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OPERATION: Scamander by PhoenixPulse
Chapter 1 : The Lovegoods: Tea With Ginny
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It was a bright sunny afternoon and a woman with long, dirty blonde hair was humming softly to herself, wiping her kitchen counters with small towel. As she hummed her little song, she heard a soft, crisp chirping join her. Chuckling, she turned her head to the big kitchen window which was shut, yet curtains wide open, allowing the sun’s banana-yellow rays to flow in. Perched upon a tree branch was a blue jay, eying the woman with its dark, black eyes. The woman glided dreamily to the window and popped the locks. Pushing out the screen, she poked her head out, the smell of flora filling her nostrils.

“A wonderful morning isn’t it, Huffington?” She called out to the bird. The blue jay chirped an agreement before flying away, still singing its lovely tune. Luna Lovegood eyed the jay with her grey misty eyes, sort of longingly as it disappeared from her vision.

“What a nice bird. I suppose he’ll keep me company when Lysander goes away.” She murmured absent mindedly to herself.  Suddenly a soft prickling pain stabbed her heart. She had just remembered that her son would be going away in a few days. He would be going away to Hogwarts. She smiled slightly at the thought of her son finally being around other people just like him, his own age.

Swinging herself inside, Luna leaned back against the kitchen counter, eying the sparkling kitchen before her. She couldn’t fathom living through a whole year without her son. True, she had Ginny and Hermione, and Hannah, and Harry, and Neville,  and even Ronald—but she wasn’t going to go house to house, asking to stay for dragging lengths of time—asking to blind her from the loneliness. It was bad enough that her other son was away from her, and she had not seen him since he was a year old…

Angrily sighing to herself, she tried to push the thought away, fumbling and stumbling in her own mind.
Think about Blibbering Humdingers! Think about Crumple-Horned Snorkacks!  Her conscious screamed as little Lunas tripped and fell in her head, carrying boxes of memories labeled ‘Lorcan’ and ‘Rolf’.

“Hey mum, are you okay?” Lysander had walked into the kitchen and was eying his mother from the doorway with concern. Luna’s eyes fluttered, her brain’s disorganized activity fading away. Seeing Lysander she flushed with disappointment. Not with Lysander, but with herself.

“Of course, why do you think that?” She asked, feigning sharpness and suspicion in her voice. The little, blond boy shrugged, still not moving into the kitchen.

“You looked terrified, mum. You were muttering things like ‘Blibbering Humdingers’ and ‘Crumple-Horned Snorkacks’.” Lysander said innocently, his brown eyes brightly shining, way too much like his father’s.

He has Rolf’s eye color, Lorcan has mine…

Luna forced herself to smile.

Their eye colors are the only difference…

“I was thinking things, dear.” She said, and walked over to the boy who had raised his eyebrows, not thoroughly buying his mother’s words. Still, he raised his arms eagerly for his mother’s embrace. He was happy to be a mommy’s boy, and was happy that he didn’t need to share her with anyone else.

“Now go get out of your pajamas. I invited Ginny over, and she’s bringing Lily along as well.” Luna said, pulling away from her son. Lysander’s face broke into a look of surprise and excitement.

“Lily’s coming?” He breathed, and Luna nodded, laughing. Lily and Lysander were best friends and the young Potter played a good influence on her son. Lysander looked up to her like an older sister.

“Yes dear, so go get some clothes on or you’ll be parading around her in your hippogriff pajamas!” She said, spinning her son around and giving him a slight push. Lysander nodded and made way to the stairs, bouncing in his steps. She watched him go, and smiled softly to herself, shaking her head. How much she wished they could stay this way forever, young and innocent, and carefree. Brief flashbacks swirled as she remembered what it was like to be eleven. As she did so, she drew some parallels of things she could relate with in Lysander’s childhood.

Lysander is eleven. Lorcan is too…


“This is some really good tea Luna!” Ginny declared after taking a gulp of tea presented to her in a porcelain tea cup. Luna beamed as she took a seat beside her best friend. “I never had this before. What flavor, if I may ask, is this?” Ginny questioned, setting the teacup down on the coffee table before them.

“Oh, it’s nothing out of the ordinary,” Luna replied in her usual, soft and dreamy voice. “It’s actually just a blend of wild strawberry and raspberry herbal teas.” Ginny raised an eyebrow, a teasing smile on her lips.

“What? That’s it? No magical flying Ditzy Dust or something?” Ginny poked the blonde who rolled her eyes, shaking her head. Luna was used to her friends’ constant teasing, and they were used to her rather odd, but very much real, beliefs.

“Nope. Just ordinary, plain ingredients.” Luna said simply, and Ginny reached for her teacup, taking another sip. There was a peaceful and comfortable silence that followed, which was broken by the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs.  Lysander came running into the sitting room, dragging hand-in-hand, a tall, 13 year-old red-head behind him.

“I’m taking Lily to the small river behind the house. We’re going to catch freshwater plimpies and maybe bring home some gulping plimpies for my aquarium.” Lysander explained with his hand on the door knob. Ginny raised her eyebrows at her daughter, but Lily just giggled in amusement.

