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Fire and Ice by Fiery Ginny
Chapter 5 : Amortentia
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Ginny woke the next day with a headache. She hadn’t slept well, and she groaned as she realized what classes she had today. She had double potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies, and Astronomy. With this, she realized she didn’t actually know who her new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher would be, nor who her Muggle Studies teacher was, as she hadn’t seen Professor Burbage at the feast. I guess I should have listened to all of Snape’s speech… With a sigh, Ginny got out bed, stretched, and began getting ready. Again, she reached into her wardrobe without really looking at it, and grabbed the first things her fingers touched. She pulled out a pair of holey jeans (which made her think of her brother George, and she smirked), and a faded pink, long-sleeved shirt. She threw both of these on quickly, grabbing her hair and throwing it into her usual pony tail. She hastily put on her robes, grabbed her book bag, and went down the stone stair case outside her door to find Luna. She saw Luna waiting for her with Neville and Seamus, so Ginny ran to meet them, a smile on her face. They smiled back, and they chatted happily as they made their way up to the Great Hall.

Breakfast was uneventful, and Ginny even had the self-control to avoid the diamonds eyes she could feel burning into her skin. As she rose from her table, Ginny chanced a glance over at the Slytherins. She felt fire creep up into her face as she saw Dra-Malfoy look over at her. She quickly looked down, and walked at a slightly faster pace as she made her way back down to the dungeons with her friends.

Slughorn seemed to be trying hard to keep up his normal, cheerful self. He greeted all of his students with a smile and a “good morning.” Ginny, however, who had spent more time alone with him than most, could tell that this was a complete charade and that he was trying very hard indeed to keep up his appearance.

“Good morning class! Today will be a bit of a review and practice for our 7th years, and a new potion experience for our 6th years. This is a very difficult potion, so don’t get too frustrated if you can’t get it quite right. N.E.W.T.s are difficult however, and I must prepare you for those challenges that lie ahead!” Slughorn announced this to the class with as much false gusto as he could manage. He looked around at all the students, stopping and winking at a few of his favorites (including Ginny), and then turned to the board. With a flick of his wand, the instructions (and the pages in the book the potion could be found) appeared on the board. The half of the class that were girls started giggling (with the exception of Ginny and Luna, who merely grinned), when Slughorn revealed the potion they would be making.

“Amortentia,” Parvarti giggled across the table to Ginny. “The Looooooooove potion!” Parvarti and her twin sister Padma began giggling madly with each other and glanced around the room to see if any prospective male specimens were left at the school. Ginny rolled her eyes, but couldn’t stop herself from looking over at Malfoy, who was looking strangely at her again. She glared at him to get him to stop staring, and then turned quickly away. She was annoyed that Malfoy kept staring at her. What nerve he had! Don’t think about him Ginny, she told herself. Just focus on this potion. Slughorn said it would be difficult, and potions isn’t your best subject. With that thought, she immediately got up to gather the necessary materials. Unfortunately, since she had stopped paying him attention, she hadn’t notice Malfoy get up to follow her.


Draco loved potions. Or, at least he did when Snape had been the instructor. Slughorn wasn’t bad, but Draco wasn’t part of Slughorn’s selected favorites, so he didn’t get the special treatment he had received his first 5 years. But still, Draco was a skilled potionsmaker, and he was proud of that fact. He had been watching Ginny and only looked at the board when he saw her grin and heard every girl in the room giggle. She looked over at him angrily and quickly turned away. He was worried about what she had seen on his face, as he hadn’t been expecting her to look over at him. It was no matter however, he would explain it away with some sort of excuse that he would think up later. He got up, at the same time Ginny did, to get his supplies. He followed the red-haired girl into the supply cupboard, and brushed up against her “accidently.” She glared at him again, and all he could think to do was smirk. She rolled her eyes (was it just him, or did she do that quite often of late?) and looked away and completely ignored his existence, grabbing the required items and leaving quickly. He looked up at the board for the first time, and quickly read the list. He noticed that it required essence of morenta, and decided to also pick up some honeyed butterfly wings and peppermint squeaks. Morenta was a veela like creature, one that caused absolute infatuation, thus the whole point of the entire potion. Draco wanted to see if he could make a better love potion, one that created trust instead of obsession.

Draco brought all his ingredients back to his seat, and began working on his potion with more vigor than he might have normally used. He had a plan for this potion, and he wanted to make it work.


