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You and I by Draco_Lover271
Chapter 1 : What just happened?
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Settings and Characters belong to the one and only J.K Rowling! Oh and I know Crabbe dies in the battle but I wanted to keep him alive! 

Draco : : :

    As I boarded the Hogwarts Express at platform nine and three-quarters, all that was going through my mind was why am I doing this? It’s September 1st, which means it’s the first day of school. After the war, the school had been rebuilt, and we get to complete our last year of Hogwarts this year if we want. I decided I had nothing better to do.

    I took a seat in the last empty compartment, even though there was still a while until the train left, all compartments were full or almost full. I looked out the window and saw the golden trio with weaselette, by the looks of it they were fighting. Usually this would give me enjoyment, but there was just something wrong here. I saw the look on Granger’s face, as they ganged up on her, it made me feel something strange in my stomach. It didn’t really make sense to me, I thought weaselette was here best friend, guess I thought wrong. I turned away from them; they weren’t worth my time, even if I had decided to change into a better person.

Hermione : : :

    “You hurt Ron, he loved you, Hermione, and you just flat out rejected him. Why should we even be your friends anymore?” Ginny said to me. At least she had the decency to not yell at me in front of everyone. We were standing outside the train on the platform, I knew that we had to get on the train soon or we wouldn’t get a seat.

    “I just wasn’t feeling it anymore, Ginny, and I didn’t reject him. I politely turned him down.” I said to her as nicely as I could, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to board the train before I’m left to sit with you three!” I lost my temper a little bit at the end but I was done with them. I turned away and climbed the steps to the train. I looked up and down the train, in every compartment, and they all were full…except one. I slid open the door to the compartment where a certain blonde Slytherin sat.

    “Umm… is it okay if I join you?” I asked quietly, “Everywhere else is full.” Not that I was overjoyed to sit with him but I was praying he wouldn’t turn me down. I didn’t want to have to beg Ron, Ginny, and Harry to let me sit with them.

Draco : : :

    “Why not sit with Weasel, Weaselette, and Pothead?” Of Course I already knew why, but she didn’t know I did. I figured if I was going to convince people I had changed, then I have to be nice.

    “We’re not really…friends anymore, I guess.” The way she said it made my heart ache a little, she just looked so vulnerable. I nodded and she took a seat across from me. We were silent for a while until the train pulled out of the station and all the first year’s parents waved good-bye. It looked like she wasn’t going to be the one to talk first so I decided to break the ice.

    “What happened between you guys?” I knew she would understand who I meant, “I thought you were best friends, and I thought Weasel and you were…a thing.”

    She just looked up at me, clearly stunned that I was talking to her. She probably still thought of me as her ex-enemy.

    “Uh, I, well, umm...” she paused thinking of what to say, “Ronald and I broke up during the summer and they blame me for hurting him but he just wasn’t right for me, you know? Now they’re off sitting with lavender somewhere, Ron’s new girlfriend. His better girlfriend.”

    I just nodded, waiting for her to finish spilling her guts to me.

    “I mean, I don’t even know why I telling all of this to you,” she continued, “I just needed to get it off my chest. It’s not like you even care anyways, you’re Draco Malfoy.

    That stung a little bit, I hate being a Malfoy. Not really thinking I just blurted out “You’re Wrong. I do care, after the war, I changed. I don’t want to be a jerk anymore, but that doesn’t mean I will ever like Weasel or Pothead. Oh, and Lavender could never be a better girlfriend.”

    That made her smile a little. I liked seeing her smile and she was actually quite attractive now that her hair wasn’t so bushy. Wait! Did I just think of her as attractive! I said I was gonna be nice. That didn’t mean I had to like her.

Hermione : : :

    “You’re wrong. I do care, after the war, I changed. I don’t want to be a jerk anymore, but that doesn’t mean I will ever like Weasel or Pothead. Oh, and Lavender could never be a better girlfriend.” He said to me.

    I had to smile at that, I couldn’t help it. But oh my god! Did he just say something nice to me! Could he have actually changed? Well, if he was going to be nice, then I guess I should too.

    “Why aren’t you sitting with your friends?” I asked him. It was the only thing I could think to say to him. I have to admit, he makes me a little nervous. An almost sad look crossed his face, but it disappeared as fast as it appeared.

    “None of them came back this year except Crabbe, and we’re not really friends anymore anyways.”

    “Oh.” I had nothing else to say. But that was the end of our conversation. We were silent for the rest of the way there. And we went our separate ways we exited the train and entered the castle.

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