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Once Upon a Cruise by Stellee123
Chapter 1 : Airports and Fake, Novelty Wands
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 A/N – Hey, guys! I’ve wanted to write a Scorose fanfic for a while, it’s my OTP! So, after readings more and more Scorose-based fanfictions and roleplaying Scorose, I decided I couldn’t take it much more! And, well, I got this. *gestures*

Anyway, welcome, new readers! And welcome back, those of you who have read my other fanfic, The Pureblood and the Mudblood. TPATMB is not being abandoned, I assure you of that. (; Hopefully, I will receive a couple reviews for this story. *stares at you all* If I do, I’ll write more! If I don’t, I’ll still write more! 

Hope you enjoy!


Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter or anything/body who recognize. All recognizable content is credited to JK Rowling.


“Rose! Wake up; we have to be at the airport in an hour!”

Rose Weasley groaned, rolling over in bed. She blindly groped for a pillow and chucked it at her brother’s face. She had gotten used to doing this, as Hugo Weasley had a habit of annoying Rose, particularly, whilst she was trying to sleep.

“Hey, mum made me wake you up. It’s not like I enjoy feeling your wrath every morning.” Hugo muttered.

Rose opened one eye slowly, just catching a glimpse of the scowl on Hugo’s face. She sighed and opened both eyes wide, shielding them from the sunlight streaming in her window. Sitting up, she stretched and yawned as her eyes darted around the messy room. Rose pushed back the covers on her bed and stood, wobbling for a second. She regained her balance and crossed the room to her closet, already able to pick up the delicious scent of breakfast being cooked downstairs.

‘What to wear…’ Rose thought as she sifted through her clothing. Finally, she settled on a dark purple sweater top with a white tank underneath. She pulled on some jeans and her converse, lacing them up tightly.

Rose went through her usual bathroom routine before wandering downstairs and taking her place at the table.

“Good morning, Sleepy-head.” Her father joked, looking up from his newspaper.

Rose just nodded a reply, still not fully awake. Her mind was wandering to the day’s events.

The whole Weasley-Potter family was going on vacation! Everyone; all of Rose’s cousins, aunts, uncles, and her grandparents. Even Teddy Lupin was coming along, but he counted as family. Sort of.

It was the summer before Rose’s 5th year at Hogwarts, and the extended family had been planning their vacation for months. They were going to be going on a 2 month luxurious cruise through the islands that made up Oceania. They would stop at Ports on the different islands to sight-see and have fun.

The ship they were taking was truly marvelous. It was huge, bigger than any ship built to date. There were hundreds of passenger cabins, and many things to do on the ship. Just to name a few: gourmet restaurants, a huge pool, dancing, sports, entertainment, and even a Muggle arcade!

Everyone was looking forward to going! Rose had never been on a cruise, but her insides were churning with excitement. Her aunts and uncles all had, and they told her stories of how fun the vacation would be.

The whole family had rented five deluxe suite-cabins, for five families. Teddy would be staying with Rose and her family.

As Rose continued to day-dream about the vacation, a movement in front of her and brushing of arms snapped her back into reality. Her mother, Hermione, was dishing food onto her plate.

“Eat up,” Hermione instructed, “we have a big day!” She smiled cheerily and went back to the stove.

“Thanks.” Rose said, picking up her fork. She ate slowly, engaging in small conversation with her father about the Quidditch World Cup.

“I heard that the new Firebolt 300s are being specially designed for the Chudley Cannons! And that the broomsticks have an invisibility option. Of course, it only works for a few seconds, to keep the game fair, but…” As Ron Weasley rambled on and on, Rose eventually lost interest. She finished her breakfast and went upstairs to check her bags, then lugging them downstairs.

She placed her stuff next to Hugo’s and her parents, sighing from the relief of the weight. At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“I’m coming!” Rose called out loudly, hurrying to the door. She yanked it open, smiling.

“Vic!” she said, hugging her cousin.

Victoire Weasley had long, wavy blonde hair. Her pale blue eyes shone just like the Weasley family’s. She had a bright smile, and two dimples. All in all, Victoire was certainly the most beautiful of their generation. Of course, she was part Veela, and that was responsible for a lot of her charm.

Victoire laughed and hugged Rose back, lightly, then pulling away. She looked Rose up and down, in a cousinly way.

