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Getting By: A Girls World When The First War Starts by 06BDavies
Chapter 1 : Finding Magic
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I look down at my letter, reading it through again, 'Dear Miss Wynne, We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...' 

It's hard to read because I only have the moon light to see it with, but I know the words of by heart. It makes me nervures and exited and scared and ... and lots of thing, so I read it again to carm down. When I finish I remember the day I first did magic, I was 8 and readimg in the dinning room:

"Lucy, Lucy, come outside and play." Shaun called.

"We cannot play outside, it is raining and we will get wet and then when mummy and daddy get home they will be unhappy." I looked down at my little brother as he tugs at my hand.

"Lucy, Lucy, I want to go outside and play."

"No Shaun." I looked around for the nanny. "Nanny." I call. In the room there are big windows over looking the garden. The sky is grey and think heavy rain is falling. I pull by Shaun as I walk into the hall way through to the lounge but to find no nanny, so I keep going from room to room looking for nanny dragging Shaun behind me.

As I go up the stairs ... no, I was at the top of the stairs. Yes as I got to the top of the stairs Shaun's finger slipped through mine. He had pull so much that he started to fall, and then hit the stairs on the way down, he turned over and over, fall and bouncing of the stairs until he hit the floor at the bottom with blood on his head.

I ran down "SHAUN!" I think I shouted, but he did not move, just more blood came out of his head, I just remember wanting the blood to stop coming out of his head and it did. It healed right then and there.

I don't remember where nanny was or much of what happened next I just remember how the cut zipped itself back up, from bottom to top.

My bed is warm, my room is dark, I can smell the flowers Mummy likes to have in every room and there is silence, I live in a big house full of silence. As I'm not tried I get up and go to my trunk. It is full of all kinds of stuff that should be normal but aren't at all, my clothes, the like I have never see, and books, that teach you magic. But there is one thing that is not normal in the slitest, my wand. Dragon heart, Acacia wood and 11 and 1/4 inches. I hold it in my hand, then grip it at the thicker end. "Abracadabra". Nothing happen. I climbed back into bed, after putting my wand back, and waited till morning.


I work up early, surprised that I had fallen asleep. My room is little orange because of the sun. My flowers, my trunk, my desk and wardrobe and walls and floor, all orange from the light coming in through my window.

As I get out of bed my room is cold and as I stand my feet start to walk on a cold floor. My window over look a small forest, I can just see the next house the other side.

My parents never talked to the people how live there much, I think it's 2 old people with there grandchild. I heard mum saying once that his parents must had died. Which is sad.

I go back to my orange bed and wait for a few hours, until nanny come to wakes me up and when she finds me up she helps me get dressed. Then takes me to breakfast down stairs. Mummy came down and said daddy had to leave early so he could say goodbye and but she gave me a kiss on the head and told me to be good.

As I was leaving Shaun ran up and hugged me, he had just gotten up. He said me goodbye as nanny told him to. I don't think he understood where I was going and for how long. Nanny walked me outside.

"Goodbye Miss Lucy." She said softly. I was going to miss her. More that mummy and daddy, even little Shaun, who was 9 now. I hugged her and tired not to cry, I wasn't goting to see her for a year. Nanny was short, skinny women, with blond hear that had streaks of grey. She gave the best hugs. She pushed me towards the car, the driver held the door open, he had already put my trunk in the boot. I looked once more back at the house, at nanny and then got in. The door closed behind me and we drove into the city of London to Kings Cross. I cried quietly most of the way.


As we walked along platform 9 it became clear that we where not going to find platform 9 3/4, until I sew the boy from the house behind the trees, and as I watched him for a few seconds he disappeared through a wall. Then his grandparents did the same. Not knowing what else to do or even what I was doing, I followed.

One moment I'm looking behind be to see if I could see my driver knows where I am (he did, he was looking right at me), and the next I'm on a new platform. Smoke is all around me and voices boom out of it.

"You're a freak!"

"Oi, Jamie, over here."

"Hey! That's my cat!"

"Mum, I will be Fine!"

