it was only four in the morning. He pulled the duvet over Hermione, as she looked cold and went back to sleep.

Harry was once again plunged into the dream world.

He was living in a house, that he didn't recognise. He was older than he was now, not much older - about twenty-four. He was walking down the stairs of this unknown house, tying up his tie. Dream Harry had reached the bottom of the stairs and walked into a kitchen. It was a magnificent kitchen - magic of course. Three other dream figures were sitting around a table eating. As Harry walked in they all turned their heads and smiled.

"Hi dad, mum's just getting Samuel from his cot." Said the eldest of the three children.

"Okay. Have you all had enough breakfast?" Dream Harry asked his children.

"Yes. Dad, I'm a witch, why do I have to go to Muggle school? Can't I just wait until I go to Hogwarts?" The middle child asked.

"Megan, you know your mother wants you to learn basic Muggle skills as well. We don't have time to argue, it's almost time to leave for school." Harry said, smiling at his only daughter.

Suddenly, Harry heard his wife coming down the stairs.

"Sammy, are you hungry? It's breakfast." Said Harry's dream wife. As the kitchen door opened, Harry woke up with a start.

"Harry? Are you okay, Harry?"

Harry was fifteen again and was in his new room.

"Hermione. I had a dream." Harry said, his eyes adjusting to the light coming through the window.

"Sure it wasn't a nightmare? You woke up quite startled." Hermione asked, but Harry wasn't paying attention. He had realised that it wasn't a nightmare, it was what he was longing for most - his dream. He shook his head, viscously, it couldn't be, his wife in the dream was Hermione, this just told him - he desired Hermione.

"Umm.. maybe, I can't really remember. Did you sleep here all night?" Harry asked, trying to sound surprised.

"I suppose so, I woke up and I was... and the duvet was over us." Hermione sounded embarrassed. Hermione was already out of bed, with Hedwig on her lap. "I would have left but the doors locked. You didn't lock it did you, Harry?"

"No, I don't even remember falling asleep. We were talking about Ginny and now it's morning." Harry said, clutching his head in his hands. "I'll unlock the door for you," Harry said, just remembering that they probably should get changed.

"Thanks, Harry. I'll come back after I'm changed." Said Hermione, she had stood up and walked over to put Hedwig in her cage. She said goodbye to her and Harry and walked into her room. Harry heard Hermione opening her wardrobe.

Harry quickly got changed into clean clothes and made his bed. Hermione knocked on the door and slowly opened it. She was wearing normal jeans, a t-shirt and had quickly tied her hair up. Even though she hadn't tried hard to cover up the dark rings under her eyes, one look at her and Harry was blown away. It seemed that the more Harry tried not to think about her, the more he did.

"Harry, look at your hair. You have a mirror and a brush, don't you?" Hermione said, holding back a laughing fit.

"Yeah, but I didn't think it actually worked as a mirror. Ginny's one turned red." Harry replied honestly.

"Have you not tried looking in your one?" Hermione asked. Harry shook his head and Hermione sighed. She took his hand and pulled him over to the mirror. And to Harry's surprised he was looking at himself. On the top of the glass, it said 'Mr H. Potter.' Hermione stepped next to him and he turned to look at her. Whilst she was sorting out his hair, the mirror did something amazing. Since they weren't looking at it, Harry and Hermione didn't see. Mrs Weasley, who had come up to their rooms to tell them breakfast was ready, saw the mirror. She wasn't surprised to see that the mirror had changed its words to 'Mr and Mrs H. Potter.'

"Harry, Hermione, I was just going to tell you breakfast was ready," Mrs Weasley said, motherly. In an attempt to get them to turn around and look at the mirror she said, "Nice mirror, isn't in, Harry?" But, before, they could look at the words, Hermione had jumped back at the sound of Mrs Weasley's voice and the words changed back to 'Mr H. Potter'.