“You’re so tall!” Victoire chattered in her light voice, clasping her manicured hands together.

The elder girl had just graduated from Hogwarts that year, along with Teddy. They had realised their romance in late May of seventh year, and were going strong.

Before Rose had a chance to reply, Teddy, Dominique, and Bill walked in the door.

“Rosie!” Teddy exclaimed, giving Rose a bone-crushing hug. He pulled back, grinning. “Still Red.” He remarked, ruffling her hair.

Rose grinned back. “Still rainbow!” she said, reaching up on her tip-toes to ruffle Teddy’s hair.

Teddy laughed, his hair changing from pink to blue. He and Victoire joined hands and walked into the kitchen to greet Hermione, Ron, and Hugo.

“Hey, Rose.” Dominique said, grinning. She flipped a piece of odd looking candy into Rose’s hand, blowing a bubble of gum before winking.

Dominique was a rebel, no doubt about it. She and James Potter II took after Fred and George, always full of jokes and pranks. Dominique’s pranks often got her into trouble, but she never crossed the line. Rose was the only one of the Weasleys, Potters, and Lupins who knew that Dominique smoked, and it bothered her slightly. The Hermione Granger in her knew of all the disadvantages smoking held, and she often touched on the topic of quitting, when it was just her and Dom. Dom always refused, though, saying she was fine.

With shoulder length, straight, layered hair, Dom looked quite different from the rest of the family. She had a green streak in her hair and had been sorted into Slytherin with Albus.

Even though they were completely different, Rose and Dominique were inseparable best friends. They were also in the same year.

Dominique walked into the kitchen after Victoire and Teddy.

Bill and Rose chatted a bit before Fleur came in the door, muttering something in French under her breath. When she saw Rose, she instantly brightened up.

“’Ello, love!” she said in a thick accent. Though she was getting better, Fleur still had a strong French tone.

“Good morning, aunt Fleur.” Rose said, smiling politely.  She accepted a light kiss on the cheek and a smile before following Fleur into the kitchen, where Hermione was insisting on feeding the guests breakfast.

“Oh, ‘Ermione, you do too much for us! We ‘ave just eaten, but thank you much!” Fleur said, shaking her head in dismissal.

As Hermione began to protest, the doorbell rang once again. Rose went to get it, not bothering with a yell.

She opened the door, forcing a smile as her least-favorite cousins, aunt, and uncle stood on the threshold.

“Hello, Rose, darling.” Audrey Weasley said, nodding to her. She patted Rose’s shoulder and walked in as Rose stepped aside.

Uncle Percy smiled, murmuring a ‘happy day.’ Or something else, Rose couldn’t understand when he talked so quietly.

That left their two offspring, Molly II and Lucy. Molly, being the older sister, was much taller than Lucy. She was going into 6th year, while Lucy into 3rd.

“Hiya, Rosie.” Lucy said, smiling brightly.

Lucy was the lesser of Audrey/Percy wrath. She was intelligent and bookish, but preferred to spend her time baking and cooking rather than aim to be perfect, like Molly did.

Molly smiled simply, brushing past Lucy to follow her sister into the kitchen. Molly Weasley had never really liked Rose, and though Rose didn’t know it, it was because she though Rose was smarter and better in classes than her. The teachers seemed to all like Rose Weasley more than Molly Weasley. Molly wasn’t a forgiving person, and she blamed this fiasco on Rose.

Rose shut the door, frowning slightly, and went back into the kitchen.

Group by group, the rest of the family showed up. Rose spent a while running from the kitchen to the door. It was pretty tiring. Finally, the last group showed up. Uncle Harry, aunt Ginny, James, and Albus stood at the door.

Harry and Albus were almost identical. They had straight dark brown hair and green eyes. Harry was smiling, though, but Albus was not, He had a calm expression on his face, almost bored. James, on the other hand, had wavy dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was grinning widely, looking just like his grandfather had. He acted just like Sirius and James I, also.

The family all greeted Rose happily, and she, for the last time, walked with them into the kitchen where everyone was getting their luggage together, ready to go. They were going to apparate to the nearest airport to catch a Muggle plane.

Once everyone was ready, the family joined hands and turned, being yanked by the navel into thin air. Half a minute later, they landed, stumbling and dropping a few things.

The huge, odd looking group of gingers, blondes, and brunettes galore gathered their items and walked inside.

