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The Jar of Marmalade by talltwin18
Chapter 7 : Innuendoes and Language
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Chapter 7

How long had it been? Harry couldn’t remember. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept for so long and not re-entered consciousness screaming either. His eyes flickered open and he caught a glimpse of a gentle stream of golden sunlight entering through the open window. For a moment Harry found himself mesmerised by the comforting sounds of his home; the rustle of the large oak tree just outside his window, the soft hum of the oven in the kitchen below him and the barely audible but unmistakable singing of Ginny. He basked in the seemingly inconsequential sounds that he valued so much as he stared at the dancing specks of dust in the beam of sunlight.

Snapping out of his reverie, Harry’s eyes followed the trail of glittering light to the chair by his bed where he identified Ginny’s curled up figure. She was holding a book open on her lap with one hand, the other combing through her coppery hair as she read, her mouth slightly open with concentration allowing her gentle humming to float around the room. With the sunlight falling behind her, Harry couldn’t help but think of how her hair looked like a fiery halo around her beautiful features. He wanted with everything he possessed to have his hand running through her glowing hair, his lips shaping themselves to hers.


Harry once again jumped back into reality as he met Ginny’s eyes, a small smile forming at the corner of her mouth. ‘It’s rude to stare you know,’ she said lovingly.

‘But I’ve missed so many staring opportunities over the past few months, I’ve got to make up for it,’ Harry retorted pulling himself into a sitting position against his pillows. ‘Can’t have you doubting your ability to make me drool.’

This time, a genuine smile stretched across her face. ‘Indeed not, my Harry,’ she said seductively, standing up from her chair and walking to his bedside before lying down next to him. ‘But I think we need to check that I’ve still got it.’ As she said this she lightly brushed her hand over his chest and traced the ruby lines of her lips with her tongue.

‘Oh Gin,’ was all Harry got out before his desire became too much. His own tongue replaced hers as he gently tasted her lips before claiming it in a searing kiss. They filled this kiss with all the worry and fear they had held onto for so long. Harry’s hand finally found its goal and he ran his fingers through her fiery hair while his other caressed her back pulling her closer to his chest. The kiss broke as the need for air became too great but Harry only transferred his lips to her neck. He twisted holding himself above Ginny as he trailed his lips down her freckled neck to her shoulder. Ginny moaned in pleasure at the gentle caress as she knotted one hand into his t-shirt and used the other to bring his lips back to hers.

‘Ginny, Mum says... shit! Sorry!’

At Andy’s exclamation Ginny and Harry flung apart looking rather flustered and flushed.

Andy looked at the pair, straightening their clothes, in amusement. ‘Sorry little bro, didn’t realise you were awake, let alone so... energised,’ he said trying to stifle a laugh.

Harry reached behind his head and flung a pillow with expert precision at Andy’s scoffing face.

‘No worries Harry,’ Andy said looking at Harry’s reddening face. ‘That’s nothing compared to what J walked in on me and Kat doing. It was about 2 years ago and...’

He was stopped short from elaborating by Harry and Ginny’s loud protests.

‘Too much info, brother,’ Harry said with a shudder.

‘Well, Mum says breakfasts up so I’ll let her know you’ll be joining us at last,’ Andy relayed looking at Harry.

He walked towards the open door before turning on his heel. ‘You know Gin, I would have suggested blackmailing him awake if I’d known you were willing to go that far,’ he said as he disappeared  down the corridor narrowly missing the large book Ginny had thrown at him, which landed against the floor with a heavy thud.

‘Come on then,’ Harry said, holding out his hand to Ginny and leading her to the door. ‘I feel like I could eat a whole pig and at least 8 eggs!’


The pair walked into the dining room just as Andy sat down between Kat and Sirius with a broad grin on his face. He leaned over and casually muttered something to Sirius who also broke out into a mischievous smile before addressing Ginny and Harry with mock sincerity.

‘Harry, glad to see you awake. Hope you didn’t mind only waking up with Ginny there.’

Harry and Ginny glared at him and Andy who was snickering quietly, much to the confusion of Kat.

They had just taken their seats when Lily entered with a plate of sausages. ‘Harry, it’s so good to see you up,’ she said giving him a kiss on the top of his head. ‘How are you feeling?’

‘Just great thanks Mum, quite hungry though,’ he said.

‘I’ll bet you are,’ muttered Andy just loud enough for Sirius, Harry and Ginny to hear, the latter of whom turned a faint red.

It was then that the first Potter meal in 3 months began. All of the Potters were there including Sirius, there wasn’t an empty chair screaming at them all and the jar of marmalade stood proudly on the table in front of Harry.