"Okay, thanks, Mrs Weasley," Hermione said, sounding embarrassed as Mrs Weasley had seen them together.

Harry, seeing this, wanted to clear things up for Mrs Weasley. "Umm... Mrs Weasley, Hermione and I are just friends. Just thought you should know." Harry said, not really wanting to say this.

"Oh, I know that, dears. For now, anyway." She said, under her breath. She left and Hermione turned to Harry.

"Thanks for that, Harry. All I need is Fred and George getting wind of this." She said, hugging Harry. He shivered and he could have sworn that Hermione did too. "We better get going, breakfast is ready," Hermione said, finally letting go of Harry. But Harry wanted to stay with Hermione forever, alone, no one to bother them or ruin this moment. But, Hermione had already crossed the room and opened the door.

When they finally arrived in the kitchen, they were shocked to see that it was just Mrs Weasley in there.

"Where is everyone else, Mrs Weasley?" Hermione asked, politely.

"They've already eaten, my dears. Mr Weasley is off picking up Bill and Charle, and Ron, George and Fred joined him. Remus is with his new girlfriend, Tonks." Mrs Weasley said. "Eat up, Dumbledore is coming here soon with your O.W.L results." With that, Mrs Weasley walked off.

"Oh no, I forgot about our O.W.Ls," Hermione said, sounding worried.

"Hermione, you know you've passed them all." Said Harry truthfully.

With that, they eat in silence. At around ten-thirty, Dumbledore had arrived. He gave Hermione her and Harry's envelopes and went into a study, that Ron had obviously not deemed important enough to tell Harry in their verbal tour, with Mrs Weasley. Hermione ran into the kitchen to give Harry his envelope.

"Here you go, Harry. Do you want to go first?" Hermione said, all the worry in her voice from before had seem to have melted away.

"No, you seem too eager to wait." Harry said, wanting to delay the moment for as long as possible.

Hermione tore open her results and quickly scanned them, smiling, she then put them down on the table.

'Miss Hermione Jean Granger,
Congratulations on you superb set of Ordinary Wizarding Levels results.
Arithmancy: O
Astronomy: O
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Charms: O
Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Herbology: O
History of Magic: O
Muggle Studies: O
Potions: O
Study of Ancient Runes: O
Transfiguration: O.
Good luck with your Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.Ts). I'm sure you will succeed in them.
Yours sincerely,
Miss E. Hagglesburry - Head of the Department of Education and Employment.'

"Wow, well done, Hermione." Harry said, patting Hermione on her back.

"Thanks, bit annoyed that I only got an E in Defence Against the Dark Arts, but I can still fight off Death Eaters, right?" She said, with a smile on her face.

"That's my girl." Harry only just released what he said after he said it. He prayed for a distraction.

"Harry, open yours." Hermione quickly said.

"Oh right, yeah." Harry said, whilst opening his envelope.

'Mr Harry James Potter,
Congratulations on a okay set of Ordinary Wizarding Levels results.
Astronomy: A
Care of Magical Creatures: E
Charms: E
Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
Divination: P
Herbology: E
History of Magic: D*
Potions: E
Transfiguration: E
*Due to the events that happened to you during this exam, we have looked over you classwork and homework and have decided to push your grade up to an A.
Yours sincerely,
Miss E. Hagglesburry - Head of the Department of Education and Employment.'

Harry folded up his results and put them in his jean pocket. During the History of Magic exam, Harry had fainted and seen, what he then thought was, Voldemort killing Sirius Black. Seeing that brought it all back to him.

"Well done, Harry." Hermione said. "You did really well."

"Hermione, I failed two." Harry said, sounding miserable.

"No, Harry, you failed Divination because it's a subject that is not worth taking." Hermione said, trying to make him feel better.

"What about History of Magic?" Harry asked, sounding really upset, a bit less upset than before, however.