Ginny worked feverishly over her potion, adding essence of Morenta here, dashes of lacewing eggs there. She stirred, and added, and changed the temperature of her creation. She was sweating nervously, afraid of what everyone would say if her potion wasn’t correct. She tried to ignore all the giggling girls that surrounded her, for once in her life wishing she was in Slytherin. What?? Had she really just thought that? She looked around her, over at the Slytherins. The girls weren’t giggling, and the boys weren’t blushing like the Gryffindors were. She, of course, looked over at Malfoy, and noticed that he was working just as nervously as she was. He seemed to be changing the potion, as he was now adding something that looked like honey covered butterflies. At that moment, he looked up at Ginny. Speaking of butterflies… Ginny’s stomach had just erupted with them. And that annoyed her. Immensely. She quickly became excruciatingly angry at Malfoy, and shot another glare at him. He looked confused, and then quickly turned his questioning gaze into his usual smirk. She looked away, furious. She didn’t know what had sparked her anger so vigorously, but she also knew she didn’t give a damn. She began stirring her potion more eagerly than she had intended, spilling some on the ground, making matters worse. She wanted to scream in frustration. She hated Malfoy and his stupid eyes that made her heart inexplicably skip a beat, she hated her stupid love potion that smelled like Harry, and faintly of some spice she couldn’t put her finger on. As for that, she hated Harry, and her brother, and Hermione for leaving her all alone. More so Harry, for needing to be the hero and not caring that she needed him more than anything. She shook her head. Now was not the time to fall apart.

Just then, the bell rang, and she raced to the door, not even picking up her potion. She didn’t care right that moment, and she was sure that Slughorn would understand and take a sample of her potion anyway. She equally didn’t care that she had her first defense against the dark arts class. Instead of heading to that room, she instead went straight to her room, almost too impatient to wait for the archway to open after practically screaming the password. She sprinted to her room, tossed her bag onto the floor and collapsed on her bed, crying. She couldn’t handle this, this empty, loneliness that had suddenly and inexplicably engulfed her. Her heart had been ripped out of her chest, stomped on, and now Malfoy was adding his piece into it. When she smelled Harry floating around in that dungeon, that was when she had snapped. She couldn’t bear it. That empty space in her chest was throbbing, and she just cried. She cried herself out, and passed out from sheer exhaustion 30 minutes later.

Draco watched as Ginny sprinted out of the dungeons, not even bothering to give Slughorn a sample. Draco stoppered his own vial, (taking good number of personal samples for himself), and cleared his area. He then grabbed another vial and went over to Ginny’s cauldron, smelling a flowery concoction as he filled the vial and stoppered it, clearing away the rest of her potion and the rest of her ingredients. He brought both vials to the front of the class, one labeled with his name, the other with hers.

Slughorn gave him a rare smile, and Draco continued onto Defense Against the Dark Arts. When he arrived, he noticed that a certain red-head wasn’t present, meaning she must have gone back to her room. He sighed, and took a seat at the back of the class. The new defense against the dark arts teacher, Amycus Carrow, was sitting at the front of the class, a cruel smile on his face. Draco grimaced as Carrow waved at him, but had no choice but to turn it into a smooth smirk and wave back.

Draco pulled out his Defense book, to make it look like he was paying attention, and then pulled out a piece of parchment, his favorite emerald ink, and one of his many quills.


Have I done something to upset you? You rushed off quite quickly after potions. Is there something that I can do? I want to help, if there is anything…I hope you respond to this. Why didn’t you come to Defense Against the Dark Arts? It’s the first class of the year, you know, so you really shouldn’t be missing it. (Not that the Carrows know much of anything). Anyway, please tell me if I have done something wrong, or if there is anything I can do to help you.


Draco rolled up the note to Ginny and started actually paying attention to the class. It seemed that Carrow was currently telling the class the “good” news that he and his sister, Alecto, were going to be in charge of detentions, and other punishments. Draco felt a bit unnerved at this, considering how cruel he knew the Carrows to be. He bit his lip, and looked around at the class worriedly. He was glad Ginny wasn’t here. He didn’t want her to worry about this right now, especially when she already seemed so upset. He decided he would go and see her instead of just sending her a letter. Maybe she needed someone, anyone. His heart swelled when he thought about being a someone to her. He thought about what he was going to say to her when he saw her, and he escaped the rest of his class with visions of her red hair and her stupid robes.

After class, he walked down to the dungeons, skipping lunch, and not feeling particularly hungry (his stomach was already filled with butterflies). He walked at a fast pace to the archway, spoke the password, and strode quickly into the common room. He decided to throw his stuff in his room before seeking her out. He got to his door, “fire and ice.” As he said the password, he thought again about the fiery hair of the girl he so desperately needed to comfort. He so badly needed someone to need him. He walked into his room, and dropped his bag and books on the floor in shock. There she was. Sitting on his bed grasping a pillow tightly to her chest, as though she would split apart if she let go. Draco couldn’t move. He couldn’t even speak her name.

“M-m-malfoy?” She stuttered. He could tell she had been crying very hard and had slept for quite a while. “Malfoy..” she said again. He couldn’t respond. He took one step closer to her and closed the door behind him. She spoke again, so softly, that he barely heard her over the sound of his own beating heart, “Draco,” (his heart skipped a beat….or ten.) “I need you.”

And that was all he needed to hear.

Hello hello! Alright, so I have the next few chapters already written up...But! If you wanna see what happens next, I'm going to need to see some reviews people! :) 5 Reviews, and you get the next chapter ;) Yes, I am cruel :D Love you all!


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