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When You're Gone by Green_apple
Chapter 3 : Finally Back
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 Hermione looked out of the window, watching the scenery whizzing past. She was sharing a compartment with Ginny, Neville (surprisingly, he decided to return) and Luna. All were talking about Quidditch and she was bored. She had already changed into her school robes.


 She tore her gaze away from the scenery outside, realizing Ginny just asked her a question.


“Oh never mind, you weren’t paying attention.” Ginny huffed.

Just then, a bunch of Slytherins passed the compartment. Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott and Gregory Goyle wrenched open the door and barged in.

“Great, our favourite people in the world,” Ginny muttered, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

“So, mudblood, how was your summer? I heard Weasel-Bee ditched you. Don’t want a mudblood dirtying him, I see. Wise of him to do so.” Malfoy sneered.

Ginny, Neville and Luna jumped to their feet, wands out. Hermione motioned them to calm down.

“Malfoy, you better lay off the insults unless you want to spend the rest of the school year as a ferret. I’ve been taking extra classes from Moody and Professor Mcgonagall.”

Parkinson shrieked like a harpy, Goyle and Nott moved threatingly forwards.

“I see, Malfoy. You can’t even beat a girl up and have to call on two others to help? You’re a pathetic excuse for a boy-oh wait, sorry, ferret. I hope Parkinson here would wise up and stop dating an animal.”

Malfoy turned a shade of pink, fists clenched and moved forwards. “Granger, watch your mouth. You’re going to regret it someday, mudblood.”

Hermione faked a yawn. “Think of some better insults, Malfoy. The insults are getting stale.”

Malfoy turned and stormed out of the compartment, followed by the Slytherins. Hermione and the rest plopped back down on the seats, none of them saying a word. Hogwarts suddenly loomed into view, the castle towering over the lake. The memories of the war came flooding back and she quickly brushed it away. The train stopped and there was a little pandemonium as everyone rushed to get their trunks and pets. The group alighted and headed to the Thestral-pulled carriages. She wondered how many of them could see the skeletal winged horses now, after the witnessing the deaths in the war.

Memories of Fred came flooding back and tears welled up. Ginny must have sensed it, as she gripped her hand more tightly. Hermione nodded, and she released her grip. She clambered in the carriage, looking at Hagrid taking the first-years across the lake. Although it was a sad place filled with bad memories for her, she couldn't help but smile. She was back.


When you’re gone, the words I need to hear to always get me through the day, and make it ok, I miss you.

What would be missing in the Gryffindor common roomwould be laughter, though. Not easy to play a pratical joke when your whole life feels like one, and especially with Fred gone. No one else would be compatible in terms of pranks as compared to the Maruders and the redheaded twins. She'll miss the laughter in the common room, Fred's voice (accompanied with sounds of retching) and people rushing to pay them. But she was back, and she couldn't be more happy.

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When You're Gone: Finally Back


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