"You passed that, they gave you an A. Told you it was worth taking notes." Hermione said. "If you want to feel better, how about we try and listen to what Dumbledore's talking to Mrs Weasley about?" Hermione asked, knowing he loved sneaking around.

"Hermione, you know me too well" Harry said, with a sly grin appearing on his face. Hermione followed Harry out of the kitchen and crept to the study door.

"Albus, I think it's working, making them spend time together. They'll know soon enough. Why do you want them to find out so quickly, anyway?" Mrs Weasley asked.

"Molly, if I told you that then I would have to admit a lot more then I wish too. We just need them to realise their feelings, then we can build them up - the things through that door is something not worth mentioning. But, they're both very clever and logical. Are you sure they didn't see the words?" Dumbledore asked, sounding longing for the answer to be 'Yes, they did see it.'

"I'm positive, unfortunately we'll have to try again another time, Albus." Mrs Weasley said, sounding disappointed.

"Who are they talking about?" Mouthed Harry. Hermione shrugged and they carried on listening.

"I'm afraid Harry and Hermione might be listening to this conversation, we are no longer talking in private, Molly." Dumbledore said, with a sense of humour in his voice.

"Run" Harry mouthed, but Hermione didn't need telling twice, she had already ran down the hall and into the kitchen.

"Albus, why did you do that? They could have heard that if they got together, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wouldn't stand a chance." Molly said, sounding angry.

"Molly, I'm shocked that you don't think I didn't think that through. If we force them together, it will not work. But, their vision will become less blurred in time." Dumbledore said, in his usual mystical tone.

"Hermione, don't worry, they won't take them away." Harry said, pointing at the piece of paper Hermione was clutching tightly to her chest.

"You can't be sure, Harry. I worked really heard for these, you know that more than anyone." She said, turning white. "We just spied on our headmaster, Harry." She said, now shaking.

"Come on, Hermione. Dumbledore finds these things funny. It's not like they were talking about something important." Harry said, walking over to her and putting his arm around her shoulders.

"Harry, you cannot be so sure. What Molly and I were talking about was, in fact, extremely important. But, I wouldn't lose sleep over it, Miss Granger. I am not going to make Miss Elsie Hagglesburry remark your exams." Dumbledore said, stifling a giggle. Harry looked deep into the eyes of his elderly headmaster. His blue eyes twinkling like they always did, Harry couldn't tell whether he was lying about what they were talking about.

"Sorry, Professor Dumbledore, sir. We didn't mean to interrupt anything important" Hermione said, ashamed of herself for sneaking around her headmaster.

"Miss Granger, do not worry. It was only something that could defeat Voldemort, but it doesn't matter." Dumbledore said, with a small smile forming.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry." She said, before she ran out of the room, crying.

"That was mean of me, Harry, go and make sure she's okay." Dumbledore said, but to Harry's surprise, Dumbledore looked amused. Harry didn't say anything, he followed his professors orders and ran after Hermione. "See, Molly, told you they'll find it out by themselves. He'll comfort her and they'll be going through that door in a matter of weeks."

"I'm not too sure, Albus. It's a big leap - best friend to boyfriend." Mrs Weasley obviously didn't have as much faith in fate as Dumbledore did.

"Hermione? Dumbledore was only joking." Harry said, calmly as he walked into her room.

"I know, I'm fine, really." Hermione said, wiping away her tears.

"Hermione, why are you crying? It was only a joke." Harry reassured her.

"It's not that. It's about G..." But before she could continue an owl tapped on her window. Hermione went over to open it and let the owl swoop in. They was a letter tied to the owls leg and Hermione ran over to it. She looked at the writing at the front and smiled.

"Who's it from?" Harry asked, noticing Hermione's excitement. However, it seemed that Hermione had only just remembered that Harry was there.

"Oh, it's no one, no one important, anyway." Hermione said, slowly hiding the letter from Harry's view.

"Hermione? Friends don't hide things from one another." Harry said, acting like he was really hurt.