“Well, have fun!” Luna called out to the two children as the front door closed behind them.

“Really Luna? Gulping plimpies?” Ginny said, half laughing as she rounded to the blonde witch. Luna gave a mere shrug.

“They have been infesting the river. I haven’t waded in there since.” Luna said, and got up, walking to the kitchen. “Stay put, I’ll be right back.” Ginny stayed in the couch, making no signs of wanting to move anywhere whatsoever.

“Well,” Ginny said brightly. “James made Seeker for the Chudley Cannons this summer.”

“Did he really? I bet his Uncle is proud.” Luna mused as she reappeared with a silver platter of biscuits. “And here is something to munch on with the tea. I prepared them earlier, but kept them in the oven so they’ll stay warm.” Ginny grinned and fished a biscuit from the platter, taking small nibbles.

“Yes, he is. Actually, when James announced it, Ron started shaking my poor son’s hand so hard his arm could’ve fell off. And then he pulled him into a hug which almost suffocated him.” Ginny frowned and shook her head. “But the family is proud, and James is really pleased, so that’s all that matters. Harry’s hoping that Al could inherit the Quidditch Captain badge this year, now that James is gone. It would make great competition, him versus Rose. She’s got it all going for her this year as well.” Luna snorted.

“I suppose you; Harry and Ron will be wringing each other’s neck when that time comes along, yes?” Luna asked, and Ginny laughed at the mental image that was formulating in her mind. She, Harry, and Ron would be in the stands on their feet, screaming like madmen while Hermione stood there mortified at her psychopathic family. There would be a tantrum fest over who won the Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw match and Hermione would probably have to produce a shielding barrier between them.

“Yes, Luna. We probably would.”

“And then there will be Lily and Hugo—” Luna pointed out, but Ginny shook her head.

“Lily perhaps might inherit the badge, but she isn’t as good at Quidditch as her brothers. As for Hugo, he refuses to touch a broomstick. He’s like Hermione. He doesn’t fancy flying.” Ginny reasoned, and Luna nodded her head in acceptance to this explanation.

“Lysander’s the same way. He told me he wouldn’t play, not that he’s afraid of travelling heights, he just doesn’t fancy the sport. He says that players become too wrapped up in competition and won’t play fair.” Luna said, and she analyzed the contents of her teacup with interest. Silence.

“Do you suppose Lorcan would be the same way?” Ginny whispered, and Luna felt herself go rigid. Pursing her lips, she looked up to Ginny, eyebrows knitted. The red-head’s eyes widened. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just—” Ginny struggled to find words. Luna’s expression softened sadly as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“It’s quite alright Ginny. I know you didn’t mean it.” Luna said, and her hands fell to her lap, her gaze lingering on her fingernails. Ginny felt sympathy towards her friend who looked helpless and defeated. Consolingly, she reached over and grabbed her friend’s hand.

“If you ever get lonely, just stop by my place. Harry’s working overtime at the Auror office and everyone else is busy with their own lives. If you need anything, or just want to visit, just come on down.” Ginny said gently, but firmly. Luna nodded and looked up to see a face of honesty gazing at her. Though she still held her traits of everlasting quirkiness and oddity, Luna had indeed grown up through the years, and lately, she found herself more lonesome than dreamy than ever.

“I’m just tired of being alone.” Luna whispered, looking away. Ginny nodded, knowing that heart-to-heart talks with Luna were as rare as they came.

“I understand, but don’t let it get to you. You have Lysander, and right now, he needs his mama, because he has no one else left.” Ginny said. Luna raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean? I thought I assigned you and Harry as his godparents?”

“I know, Luna. And we won’t ever deny the position if that time ever calls, but please Luna. Don’t waste yourself just because you have half the family you had before. The last thing you want is for Lysander throwing himself away because he’s worried for you too.” Ginny explained. Luna closed her eyes at the truth of this.

“Hey mum, are you okay?”  Luna recalled what Lysander asked of her this morning. “You looked terrified, mum. You were muttering things like ‘Blibbering Humdingers’ and ‘Crumple-Horned Snorkacks’.”

The brief flashback sent a chill up her spine. What if her son thought of her as crazy? The thought was more terrifying now that Ginny’s words were sinking in.

“Loon, are you alright?” Ginny asked with her face full of concern. Luna opened her eyes and blinked.

“Ginny.” Luna whispered. “I think I’ve gone mad.” The red-head’s face of concern turned into one of alarm.

“No, Luna. You are not going crazy. You haven’t ever been crazy. You’re just as sane as anyone else. You want to know crazy? My husband is crazy. So crazy, he laughs in his sleep sometimes, and cries Expelliarmus when I walk into his office. The war took a toll in his mind I believe. You on the other hand, are just worried!” Ginny said, grabbing hold of Luna’s shoulders. “Please Luna; what I said has nothing to do with your state of mind now. If you do not believe me, we’ll march right on over to Hermione’s office and we’ll have a serious circle of women talk!” she fiercely said, her eyes blazing with determination. “I will not let my friend believe she’s going crazy when her son hasn’t even left yet!” Ginny shook Luna a little bit, her hot-headed temperament slowly taking over. To Ginny’s shock and relief, Luna chuckled weakly.