Rose looked around, her eyes widening. The airport was nothing like she imagined.

People crowded around, pushing past her with apologies and running this way and that. Babies cried and children rushed around, laughing. Voices could be heard over the loud-speaker, and security roamed around, looking for rule-breakers. Rose smirked, thinking of Dom and James.

Arthur Weasley ushered everyone to the counter, looking truly excited due to the Muggle area. He talked loudly, telling everyone to be calm. His wife, Molly, rolled her eyes and passed out cookies to everyone.

After a long time of waiting for Arthur to count out Muggle money and negotiate with the employees, they were all checked in.

People stared as the family hurried down the hallways, turning this way and that. Rose looked around excitedly, wanting to see everything. Ahead of her, Roxanne was busy taking many pictures.

Next was security, Rose swallowed nervously, hoping there wouldn’t be a big scene. Unfortunately, for Rose, almost everything was a big scene.

As Uncle Harry stepped through Security, emptying his travel bag onto the conveyer belt and walking through the detectors, the alarm sounded. Aunt Ginny groaned, pulling Lily out of the way as security guards came running.

Two guards instantly started checking Harry for anything suspicious, and pulled out his wand.

“What is this?” One of the guards said in a cruel voice, carefully checking over the wand.

Rose sighed, but a smile played at the corner of her lips. Aunt Audrey sent her a glare.

Dominique walked over to Rose.

“I wonder what kind of excuse Harry is thinking up.” She said, grinning.

Rose bit back laughter as Harry’s face paled, his eyes glued to the wand.

“Looks like a torturing stick!” They other guard said, narrowing her eyes.

Ginny stepped forward then, speaking quickly.

“It’s just a novelty wand. He carries it everywhere, thinking there is such thing as ‘wizards’ or whatever.” She said, rolling her eyes. “Perfectly harmless...” she finished.

“Good save.” Rose whispered, and Dominique nodded.

The guards narrowed their eyes, looking at each other. “Ma’am, we’re afraid each of you will need to be questioned.” The male guard said. The female nodded, jerking Harry’s arm and pulling him away.

The other guard stood by the family, watching them carefully.


It was going to be a long day.


Finally, after nearly 45 minutes of questioning, the Weasleys, Potters, and Teddy were released. The quickly disposed of their wands with magic, sending them back to the Burrow. Molly had told everyone she would send for someone to pick them up and deliver them.

With 15 minutes until their plane was due to leave, they all ran through security, moving as quickly as possible. When everyone was passed through, they set off to find their gate.

“C 17, C 17, C 17…” Hermione muttered, overcome with nervousness and annoyance.

Ginny stalked quietly, fuming, as Harry tried to calm her in a low voice.

12 minutes later, they found the gate. The last of the people were entering the tunnel by the desk to go to the plane.

“WAIT!” Arthur yelled, waving everyone’s passports in the air.

The lady at the desk watched as shock as the panting group approached the counter.

Arthur flashed all of the passports, handing over their tickets and doing things Rose didn’t quite understand, before the lady merely nodded, letting them go through.

Hermione sighed as they walked through the tunnel.

“Let’s never do this again.” She said.

Countless agrees were heard.

At last they boarded the plane, finding their seats. Rose was with Hugo and her mother, in the window seat. Rose looked around, pushing the little light buttons above her and unfolding the tray on the back of the seat that was in front of her.

“Rosie, stop it.” Hermione said in a soft voice, checking around in her carry-on bag.

Rose rolled her eyes and sat back with a sigh.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” Hugo said, bouncing in his seat.

Rose cracked a smile. “I guess she said.”

Suddenly the intercom came on, and the voice of the pilot drifted through the plane. He gave a short speech to introduce himself, and then told everyone to turn off their cell phones, ‘whatever that is.’ Rose thought, and to fasten their seatbelts.

Everyone obeyed, waiting anxiously. Rose felt butterflies inside of her; she had never been on a plane. What if she got motion sick? Hugo was currently taunting her about it, waving a brown bag in front of her.

Rose scowled, pushing his hand away and turning to look out the window.

A shallow noise sounded, growing louder. Rose guessed it was the plane’s engine. A very loud engine, at that.

Slowly, the plane began to move down the runway, gaining speed as it went. Then, in synch with a dropping feeling in Rose’s stomach, it lifted into the air, gliding gracefully.

They were off!

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