"Oh, fine. It's Viktor." She replied, plainly.

"Viktor? Viktor who.. Krum? You're sending letters to Viktor Krum?" Harry asked, shocked that she would do this behind his back.

"Yes, not for long though. He sent me one to make sure I was okay, I guess he must have read the article in the Daily Prophet." She said, blushing slightly. "Harry, please believe me, I didn't start this, but it would have been rude not to reply and considering he was writing to make sure I was alive, not replying would have made it worse."

"You don't need to explain yourself, Hermione." Harry said, with a sigh. "I've got to check on Hedwig." He said, and walked off.

"Okay, bye, Harry." Said Hermione. She opened the envelope and smiled. It spoke in his voice, the voice that used to enchant her when she was fourteen.

'Dear Hermownninny,
I am so glad that you're alive. I vas very vorried about you. I hope ve vill be able to see each other soon. I miss you, Hermownninny.

Hermione was never really going out with Viktor, they didn't really spend much time together - she was worrying over Harry. Harry. She needed to put things right with him. Viktor can wait.

Harry was pacing his room. Why did this bother him so much? It's not like Hermione was his girlfriend and it wasn't a crime to talk to friends, but he was still angry, angry that she was still talking to him, the boy who tried to kill Cedric in the maze. Harry was imagining Hermione with Krum. Together, laughing, talking. What he wanted to do with her. Suddenly, Harry's thought dissolved away as he heard a faint knock on his door, he didn't answer - he knew it was Hermione and he knew she would just come in.

"Harry? You have to understand, me and Viktor are not dating. We never really were going out two years ago. We were more like friends. When he kissed me at the Yule Ball, I told him that he misunderstood, I wasn't looking for anything other than friendship. He apologised and we carried on dancing. Please, Harry." She wasn't sure why she cared this much. She didn't have to explain herself to him, but something inside her longed for him to know the truth.

"What? You kissed at the ball? You said you did nothing, you told Ron that you weren't like that." Harry said, his anger rising inside him.

"I'm not like what? I stopped the kiss. You know what? Forget it, all I wanted to do was tell you the truth, for you to understand that I didn't like Viktor more than a friend, but you're just fixing on the same thing, stop living in the past!" Hermione had cracked, she had screamed at Harry. He had never heard her this angry before. Before Harry could fight back, she had disappeared.

'Dear Viktor,
How have you been? Are you alright? There's no need to worry about me anymore, I'm safe where I am. Are you still playing Quidditch? Can't really write much now, I need to sort something out.

She tied the letter to the owls leg and watched it fly away to wherever Viktor was in the world. She sighed, she wished she could be carefree, floating, feeling the breeze through her hair.

"It would be much more simple that way, I know." Hermione jumped at the voice. She spun around and saw her headmaster standing in the doorway. "Miss Granger, don't be so shocked, I can do extraordinary things with a wave of my wand, things that you will be able to do too, one day. I heard some shouting and was worried. What is going on?" He asked, with his gentle, fatherly tone.

Something about his voice made Hermione tell him the truth. "Well, I was talking to Harry. Then, I got an owl. I saw the writing on the envelope and hid it from him. But, he obviously knew I had received something and naturally asked who it was from. I lied, saying it was no one but he knew I wasn't being truthful - he knows me too well. I told him it was from Viktor."

"Viktor?" Interrupted Dumbledore

"Krum, from Durmstrang." Hermione told her headmaster.

"Oh yes, continue." He said, nodding encouragingly.

"Right, anyway, he got the wrong idea. He was only asking if I was okay - he found out about our visit to the Ministry. What could I do? Not reply, that would have made things worse. Harry then went all quiet and left. I then opened the letter and, after, I went straight to Harry's room. I told him the complete truth but he fixed on one thing, the thing I really wished he wouldn't have." She said, lower her head. It wasn't that she was embarrassed about talking about this, it was because she didn't really understand what 'this' was.