"Miss Lucy," a hand is placed on my shoulder and I jump and turned to see my driver. "I am sorry I did nor mean to make you jump, Miss Lucy," he says, "but I think you have found it." He pointed up and when I looked, far above the smoke was a sign, 'Platform 9 3/4'. Then he lead me through the steam until we found a scarlet train stretching out into the smoke. people moving around, pushing, pulling waving, yelling.

It was 10:30 now and my ticket said the train would leave at 11 o'clock. "You should get in," My driver said opening the door to the train and directing me in. He lifted my trunk into place in a carage then turn to me, sitting down waiting.

He sits down and says "Goodbye Miss Lucy," and from in his pocket he brought out a little kitten. "Cook's cat had babies and she told me to give you one when you left. It has been sleeping in my pocket on the way here." He handed it to me. It was small and all black apart from it's white feet, the white tip on it's tall and a small white diamond on it's head.

"What's it's name?" I ask cradling the cat.

"She is yours, you can choice. I must go now. Goodbye Miss Lucy." And before I could look up he was gone. I looked down at my cat. Diamond. Yes Diamond.

As I moved her in my hands, to free a hand to stroke her with, and I wake her. She opened her yellow eyes. I slowly lowered my free hand to rub her belly, then she licked my hand with her little red tunge and pored at my fingers softly. I fell in love with her.

I more she wake up the more she wanted to play and it wasn't until I heard a knock on my door a even noticed that the train is now moving. Then the door slipped open and Diamond jumped out, run round 2 pairs of feet and off.

"No Diamond." I ran to the door but she had gone.

"Don't worry. Sev say only toads get lost." I looked up into a pair of green eyes surrounded by red head. The girl, about my age was smiling. She turned to a boy about my age again with black hair and grey eyes. he nodded.

I opened my mouth not sure what to say. I don't talk a lot and when I do I'm told what to say before. I'm told how to act, what to think, what to wear, when to smile. So now i just stand looking at the boy and girl not knowing what to say.

"I'm Lily and this is Sev." I put my hand out to and she shakes it. "Can we join you as we have nowhere else to go." I look down at their trunks.

"You let my cat out." She bit her lip.

"Sorry. She will find her way back though." I trusted her. I don't know why. I stepped back to let them through and they put their trunks in the rack the sat next to the window. I sat next to the open door looking out for Diamond and waited.

"What are you doing?" Demanded the boy. I looked at him.

"Waiting." I said turning my head back to the door.

"What for?" Lily asked softer.

I turned to her to say, "Diamond," then looked back to the door.

"What a Diamond?" asked Sev.

"My cat." I said still looking out the door.

"Why is he called Diamond?" asked Sev.

"Because she has a white diamond shape on her head." Then silence fell. Lily started to talk to Sev. Nothing happened apart from people walking past the door and an old lady pulling a trolly asking us if we wanted anything, we didn't.

When it got dark Lily turned to me and said I should change into my robs. They where in theirs and had been sins they walked in here.

I got my clothes and went to find some toilets. When I got out the train was stopping. When it did some older student told me to get off as I tired to pass a door he was holding open. When I tired to explain to him about my trunk he said it would get to my dorm for tonight and pushed me out, looking tired.

Outside I heard a loud boom, "First year over hear." over the crowd of loud talking people. I think I'm a first year so I walk towards the voice to find it was a giant. As I got closer I saw the red head, Lily, with her friend, Sev, so I went to stand next to her. When she saw me she smiled. 

"Hello again." She didn't say hello to me before though.

Before she could say anymore the giant said, "Right that must be the lot of you. This way then, get in the boats. Come on now. All in. Good." I was in a boat with Lily and Sev. "Off we go then." Then the boats started to move. No one was pushing or pulling them, there was no rope. Magic.

We flooded across the water. I looked down. There was only waves left by the boats that disturbed the black water. I heard gasps of people in other boats and Lily saying how it was even better. I looked around to see everyone was looking up ahead. When I looked up I saw it.

Die black sky, only a moon off to the said. A giant castle hung on top of a cliff. Light up only by the lights inside and the moon. Tall towers. Large window. It looked alive with mystery, alive with magic.

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