“Relax Gin, I get it.” Luna said in a shaky voice, but she was not convincing enough to her conscious.

You have gone mad… A sly voice in her head told her.

I have not! Luna thought desperately.

Ah, but isn’t that why Rolf left you?  The sly voice pressed. I must’ve touched a nerve…

Luna blinked to find herself being shaken once again by Ginny.

“Snap out of it Luna! Don’t fall for the evil thoughts that cloud your brain. Close your mind!” Ginny snapped her fingers repeatedly in Luna’s face. Luna pulled Ginny’s hand down.

“No one’s breaking into my mind Ginny; no one is practicing Ligilimency on me.” Luna said simply. Ginny’s stiff and tense posture relaxed, and she fell back on the sofa, exhausted. Another silence, only this time, it wasn’t as comfortable as the first.

“Ginny?” Luna asked. The sudden thought that hit her was just as terrifying as ever.

“Yes, Loon?” Ginny responded, staring blankly up at the ceiling fan.

“What if Lysander meets Lorcan at Hogwarts?” The words tumbled out of her trembling lips, faster than she thought they would come. Ginny bolted upright, a terrified look on her face.

“He shouldn’t—they can’t—they won’t—! Didn’t Rolf say he was taking Lorcan to a different country? Isn’t the reason why you separated was so you would lead different lives and possibly never cross paths?” Ginny stared at Luna accusingly, and Luna felt an empty pit begin to dig in her gut.

“Yes, but—”

“Then don’t worry about it!”

“But Ginny, what if—?”

“No!” Ginny cried out, shaking her head like mad, her red hair flying. “No Luna.”

“But shouldn’t I tell Lysander, just in case?” Luna squeaked feebly in a small voice. Ginny stared for a moment, and her face softened.

“Don’t worry about it. There’s enough on your plate without having to tell your son the truth. He won’t understand now, and I think it is better that he doesn’t know.” Ginny said slowly. Luna bit her lip. Should she trust Ginny’s opinion? “Let it go, Luna. You have family here. It won’t do you good to go wishing for something that’s long gone. Bringing Lorcan up won’t make things any easier.” Ginny continued.

“You’re right.” Luna whispered. “I have to let it go. For the sake of Lysander.” But as she said this, her words sounded more doubtful than confident. They didn’t even make sense…

The front door burst open and both Lysander and Lily came barging into the house, mud clinging to their clothing, face and hair. They were both wearing identical smiles of joy. Laughter was etched upon their faces, and one look at Lysander told Luna that she couldn’t ever jeopardize her son’s happiness and innocence.

“Lily Luna Potter, what on earth have you been doing?” Ginny ordered from her daughter, who flashed her mother a guilty, sly smile. She picked that up from James, who inherited it from his two namesakes and twin uncles…

“We were having a mud fight mum. A few muggle children joined in and we got carried away.” Lily grinned proudly. Ginny sighed.

“Well, I think our visits been cut a bit earlier than expected. I think we should go now, Lily.” Ginny said tiredly, standing up.

“But mum!” Lily cried out. Ginny flashed her daughter a warning glare. “Just Aguamenti and Scourgify me outside and preform the drying charm. Then I’ll be all clean!” But Ginny just tsked in disapproval.

“I’ll see you later Luna.” Ginny said, giving the blonde witch a hug. Luna hugged her back and smiled. “Take care okay? Don’t worry too much.” Luna rolled her eyes, but beamed all the same. Walking over to Lily, Ginny turned to Lysander and smiled. “It was good to see you Lysander.” She then took Lily by the muddy hand and marched her outside.

“Bye Lily, bye Mrs. Potter!”  Lysander called out, waving a good bye before he shut the door. Turning to his mother, his blonde eyebrows furrowed.

“Mum, what exactly did Mrs. Potter mean about not worrying too much?” Lysander asked, observing his mother closely. Luna slightly bit her tongue, but faked a motherly smile. The less he knew the better.

“Nothing dear. You should go bathe.” Luna responded, her heart aching with all the lies. Lysander squinted and then shrugged.

“If you say so mum.” And with that, he made his way for the bathroom.

 I have Lysander but it isn’t enough…I want my Lorcan, he’s my son too.

Author’s Note: All characters belong to the genius, lovely, JK Rowling!
So this idea spontaneously hit me, and started nagging me. I couldn’t ignore it, so I had to type it up. Tell me what you think. And I know Luna isn’t so dreamy in this, but her motherly instincts are engaged. She’s worried, and she’s more mature now. I figured she lost a bit of her dreamy habits while growing up. As for Ginny stating Harry is "crazy", I personally thought the DH epilogue made Harry seem too...content? It just seemed too perfect for him to be perfectly happy after all the emotional trauma and stress after the war. I know Harry's a fighter, and he always gets back on his feet, but it felt too perfect, even after 19 years. I thought it made more sense if the war left some scars upon him, even as little as yelling Expelliarmus.
So… Love it? Hate it? And possibly, rate it? Next up: the Scamanders. “Dad, stop snogging her!”

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