Everyone began helping themselves to food as Lily asked the room at large, ‘Did I hear a bang a few minutes ago? Someone didn’t break something did they? Because if you did I’d rather it was that hideous vase Petunia sent me last Christmas,’ and James let out a laugh at the similarity of the situation and how he had been party to the destruction of the last one.

‘Well...’ started Andy looking directly at Harry and Ginny, only to be interrupted by his little brother.

‘It was just Andy being an arse.’

‘Harry, language!’ Lily scolded while the rest of the table erupted into laughter.

‘Probably true,’ said Kat and J in unison, sending everyone into a new bout of laughter this time including Lily.

‘Hey!’ Andy exclaimed in a hurt tone. ‘Mum!’ he added noticing the tremble of her shoulders in silent mirth.

Lily just helplessly shrugged her shoulders as Kat put a hand on Andy’s arm and said, ‘Sorry hun, but your past history in that department isn’t exactly a great defence for you.’

‘Hang on,’ said Andy attempting to defend his honour, ‘there was only that one time when I accidentally forgot our anniversary.’

‘Yes dear,’ said Kat turning to the rest of the family. ‘And do you want to know what he got me, after I reminded him of what the day was? A pebble. He said it showed the solidarity of our relationship.’

All of the men in the room bursts out laughing as Lily shook her head in pity at her son’s idiocy.

‘And there was the time when you used the whole of J’s final research essay for his healer degree as kindling,’ said Sirius.

‘Sirius! I didn’t mean to...’ Andy moaned.

‘Or when you told me, when I was 6, that because of global warming the North Pole was going to melt and Santa Claus was going to drown,’ Harry said accusingly causing Ginny to spit out a mouthful of sausage in laughter.

‘Harry, I...’

‘Or when J got Wizard’s Flu when he was 12 and you ran around the house screaming plague until Ministry officials turned up to erect a quarantine and you told them that J would probably have to dunked in bleach for the safety of the wizarding world,’ Lily said between giggles.

‘Yeah, thanks a lot. Real brotherly love,’ J said with a roll of his eyes.


‘Or when you started a game of Quidditch with the twins and me in the kitchen and broke all of Mum’s china before proceeding to lay all of the blame on Ginny,’ said J.


‘I was only 2 at the time!’ Ginny cried as tears of laughter rolled down her cheeks and the entire table, including Andy, collapsed at the hilarity of his past idiocies.

It was many minutes before any of them could form a coherent sentence again and breakfast could resume. The family all enthusiastically devoured the sausages, eggs, bacon and toast in front of them despite the now relatively cold temperature of the food.

It was as Harry’s was spreading marmalade on his second piece of toast that Andy decided to exact a bit of revenge on his little brother.

‘Enjoying the food Harry? I imagine you worked up one hell of an appetite this morning or did you get enough before you came down?’ said Andy as he casually took a bite of sausage.

Harry choked on a mouthful of toast and glared at his brother through watering eyes, while Ginny turned a deep blushing red.

‘What are you on about?’ said Kat as she watched the rest of the family muffle smirks. It had been a long standing tradition in the Potter household, ever since a 13 year old Harry had endured a mortifying ‘talk’ with James and Remus (James had dragged Remus along for support as he felt no man should ever have to give the talk more than twice in their lifetime), for Harry to have to suffer all kinds of innuendoes from his merciless brothers and Sirius. After all these years, their parents now just looked on with amusement, reminiscing of their own teenage years. The remarks only got worse once Harry started dating Ginny and the added bonus of bringing a blush to more than one Weasley, when Ginny’s brothers were around, was priceless. Matt had caught on early as he was accustomed to much worse from healer training but Kat still lived in blissful ignorance of the true meaning behind many of her fiancés seemingly random comments. Kat’s innocence only made it more entertaining for Andy.

‘Oh how I’ve missed this,’ said Sirius with a delighted smirk.

‘You have no idea,’ muttered Lily in a voice so quiet that only James heard. He turned to look her in the eyes and exchanged the same look of pure joy and relief at their family being back together again.

‘Yeah sure,’ responded Ginny sarcastically as her face began to return to its pale colouring.

‘Well, you know he hasn’t got any ‘food’ for several months. I’m amazed he can just sit there with some so close,’ said J matter of factley as Matt gave him a friendly elbow in the side.

Harry groaned and buried his beetroot face in his hands as his family erupted into laughter once more at his expense.


Hi, thanks a lot if you've got this far with me. Please leave a review even if it's just a smiley. This website doesn't record the number of views for stories so I can only go on those who review and I would love to know how many people are actually reading it. I'm as bad as the next person for just ignoring these messages and not reviewing but now I know what's it's like so please review to let me know your there.

Thanks to AliMae for her lovely reviews and you should really check out her story. :D

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