"Miss Granger, men are very different to women. They fix on the thing that hurts them the most. Give him time, he will realise he was foolish to fix on the kiss."

"Professor? How did you know it was about a kiss?" Hermione asked, feeling like her mind was being scanned by Dumbledore.

"Miss Granger, I might have miss spoken earlier, I can do extraordinary things, whether it be with a wand or my mind." He said, smiling. "The Weasley's are back, including Percy, Bill and Charlie." Dumbledore then closed her door and walked back down to the kitchen.

Hermione followed Dumbledore's footsteps. Harry was leaving his room too. "Did Dumbledore go into your room after mine?" Harry asked, his anger had faded since talking to Dumbledore.

"Yeah, he told me that I should give you time. Should I?" Hermione asked, nervously looking him in the eye.

"Herm, I'm sorry. I don't know why I was so angry with you writing to Krum. You're his friend, of course you should talk to him. Do you forgive me?" Harry asked.

"Harry, I'm sorry too. I should never have shouted at you like that. I don't know why I lost it. I'll forgive you, if you forgive me." She said, smiling. She ran over to him and flung her arms around his neck.

"Ohhh, whats going on here?" Someone was walking up the stairs, and Harry's heart dropped since he knew this voice. This was just the situation he didn't want to be in with his two best friends.

"Ron!" Hermione said, quickly separating from Harry, but it was too late. "Where've you been all day?" Hermione said, trying to change the subject.

"Oh, just meeting Bill and Charlie. But, it looks like the excitement was here." Ron said, smiling and winking at Harry.

"Ronald, don't be so childish. It was a hug. Is Percy here?" Hermione said, in a fake stern voice, this always got Ron to shut up.

"Sorry, yeah, he's in the kitchen. He wanted to talk to you about your O.W.Ls." Ron said, wanting her to go and talk to him so he could talk to Harry.

"Thank you, Ronald." She said and left them on the landing.

"So? Now, the real story?" Ron asked, suddenly being brought back to life.

"Ron, Hermione was telling the truth. It was nothing. Have you got your O.W.Ls?" Harry asked, hating the fact the topic of conversation was on him, again.

"Yeah, unfortunately. Did you do okay?" Ron asked.

"Not great. Failed Divination and History of Magic but they boosted that grade because of what happened. What about you?"

"Same, failed Divination and History of Magic. Didn't even get an O. Mum doesn't seem to care though, she's talking to Dumbledore, and soon will be distracted by Bill and Charlie. So, what happened this morning?" Ron asked, walking into his room, Harry followed.

Harry caught Ron up on all of the mornings events, from waking up with Hermione locked in his room right through to Krum.

"Wow, so she shouted at you? I wonder why she cared so much about Krum. What were they writing about?" Ron said, Harry always liked talking to Ron because he nearly always took Harry's side.

"Yeah, but I did shout at her too, it's okay now, Dumbledore talked to both of us. Hermione said he sent her a letter asking if she was alive, he must have read about what happened at the Ministry. She has a right to talk to him, however, she did let slip that they kissed." Harry didn't miss a thing out, except what happened at the mirror and his dream. He also 'forgot' to mention what Harry felt like every time he touched Hermione.

"What? They kissed? She told me she didn't." Ron said, nearly as angry as Harry was when he found out.

"I know, she said it was him and she stopped it. You know that door you were talking about?" Harry casually asked.

"I don't care if he started it. She lied to us. Oh, the magic door? The one which sings?" Ron asked

"Yeah, who hears a song?" Harry questioned.

"Me, Fred and George. Mum and dad say they hear a voice. Ginny says she can hear a faint voice, different to what mum and dad can hear. Mum nearly cried when she found out Ginny could hear words. She said something about Ginny being closer to finding it? I'm not sure. Have you seen it?" It turned out that the Weasley boys were really trying to find out what the door did.

"Yeah, I saw it. I can't hear a song, I can hear a voice. Dumbledore said something to your mum about a door, I wonder if it's the same one." Harry said.

"What is it saying to you?" Ron asked, eagerly.

"I can't really remember. Wanna go look?" Harry asked. He missed spending time with Ron.

"Yeah, come on" Ron said, running out of his room and down a flight of stairs, Harry followed. "What's it saying?" Ron asked when they were both standing by the door.

"Don't fret, something went wrong, wait and it will go right." Harry recited to Ron. "What's that suppose to mean?" Harry asked.

"No idea. Try and touch the handle." Ron said. "It goes straight through my hands, same with Fred and George, but Ginny says she can feel something cold when she does it."

Harry did what Ron said, and sure enough, it went right through. Although, as he was doing it Harry had been able to grab hold of a handle before it melted away. Harry told Ron this and he stared at Harry, shocked. "Wonder why you and Ginny can feel the same?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, weird. What does Hermione hear?" Harry asked, wondering if she would be able to help solve this problem.

"She didn't say, I don't think she really listened. Lets go talk to her, maybe she could help us."

"Mother, I was telling the Minster about my plan to bring in heatproof cauldrons, you don't know how many burns Healers have to treat, anyway, he says it was a stupid idea. What an outrage." Percy was telling his mother

"But, Percy, cauldrons can't be heatproof. Sometimes you need to know how hot the cauldron is to know your potion's done." Hermione said, sounding like it was obvious.

"I...I knew that." Percy said, embarrassed that Hermione had to correct him. "Harry, how are you doing? Sorry, I didn't believe you last year, hope you understand it was hard to take it all in." Percy said, trying to forget the fact that Hermione had said he was wrong.

"Hey, Percy. Yeah, I suppose it's understandable. How's work going?" Harry asked, ignoring the furious shake of Ron's head.

"Thanks, Harry, I appreciate it. It's fine, the new Minister seems to be doing a good job." Percy replied.

"Good, if you'll excuse me, I need to discuss something with Ron and Hermione." Harry said, politely Percy nodded and Harry walked off.

"Hermione, we need to talk to you." Ron whispered. Hermione looked at him, confused, but followed him into the library.

"If this is about Viktor, I'm not talking about it. I hope Harry did tell you what we were discussing in our letters, I'm sure he told you the rest." She said, sternly.

"No, it's not about him." Ron said, shaking with anger. "You know that door opposite Fred and George's room? What do you hear come from it?" Ron asked, trying to hide his anger.

"Oh, that. Well, I hear someone talking to me." Hermione said, shocked that Ron didn't want to talk about Viktor. "Something about someone being closer than I think." Hermione said, sounding like it didn't really matter.

"RON, HARRY, HERMIONE." They heard Mrs Weasley shout. They followed the voice.

"What?" Ron asked grumpily. Suddenly, his eyes widened. "Ginny. Where have you been?" He asked whilst running up to hug his little sister.

"Sorry, I was with a friend." Ginny said, she sounded much more like herself than when Harry had last spoken to her. "Hermione, I need to talk to you, privately." Ginny had panic in her eyes. Harry noticed that Hermione saw this and nodded slowly.

"Okay, but girls. Don't be long, this is a proper Weasley family reunion. FRED, GEORGE!" Mrs Weasley said.

"Ginny, are you okay? I knew you would come back." Hermione said, warmly.

"Hermione, I'm fine. This needs to be quick. Do you think Harry likes me?" Ginny sounded vulnerable.

The truth was, Hermione didn't know how Harry felt, all she knew was that she hoped he didn't, she longed for him to notice her. "Ummm... honestly Gin, I don't know. Maybe, you're really pretty." Hermione forced herself to say.

Ginny's face lit up, like she needed to hear a complement. "Great, thanks Hermione. Come on, Weasley family reunion." She imitated her mum, Hermione was surprised at how good she was at it.

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